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Jeep 2xe Camou Electric Scooter Review

Nely Hayes
26 January 2024

One of the best recently launched commuting scooters with a top speed of around 15.5mph (25 km/h) and a range of up to 28 miles (45Km).

 Joining the likes of Ducati, Lamborghini, and Aprilia, world-famous off-road vehicle manufacturer Jeep has made its maiden entry into the electric scooter space with the release of the Jeep 2xe Urban Camou electric scooter. The scooter doesn’t deviate from Jeep’s traditional rigged look, downing a premium rugged look with modern features for a truly superb urban scooting experience. 

 The 2xe Urban Camou achieves a balance between portability, maximum safety, and long commuting range. You’ll surely appreciate the sleek, rugged design with a camo finish that completes the off-road vibe. This scooter will make your city commuting fun thanks to a host of modern features to enhance the overall ride performance and user experience. 

Jeep 2xe Camou: The Lowdown…

Electric scooters are taking the world by storm, as evidenced by the continued production of e-scooters by traditional motorcycle and automobile manufacturers. Leading automakers are scrambling for a share of the rapidly expanding electric scooter market from Lamborghini, Ducati, and now Jeep. Jeep is the latest entrant in the scooter space with the launch of the Jeep 2xe line of electric scooters, marked by the 2xe Adventurer and 2xe Camou.

Prior to this launch, Jeep’s parent company, Stellantis, partnered with California-based e-scooter manufacturer Razor to release the Jeep RX200 electric scooter. The RX200 offers off-road capabilities for riders to explore the outdoors and tackle most rugged terrain. The RX200 manages a top speed of up to 12mph (19km/h) and promises up to 40 minutes on a single charge at top speed. The Jeep 2xe is Jeep’s entry-level offering, while advanced riders can opt for the 2xe Camou.

The Jeep 2xe line is a significant improvement of the RX200, featuring enhanced performance regarding top speed, acceleration, range, and more. The 2xe e-scooters sport the typical rugged Jeep brand style-and-feel attributes. The scooters are truly made for adventure in line with the brand’s core spirit: “Go anywhere, anytime, and do anything.” 

The Jeep 2xe Camou and Adventurer feature similarities in terms of the rugged build, dashboard accessories, braking system, suspension, weight, dimensions, etc. However, there are significant differences that warrant consumers to do a bit of research to find out which one suits their riding needs. 

jeep 2xe camou

Key Differences Between the Jeep 2xe Adventurer and Jeep 2xe Camou

  • The Adventurer sports a battery rated at 36V, 10.4 Ah, 374 Wh. Alternatively, the Camou’s is rated at 48V, 9.6 Ah, and 461 Wh.

  • The Adventurer’s battery takes 7 hours to achieve a full charge, while the Camou’s takes 5 hours.

  • The Adventurer’s range is stated to be 40 Kms, with the Camou’s being slightly higher at 45 Kms.

  • The Adventurer carries a 350 W front motor while the Camou has a 500W front-located motor.

  • The Adventurer can climb hills with gradients of up to 18%, while the Camou can climb to 26%.

  • The Adventurer’s finish is in Army Green Combat, while the Camou features an Army Grey Combat finish.

However, consumers wonder whether the hype is in the brand name or whether the 2xe Camou e-scooter actually holds its own against other urban commuting e-scooters? Read on to determine whether this scooter lives true to Jeep’s off-road DNA.


Jeep 2xe Camou Specifications

MotorFront Brushless 500W motor, 700W peak power
Battery48V 9.6Ah 461Wh
Charge Time5 hours
Single-Charge Mileage28 miles / 45 km
Max Speed15.5 mph / 25 km/h (dependent on rider weight and road conditions, temperatures, etc.)
Climbing Range26% (subject to change depending on the riders' weight, road conditions and temperature)
Braking SystemElectronic Front & Rear Disc Brakes with KERS
Tyre Type10-inch Tubeless tyres
SuspensionFront, Rear Suspensions
LightingDual Front and Rear LED lights with reflectors
Max Load220 lbs. / 100Kg
Scooter Weight41.89 lbs. /19Kg
Product MaterialMagnesium Alloy Frame
Size (L x W x H, cm)Fold Size: 119.5 x 47.3 x 51.5 cm
Unfold Size: 119.6 x 47.3 x 116.8 cm
Water ResistanceIPX4

Jeep 2xe Camou Review Video

Here is a snippet of the Jeep 2xe Camou e-scooter. The scooter combines a rugged build with a sleek design, achieving an outstanding balance between off-road and on-road performance—link to the video.

Jeep 2xe Camou Pros


tickicon Decent performance both on-road and off-road. 

tickicon It has 4-drive modes and a cruise control feature 

tickicon It rolls on 10-inch pneumatic tires and has dual suspension for unmatched ride comfort 

tickicon Has impressive top speed and range 

tickicon Fitted with an adequate lighting system for maximum safety when riding at night 

tickicon Premium, rugged magnesium alloy build guaranteeing maximum durability 

tickicon The deck is relatively spacious and rubberized for enhanced stability and ride comfort 

tickicon Quick charging time

tickicon Remarkable gradeability 

tickicon Comes with a Smart, intuitive digital LCD with an accompanying app, the Jeep Urban e-Mobility App.

Jeep 2xe Camou Cons


red At 41.8 lbs. the 2xe Camou e-scooter is pretty bulky for everyday commutes 

red Lacks different color options.

red Pneumatic tires are susceptible to punctures which can be pretty inconveniencing.



Jeep 2xe Camou Summary

The brand Jeep is synonymous with offroading. Jeep has traditionally been known for making rugged off-road vehicles popular among militaries across the globe. The US-based company has diversified into the world of e-scooters launching its first-ever e-scooter, the all-new Jeep 2xe Camou. This is not your ordinary urban commuting e-scooter. It integrates off-road features to achieve on-road and off-road capabilities, all under a single roof. Fitted with a powerful 500 W (700W peak power) brushless motor, 10-inch pneumatic tires, and dual suspensions, the 2xe can comfortably get you from the office right to off-road terrain on the weekend.


At first sight, the 2xe Camou appears rugged yet sleek and elegant. The sharply curved lines and the Army Grey Combat finish delivering a stunning appearance. The magnesium alloy construction makes the scooter sustain daily use and abuse both in urban and off-road environments for enhanced durability. At 41.89 lbs. /19Kg, the 2xe Camou is quite heavy compared to other commuting scooters in its range. While the extra weight may hinder portability in urban areas, it comes in handy to enhance ride stability, guaranteeing top-notch ride comfort and safety. 


The 2xe Camou is fitted with a 500W (700W peak power) brushless motor, which propels it to a top speed of 15.5 mph/25km/h, hauling a maximum rider weight of 220 lbs. Riders can choose between 4 convenient speed modes with cruise control, facilitating easy speed management based on personal preference, speed regulations, or traffic flow. The 48V 9.6Ah 461Wh battery, which charges in under 5 hours, achieves an impressive range of 28 miles, based on several factors such as ride condition, types of terrain, riding speed, and more. The scooter is also fitted with a dual braking system encompassing Front Electronic Brake & Rear Disc Brakes with KERS for optimum stopping power even in wet road conditions.

jeep 2xe camou

The Jeep 2xe Camou achieves plush rides both on typical urban terrains and off-road, thanks to the combination of front and rear suspensions coupled with 10-inch fat tubeless tyres with maximum grip for sufficient traction. The scooter achieves the best-in-class climbing range, i.e., 26%, rarely seen in a commuting scooter. The dual front and rear LED lights with reflectors ensure seamless cruising at night. 


The 2xe comes with several add-ons, including a crystal clear 3.2″ LED display that provides the rider with some information such as odometer, speed, range, battery usage, etc. You also get an IPX4 water resistance rating for safe riding in wet conditions and the Jeep Urban e-Mobility App, which keeps you in touch with your scooter.  


Overall, Jeep did an excellent job on their first-ever e-scooter, and it’s undoubtedly going to be a fan favorite not only because of the brand name but also due to its remarkable combination of urban and off-road capabilities along with add-on features for enhanced ride experience.

jeep 2xe camou scooter

Performance Overview


The Jeep 2xe Camou scooter delivers uncompromising performance both in urban and off-road environments. The scooter is powered by a 500-watt brushless hub motor that generates 700w peak power. This brushless scooter motor is much more efficient and generates consistent performance, unlike brushed motors that suffer from efficiency degradation over time.


The motor propels the scooter to a maximum speed of 15.5mph (25km/h), while the battery range is an impressive 28 miles/ 45 km. The motor also enables the scooter to haul a rider with 220 lbs. (120 kg) max weight. The scooter also has 4-drive modes with cruise control that allow the user to customize their riding experience. The 2xe Camou boasts a 26% climbing capability, making it ideal for riders who might want to tackle steep climbs during their outdoor exploration.


Another feature the 2xe Camou got right is the braking system on the scooter. The dual braking system provides excellent stopping power and quicker response time than similarly priced scooters ensuring the rider is always in control of the scooter.

Speed & Acceleration

The Jeep 2xe Camou has an impressive top speed of 15.5 mph (25Km/h). This speed is standard for this price category and similar to other scooters like the Xiaomi M365 pro, Segway Ninebot ES2, Ducati Pro-III, and GoTrax XR Ultra. However, riders probably expected a higher top speed from this scooter with a higher motor rating than the scooters mentioned above.

The scooter integrates four riding modes, making it ideal for both novice and experienced riders. Additionally, you can adjust the speed limit based on your personal preference, city speed regulations, or traffic flow. 

jeep 2xe camou

The four riding modes are: L(Pedestrian): <= 6km/h | L1(Eco) :< = 15km/h | L2 (D): <= 20km/h | L3 (S Plus): <= 25km/h (max speed)*. In addition to the four-speed modes, the 2xe Camou comes with cruise control for comfortable and safe rides. With the cruise control feature, you simply maintain the speed at a preferred level for some seconds, then release the throttle to engage.


Thanks to the 500W (700 W peak power) motor, riders enjoy swift and punchy acceleration. The push-down thumb makes it relatively easy for riders to control the acceleration even during high speeds. Overall, the 2xe Camou acceleration is non-jerky and thrilling, thanks to the sufficient motor power.

    Hill Climbing

    The Jeep 2xe Camou is an excellent hill climber boasting of 26% maximum gradient. With this climbing ability, the 2xe Camou beats virtually all commuting scooters such as the AER 557, RS2, Hiboy Max V2, Ducati Pro-III, and more that are within the same price range. 

    Indeed, the Jeep 2xe is one of the best hill climbing scooters. Its hill-climbing capability is a plus to scooterists looking to explore off-road environments in hilly areas. However, it’s important to note that the hill-climbing capability is dependent on several factors such as road conditions, rider’s weight, battery charge, and temperature. 

    Battery & Range

    The Jeep 2xe is rigged with a 48V 9.6Ah 461Wh which charges in under 5 hours. The battery claims a range of 28 miles (45Km) on paper. In real life, you’re likely to attain a reduced range depending on several factors such as terrain, user weight, temperature, maintenance, and speed, and driving style. Lowering the speed prolongs your electric zero emissions range. Overall, the range is impressive, considering that the battery fully charges in less than 5 hours, meaning you can charge on the go. 


    jeep 2xe camou display

    Motor Configuration

    The Jeep 2xe Urban Camou uses an efficient 500W front brushless hub motor powered by a 48V battery. The motor is housed inside the front hub, providing quick acceleration and equal power transfer to the rear wheel. The motor generates 700W of peak power, providing smooth, punchy acceleration.

      Construction & Quality

      The Jeep 2xe Camou scooter screams quality with exceptional Jeep engineering. The tough e-scooter appears rugged with a sleek design encompassing smooth lines, curved handlebars, and a well-oriented deck. Everything seems to fit neatly in its position with no hanging lines or sharp edges. The stem is particularly intriguing with two camo-painted bars that arch to sandwich and reinforce the strength of the middle (main) rim.


      The rugged construction built of magnesium alloy can withstand daily use and abuse, guaranteeing unmatched durability. The scooter’s construction is tough and sturdy enough to comfortably support riders weighing up to 220 pounds (100Kg). The frame is crafted from high-quality magnesium alloy and carefully polished for long-lasting durability. Magnesium alloy is 33% facilitates increased lightness over popular alternatives like aluminum. No wonder the 2xe Camou manages to keep its net weight to just 41.89 lbs. even with the rugged build. 


      The Jeep Camou boasts sleek rubberized ergonomic handlebars with a clean cockpit fitted with a crystal clear LCD at the center, throttle, brakes, horn, and headlights complete with well tucked in wires. The deck is relatively long and spacious, with the traditional “Jeep” logo at the center. The top of the deck is covered in silicone to provide better traction to the rider. 


      You’ll definitely appreciate the well-crafted front and rear fenders made from tough plastic materials. The mudguard keeps you clean even when riding on muddy or dusty roads in off-road environments. Another striking aspect of the scooter is the Classic Camo Jeep finish with yellow accents on the handlebars and decks, enhancing the overall look.  

      Overall, the Jeep Camou achieves an excellent balance between a rugged build with a sleek design. 

      Suspension & Comfort

      The Jeep 2xe Camou is fitted with front and rear fork suspensions. The dual suspension system complements the shock absorption properties of the pneumatic tires to provide a smooth ride. Jointly, they make for a much more enjoyable experience when commuting or riding on rough roads. The suspension effectively limits the vibrations that would otherwise be felt through the stem, affecting the scooter’s ride quality.

      Fitted with dual suspensions, the Jeep 2xe Camou stands out among other similarly priced commuting scooters such as the Inokim Light, AER 557, Ninebot Max, Xiaomi M365, and the Ducati Pro-III, all of which lack suspensions.

      jeep 2xe camou

      Ride Quality

      The Jeep 2xe Urban Camou delivers an amazingly smooth ride thanks to its 10-inch pneumatic tires coupled with a dual suspension system. The scooter’s front and rear suspension cushions bumps, and together with the thick tires, they optimally absorb surface irregularities, making the riding experience enjoyable on both paved surfaces and off-road terrains. 

      Apart from the pneumatic tires and suspensions, the remarkable ride quality is achieved by the spacious rubberized deck, decent ground clearance, sufficient lighting, cruise control with 4-speed modes, and ergonomic handlebars with comfortable, rubberized grips. The handgrips are also contoured to prevent wrist fatigue during long rides. Overall, the 2xe Camou is ideal to streamline your routine city commutes and spice up your weekend with off-road scooting adventures. 


      Lighting is a vital element of any commuting scooter. Good lighting can be the difference between reaching home safely and not reaching home at all. The Jeep 2xe Camou offers decent lighting at night thanks to its plush lighting system that encompasses dual front and rear LED lights with reflectors. With such a lighting system and reflectors, you are guaranteed maximum visibility in the dark for unmatched safety. 


      The Jeep 2xe Camou is fitted with an incredible dual braking system encompassing electronic front brakes with Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) and rear disc brakes. The dual braking system delivers exceptional braking power with the KERS feature prolonging the range every time the rider brakes. The braking system delivers quick and reliable stopping power; you can stop the scooter on a dime even in wet conditions or when going down steep hills in your off-road adventure. 


      The Jeep 2xe Camou is pretty heavy, weighing 41.89 lbs. /19Kg. At that weight, carrying it over long distances can be quite cumbersome. However, the 2xe still remains portable thanks to its foldable design. The scooter can be folded into a compact package measuring 119.5 x 47.3 x 51.5 cm and be conveniently carried around for short distances. Once folded, storage is not an issue as the scooter can seamlessly fit inside trunks, wardrobes, or narrow spaces.

      jeep 2xe camou tyre


      The Jeep 2xe Camou comes with 10-inch pneumatic tires, which greatly contribute to a comfortable and stable ride even on off-road terrains. The tubeless (has no inner tube), puncture proof pneumatic tires require frequent maintenance, but they excel at shock absorption and minimize instances of jarring.


      The Jeep 2xe  Urban Camou electric scooter deck is relatively long, thick, and spacious, ensuring comfortable rides. The deck offers a decent amount of ground clearance and is rubberized to provide extra traction and prevent slips when riding in wet weather. A kickstand is attached to the scooter allowing for convenient parking. 

      Controls & Display

      The Jeep 2xe Camou features intuitive controls. The cockpit is simple and neat, with the controls evenly spread on the handlebars. The rear disc brake lever is placed on the left handlebar next to the horn button, while the handheld throttle is placed on the right handlebar adjacent to the display. 

      For the display, the scooter is fitted with a 3.2-inch crystal clear multicolor screen, which displays the current speed, light indicator, Bluetooth connection light, battery level, speed and cruise mode, and trip distance. Overall, the cockpit is neatly arranged, with the controls intuitively placed for guaranteed usability. The display is large enough and crystal clear for easier viewing even under direct sunlight. 

      The Jeep 2xe Urban Camou electric scooter is also compatible with the Jeep Urban e-Mobility App, which is available on Google Play and App Store. This user App gives you a smarter ride by keeping you udated on the main performance of your vehicle and location from the comfort of your mobile device. It also offers you real-time assistance via chat.

      Jeep 2xe camou e-scooter

      Water Resistance

      The Jeep 2xe Camou is IP rated IPX4, meaning that it can withstand light showers, dust penetration, and water splashes from any direction. This feature is pretty convenient, especially for commuters living and working in cities that experience regular showers. However, note that it’s not advisable to ride e-scooters in heavy snow or rainfall. 

      The Jeep 2xe Urban Camou’s rugged build is evidenced enough by its outstanding reliability. The scooter balances a sleek design and a robust, rugged build to take in anything thrown at it, whether in off-road or urban environments. The 48V 9.6Ah 461Wh battery offers an impressive range of up to 28 miles / 45 km, which is great for long-distance commuters. 

      In summary, Whether you’re strictly looking for an electric scooter for daily city commutes or light offroading for weekend adventures, the Jeep 2xe will deliver the most thrilling and comfortable riding experience. 


      The Jeep 2xe Urban Camou electric scooter comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty that covers any mechanical or electric problem. General wear is not covered under warranty. Some third-party sellers offer a one-year warranty covering the full e-scooter, including electronics, battery, etc. 

      Jeep has responsive customer care who can be reached through email, phone, and real-time chatting via the Jeep Urban e-Mobility App.


      The 2xe Urban Camou electric scooter requires regular maintenance for optimum functionality, safety, and durability. Some of the maintenance practices you can carry out on this scooter include: 

      • Dusting it off after every ride

      • Checking the tire pressure and inflating them if needed

      • Lubricating moving parts and joints

      • Regularly check for loose nuts and screws. Tighten them and adjust the brakes if need be. Store your scooter when fully charged, but don’t leave it charging overnight.


      Known Issues

      The Jeep 2xe Urban Camou electric scooter has not properly hit the market, and the jury is still out on the performance of this release. However, as we get a proper feel of this scooter’s performance and as riders share their experiences, we will update this section to reflect any issues that will arise from riding the scooter.

      Jeep 2xe Urban Camou: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

      The Jeep 2xe Urban Camou electric scooter scooter is worth buying, especially if you’re seeking an e-scooter that will perform amazingly well both in off-road and urban environments. The scooter is built to deliver uncompromising performance as you ride around the city, prompted by the eagerness to explore and discover new streets. It’s equipped with all the commuter scooter must haves and key features not present in some performance scooters, like dual suspensions and App connectivity. Therefore, while the $1085/ £829 feels steep for a commuting scooter, the value of the 2xe Camou is anything but commuter, making the price absolutely worth it.

      • It has 4-drive modes and a cruise control feature
      • Has impressive top speed and range
      • Fitted with an adequate lighting system
      • The deck is relatively spacious and rubberized
      • Quick charging time
      • Remarkable gradeability
      • At 41.8 lbs. the 2xe Camou e-scooter is pretty bulky
      • Lacks different color options
      • Pneumatic tires are susceptible to punctures

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