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Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter Review

Holly Darani
21 July 2021


A commuter scooter that is ideal for urban commutes, with a top speed of around 18.6 mph and a range of up to 17 miles.


The Hiboy S2 is a stylish scooter from Hiboy that is perfect for those who love efficiency. The fully automatic, 2-speed electric scooter is a proven go-to device for city riding, trails, and casual commutes – all while saving you money. What makes the S2 so much fun is its unique sleek, eye-catching design that gives the ride more style.

This scooter delivers impressive performance and unmatched convenience in a very uncomplicated package, from the lightweight aluminium frame to the high-torque motor. Getting behind the wheel of this sweet ride gives you instant speed access.

Hiboy S2 – The Lowdown


Hiboy is a credible personal mobility vehicle manufacturer with great and stylish e-bikes, skateboards, and various electric scooters in the market. Its reputation is rapidly growing, especially its stance to take on Xiaomi, a well-known brand in the tech world. The company’s headquarters are in China, but it has offices in the US. It has four flagship brands of electric scooters, namely the S2 series, MAX series, NEX series, and Titan series. The e scooters feature well-thought designs, full electric functionality, quiet riding dynamics, and an impressive array of high-quality parts and accessories. These scooters provide all the performance and ride quality you would expect from a top-tier product. The S2, their budget scooter, is inspired by Xiaomi scooters, particularly the M365. So if you are familiar with the M365, the S2 is packed with even more features that make it easier to commute in urban areas.

The Hiboy S2 scooter, like the other scooters crafted by Hiboy, is an excellent scooter designed for everybody. While the S2 borrows much from the Xiaomi M365, it has discerning features and improvements that set it apart from the M365. It has a top speed of 18.6 mph, while the M365 clocks around 16 mph. It also has a more powerful 350 W motor compared to M365’s 250W motor. This e scooter boasts a solid aluminium build, a robust stem with a folding mechanism, a unique digital display, Bluetooth connectivity with a mobile app for both iOS and Android, and dual rear suspension. The scooter also features a dual braking system, with a rear disc brake and an electronic brake.

This unit is carefully designed to make it comfortable and easy to use – with an expansive, sturdy deck that accommodates various riders, even for those with larger feet. It is equipped with one of the best lighting systems that comprise the front, side, and rear lights to ensure safety in low light. In addition, the scooter’s durable aluminium frame is designed to stand up to vigorous usage, providing easy manipulation of the handlebars and rear wheel. Overall, the S2 is a scooter with personality. It is a stylish, fully automated scooter that delivers smooth, quiet performance – so you can get where you need to go fast.

Read on for an in-depth look at the innovative features that make the Hiboy S2 the ultimate budget scooter.


Hiboy S2 Specifications

Motor350W Front drive hub BDLC
Battery270Wh,36V, 7.8Ah Lithium-ion
Charge Time6 hours
Single-Charge Mileage17 miles / 27 km (may vary depending on riders weight and terrain condition)
Max Speed18.6 mph / 29.9 km/h
Climbing Range15 degrees
Braking SystemRear mechanical disc brake, Front electronic regenerative
LightingFront, Rear, and Sidelights
HornMechanical Bell
Max Load118 kg / 260 lb
Scooter Weight13.4 kg / 29.5 lb
Product MaterialAviation-grade aluminium alloy, rubber deck, steel suspension
Folding Handlebar6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Folding Steering Tube6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
SuspensionRear dual spring suspension
Size (L x W x H, cm)Size (Unfolded) 116 x 42 x 120 cm

Size (Folded) 116 x 42 x 49 cm
Water ResistanceIP54

Hiboy S2 Video

Watch this detailed video review of the Hiboy S2.

Hiboy S2 Pros

tickicon Competitively priced entry-level scooter

tickicon It has a mobile App with a myriad of functions

tickicon It has a digital dashboard and digital lock system

tickicon It has an impressive riding range and top speed

tickicon Has Bluetooth connectivity

Hiboy S2 Cons

red The solid rubber tyres provide a less comfortable ride than pneumatic tyres

red It lacks braking lights

red The handlebar height is not adjustable

red Low ride quality at high speeds


Hiboy S2 Summary

Hiboy has taken pretty significant steps in the recent past with their electric scooter, offering their flagship model and a slew of other models to the market. Their impressive scooters are designed with riders in mind and deliver style, convenience, and precision. They also offer class-leading performance, unmatched value, and best-in-class durability. The Hiboy electric scooters are a perfect mix of all three qualities. With their ultra-minimalist design, these scooters enable you to take your riding experience to the next level.

The Hiboy S2  is a public statement from Hiboy on their intention to take over the mobility industries by storm. It is a compelling combination of power, performance, and practicality that is sure to be a game-changer in the mobility space. The scooter fits both the individual needs of the rider and the circumstances of commuting, and has been well-received by both critics and riders alike. This release from the scooter brand also comes with a new accessories package that provides an array of features to further the adoption of electric scooters in more spots throughout the world. It is designed to be an easy-to-use, affordable, rechargeable scooter that fits into the lifestyle of mobility enthusiasts and commuters.

This scooter is a product that breaks the mould of traditional 100% personal electric transportation. It is a refreshing change of pace from the more bulky, heavier, and more expensive models. The scooter brings together high-quality features in a very affordable and friendly package. It offers an eco-friendly way of getting around that still allows for speed and portability. The high-capacity battery will enable you to get an impressive mileage of 17 miles (27 km) on a single charge, making it perfect for those quick trips around town or when you want to take your scooter on a short break from work or school.

The S2 shares many features with the M365, but at the same time provides many improvements that make it an excellent buy for anyone looking for an upgrade to their scooter. The scooter is constructed using high-quality lightweight aluminium that is responsible for the scooter’s durability and low weight that facilitates its portability. In addition, it is available in two colour choices of black and grey.

The scooter is propelled by a high torque 350w brushless front hub motor that pushes it to max speeds of 18.6 mph (29.9 km h) and hauls a maximum load of 260 lbs (118Kg), making it the perfect entry-level scooter for both teenagers and adults. Additionally, it surprisingly has a 15% incline gradeability, a rare feat for budget scooters. However, note that its hill climbing ability depends on the rider’s weight and battery level. Hiboy has safety covered with a dual braking system that comprises a rear disk brake and a thumb-activated electric brake. The brakes, when used together, offer unparalleled stopping power.

Read on for an in-depth look at the Hiboy S2- one of the most feature-packed budget scooters in the market today.


Performance Overview

The  S2 is powered by a brushless front 350W motor delivering unprecedented high performance. The high torque generated by the motor makes it possible for the scooter to achieve a top speed of 18.6 mph ( 29.9 km/h), haul a maximum load of 260 lbs (118 kg), and ascend inclines of 15%. The scooter has smooth acceleration, and it can swiftly accelerate from 0 to 15 mph in 6.2 seconds, and 11 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 18 mph.

Real-world tests indicate that the scooter has a braking distance of 14.6 feet (4.45 meters) when braking down from speeds of 15 mph to 0 mph and applying both brakes. The regenerative brake alone brings the scooter from 15 mph to 0 mph in 33.5 feet (10.2 meters). You can enhance the brakes’ effectiveness if you assume the active rider stance when braking by shifting your weight to the rear and slumping back slightly when braking.

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Top Speed & Acceleration

The Hiboy S2 is the perfect scooter for an urban commuter because it is fast, fun, and aesthetically pleasing. It cruises through urban terrain at decent speeds of up to 18.6 mph ( 29.9 km/h), making it one of the fastest budget scooters and the ideal transport companion to work or in-campus commutes. It has an incredible acceleration curve and can accelerate from 0 -15mph in 6.2 seconds, which is faster than other budget scooters, eg, GoTrax XR Elite’s 7.6 seconds.

The Hiboy S2 electric scooter has two-speed modes controlled via the dashboard button or the S2 app. The speed modes can be changed by tapping on the dashboard button to toggle between comfortable mode denoted by a Green S and Sport mode characterized by a Red S. The comfort speed mode, the default mode, has a top speed of 13 mph, while sport mode clocks a top speed of 18.6 mph. You can also calibrate the top speed limit via the app, if the 18.6 mph feels too fast for your liking. The scooter has a thumb-activated throttle for seamless acceleration. The best part, you can lock in your desired speed via the cruise control function, which can be activated through the app or by tapping the button below the LED dashboard thrice. You can also hold down the throttle, and a beep will indicate that you are now riding on cruise mode.

The Hiboy S2 scooter is a powerful electric scooter that provides riders with an incredible hill climbing ability. This means that they can ascend hills that are up to 15% in gradient easily, thanks to the high torque output from its high-performance front hub 350w motor.

Controls & Display

All controls are on the deck, including the gravity sensor, brake lever and kickstand. However, there is no LCD display, horn or speed throttle.


Battery Life & Range 

The Hiboy S2 runs on an efficient 36V, 7.8Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery has a 270Wh capacity that delivers a decent range of 17 miles (27Km) on a single charge depending on the weather, terrain, and the rider’s weight. The battery charges for a relatively long time- up to 6 hours. The scooter has a Smart battery management system that preserves the battery and consequently extends the battery life. Additionally, the scooter has regenerative braking that ensures the battery is charged when the scooter goes downhill or brakes, thus extending the scooter’s mileage. 

Motor Configuration

The S2 electric scooter is powered by a 350w motor encased in the front hub to protect it from damage. The motor has more power compared to similarly priced scooters.


Construction & Build Quality

The Hiboy S2 has a cosmetically pleasant, elegant and modern design with its unique integrated LCD intelligent display and less cluttered narrow handlebar. The scooter is neat with its wires routed through the stem; the rear fenders even feature an aluminium under casing that protects and holds the wires in place. The aluminium fender bracket also keeps the fender in a rigid position, so as not to move when pressure is exerted, thereby causing friction with the solid wheels. The Hiboy S2 scooter is made from aviation-grade aluminium, with a matte finish that’s easy to clean. This high-quality material is used extensively in the aerospace industry because it’s lightweight, sturdy, and doesn’t corrode or rust. This makes the S2 lightweight and durable.

The S2’s stem is also made from high-quality aluminium and features an embedded hook that can carry your luggage. Further down, the scooter features an aluminium deck spacious enough to ensure comfort and a stable ride. The deck is lined with an LED strip that adds to the scooter’s elegant finish, contributing to the scooter’s aesthetics and enhancing the scooter’s visibility at night. The S2 deck is covered with a grippy matte rubber for added stability and safety.

The lithium-ion battery is tucked underneath the deck, and a solid retractable kickstand is nested to the right side of the scooter for hassle-free parking. The scooter comes with 8.5-inch solid rubber tyres that are perforated for some degree of cushioning against shock. The handlebars are slightly narrow, but they are rubberised for enhanced grip when riding.


The Hiboy S2 electric scooter has dual rear shock absorbers that provide a smooth ride quality on urban roads. The two inside shock springs are constructed with special alloy spring steel. The shock absorbers go to great lengths to absorb shocks on rough tracks, but riders have reported that the suspension feels rigid and rattly.


Ride Quality

The Hiboy S2 is a high-performance electric scooter that has a simple yet elegant design. It is the perfect balance of style, performance, and reliability. It delivers a quality ride on urban roads thanks to its dual rear shock absorber and solid, perforated tyres. However, the tyres have much less shock absorption ability as compared to pneumatic air-filled tyres. But, they eliminate the worry of punctures and maintenance. Notably, the performance of the suspension system is way below average, and with the solid tyres, this highly limits performance on off-road terrain.

 The scooter has an expansive deck to compensate for the jarring caused by the less comfy solid tyres. It is draped in a grippy matte rubber that reinforces the rider’s grip and stability. The front in-hub motor is super quiet, ensuring the rider rides in style without being a nuisance in the neighbourhood. The scooter has an adequate stylish 3 tier lighting system that sustains night visibility.  It is also fitted with a loud built-in-bell to alert other road users. Additionally, the handlebars, although narrow, are coated with rubber grips for comfort when riding.

The scooter is a high-performance machine that lives up to its name.

Intelligent Powerful Motor


The Hiboy scooter has a double braking system that includes a rear disc brake and a front electronic brake. The disc braking is operated by a standard brake lever, while the regenerative brake is thumb activated. The dual brakes, when used together, can bring the scooter to an instant halt. You can customize the brake response of the front electronic brakes via the app.

However, relying on the  electronic brake alone can be unsafe. It doesn’t have enough power to bring you to a quick and complete stop. Note that the scooter does not facilitate rear fender braking, as it is reinforced with an aluminium plate that keeps it rigid, to prevent friction with solid tires.


The Hiboy S2 scooter weighs 29.5 lbs (13.4 kgs).  It isn’t the lightest scooter on the market, but it goes head-to-head with the stars in this category, e.g the Glion Dolly that weighs 28 pounds (12 kilos). Additionally, it has an easy 3 step folding system that facilitates its portability. The scooter folding involves three easy steps: loosening the folding lever on the stem, collapsing the stem, and finally hooking up the handlebars to the rear fender using the latch. That is it! The handlebar will securely attach to the latch, and you will be on your way in no time.

The handlebars on this scooter won’t fold, but they are slightly narrow and can fit into car boots and tight spaces easily.

Water Resistance

The Hiboy S2 scooter has a water resistance rating of IP54, which means it is protected against dust,  water jets from all directions, and light rain. However, it should not be ridden through deep water puddles as this can damage its electronic components.



The Hiboy S2 scooter has an inbuilt high-mounted front lighting, side and rear lights. The rear red running lights enhance the scooter visibility in low light. The sidelights include a strip of LED lights embedded throughout the entire length of the scooter’s deck. In addition, the front headlight adequately lights up the scooter’s ride path in low light, with an illumination distance of 15 meters. However, the scooter lacks a brake light.


The Hiboy S2 scooter rolls on 8.5-inch solid, perforated rubber wheels, making the ride smooth and safe. The tyres are made of solid rubber, which means it is solid and less susceptible to punctures. The tyres are also impact-resistant, ensuring that the tyres last for a while compared to pneumatic tyres, although pneumatic tyres provide a more comfortable riding experience.


The Hiboy S2 electric scooter features the signature deck that is synonymous with its S2 range of scooters. The deck is spacious with a coating of grippy matte rubber for extra grip, secure and comfortable ride. The deck also has enough ground clearance to ensure the rider goes over curbs without scratching the deck. 


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Hiboy S2 electric scooter is a well-designed, well-crafted scooter ideal for the urban commuter. The scooter offers a decent mileage and incredible top speeds that reliably facilitate daily commutes. The scooter is great for travelling on city terrain, but performs poorly on off-road tracks. The parts are relatively maintenance free, with solid rubber tyres, a lithium-ion battery, a durable aluminium frame, and an IP54 rating that keeps the components safe from dust and light showers.

The e-scooter has Bluetooth connectivity that makes it possible to link the scooter with the state-of-the-art Mobile App. The app greatly enhances the reliability of the scooter by allowing access to detailed riding stats and utilizing a few tricks to enhance your riding experiences, such as adjusting your acceleration strength, the electronic brake’s responsiveness, and activating cruise and speed control. You can also activate the digital lock system with the app to ensure the safety of your scooter when parked or unattended. But, it is advisable to invest in a physical scooter lock for optimal security.

Hiboy offers a 12 Month all-inclusive warranty that covers all manufacturing defects, with a separate warranty period for accessories. For example, batteries have a 6-month warranty period; during that period, any defects on the battery will prompt Hiboy to repair or replace the battery at no extra charge. Other parts or components also have a 6-month warranty.  Hiboy has a seamless warranty claim process, requiring you to email them proof of purchase and video or photo proof of damages within the stipulated time. It provides free replacement parts only during repairs.

The Hiboy team of customer service representatives is available from Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 4 pm (PST). They can be reached through their email.



A good scooter needs routine maintenance to ensure it is in good working order. Hiboy S2 scooter maintenance is easy and can be done by anyone following the maintenance guide as stipulated in the user manual.  Almost everything is done with a hex key, which means you don’t need special tools to keep it running smoothly. However, it is recommended that you regularly inspect the scooter to ensure that everything is in place, particularly the nuts and bolts that hold the scooter together.

Don’t leave the scooter charging overnight as it will affect battery life. Also, use the manufacturer recommended charger to charge this e-scooter.


Known Issues

Although many customers are satisfied with this lightweight electric scooter, a few have reported problems with the S2 which are listed below:

  •  Some users have complained about the scooters fragile rear fenders
  • The suspension system is a bit rattly, especially off-road.


Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The Hiboy S2 is a great quality, stylish, and affordable electric scooter that makes riding around town a breeze. It has been dubbed the ultimate Xiaomi M36s Pro clone, with upgraded solid rubber tyres and a suspension system. It is built for those who value quality and sophisticated craftsmanship. Its powerful 350W front hub motor provides a smooth and quiet ride, while its rechargeable battery delivers an impressive 17 miles (27 km) with a full charge depending on the weather, terrain, and weight of the rider.

The Hiboy App enhances the riding experience by unlocking the scooter’s full potential to take your riding to the next level. The scooter has an incredible hill-climbing ability considering the fact that it is a budget scooter. Overall, this scooter with innovative features is worth every coin!

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  • Dual braking system
  • Rear dual suspension for comfortable riding
  • 12-month warranty with a 30-day return policy
  • IP54 waterproof rating
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity
  • The solid rubber tyres provide a less comfortable ride than pneumatic tyres
  • The handlebar height is not adjustable
  • It lacks braking lights
  • Low ride quality at high speeds

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