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Inokim Oxo Review

24 May 2021

One of the best (if not the best) commuter scooters around that has a top speed of around 40 mph (64 km/h) and a range of up to 68 miles (109 km).

‘Extraordinary’ is just about all one can say when summing up the Inokim Oxo electric scooter in one word. This escooter is a serious bump up from its predecessor, the Inokim Oxo, with its superb dual motors that deliver double the power, and will have you accelerating at top speeds that are insanely crazy. What makes the design of the Inokim electric scooter pure genius is its smart rubber suspension that will see you cruising at solid speeds, skimming bumps and crevices on the road like they were nothing! This premium scooter is a gem that can even tackle off-road terrain with ease.


Inokim Oxo – The Lowdown


inokim oxo electric scooter front wheel

The Inokim Oxo electric scooter is the perfect scooter (as well as the snazziest of all Inokim scooters) if you are looking at combining your passion for riding in both on-road as well as off-road conditions. It’s the crème de la crème of electric scooters, if you will, when it comes to speed, comfort and durability. Dual hub motors ensure that it delivers an exceptional range too. The Inokim Oxo is a real world example of what a near to perfect escooter looks like. Check out this Inokim Oxo review to find out more about it.

Inokim Oxo Specifications

Motor1000W Brushless DC dual motors
Battery60V battery, 1536 Wh
Charge Time13.5 hours
Single-Charge Mileage68.4 miles
Max Speed40 MPH
Climbing Range15 degrees
Braking SystemDual hydraulic disc brakes on both the rear and front wheel
LightingAutomatic LED lighting that is activated when it gets dark
HornHas a detachable bell
Max Load265 lbs. (120 kgs)
Scooter Weight75 lbs. (34 kgs)
Product MaterialMade of aircraft-grade aluminium alloy
Folding HandlebarUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified - Alloy Frame
SuspensionIt has double the suspension power with an adjustable arm suspension on the front and rear wheel.
Size (L x W x H, mm)Unfolded: 121.92 cm x 58.42 cm x 53.34 cm

Folded: 121.92 cm x 58.42 cm x 129.54 cm
Water ResistanceNo IP rating

Inokim Oxo Review Video

Watch this review video on the Inokim Oxo electric scooter by Jimmy Chang to get more deets as to why this quality scooter reigns supreme in both speed and comfortability.

Inokim Oxo Pros

tickicon The suspension properties of the Inokim Oxo is excellent

tickicon The braking system of the Inokim Oxo is very efficient with a brake distance of just 3 metres

tickicon It can reach an incredible range

tickicon Very sturdily built

tickicon Fold-up is a breeze with its easy to use folding mechanism

tickicon Has an awesome cruise-control feature

Inokim Oxo Cons

red Quite heavy to carry and as such is not very easy to transport

red Does not have app compatibility

red No gripping tape on the desk won’t serve this scooter well in wet conditions

red Has limited variable speed control


Inokim Oxo Summary

Released in 2019, the Inokim Oxo is super impressive and boasts one of the topmost speeds amongst other standard electric scooters on the market today. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted, and if speed is your thing, well then, the Inokim Oxo electric scooter has it in the bag. In terms of improvement, the Inokim Oxo deserves an A+ and is a major upgrade to his little brother, the Inokim Ox that was limited, in a way, to the power of a single motor. The dual brushless hub motor will ensure you soar at higher speeds, and its superior suspension will see you gliding over terrain – both on and off-road- with utter ease. Special mention must be made and due credit has to given to the Inokim Oxo’s sensational braking power. For an escooter that is capable of such high speeds, the braking system on this electric scooter rock due to it having a brake on the front and the rear side of this escooter that work in perfect sync with another, capable of executing a sharp stop safely while still looking cool.

Performance Overview

The quality of this escooter is impressive. Not only does it have a fierce, don’t mess with me looking exterior, but it’s also not limited to just one motor like many of the scooters out there. It has a 1000 Watt front motor and an equally powerful second motor located on the rear wheel of this escooter that delivers a max range of up to 68 miles (109 km) on one charge alone. It is one of the few scooters with dual road performance capabilities that can perform exceptionally well on both on-road and off-road terrain. Let’s put it this way, if the Inokim Oxo were to undergo a performance test, it would most surely pass with flying colours!

Top Speed & Acceleration

Sensational speed is what the Inokim Oxo is known for so it comes as no surprise that it boasts an eye-watering top speed of up to 40 mph (64 km/h). A kick to start function sets the wheels of the Inokim Oxo in motion. Press the square thumb throttle and you’ll feel how the extra power kicks in as the Inokim Oxo bursts into full-on speed mode. One of the most amazing aspects about this scooter is that it has a 1000W motor on both the front and rear wheel which gives it double the energy enabling it to reach those incredible top speeds (which is a big improvement on the previous model – the Inokim Ox).

Battery Life & Range

The Inokim Oxo electric scooter’s 60V battery with 1536 Watts means a longer battery life, and a longer range too. We’re talking a range of up to 68 miles on a single charge, which is an amazing distance and ride time in and of itself. For such a powerful battery, one could then expect a solid charge time of around 13 hours, ready in time for a rip-roaring ride – yes, please!

Motor Configuration

The Inokim Oxo electric scooter has one of the most powerful motors there are with a combined mega 2600W motor power to its name. With double the power, this scooter gives riders 2600W of undisputed torque so that you can enjoy the unrivalled prowess of this magnificent machine while travelling at a top speed of 40 mph (64 km/h). The brushless hub motors also allow for a more silent ride, leaving you more time to enjoy the silent rush of speed that is true to form of this powerful escooter.

Construction & Build Quality

The Inokim Oxo has a superb build quality which is pretty evident just by looking at it. Constructed of premium grade materials such as air-craft aluminium alloy, this scooter means business. 10 inch pneumatic tyres and an adjustable suspension arm on each wheel make riding this escooter an absolute pleasure, whether you’re planning to ride it on-road or off-road. The folding mechanism of this scooter is especially special, locking securely in place for when the exhilarating speed kicks in at the press of the thumb throttle. The quality of the plastic deck could do with some re-working to make it more grippable in less than optimal conditions.


The adjustable suspension of the Oxo electric scooter rests the control of a comfortable ride in your hands. Set the suspension lower if you are planning on navigating (smoother) city streets which gives you the option to really enjoy riding at those top speeds. Planning on riding on off-road terrain? Well, that’s not a problem either, just raise it higher to suit your off-road needs. The adjustable suspension system is just one of the forward-thinking aspects that the Inokim brand is known for. You can bet on the fact that the Inokim Oxo will skip right over those annoying bumps on the road that you are bound to encounter providing for a comfortable ride overall.

Ride Quality

The ride quality of the Inokim Oxo is one of those scooters that have little competition. Its 10 inch pneumatic tyres work in perfect harmony with its adjustable suspension arms delivering an epically smooth ride. Speed and range are what makes this scooter especially unforgettable. When you press the thumb throttle and gradually build up momentum, you’ll undoubtedly experience the rush of adrenaline and excitement that this speed machine is known for. The grippable handlebars together with its solid frame will leave you feeling secure and safe enough to launch this scooter into its spectacular speed mode.


The brakes of this escooter are exemplary and is one of their best (and most known for) features. Hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear wheel and easily accessible (and adjustable brake levers) are what makes the stopping power of this electric scooter that much stronger and more effective (and when you’re going at this scooter’s top speed, you need a braking system that will match its force of motion). The dual hydraulic brakes can also be adjusted according to how sharp you want them to be. Simply press the rear brake lever and front brake lever on the handlebar (preferably in succession of you are going top speeds) to get this scooter to stop completely.


The Inokim Oxo is not the lightest of electric scooters and this has an effect on the portability of the scooter. However, its simple folding mechanism makes folding the frame super easy and it also locks securely in place so that it can be moved to where it needs to be.


The Inokim Oxo scooter has LED lighting positioned on key places of the scooter- namely, on the side of the deck and rear side of the scooter. The positioning and effectiveness of these LED lights provide better visibility ensuring that you can see way more clearly once darkness falls. One of the most awesome (and again) forward-thinking aspects of the Inokim Oxo is its front LED lights and the integral car LED lights, situated above the rear wheel, which switches on by themselves when it gets dark. If you really want to get fancy, you can also determine what constitutes ‘dark enough’ by playing around with the settings to trigger the activation of the lights. However, for increased visibility at night, we do recommend the addition of a headlight to fix to the handlebars for greater forward visibility.


The tyres of the Inokim Oxo know how to strut their stuff in urban environments and are just as much of a show-off in off-road environments too. The Inokim Oxo is designed to ensure that the safety of the rider is put first. That said, the tread tyres of the Inokim Oxo measure in at a solid 10 inches in diameter with a width of 2.5 inches (that you can switch up to 3 inch wide tyres), providing added traction over rougher terrain. In addition to this, pneumatic tyres are by far the best tyres you can get your hands on when it comes to its suspension capabilities due to its ability to minimise the severity of the impact that uneven terrain can throw at you, leaving you with a ride that is as bump-free as can be – and who wouldn’t want that, especially when travelling over longer distances?


The deck of Inokim Oxo provides enough space for you to position your footing firmly on its surface. However, it could use some deck tape positioned on the deck’s surface to ensure that you don’t slip off easily. It also has a kickstand feature that enables you to prop up this heavy scooter with minimal effort when not in use as well as to protect its funky exterior from getting damaged in the process.

Controls & Display

The LCD display on this scooter is so bright you’ll need sunglasses (ok, so not quite, but the brightness of the display screen is pretty awesome) and the functionality of it is pretty awesome too, showing the stats of this escooter so clearly. It highlights the following important information: current and max speeds, cruise control, the distance of the trip (including the sum total of the distance travelled thus far), and the available battery life. Braking with the Inokim Oxo comes easy, just press the brake levers to initiate the brakes. Alternatively, if you want to increase those speeds, simply press the acceleration button. The power button is also situated next to the LCD screen for easy on-off functionality.

inokim oxo electric scooter folded

Water Resistance

The Inokim Oxo has no IP rating apart from its splash-proof rear mudguard.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Inokim Oxo electric scooter is an excellent scooter that doesn’t disappoint on quality and was made to stand the test of time. It also backs its reputation of being a premium escooter with an unbelievable 12-month warranty if you purchase it from PureElectric. This warranty covers the electrical components and battery from the date it was purchased.


Maintaining the Inokim Oxo is a dream as it has very few maintenance issues (like practically none basically), the upkeep of this scooter is pretty easy. The single-sided swingarms, positioned perfectly on this electric scooter, allows for easy access to change a puncture. All in all, the Inokim Oxo is just one of those electric scooters that do its best to set your mind at rest without the worry of having to maintain it.

Known Issues

The inability to rev up the speed in increments present itself as a challenge for riders looking to accelerate speed levels quickly. And the plastic deck definitely needs gripping tape applied to it to reduce the likelihood of losing your footing on a slick surface.

Accessories & Upgrades

If you are looking to enhance the look and functionality of this escooter, there is so much you add to it to enhance its appeal as well as its usability and safety such as a bright, detachable headlight that you can fix to the handlebars for better visibility; a handy phone holder that you can attach to the handlebar; a sturdy e-scooter helmet; 3 inch width off-road tyres for off-road riding; an Inokim pouch to store all your stuff when riding; brake pads; fingerless scooting gloves, and more. Visit the Fluid FreeRide website for more information on the accessories and upgrades you can get your hands on for the Inokim Oxo electric scooter.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The Inokim Oxo is one of the more expensive Inokim scooters at £2,199 or $3,119. But for the price you’re paying, you’re getting a scooter that is up there in terms of durability, design and delivering a peak performance that is almost unheard of. The Inokim Oxo is guaranteed to fulfil and exceed your expectations on so many levels and as such is a valuable investment that will provide endless scooter-worthy riding excitement for years to come.

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  • The suspension properties of the Inokim Oxo is excellent
  • It can reach an incredible range
  • Very sturdily built
  • Fold-up is a breeze with its easy to use folding mechanism
  • Has an awesome cruise-control feature
  • Quite heavy to carry and as such is not very easy to transport
  • Does not have app compatibility
  • No gripping tape on the desk won't serve this scooter well in wet conditions
  • Has limited variable speed control

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