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Hiboy MAX3 Electric Scooter Review

Nely Hayes
24 August 2021


One of the best urban-centric electric scooters around that has a top speed of around 18.6 mph and a range of up to 17miles.

Hiboy’s MAX3 scooter is the third and best iteration of Hiboy’s high-performance MAX electric scooters. The stand-out scooter is a true reflection of Hiboy’s expertise in the area of design and manufacturing. From its sleek, streamlined frame to its sizable 10-inch pneumatic tyres, the MAX3 has all the hallmarks of a fantastic electric scooter. The model offers enhanced performance, reliability and a sleek look that is both stylish and practical. It is crafted with the same engineering precision that went into the first two generations, with a bit of added groundbreaking technology that sets it apart from the predecessors- Hiboy MAX and Hiboy MAX V2. These new additions give the MAX3 its superior performance and make it one of the best-in-class mobility solutions in its category. Its light-weight, portability, and stylish design make it perfect for riding around the city or casual commuting to work or around the neighbourhood.

Hiboy MAX3 Electric Scooter: The Lowdown…

Electric scooters don’t come any more stylish or high-quality than Hiboys. Hiboy is renowned worldwide for its broad range of high-performance scooters and is one of the leading brands in the industry. They feature a sleek design and advanced technology; these scooters are not only fun to ride, but they also get you where you need to go in style. Aesthetics aside, these scooters are also as practical as they are trendy. Hiboy’s lineup of e-scooters has well-thought designs that create the smoothest riding experience for anyone looking for a modern way to get around. In addition, these electric scooters offer quiet ride dynamics, allowing you to zoom around town without annoying the neighbours. They also come with an impressive array of high-quality parts and accessories, so riders can easily outfit their rides with whatever add-ons best suit their needs and style.

The flagship model in the MAX line, the Hiboy MAX3, was designed to suit most rider’s needs and provide them with the ultimate experience – from its powerful motor to its sleek outer shell, it is the perfect balance of style and functionality. This electric scooter is a statement in class and performance, packing a robust, durable frame and a sleek, sporty design; it has everything you would expect from a brand that has continually dominated the mobility space. The scooter is a perfect blend of technology and innovation – with enough flexibility to deliver an affordable mid-range scooter. Handy for both work commutes and family trips, it has been well received by critics and riders.

Is it worth spending £320/ $430 on purchasing this scooter? Read on for an in-depth look at the impressive features that make the Hiboy MAX3 a reliable urban transport solution.

Hiboy Max 3 Specifications

Motor350W brushless rear motor
Battery36 V, 7.5Ah, 270WH Li-ion battery
Charge Time4-6 hours
Single-Charge Mileage17miles (27.4 Km)
Max Speed18.6 mph (30 km/h)
Climbing Range15% (varies depending on charge state and weight of the rider)
Braking SystemDisc, Electronic Regenerative
LightingFront headlight, rear red LED lights, and blue LED lights on the deck
Max Load220 lbs (100 kg)
Scooter Weight40 Pounds (18 Kg)
Product MaterialAluminium alloy, ABS and PC
Tyre Type10-inch pneumatic self-healing tyres
SuspensionNo suspension
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded Size: 114.5 x 49.5 x 110.5 cm (LxWxH)

Folded Size: 114.5 x 49.5 x 46.48 cm (LxWxH)
Water ResistanceIPX4

Hiboy Max 3 Review Video

Watch the detailed Hiboy Max review video, a popular scooter amongst urban commuters.

The new model of the popular Hiboy MAX series offers more power, better handling and upgraded accessories – all at an affordable price.

Hiboy MAX3 Pros

tickicon It is priced affordably

tickicon It has a digital dashboard

tickicon It has 3-speed modes with a cruise control feature

tickicon It has a powerful lighting system 

tickicon It comes with self-healing tyres

tickicon Impressive riding range and top speed

tickicon Has ergonomic V-shaped handlebars

tickicon Dual braking system

Hiboy MAX3 Cons

red Charges for a relatively long time 4-6 hours

red It lacks suspension

red It is slightly heavier

red Stem is slightly shorter, thus not suitable for taller riders.

red The ride quality is subpar.

red The stem tube height is not adjustable


Hiboy MAX3 Summary

Hiboy has taken electric mobility to a whole new level with its impressive lineup of electric scooters. It has gone above and beyond in providing city- riders with efficient and eco-friendly mobility solutions. Their scooters have been redefining the industry since its launch. Hiboy scooters feature a sleek and aerodynamic design that perfectly fits into modern city lifestyles, offering riders speed, dependability, and comfort. The scooters ensure riders experience a class-leading performance and unmatched value. With intricate craftsmanship, sophisticated design and a unique riding experience, this brand takes the scooter market by storm.

The Max3 is the third scooter from Hiboy’s MAX line- a scooter that sets high standards for urban commute convenience. With a sleek, new look and more speed and power than its predecessors, it takes the Hiboy MAX line to the next level. You can safely cruise the streets and get to work faster than ever, thanks to the MAX3’s upgraded features like large self-healing tyres and 3 tier lighting system. It is a revolutionary scooter that boasts an impressive build- solid aluminium frame, robust stem with folding mechanism, and a digital display.

The Hiboy MAX electric scooter has every feature required for modern city travel. However, it does more for your commute than just transporting you from A to B – it adds a little oomph to your daily ride, giving you a top speed of 18.6 mph (30 km/h). The MAX 3 also rides further than other models thanks to its high capacity battery that delivers an impressive 17miles (27.4 Km) on a single charge. Its compact body takes up less space on the sidewalk than a bike or regular scooter, and its minimalist design blends into your daily commute. Moreover, it also features a retractable kickstand that makes it easier to park the machine. 

The Hiboy MAX3 is as tough as they come. Its durable construction and rigid frame mean that the scooter is built to withstand even the harshest conditions and is available in black. The scooter is the perfect entry-level scooter for both teenagers and adults. Not only does it boast an easy-to-use system integrated into a sleek, modern design, the durable aluminium frame can also hold up to 100 kg (220 lb). Additionally, the scooter’s electric motors can power the scooter up 15% inclines. So, whether you’re grabbing a quick lunch with a friend or in a rush to beat the morning traffic, the MAX3 has you covered!

Read on for a detailed look at the Hiboy MAX3- one of the most feature-packed urban-centric scooters in the market today.

Hiboy MAX3 electric scooter

Speed & Acceleration

Like other Hiboy scooters, the scooter has a thumb-activated throttle that delivers instant power to the scooter on-demand with just a little tag on the throttle. The throttle is made of cheap plastic, which goes against the quality build guarantee. However, it does come with a rubber pad to ensure a comfortable impact with the rider’s thumb when riding. The Hiboy MAX3’s cruise control feature lets you ride at a constant speed, especially for long rides.

    Top Speed

    With its compact, yet robust build, the MAX3 can cruise at speeds of up to 18.6 miles (30km/h), making it one of the fastest budget scooters available. It cruises faster than the ultra-popular GoTrax XR ultra, Xiaomi M365, Turboant X7 and Ninebot Max. The scooter has 3-speed modes with mode one clocking top speeds of 9 mph (14.5 km/), while mode 2 attains a maximum speed of 15 mph (24.1 km/h), and mode 3 has a top speed of 18.6 mph (30 km/h). 

      Hill Climbing

      The Hiboy MAX3 is not the best hill climber, especially when the battery goes below three bars. In addition, heavier riders, even those within the optimal weight, will not get the best hill climbing experience. However, the robust motor installed in the rear wheel powers the scooter up a manufacturer-cited 15% gradeability under optimum riding conditions.

      Battery & Range

      The Hiboy MAX3 is a high-end electric scooter powered by a 36V 7.8Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery has enough juice to carry you through 17miles (27.4 Km) on a single charge – and at all times, you can track your mileage through the LCD dashboard. The 17 miles range is pretty decent for its price point, beating other scooters in this category, including Uscooters Booster Sport and Segway Ninebot E22. The scooter battery charges for relatively long (between 4 to 6 hours to attain full charge). 

      Motor Configuration

      The MAX3 is the ultimate urban companion, featuring a powerful electric 350W rear motor capable of easily manoeuvring through city streets. Fast and reliable, this e-scooter can reach up to 18.6 mph (30 km/h) maximum speed and is effortless to ride and steer. Moreover, it accommodates riders weighing up to 220 lbs (100 kg), making it perfect for everyday use. While the MAX3 is an improvement to the MAX V2, the latter does have a higher payload capacity, and riders weighing up to 265 lbs (120 kgs) can opt for the V2 instead. 

        Hiboy Max 3 motor power

        Performance Overview

        The Hiboy Max3 electric scooter is loaded with technology that makes it a frontrunner in the personal transportation industry. This model is the pinnacle of entry-level electric scooters with its 350W brushless rear motor that puts out a whopping 350W of power. This power is translated into enough torque to carry a rider with a maximum weight of 220-pound to a top speed of 18.6 mph (30 km/h) and up inclines of 15%.

        The scooter has decent acceleration and will easily hit 19 mph in under 10 seconds. The acceleration on speed mode one is slower than that of speed modes two and three. Moreover, the state of the battery charge affects the scooters ability to pick speed. On one bar of battery, the scooter averages between 12 mph and 15 mph, even on the highest gear setting. Further, on that last bar of battery, the scooter completely slows down on the most negligible inclines, despite its 15% gradeability.

        With an optimal-weight rider (below 220 lbs) and on the highest gear, riding on a smooth, flat-track, the scooter can only cover a range of about 13 miles- the manufacturer cites a maximum of 17 miles under optimal conditions. In addition, the dual braking mechanism ensures that the MAX3 comes to a safe and uncompromised stop.

        Construction & Quality

        The Hiboy MAX3 scooter stands out with its sophisticated, elegant design that is as friendly to the environment as it is to your wallet. It features an integrated LCD intelligent display and a slimmer handlebar for comfortable, safe riding – designed to make the most of the available space while keeping clutter to a minimum. The wires are tucked away from sight in the stem, while the battery is housed under the deck for added stability.

        It is a beautifully crafted e-scooter made of high-strength aluminium. The stem’s simple yet elegant design ensures comfort and a stable ride. Additionally, the stem’s V-shaped design aesthetically sets the MAX3 apart from the earlier MAXs- MAX and MAX V2. At the ends of the steering column, you have ergonomic handlebars with rubberised grips for extra comfort while riding. 

        The deck also features an LED light that illuminates the Hiboy logo on the deck, adding to the scooter’s sleek finish and wow factor. The Hiboy MAX3’s deck is made for maximum grip; it has a grippy rubber coating for a safe, steady ride. A sturdy kickstand that is right-located on the deck retracts neatly into the frame, making it ideal for hassle-free parking.

        Hiboy Max 3 tyres

        Suspension & Comfort

        The MAX 3 e scooter might have ditched solid tires for pneumatics, but they also forewent the shock absorbers. The MAX features a front suspension system, which is a bit basic and not very flexible. The MAX V2 upgraded to a dual, front and rear suspension system, which made for better ride comfort than the earlier release. However, the MAX3 still makes for the best ride experience, thanks to the shock absorption qualities of the large 10″ pneumatic tires.

        Ride Quality

        The MAX3 from Hiboy is an innovative, high-performance electric scooter that combines style, reliability and performance. The scooter features lots of ergonomic features that allow users to ride in comfort. Most notably, the MAX3 e scooter is equipped with large 10-inch self-healing pneumatic tires, which are perfect for navigating urban roads without much impact from cracks and bumps. These superb urban-grade tyres on the Hiboy MAX3 Electric Scooter are designed for a smooth ride, adding to your riding comfort in the absence of a suspension system.

        The Hiboy MAX3 electric scooter offers an extra-wide deck with a matte rubber surface covered with an anti-slip grip that enhances rider control and stability. The rubber material is also featured on the handlebar ends, which allows for a comfortable grip when riding. The plastic throttle also features a rubber pad to prevent uncomfortable friction on the rider’s thumb during acceleration.

        The whisper-quiet motor rides quietly- but when fully engaged, the brakes cause a screeching noise when coming to a halt. The scooter is safety-centric and comes with a built-in bell that makes it easy to alert other road users about your approach. Further, the front and rear lights ensure that the rider remains visible in low light situations. Finally, the IPX4 rating ensures that the rider can ride in light showers, mist and fog without the worry of damaging the scooter.

        Hiboy Max 3 braking system


        The Hiboy MAX3 is equipped with an integrated light system. It includes a white front headlight, rear lights, and a blue ambient LED light on the deck that illuminates Hiboy’s iconic logo. The front headlight illuminates the path for the rider, and although it is bright, users have complained that the light is only projected over a very short distance. The rear red light keeps you adequately visible to tailing traffic and functions as a brake light- it blinks once the brakes are engaged.


        The Hiboy MAX3 e scooter has a single brake lever but is equipped with a dual brake system that comprises a front electronic brake and a rear disc brake. The single lever is yet another improvement to the Hiboy MAX and the V2’s design. They each incorporate independent levers for the electronic and the mechanical brakes, which calls for more effort in bringing the scooter to a complete halt. 

        The MAX3’s front e-brake and the traditional rear mechanical disc brakes are controlled by one lever, making it relatively easier to stop. The braking system is designed to stop both wheels simultaneously- the front electronic brake slows you down while the rear mechanical disc brake brings you to a complete stop. Additionally, the electronic brake is regenerative, which means that the braking power is converted into juice for your battery; thereby, giving you extended range.

        Hiboy Max 3 lighting


        The Hiboy MAX3 scooter weighs 40 lbs (18 kgs). Though it is not the lightest scooter on the market, it should be light enough for most adults to transport without assistance. Additionally, it is designed with an easy fold structure and a compact size. By incorporating a 3-step folding system, the MAX3 is easy to store in small spaces and only takes 5-10 seconds to set up, making it ideal for people who use public transportation or have limited storage space. The scooter utilises a simple latch mechanism that makes folding and unfolding easy. It involves pushing the latch mechanism down, collapsing the stem, and finally lifting the component on the handlebars to hook to the rear fender using the latch. Thanks to its slim profile, the handlebars on the MAX3 won’t fold, but the scooter still fits in car trunks and tight spaces.

        Hiboy MAX3 electric scooter off road tyres


        The Hiboy MAX3 features 10″ x 2.6″ wide pneumatic tires, offering excellent stability, a smoother ride and enhanced comfort and control. The tyres are probably the most significant improvement to the original MAX and the MAX V, which both rocked a pair of 8.5″ honeycomb solid tires. Why this switch-up? 

        For starters, pneumatic tyres are essential in ensuring a comfortable ride on almost any surface. They are also beneficial in improving stability during operation because of their shock absorption properties; they help minimise vibrations caused by bumps and road imperfections. 

        The solid rubber tires on the predecessor were maintenance proof but very stiff despite the perforations (honeycomb-style), which made for poor ride quality. On the other hand, the innovative tyre on the MAX3 is designed to self-heal from minor punctures or cuts. The self-healing feature ensures the tyre doesn’t go flat, keeping your scooter safe on the road.


        The Hiboy MAX3 is made for comfort with a spacious, expansive deck that can fit a wide range of shoe sizes, even for those with larger feet. However, it should be noted that riders with larger feet can only stand side by side instead of one foot behind the other. Additionally, Hiboy Max’s comfortable rubber grip coating helps maintain traction and ensure that riders always feel in control.

        Controls & Display

        The Hiboy MAX3 features a V-shaped handlebar with rubberised handgrips, making it easy to hold and control at any speed. This V-shape offers a more ergonomic experience and is slightly different from most scooter handles, which usually curve upwards or downwards – both of which make them more challenging to control. It also sports a triangular LED dashboard with a black background to ensure that all the numbers and data are visible at all times. In addition, the LED dashboard displays the speed mode, current speed, battery state of charge, front light status, and speed cruise.

        All controls are placed ergonomically on the handlebar, centred on either side for easy, convenient access. The throttle is a push-down lever on the right side, while the brake lever is placed on the left side- in front of the left handgrip, and you can pull on it with just one finger ( like your regular bike). The bell switch is placed near the brake lever.

        Centrally located on the lower side of the LED display console is a multi-functional power button. Depending on its current state, holding down on the power button for a few seconds will either power on or off the scooter. Hitting the button twice in quick succession turns the lights on or off while hitting it thrice activates the cruise control function.

        Water Resistance

        The Hiboy MAX3 scooter has an IPX4 rating, which means it is protected against splashes of water, shallow puddles and light showers. Do not extend your ride in the rain or through the water puddles, as the scooter’s electronic components are highly susceptible to damage. If you get caught in the rain, seek shelter at the first opportunity and immediately dry off the scooter.


        The Hiboy MAX3 electric scooter is a well-designed, well-crafted scooter ideal for the urban commuter. The scooter is the ideal daily commuter companion for both novice and expert riders. The scooter offers decent mileage and incredible top speeds that reliably facilitate daily commutes. With a simple-to-operate motor and enough battery to power you through your commute or short trips, your daily travel will become quicker and more pleasant. The scooter is designed for easy handling, with a streamlined frame that’s comfortable to hold and wide tires that allow you to cruise over curbs and cracks comfortably. It is also equipped with an excellent LCD dashboard to know the battery level, mode, and speed. 

        Warranty & Customer Support

        All Hiboy MAX scooters are backed by a 12-month warranty, with a 6-month warranty period on accessories. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and is valid for every customer who has purchased their Hiboy from the company or through one of Hiboy’s authorised dealers. Hiboy’s warranty claim process and customer support are second-to-none, with the entire process lasting a week or less. Users must provide photo or video proof of damage and proof of purchase upon receiving a defective item. Hiboy also has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you feel the scooter doesn’t meet your expectations. However, you will bear the cost of shipping the unit back.

        Hiboy has customer service representatives ready to serve you between 8 AM and 4 PM (PST) from Monday to Saturday. You can send them a message through their email.

        Known Issues

        According to customer reviews, the low-quality plastic used on the rear fender and the throttle makes the parts a little fragile.


        The Hiboy MAX3 is built to last, but a little maintenance can go a long way with any product. To keep the scooter running at peak performance, regular maintenance and care are essential. All you need is a few basic tools and parts, then follow the maintenance guidelines detailed in the user manual. 

        Ensure that your MAX3 is in great shape after every use by giving it a quick inspection and checking for signs of poor condition. It is also important to charge the battery using the correct charger as recommended and keep the battery cool as temperatures above 100 degrees can compromise the battery life and efficiency. 

        With proper care and servicing, you can make sure the MAX3 lasts you a while before having to fork out more money on repairs or an expensive new unit.

        Hiboy MAX3: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

        Hiboy MAX3 offers good value for those who are looking for an affordable, well-built scooter. This brand is known for value, and impressive workmanship and that reputation is carried over to the MAX3: it feels sturdy to ride, its chainless mechanism maximises comfort and offers a smooth and quiet ride. Its compact design makes it easy to transport, and with a spacious and expansive deck, reliable dual brake system, and large 10-inch air-filled self-healing tyres, you won’t be disappointed as you power through your commute. The scooter also has a high capacity battery that delivers an impressive range. We recommend it as the perfect scooter for those who want to get around town quickly without breaking the bank and have a little fun while they do it. The MAX3 delivers as advertised and at a fair price of £320/ $430.

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        • It is priced affordably
        • It has a digital dashboard
        • 3-speed modes with a cruise control feature
        • Powerful lighting system
        • It comes with self-healing tyres
        • Charges for a relatively long time 4-6 hours
        • It lacks suspension
        • It is slightly heavier
        • The stem tube height is not adjustable
        • The ride quality is subpar

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