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Inokim OX Electric Scooter Review

Josh Jones
6 December 2022
Josh Jones
6 December 2022

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The OX is dependable, strong, and steady, even if it won’t compete against race-worthy models when it comes to fast acceleration.

The 2022 version of the OX features a single, powerful 1000W rear motor, 10-inch pneumatic tires, mixed dual braking system, and a large 60V 13Ah Li-ion battery that can deliver over 30 miles of range. And this only scratches the surface of why we think this is a great commuter scooter.

Inokim OX Electric Scooter – The Lowdown…

Inokim as a company has the good fortune of being known as the brand created by Nimrod Sapir, the “founding father of the electric scooter,” or rather the first person to design a workable lithium-ion-powered model for mass production in 2009. Unfortunately, the company is little known outside of Europe and Israel, where they’re headquartered. But they’ve been quietly, efficiently building electric scooters for over 11 years.

Like another innovator, Segway, Inokim consistently makes reliable, attractive scooters worthy of the name for commuters and everyday riders who don’t necessarily need super speed. Most of Inokim’s scooters aren’t high performance models and don’t aim to be. True to its name, the OX is dependable, strong, and steady, even if it won’t compete against more race-worthy models when it comes to top speed and acceleration.

Inokim OX Specifications

MotorSingle 1000W rear hub
Battery60V 13Ah Li-ion battery
Charge Time5-7 hrs
RangeUp to 37 miles (59.5 km)
Max Speed31 mph (50 kph)
Climbing Range10 degrees
Braking SystemFront drum brake + rear hydraulic disc brake
Tire Type10-inch pneumatic tires
SuspensionSingle swingarm and adjustable rubber torsion
LightingIntegrated front and rear LED lights
Max Load350 lbs (159 kg)
Scooter Weight55 lbs (25 kg)
Product MaterialAluminum
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded: 48 x 23.2 x 51.2 inch

Folded: 48 x 23.2 x 21.3 inches
HornBuilt-in bell
Water ResistanceNo rating

Inokim OX Video Review

Check out this video review of the Inokim OX from ESG.

Inokim OX Pros


tickiconAdjustable single-swingarm suspension 

tickiconLarge, air-filled tires

tickiconLarge battery for long range! 

tickiconExcellent, low-maintenance, braking

tickiconVery comfortable and great for bigger riders

Inokim OX Cons


redSlow acceleration 

redSome stem wobble reported




Inokim OX electric scooter

Inokim OX Summary

The OX is built with Inokim’s excellent single swingarm suspension system, and the 2022 version of the OX features a single, powerful 1000W rear motor, 10-inch pneumatic tires, mixed dual braking system, and a large 60V 13Ah Li-ion battery that can deliver over 30 miles of range. And this barely scratches the surface of why we think this is a great commuter scooter – so stick around to learn more about Inokim’s latest iteration of the OX.

niu kqi2 pro

Performance Overview

The OX offers what some reviewers consider lackluster acceleration, but this can be a plus for newer riders still learning stability at higher speeds. The OX is a great way to step up from an entry-level scooter without breaking the bank (or any bones), with a scooter that costs twice as much and goes twice as fast. With a top speed of almost 30 mph, the OX is already two times faster than the average shared electric scooter. Ergonomic rubber grips, wide handlebars, a spacious deck, innovative suspension, and exceptional build quality complete the package, giving the OX stable handling on the road.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The OX’s 1000 watt motor can achieve a top speed of nearly 30 mph (one independent test clocked it at 28.2). This ranks the OX right up there with worthy competitors like the EMOVE Cruiser. The Inokim OX hardly feels like a slow scooter.

However, we should say that the OX does take its time getting up to speed. The electric scooter’s greatest drawback for potential speed demons out there lies in its slower acceleration, but those who want a faster scooter will look to competitors like the VSETT 10+ or Apollo City Pro. The OX is built for power, comfort, and everyday commuter use. In this arena, it excels.

inokim ox 2023 741972 1000x min

Battery Life & Range

Inokim gave the OX a large 60V 13Ah battery that promises up to 37 miles of range. Under real-world conditions, range should fall more closely around the 30-mile mark, and this, as always, can be greatly affected by factors such as rider weight, terrain, weather conditions, the ratio of hills to descents on one’s route, and the riding style of the scooter. 

In any case, the Inokim OX has more than enough range to power through a typical day of short-range commuting / errand running without stopping to recharge, and it’s perfectly suitable for longer rides as well. The scooter’s relatively short charging time of 5 to 7 hours ensures that it’ll be fully read to go in the morning if you leave it plugged in overnight.

apollo city pro electric scooter

Motor Configuration

The Inokim OX features a single rear motor of 1000 watts nominal power and up to 1300 watts of peak power. On level terrain, the OX never feels underpowered. 

However, just as it can take a couple extra seconds to get the scooter from 0 to 15, the OX can also feel sluggish on steeper inclines. For more power, riders may wish to spend the extra $ for Inokim’s dual motor OXO.

kqi2 pro rear tire

Construction & Quality

This is one well-built electric scooter. Inokim uses premium materials like aviation grade aluminum for durability and weight savings. Overall, it is crafted to fit together in a beautifully integrated design, from its blade-like stem, smooth cable routing, low-profile kick stand, stylish swing arms, and eye-popping orange/black color scheme. 

The OX’s wide, ergonomically-designed bars feel especially stable, and from the very start, the OX’s rubberized hand grips, brake levers, and textured deck make the scooter feel secure, a sense that never wavers over the course of a ride thanks to Inokim’s flawless construction and polished fit and finish.

niu kqi2 pro headlight

Ride Quality

Like its namesake, the OX is a dependable beast – and it’s also a comfortable one to ride, smooth, supple, and silent due to its single sided swingarm, adjustable rubber suspension and large 10-inch pneumatic tires. The OX’s solid build quality contributes substantially to its firm, responsive handling, and its sizable deck and 48-inch tall handlebars give the rider lots of room to stretch out and take a wider stance. 

Even if your commute extends the full length of this electric scooter’s impressive range, you won’t tire of riding the Inokim OX even after nearly 30 miles (and using the cruise control function can help eliminate arm fatigue). While it doesn’t do everything perfectly, the OX is, simply put, just a well-built machine that’s fun to ride and that should hold up well over continued years of riding.


The Inokim OX features front and rear LED lights, side “mood lights” and a brake light. These are positioned quite low on the deck. Additional handlebar-mounted lights are highly recommended for increased visibility and riding in low light or at night.

kqi2 pro electric scooter rear wheel


The Inokim OX combines two excellent braking options in one scooter – a front drum brake and a rear hydraulic disc brake. The system has several advantages. For one thing, the sealed front brake will never require any maintenance or adjustment, ever. Drum brakes simply work, always, all the time, and the sealed design means they won’t get wet when it rains or get corroded by other elements. 

The rear hydraulic brake, on the other hand, can require some fine-tuning, and may require replacement brake pads down the line as all disc brakes do. The trade-off, however, comes in more finely modulated, adjustable braking power and control.

kqi2 pro electric scooter folded


Any electric scooter weighing over 40 lbs can be a bit of a bear for the average person to carry up and down a couple flights of stairs, and for that reason, we would not call the Inokim OX – at 55 lbs – especially portable. But it does fold neatly and quickly. And if non-folding handlebars don’t make it the most compact mid-range electric scooter you can purchase, they also don’t get in the way of fitting the scooter into the back of a car when you need to move it.

niu kqi2 pro lcd display


Large pneumatic tires complement the suspension system on the Inokim OX. The electric scooter uses wide, 10 inch x 2.5 inch air-filled tires with inner tubes to absorb vibration. Tires with tubes can be more prone to punctures. Here, the single swingarm system of the OX makes it a cinch to fix a flat, if it happens, without even removing the wheel.

EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter


Another reason the Inokim OX feels so stable at both low and higher speeds is due to its generously wide, textured deck, which measures 7.3 inches wide and a full 20 inches long, to accommodate both larger shoes and wider stances. The scooter’s low clearance gives the OX increased stability on the road thanks to a lower center of gravity. The only downside is that it can be scratched by curb-hopping or attempts at off road riding. The OX is an urban adventurer, but by no means a trail runner.

Controls & Display

The OX’s controls are effectively simple and, well, like the rest of the scooter, they just feel good. Next to the right rubber hand grip is an ergonomic thumb throttle for smooth acceleration, and right above it is a straightforward LCD display with all the necessary info and three simple rubber buttons for powering the scooter off and on and changing menu options. The display is easy to read even in bright light, helping you keep your focus on the road when riding.

EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter

Water Resistance

The Inokim OX does not have a water resistance rating, despite the company stating that the electric scooter can be ridden in light rain. 

Danger from electrocution is nonexistent, given the scooter’s rubber-covered surfaces. But like all electric devices, the OX can be seriously, or fatally, damaged by water, so it should be stored in a dry environment and kept free of moisture as much as possible.

EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Inokim is highly renowned for their excellent customer service and support. They offer a standard one-year warranty and free maintenance for the life of the scooter at their service centers in Tel Aviv, London, and Miami, Florida. The owner only pays shipping. Customers have reported not only a love for Inokim’s scooters, but also on their positive experiences with the company’s support staff.

Known Issues

The OX’s slower acceleration is a known issue with this scooter, and as we’ve noted, it’s only a problem for some riders. Earlier versions of the OX have also been known to develop some slight wobble in the folding mechanism over time, but this is repairable. Otherwise, this scooter, like Inokim’s other models, meets the high quality standards the company has upheld through its 11 years of making electric scooters.


The OX should require little maintenance thanks to a trouble-free drum brake up front and rubber suspension system. However, the rear hydraulic disc brake might need some minor adjustment out of the box and could eventually require service, as all such components will. As noted above, the company offers all maintenance free of charge for life, provided you can get the scooter to them.

EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter

Inokim OX: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

The Inokim OX is definitely worth the money with only one caveat for buyers expecting a thrill in their ride. Reviewers have complained about the electric scooter’s sluggish acceleration, and while it’s true that the OX is in no hurry to reach its top speeds, it’s also true that the expectations of electric scooter reviewers might be set a little too high by their experience riding high performance scooters.

For the ordinary person whose sole experience with electric scooters is riding a shared scooter from Bird, Lime, etc. – i.e. the vast majority of potential buyers – the Inokim OX will feel like a major step up in quality from the entry level because it is. The OX is an all-around great scooter with exceptional build quality that rides like a dream and should last for several years.


You can improve your Inokim OX Hero with the following accessories:

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