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Hiboy Titan Pro Electric Scooter Review

Nely Hayes
26 January 2024


One of the longest range electric scooters around that has a top speed of around 30 mph and a range of up to 40 miles.

If Hiboy were a monarchy, then Hiboy Titan Pro would be the scooter on the throne. In simpler terms, the Titan Pro is the most prestigious release from a well-renowned scooter manufacturer- Hiboy. The Titan Pro is a lifestyle scooter that blends the freedom and convenience of riding with the ability to cover more ground quicker over city and light off-road terrain. It is one of the high-performance scooters designed by Hiboy for the ultimate experience on any road. This scooter delivers a smooth ride with excellent ergonomic features to further uplift the commuting experience. So, if you’re tired of paying for rental scooters, it’s about time you saved up your pennies because Hiboy promises that the powerful motor (dual), long-range, smooth-riding Titan Pro is the experience you’ve been waiting for!

Hiboy Titan Pro Electric Scooter: The Lowdown…

Built by a team of experienced engineers and designers, Hiboy scooters have quickly emerged as some of the best-selling personal mobility vehicles. Hiboy keeps dominating the streets one ride at a time, with their lines of high-quality electric scooters that deliver unmatched performance. The Spanish electric scooter company has four unique flagship brands within its lineup: the S2 series, MAX series, NEX series, and Titan series. While each of these models is built for a specific audience, each delivers an optimal riding experience, with speed, durability, and power at the forefront of its design. Hiboy has mastered the e-scooter craft and guarantees extreme handling and unrivalled acceleration in each of its releases.

The Titan Pro, launched as one of the brand’s elite scooters, will take you wherever you need to go with unmatched comfort and convenience. The sleek, modern scooter leverages advanced technology to bring users top-notch performance for an unmatched riding experience. This electric scooter gives you fast acceleration and a higher top speed while still maintaining safe handling and stability. This dual motor improvement to the Titan will impress you with higher torque, smoother acceleration, deck-embedded front & tail light, best-in-class battery capacity, dual suspension, max rider weight of 286 lbs, and better performance off-road.

Titan Pro is ready to take over the world. Hiboy’s Titan Pro is as versatile as it is powerful, with an adequately-sized deck with a dedicated footrest. The Titan Pro electric scooter is made of durable aluminium, built to go the distance. Its body is designed to withstand vigorous usage, so you can manoeuvre the handlebars and rear wheel with ease as you ride. Overall, the Hiboy Titan Pro is a stylish and feature-packed electric scooter that lets you get where you need to go quickly, quietly and efficiently. It is the best way to get to your destination as fast as possible- without breaking a sweat.

For about £ 1020/ $1399, this effortless commuter scooter could be yours. Read on for an in-depth look at the impressive features that define the Hiboy Titan Pro as the best long-range urban scooter.

Hiboy Titan Pro Specifications

MotorDual 1200w Brushless DC Motor
Battery48V, 17.5 AH, 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack
Charge Time9 hours
Single-Charge Mileage40 miles (62 km) (Depends on terrain and rider weight)
Max Speed30 mph (48 km/h)
Climbing Range35 degrees (varies depending on charge state and weight of the rider)
Braking SystemFront and rear mechanical disc brakes, e-brakes
LightingFront and rear deck embedded lights
Max Load286 lbs (130 kg)
Scooter Weight62 lbs (28 kg)
Product MaterialAviation-grade aluminium alloy
Tyre Type10-inch Anti-Skid Tyre
SuspensionFront and dual rear adjustable spring suspension
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded Size: 120 x 26 x 118 cm (LxWxH)

Folded Size: 120 x 26 x 52 cm (LxWxH)
Water ResistanceIP54 Certified

Hiboy TitanPro  Review Video

Watch this extensive review video of the Hiboy Titan Pro Electric Scooter.

The Hiboy Titan Pro electric scooter packs impressive and top-notch features making it the ideal scooter for the urban commuter.

Hiboy Titan Pro Pros

tickicon It has an incredible hill-climbing ability

tickicon It has an impressive top speed

tickicon Large and wide 10-inch anti-skid air-filled tires

tickicon It has responsive acceleration 

tickicon Reliable dual mechanical disk braking system

tickicon Cruise control function

tickicon Smart display that shows riding information

tickicon Volt lock with the key to enhance the security of the scooter

Hiboy Titan Pro Cons

red Deck to handlebar height is short, thus limiting for tall riders

red It lacks a mobile App/Bluetooth connectivity

red It is heavy therefore not easily portable

red Its suspension system is a bit stiff




Hiboy Titan Pro Summary

Hiboy has made a name for itself as a high-quality electric scooter manufacturer, delivering a suite of products that cover various riders’ needs. Its top-of-the-line models feature cutting-edge technology and offer a unique style that is attractive to novice and expert riders alike. The Hiboy smart electric scooters combine stylish design and innovative technology to create the ultimate urban ride solution for people that are constantly on the go. In addition, the high-quality two-wheelers offer unmatched convenience, are easy to ride, and are highly affordable.

Its top-rated model, the Hiboy Titan Pro, is designed to take your city commute to the next level. It is an evolution of the classic electric scooter, conceived for those who want a bit more from a scooter, for those who need that little extra speed when zipping through the streets of your city or want to look good on their way to the office. The scooter is ergonomically built for enhanced comfort, featuring a spacious texturised deck and rubberised handle grips. The sporty and stylish scooter is a refreshing change of pace in the mid-level category. This rugged electric scooter features high-quality parts and comfortably accommodates riders weighing up to 286 lbs (130 kgs), making it a good choice for riders of diverse weights.

The Hiboy Titan Pro electric scooter offers the perfect compromise between price, performance, and environmental sustainability. The Pro features a 1200 (two) watt brushless DC motor and a 48V high capacity lithium-ion battery that will let you travel up to 30 mph (48 km/h) for up to 40 miles (62 km) on a single charge. The large air tyres offer a stable ride over any terrain, on the beach, through the woods, not forgetting the sidewalks on your street. The Titan Pro is a beast that will take riders up hills and inclines of 35 degrees with ease, thanks to its powerful motors. However, the speed, gradability, and mileage are primarily dependent on the rider’s weight, track conditions and battery state of charge. 

The scooter is also built with safety in mind and offers mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear wheel, which allows you to stop on a dime. The Titan Pro electric scooter provides all the benefits of a modern scooter, with hardly any typical compromises. The scooter’s durable forged aluminium frame lowers the scooter’s weight while withstanding rough riding conditions. Its anti-rebound, full dual, rear and front spring shock absorbers help soften the blows of uneven city streets, and the large 10″ air-filled tyres get you around fast and with ease.

Read on for a detailed look at the Hiboy Titan Pro electric scooter, a feature-packed modem scooter designed for the urban commuter who wants to travel in style.

Hiboy Titan Pro folded electric scooter

Speed & Acceleration

Thanks to its elite, custom-built dual electric motors, you will experience acceleration like never before, with the scooter hitting top speed in under 9 seconds. The acceleration curve is also quite linear. The Titan Pro is faster than similarly priced scooters, like Inokim 2 and Mercane Wide Wheel Pro.

The Titan Pro also comes with a dual-motor option, letting you switch between single and double-motor configurations with the push of a button. Furthermore, the Hiboy Titan Pro electric scooter has a thumb-activated throttle that enables riders to accelerate and decelerate seamlessly.

Additionally, a super cool cruise control feature lets you lift your finger off the throttle by maintaining the current speed. The cruise control feature can be activated by long-pressing the downshift key on the LCD or maintaining constant speed for 8 seconds.

    Top Speed

    The Hiboy Titan Pro electric scooter boasts all the traits that a modern scooter should have — efficiency, speed, and style. It can cruise through city streets at a speedy pace of up to 30 mph (48 km/h)- this scooter was built for fast-paced urban riding.

    The scooter features three levels of power (Eco, Standard, and Turbo), which accords riders the ability to personalise their top speeds. The three-speed modes designated by Mode1, Mode2, and Mode3 let you cap the maximum speed to a limit that suits the riding conditions and the rider’s experience.

      Hill Climbing

      The Hiboy Titan Pro is a high-power electric scooter that allows you to conquer the steepest hills with a single touch of the throttle. The scooter can scale hills of up to 35 degrees. Its excellent climbing ability and build quality are perfect for commuters living in areas surrounded by hills or coastlines. However, riders should note that they would need to engage the dual motor option when attempting to conquer steeper hills- otherwise, on a single motor, the scooter simply gives out. The grade ability is also a significant improvement to the original Titan, which could only go up hills with a maximum gradient of 30 degrees.

      Battery & Range

      The Hiboy Titan Pro comes equipped with an optimised 48V, 17.5Ah lithium-ion battery that delivers a respectable 40 miles (62 km) range on a single charge (depending on the speed, terrain, riding style, and motor usage). Although the battery delivers improved power and extended range, it takes considerably longer to charge-it takes 9 hours to charge fully. Its charging port is located at the back of the deck, and it is covered with a waterproof grommet. 

      Compared to the original Titan electric scooter, the battery on the Titan Pro delivers much better performance. The Titan could only get to 28 miles, which is nearly half of what the Pro can achieve under optimum riding conditions. However, to get the most out of your battery, riders are advised to ride on single motor mode- dual motors require higher power output which drains the battery quicker. The Pro still outperforms other scooters in this very competitive arena, including Inokim Quick3 Hero, Kaabo Mantis, and Apollo Explore.

      Motor Configuration

      The Titan Pro is one of the most resilient and robust electric scooters on the market. It is powered by dual 1200w brushless motors set in durable front and rear motor hubs. The Hiboy Titan Pro electric scooter’s dual high-speed motors pack a heavyweight punch with a combined motor rated voltage of 2400w of rated power to propel the scooter to top speeds of 30 mph (48 km/h) while hauling a maximum driver weight of 286 lbs (130 kgs).

        Hiboy Titan Pro electric scooter

        Performance Overview

        The Hiboy Titan Pro is a well-balanced scooter that has managed to fuse speed and power with comfort. It has swift and smooth acceleration, as is the norm with Hiboy scooters. The scooter’s acceleration is smooth and consistent, as is its handling capabilities. It is a speed demon with swift acceleration that pummels the competition – it is capable of leaping from 0 to 24 km/h in under 4 seconds and from 0-48km/h (the manufacturer -cited top speed) in less than 9 seconds.

        The scooter’s powerful dual 1200w brushless DC motors are made for ascending inclines as steep as 35 degrees. Notably, riders will notice a significant drop in speed performance as they go up inclines- the maximum speed is as low as 12 mph and below. In addition, the scooter can comfortably carry heavier riders weighing up to 286 lbs (130 kgs).

        Construction & Quality

        The Titan Pro electric scooter from Hiboy is an exquisite beauty that is as good-looking as it is functional. It is a luxurious piece of transportation equipment with a built-in LCD display, an ergonomic handlebar, and a host of other features. The Titan Pro has everything you could want from a modern scooter. The exterior is neat with a cleverly designed handlebar, with neatly routed wires running through the stem. The scooter comes in a standard black, with red accents in line with Hiboy’s colours. 

        The Hiboy Titan Pro is built to last- its stem and frame are made from high-quality forged aluminium, which is durable and helps keep the scooter balanced. The deck is also made from aluminium and is coated with grip tape that adds a layer of safety and stability. As with other Hiboy scooters, the handlebar ends are covered in rubber grips for added riding comfort.

        The lithium-ion battery is tucked underneath the deck for optimal balance and manoeuvrability. Additionally, the rear end of the deck features a dedicated footrest. The rear fender also features a unique design, where it is not attached to the deck as is typical with most other scooters but is screwed to the rear arm of the scooter. In addition, the scooter features a solid retractable kickstand that makes parking easier.

        Hiboy Titan Pro electric scooterbrakes

        Suspension & Comfort

        The Hiboy Titan Pro electric scooter is designed for comfort without compromising performance. This scooter will deliver a safe and comfortable ride with a true suspension system comprising an entire front and rear suspension to smooth out the bumps. The front and rear rubber suspension system, coupled with the large air-filled tires, make for excellent shock absorption. For this reason, the scooter can comfortably ride on light off-road terrains but make sure to avoid potholes or other obstacles that could damage the shocks. However, riders have complained of the stiffness of the shocks as something that Hiboy should look into.

        Ride Quality

        The Titan Pro has a sleek and ergonomic design that is both comfortable and functional. The scooter has dual front and rear shock absorbers that reduce the impacts from bumpy roads, cracks on sidewalks, or uneven off-road terrain. The comfort is further enhanced by the large 10″ air-filled and anti-skid tyres. The result is a sedate and relaxed ride to your destination. The large pneumatic tires offer better shock absorption than solid tyres and complement the Hiboy’s stiff suspension system.

        The Pro comes in with a wide deck that is roomy enough to accommodate side-by-side standing, adding to the riding comfort dynamics. Additionally, the grippy deck reinforces stability. Tall riders will not have the most comfortable ride due to the short deck to bar height, which forces their arms into a strained riding position. However, the handlebar ends are covered in rubber grips which reinforce riding ergonomics- although riders have reported them to perform averagely or require a few tweaks to deliver on their function.

        With cruise control, riders can occasionally take their fingers off the throttle, which comes in handy during longer rides- and the Pro excels at long rides. The scooter’s twin front and rear in-hub motors are as silent as they are powerful, giving riders the ability to zip by without a peep. It also has a two-way lighting system that makes night riding safer than ever before. Additionally, it is also fitted with a bell that alerts others on the road of your presence.

        Hiboy Titan Pro electric scooter display


        The Hiboy Titan Pro scooter has a two-way lighting system comprising front and rear deck embedded lights, which are essential in keeping riders visible and safe while riding at night. The front lights help drivers see where they are going, while the taillights make sure others can see the scooter on the road. The scooter’s front lights are not the brightest, and their low location means that the rider does not get the best illumination. However, the scooter does not have brake lights which slightly compromises the safety dynamics.


        The Titan Pro Electric Scooter offers exceptional stopping power with dual mechanical disc brakes in the front and rear wheels. Activated by two brake levers on either side of the handlebars, these brakes are robust and durable, providing reliable stopping under the most extreme conditions, including wet tracks. The Titan Pro also comes equipped with electronic braking, which is responsible for slowing down the scooter. In addition, the brake levers themselves are longer and have a padded grip for greater comfort when braking hard.

        Hiboy Titan Pro  electric scooter


        The Hiboy Titan Pro scooter is neither lightweight nor portable. On the contrary, the scooter weighs 62 lbs (28 kg), placing it in the heavier scooter category with scooters like the Urban Drift Gobi S, which weighs 66 lbs (30 kg). The previous scooter (original Titan) weighs 50.7 kgs (23 kgs)- the extra features on the Pro account for its higher weight, including the additional Titan Pro motor and larger battery. 

        To make up for its hefty weight, the Hiboy Titan Pro Electric scooter has a folding design that utilises a metal latch allowing you to fold and unfold the scooter seamlessly. Its handlebars are also narrow, making it easy to stow in tight spaces like a car trunk.


        The Hiboy Titan Pro scooter can roll over bumps and uneven roads with ease, thanks to its 10-inch anti-skid tyres that disperse pressure evenly over the entire length of the tyre. These tyres are specially designed to ensure the rider’s safety even on the most rugged terrains while providing a more comfortable riding experience. Moreover, the tyres are excellent shock absorbers compared to solid tires making the Titan Pro highly suitable for little off-road adventures. On the flipside, Titans’ tyres have been reported to have a high puncture rate. 


        The Hiboy Titan Pro electric scooter features a deck that gives riders the perfect combination of grip and smoothness for a secure and comfortable ride. In addition, its ample ground clearance lets you go over curbs, bumpy streets or uneven pavements without damaging the underdeck. 

        The deck design and dimensions highlight one of the most significant differences between the original Titan and the Pro. While the Titan features a long and narrow deck, the Pro has a wider but shorter deck. Additionally, the Titan’s deck is rubberised, while the Pro features grip tape with the Hiboy logo highlighted along the middle. The Pro’s deck also features embedded front and rear lights, not seen on the Titan.

        Controls & Display

        The Hiboy Titan Pro Electric Scooter is built with standout, thoughtfully laid-out features. The smart LCD display on the handlebars is easy to use and gives the scooter a modern appearance. The LCD screen shows essential info like battery life, speed mode, range, and speed in real-time. In addition, its narrow yet ergonomic handlebars give it an elegant look, edgy look.

        The scooter has intuitively placed controls — two brake levers on either side of the handlebars and a thumb-activated throttle on the right side. There are two buttons on the left handlebar; a yellow one for the front lights and a red button that switches between dual and single motor modes. The scooter has a keyed ignition with a voltmeter, which allows for enhanced safety.

        Water Resistance

        The Hiboy Titan Pro scooter has an IP rating of IP54 which means it is splash-proof and is protected against dust and water from all directions. It can also withstand light rain and can ride through shallow puddles for short lengths of period. However, it is prudent to keep the scooter dry as far as possible to safeguard the electrical components from water damage.


        The Hiboy Titan Pro Electric Scooter is the ultimate urban commuter. This scooter can readily travel through streets and hills, whether climbing up steep grades or cruising down the coastline on a sunny day. It is built to deliver high speeds and smooth-riding zipping around your neighbourhood or cruising the boardwalk. Its robust frame ensures that it can stand up to daily use, while its slew of incredible features such as beefy anti-skid tyres and cruise control feature ensures that you ride safely and reliably to your destination.

        Warranty & Customer Support

        As a vote of confidence for the product, Hiboy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the scooter. It also offers 12 months limited warranty on the scooter and a 6-months limited warranty on the battery. The warranty covers defects arising from factory errors, and Hiboy will replace the faulty parts within the warranty period at no cost. However, the customer will bear the cost of shipping the unit.

        Hiboy has a hassle-free warranty claim process, as long as you have your proof of purchase and a video or photo of the damages within the stipulated time. Hiboy also has an efficient and timely customer service team working from Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 4 pm (PST).

        Known Issues

        • Some customers have complained that the user manual is vague, and it does little to help them set the scooter.
        • The speedometer is not very accurate- giving lower speed readings than the actual speed of the scooter.
        • The suspension system has been reported as stiff.
        • The manufacturer-cited range of 40 miles has been said to be highly overstated, with some users not even getting half of it.


        Routine maintenance is a necessity for all scooters, and the Titan Pro is no exception. Simple checks and services will keep your vehicle in good shape, ensuring safe and powerful rides at all times. The Titan Pro maintenance package gives you all the products you need to keep your scooter running smoothly and an easy-to-follow maintenance manual that ensures you stay on top of any issues with your scooter. 

        Be sure to inspect your scooter for damage regularly. Check the nuts and bolts to make sure they’re not loose or missing, and tighten anything that calls for it. Also, charge your scooter with the recommended charger and within the prescribed charge time.

        Hiboy Titan Pro: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

        If you’re a city dweller that loves to push the boundaries of urban transportation, then the Hiboy Titan Pro is for you. It is the perfect scooter for urban commuters — with its sleek design, high-quality build, and incredible performance, it ticks all of the right boxes. This scooter carries up to 260 lbs (118 kg) of maximum load at speeds of up to 30 mph (48 km/h) over impressive distances of up to 40 miles (62 km). 

        However, riders should be warned that the anti-skid tyres are highly prone to punctures; thus, keeping a bottle of tyre slime handy would be prudent. Additionally, the scooter’s suspension is highly rigid and will not absorb vibrations as efficiently as advertised. The deck to bar height is also not suitable for tall riders. With these compromises in mind, riders can comfortably decide on whether to settle for the Titan Pro, 

        At £ 1020/ $1399, the Titan pro does deliver value as one of the longest-ranged electric scooters in its price category. The acceleration is quite zippy and is undoubtedly a standout. Moreover, the high torque delivered by the dual motors makes for an exhilarating riding experience. Therefore, our verdict is that the Titan Pros’ shortcomings are negligible enough to make the scooter a valuable acquisition at its price point.

        • It has an incredible hill-climbing ability
        • It has an impressive top speed
        • It has a reliable dual mechanical disk braking system
        • Equipped with a cruise control function
        • Smart display that shows riding information
        • The deck to handlebar height is short
        • It lacks a mobile App/Bluetooth connectivity
        • Its suspension system is a bit stiff
        • It is heavy therefore not easily portable

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