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How to adjust the suspension on a Dualtron Thunder

Nely Hayes
25 September 2021
Nely Hayes
25 September 2021


Adjusting the suspension on your Dualtron Thunder electric scooter can dramatically improve ride quality, making it smoother, more stable, and fun! Learn the three ways you can adjust the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter’s suspension and take control of your ride.


In our comprehensive Dualtron Thunder review, we describe this super-charged scooter as “iconic”, and it’s true. With a top speed of 50mph, it’s fast and fun – but the pneumatic tyres, hydraulic brakes and stable suspension give you confidence riding at 5omph on the road and off it.

Dualtron has gone overboard with the extras, including adjustable suspension, as you’d expect with all-electric scooters at this price point. The Dualtron Thunder’s suspension can be configured in 45 different ways, giving you ultimate control.

Whether you like a smooth, medium smooth or more rigid ride, here’s how you can dial it in on your Dualtron Thunder.

How the Dualtron Thunder’s suspension works

electric scooter tyre

Minimotors have designed the Dualtron Thunder’s variable suspension to provide flexibility and customisability. Dualtron electric scooters are known for their innovation, including their high-performance anti-lock braking system, top-quality motors and superb suspension. They’re high-performance electric scooters that push boundaries.

The suspension system on this top-of-the-range Dualtron electric scooter can be adjusted to give 45 different set-ups. It’s simple to work on with standard tools, enabling you to select the ride that suits you in under an hour.

You can adjust the Dualtron Thunder’s suspension in three ways, including:

  1. Adjusting the electric scooter’s motor shaft distance (3 steps)
  2. Replacing the rubber cartridge (5 steps)
  3. Adjusting the Dualtron Thunder’s arm angle (3 steps)

Each of these adjustments will affect the handling, smoothness and stability of the Dualtron Thunder in slightly different ways, something we explore below. 

Why adjust your electric scooter suspension?


Entry-level electric scooters have fixed wheels and simple spring coil suspension, but premium Dualtron scooters such as the Thunder go a step further, allowing you to dial in the ride you want.

You pay a higher price, but you get better build quality and a scooter suitable for riding long distances and coping with the higher speeds.

Here are five reasons to adjust your electric scooter’s suspension:

  1. It’ll be more comfortable for riding long-distances
  2. You can adjust the suspension to cope with changes in road conditions
  3. It’s more stable, which means it’s safer while riding at high-speeds
  4. Well set-up suspension will reduce wear and tear on the scooter’s crucial components
  5. You can adjust the ride to your body weight and shape, making it easier and more fun to ride

When it comes to setting up your Dualtron electric scooter’s suspension, it’s a bit of trial and error to find what works best for you. We recommend making minor adjustments, one component at a time and testing it on the road. You’ll soon figure out whether you want a softer or harder ride. Through this process of elimination, you can find the scooter suspension settings that suit you.

If you’ve never worked on a scooter before, then take your time and go slowly. Your new Dualtron Thunder isn’t a cheap scooter, so don’t take any chances. Instead, work methodically, and you’ll get the job done correctly.

(Before we start, here’s a little warning. The following instructions are only for the Dualtron Thunder. Other Dualtron scooter models and electric scooters from other manufacturers have different suspension mechanisms. Remember, the suspension on some electric scooters may not be adjustable, so be careful!)

What you’ll need for the job

Before working on your scooter, you should prepare the tools you need and the workspace you’ll be working in.

You’ll need:

  • 3mm hex wrench
  • 18mm hex wrench
  • 19mm hex wrench
  • Replacement cartridges (sold separately from the Dualtron website)


When working on an electric scooter, there is always a risk of accidentally damaging it (or yourself!).

Find a safe space to work on your Dualtron without distractions, such as a garage. Put something on the floor to stop any cosmetic damage to your scooter, and prepare by having all tools laid out on the floor.

You’ll need to raise your scooter from the floor or lie it on its side to gain access to the areas you need to work on.

If you’re unsure of what you’re doing, use the camera on your phone to take pictures at each stage. This can make it a lot easier to put things back together again if you lose your way.

Ensure the scooter is fully turned off before working on it.

A step-by-step guide to Dualtron Thunder suspension adjustment

Here’s a step-by-step guide to adjusting the Dualtorn Thunder’s suspension. Be aware that even small changes can result in significant differences in how the scooter handles the road, so take thins slowly.

Remove the fender with a 3mm hex wrench

Using a 3mm hex key, slowly remove the front fender (or bumper, as it’s known in the UK). Four screws are holding it in place. It should come off with little effort. Put the bumper and bolts somewhere safe.

Loosen the motor side and swing arm side nuts

Using an 18mm hex wrench, loosen (but don’t remove) the 18mm bolt on the motor side (the side with the disc). Then, using a 19mm hex wrench, do the same to the nut on the swing arm side. You don’t need to remove the swing arm from the rear wheel or remove the brake.

Some videos will tell you to remove the bolts one by one, but doing so can cause unnecessary stress on the scooters swing arm, so we recommend loosening them off then removing them by hand.

Remove the suspension arm

Now you can remove the suspension arms. Again, you don’t need to remove the brakes here; just be careful when you take them off.

If the suspension arms don’t want to move, using a rubber mallet can help shift them (just be careful to be gentle).

You’re now ready to adjust the suspension! There are three adjustments you can make:

  1. Adjusting the electric scooter’s motor shaft distance (3 steps)
  2. Replacing the rubber cartridge (5 steps)
  3. Adjusting the Dualtron Thunder’s arm angle (3 steps)

Adjusting the electric scooter’s motor shaft distance

You can adjust the motor shaft’s distance from the centre in three ways:

· Garage height

· Intermediate stage

· Garage lowered

You can select the desired length using the plastic adjuster. It will come from the factory set at the intermediate stage. Setting it to garage height will raise it, or garage lowered will (obviously) drop it.

Replacing the rubber cartridge

Dualtron’s suspension uses an innovative cartridge system that enables riders to pick and choose the perfect suspension.

The default factor cartridge is Hard. All the suspension options are colour coded:

  1. Hard (Black)
  2. Medium Hard (brown)
  3. Medium (Yellow)
  4. Medium Soft (Blue)
  5. Soft (Green)

To access the cartridge, you’ll need to loosen the bolts on either side, then use a 3mm hex key to remove the screws holding the plastic cover in place. Once removed, you should be able to slide the cartridge out and replace it.

The choice of suspension strength is up to you. The Dualtron comes straight from the factory with a hard suspension cartridge, so bear that in mind when buying a new one.

Adjusting the Dualtron Thunder’s arm angle

You have three potential adjustments to make the Dualtron Thunders arm length.

Shortening it will reduce the wheelbase slightly and raise the scooter. Lengthening it will increase the wheelbase and lower it. The arm angle is fixed when you reassemble the scooter.

You need to ensure that both sides are set at the same level, or it could be dangerous.

Putting it all back together

Returning your Dualtron Thunder to road-ready condition is simply a case of following the steps in reverse.

Ensure that both suspension arms are aligned to the same angle before attempting to replace the wheel. Dualtron recommends using a screw lock such as Loctite to keep screws in place, which is sound advice.

Ensure all bolts are secure in place before placing the scooter back on the floor.

Pre-ride safety checks

Check the scooter is safe before hitting the road (or heading off-road!) on your Dualtron Thunder. Listen out for any noises coming from the suspension.

Start slowly and give it a test ride before heading off on a long journey if all seems ok.

Remember, even minor adjustments can affect the handling of your electric scooter. You’ll need time to adjust.

Getting your suspension settings right involves trial and error. We recommend making small adjustments, one step at a time and seeing how your scooter performs while riding.

Want to know more about electric scooters?

We hope you’ve enjoyed this scooter guide and now feel confident working on your Dualtron Thunder’s suspension. Check out the rest of scooter.Guide for the latest in-depth reviews (including our Dualtron Thunder review and hundreds of other scooters) features and news on the latest electric scooters.

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