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Hiboy Max V2 Electric Scooter Review

Holly Darani
26 January 2024


One of the most reliable commuting scooters with a top speed of around 19 mph and a range of 17 miles


The Hiboy MAX V2 is the 2020 upgrade of Hiboy’s already popular MAX model. The MAX V2 adds to the HiBoy’s comprehensive range of budget electric scooters consisting of the MAX, Titan,NEX, and S Line.

The MAX V2 electric scooter is a highly reliable and affordable electric scooter that packs plenty of in-demand features. Like its immediate brother the MAX, the MAX V2 stands out as a strong contender for best scooter in the budget scooter category, providing a decent performance at that price range. Despite being considered a budget scooter, the MAX V2 still manages to integrate features commonly found in higher priced scooters, including a mobile app and a water-resistance rating.

What’s more, HiBoy listened and heard, and they’ve made an attempt to improve on the original MAX’s ride quality by fitting a dual rear shock absorber to complement the front spring. 

Hiboy MAX V2 – The Lowdown

98498498Hiboy is a personal mobility brand that rings synonymous with quality and value for money. They have managed to carve a name for themselves in the budget range of electric scooters, and compete neck-to-neck with mid-budget giants like Segway, GoTrax, Xiaomi and Turboant. Hiboy has been consistent in releasing electric scooters that are not too pricey, but without compromising on performance, safety and ride quality. Scooter enthusiasts are quick to note the progressive nature of their upgrades, which tells you that Hiboy is a fast-rising star.

The Hiboy MAX V2 is not very different from its predecessor, the Hiboy MAX.  For about £45/ $60 more, you get the MAX V2, which gives you a higher weight capacity, smaller folded dimensions, rear dual suspensions, and it weighs slightly less than the MAX. This electric scooter is an excellent addition to the Max line of Hiboy scooters, providing decent performance at an affordable price. It’s definitely one of the most reliable electric scooters in the entry-level category.

The MAX V2 delivers decent top speed and sufficient range. The high-torque motor ensures that your scooter is not confined to flat terrain, and also accommodates heavier riders than the MAX. There are plenty of features that work in unison to deliver a comfortable ride quality, making the scooter’s £‌340/ $460 marked price quite the steal. The MAX V2 is indeed a top contender for the best entry-level scooter, and is ideal for both teens and adults.

Read on to find out if its performance, specs, and add-ons make it worthy enough to rival the most popular budget models such as the Xiaomi and Segway scooters.

Hiboy MAX V2 Specifications

Motor350W Brushless Motor
Battery270 Wh, 36V, 7.5 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
Charge Time4 to 6 hours
Single-Charge Mileage17 miles / 30.5 km (may vary depending on riders weight and terrain condition)
Max Speed19 mph / 31 km/h
Climbing Range15 degrees
Braking SystemFront E-brake & Rear disc braking
LightingBright Headlight, Taillight, Ambient Side Deck Lighting
Max Load120 kg / 265 lb
Scooter Weight15.8 kg / 35 lb
Product Material 6061-T6 Aviation Grade Aluminium Alloy (Frame), Steel (Shaft and Deck) PC-ABS (Fenders and Covers)
Folding Handlebar6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Folding Steering Tube6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
SuspensionFront suspensions & Dual rear suspensions
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded- 113 x 48 x 111.76 cm

Folded- 113 x 48 x 42.93 cm
Water ResistanceIPX4

Hiboy MAX V2 Video

Here is a Hiboy Max V2 YouTube review video. To summarize, the video covers everything you need to know about the scooter from unboxing, assembly, design, performance, braking, and more.

Hiboy MAX V2 Pros

tickicon Sleek design with outstanding build quality

tickicon Comes with front and dual rear suspensions for added riding comfort

tickicon Features a triple lighting system for added visibility at night

tickicon Safe double system brakes

tickicon Comes with an accompanying app for a better riding experience

Hiboy MAX V2 Cons

red Pretty long charging time

red The scooter is a tad heavy compromising on portability

red The handlebar can neither be adjusted nor folded

red The suspensions are reported to be clanky


Hiboy MAX V2 Summary

The Hiboy Max V2 electric scooter is an incredible budget scooter with best-in-class performance. Like most Hiboy electric scooters, its design and construction exude quality, with an elegant matte-black finish that gives it a premium vibe. The scooter is constructed from aviation-grade aluminium alloy, which makes it lightweight and durable.

The ergonomically shaped handlebars offers a good grip and ensures full control of the scooter, and keep the rider from getting fatigued during long rides. The scooter’s extra wide deck is lined with grippy rubber for maximum stability and is spacious enough to facilitate comfortable rides. Talking of comfortable rides, the combination of front and dual rear suspension, and the 8.5-inch shock-absorbing and anti-slip solid tires, facilitate smooth and comfortable riding in typical urban terrains.

Regarding performance, the MAX V2 is powered by a 350W motor and a 36V, 7.5 Ah battery pack as the power source. The combination of the robust motor and high-performance battery is enough to propel the scooter to a top speed of 19 mph and a range of 17 miles or 1 hour of continuous riding on a single charge. The scooter can tackle 15% gradeability, which is decent at this price point. However, the battery takes a dismal 4-6 hours to fully charge. But, it will last up to 3 years depending on your care and maintenance practices.

The scooter also comes with 3 riding modes, i.e. Beginner, Normal, and Sport. With sports mode, you’re more likely to achieve a lower range, considering that the battery drains out much quicker. You also have a cruise control option that maintains the scooter’s speed, thereby saving you the hassle of pressing on the thumb style throttle for acceleration, further enhancing the ride comfort.

The MAX V2 electric scooter is compact, portable, and foldable just like most commuting electric scooters. At 35 lbs., the MAX V2 is one of the heaviest entry-level scooters. However, it still manages to remain portable with a one-second foot-actuated folding mechanism which allows riders to quickly collapse the scooter and carry it one-handedly. What’s more, the folded scooter is compact enough to fit in small spaces such as a car’s boot and next to you on a train or bus.

The Hiboy MAX V2 is safe to ride thanks to its array of safety features. To begin with, the scooter has a dual braking system consisting of a rear disc brake and a front electronic brake. The brakes are highly efficient and will stop the scooter within seconds. The scooter also comes with a triple lighting system: LED headlight, brake light, and blue sidelights for maximum visibility and safety while riding at night.

Another notable aspect of the MAX V2 is that it comes with an accompanying app, i.e. HiBoy Max app which is compatible with both iOS and Android, and connected via Bluetooth. The App allows you to; customize your scooter, access riding statistics, and even lock it for security purposes. There’s also an LED display fitted on the handlebar. The display comes in handy to show vital riding stats including speed and battery charge. You can also activate cruise control for added riding comfort and safety.

In summary, the MAX V2 electric scooter is a solid entry-level e-scooter that will allow you to streamline your commutes without breaking the bank. It’s sturdy, compact, and foldable with best-in-class performance. Read on to learn more about this outstanding entry-level commuting scooter.

Performance Overview

The Hiboy scooter is fitted with a 350W motor that accelerates it to a top speed of 19mph when in Sport mode. The motor is highly responsive and feels torquey with the capability to conquer 15% hill grades with ease. The MAX V2’s sturdy body can also comfortably support riders weighing up to 265 lbs.

In terms of range, the MAX V2 electric scooter has a range of 17 miles on paper. However, under realistic situations, you should expect a lower range of between 10-15 miles based on your weight, terrain, inclination, and speed. The scooter accelerates from 0 to 15 mph in under 10 seconds, which is relatively slow compared to similarly priced scooters. When applied in unison, both brakes bring the scooter to a complete halt from a speed of 15 mph with a braking distance of  5.5 meters. Overall, the scooter is a decent performer in its price category.

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Top Speed & Acceleration

The MAX V2 is one of the fastest budget e-scooters, boasting 19 mph max. speed when in Sport mode. At 19 mph, the MAX V2 may not be suitable for teenagers and novice riders. However, to solve this issue, the MAX V2 integrates three riding modes: Beginner, Normal, and Sport to accommodate both experienced and inexperienced riders.

Depending on the selected riding mode, you can achieve a top speed of 9 mph at Beginner mode, 13 mph-Normal modes, or 18 mph-Sport mode. To change the riding modes, you simply tap the power button A change in the riding mode coincides with a colour change on the display, i.e. blue for Beginner, yellow for Normal, and red for Sport.

With regard to acceleration, the MAX V2 has a slow acceleration which is easily noticeable. The acceleration rate is established to be 47% slower than the average budget scooters.

The MAX V2 hill-climbing capability is cited by the manufacturer at 15% gradeability, which is within the average climbing ability of most budget scooters. However, due to its relatively low-rated motor, the scooter seems to struggle to go uphill depending on the terrain, rider’s weight, battery charge. 

Controls & Display

The MAX V2 electric scooter comes with a myriad of controls, giving you full control over your scooter’s performance and functionality. The left handlebar consists of the bell and the twist grip electric brake, while the right handlebar features the acceleration thumb throttle and a rear hand-brake lever.

The V2 electric scooter also features an LED dashboard located at the centre of the handlebars. The LED display is super bright and easy to read, providing comprehensive information on your riding stats. It shows you the speed, speed mode, light status, Bluetooth signal, and 4-bars battery level indicator.

The dashboard also allows you to control several aspects of the scooter. For instance, you can set your preferred metric system in either mph or km/h or choose between three riding modes- Beginner (blue icon), Normal (yellow icon), or Sports (red icon). Overall, the oblong-shaped LED display appears premium and is very bright, allowing full visibility even under direct sunlight.

Unlike most budget scooters, the scooter comes with an accompanying app, i.e. the HiBoy Max App available for both Android and iOS. The app pairs with the scooter via Bluetooth and comes with a myriad of features allowing you to customize some performance features. A few functions performed by the app include:

  • Powering on or shutting down the scooter
  • Customizing the scooter to either a zero start or push to start
  • Keeping track of the battery level and voltage
  • Locking the scooter for safety
  • Controlling your lights
  • Locking the scooter to a constant speed via cruise control
  • Check out your riding modes and speeds
  • Monitoring your top speeds and speed modes
  • Running diagnostics and displaying error codes
  • Contacting customer support

Battery Life & Range 

The MAX V2 comes with a 270 Wh., 36V 7.5 Ah battery pack. With this battery, you can expect a maximum range of 17 miles (27.3 km) on a single charge-just perfect for your daily commutes. Realistically though, you should expect a lower range when riding in Sport mode. For longer range, you should switch to Beginner or Normal mode which will compromise on performance but conserve battery power.

The battery takes approximately 6 hours to fully charge-just the average charging time for most budget scooters. For the battery lifespan, expect it to last for up to five years provided you don’t overcharge or undercharge it.

Motor Configuration

The MAX V2 is powered by a 350W motor fitted in the front wheel. The motor propels the scooter up to 19 mph, travels up to 17 miles, and climbs a 15% grade hill. Despite having a slow acceleration, the motor feels incredibly torquey plus offers smooth and non-jerky acceleration.  

Construction & Build Quality

The Hiboy MAX V2’s sleek design is compounded by an outstanding construction, synonymous with most Hiboy electric scooters. The frame is constructed from aviation-grade aluminium alloy, making it both lightweight and durable, able to sustain daily tear and wear. The frame has that signature Hiboy matte-black finish that thoroughly complements the impeccable build quality. The scooter features a very minimalist design, with the wires internally routed and as few controls placed on the steering column.

The steel stem is thick and sturdy, with a nicely shaped, in-built LED headlight at the top for maximum visibility. The handlebars are ergonomically shaped with gentle lines and rubber textured hand grips for enhanced scooter control. Additionally, the scooter’s deck is pretty spacious and is lined with grippy rubber, which provides sufficient stability. The wheels are lined with fenders made from PC-ABS. Their sturdy high-quality construction gives them a longer lifespan than plastic fenders which are weak and highly prone to damage. A kickstand is also attached to the deck to support the scooter when parked or when charging.


The MAX V2 electric scooter comes equipped with an upgraded suspension system, which gives it an edge over its predecessor, the MAX. Its dual suspension system encompasses a front spring as well as dual shock absorbers fitted in the rear. The combination of the front and dual rear shock absorbs the majority of impacts on rough terrains and huge bumps, resultantly facilitating smooth and comfortable rides. The MAX V2’s suspension system is a major upgrade from the MAX, which only featured a front suspension system.


Ride Quality

The Hiboy MAX V2 ride quality is a significant improvement to that of its predecessor, the Max. The scooter comes equipped with dual shock absorbers in the rear and a front spring which offers sufficient dampening for a smooth ride experience. However, the ride quality is compromised by the 8.5-inch honeycomb tyres. These tyres are stiff and don’t provide a desirable level of cushioning. Nonetheless, the scooter still manages to ride smoothly without major vibrations on pavements, sidewalks, smooth asphalt, and city street terrains.

The ride quality is further compounded by a wider standing platform lined with grippy rubber and an ergonomic handlebar with rubber handles at the ends. When you activate cruise control, it allows riders to take their hands off the throttle during longer rides for a more comfortable experience. Night riding is safer thanks to the three-tier lighting system and the presence of a horn. Additionally, the Hiboy App allows you to customize your riding specs and keep track of riding statistics, which allows for more control over your ride experience.



The MAX V2 electric scooter is fitted with a dual braking system consisting of a rear disc brake and a front regenerative electric brake. The twist grip electric brake lever is placed on the left while the rear disc handbrake is placed on the right side of the handlebar. The brakes work perfectly fine and will stop the scooter within seconds.

While the scooter allows you to use each brake independent of the other, you should use both brakes simultaneously for a safe and precise stop. Besides, the electronic brake’s performance is based on the battery’s state of charge and will tend to lose its level of responsiveness as the battery diminishes. So, to be on the safe side, always use the two brakes to come to an uncompromised stop. With the regenerative electronic brakes, you can prolong the range seeing as it converts the braking power to electric energy that is channelled back to power the battery.


Constructed with aviation-grade aluminium, steel, and plastic cover, the MAX V2 electric scooter weighs 35lbs, making it one of the heaviest budget scooters. Its bulkiness makes it a bit challenging to carry over long distances. However, the scooter still achieves portability with a foot-activated, one-step folding mechanism. To fold the scooter, you simply need to step on the latch and pull the stem towards yourself then press it down towards the stem.

Once folded, the scooter is compact enough to fit in small spaces and can easily be carried with one hand over a short distance. To unfold the scooter, you simply need to pull the steering handles away from the deck till you hear a snap sound- this means that it’s unfolded.

Water Resistance

The MAX V2 is rated IPX4, meaning that this scooter can sustain light showers. This does not mean that the scooter is waterproof, and you’ll want to find shelter and dry off the scooter as soon as you can. The scooter can also safely ride through small puddles for a very short period, without sustaining electrical damage. 


The MAX V2 features a triple light system consisting of a front LED headlight, blue deck lighting, and rear taillight. The bright headlight is bright enough to provide maximum visibility, enabling riders to see oncoming traffic and pedestrians. The rear taillight keeps you visible from behind, notifying other users of your presence on the road during night riding. Aside from that, it also acts as a brake light alerting other traffickers of your intent to slow down or come to a halt.

The same blue deck lights featured on the Hiboy MAX made their way over to the V2 to give it an aesthetic touch, adding a little bit of flair to its design.


Like the Max, the MAX V2 electric scooter is fitted with dual 8.5-inch solid (honey-comb) rubber tyres, which offer sufficient traction. However, solid rubber tyres tend to lack sufficient cushioning, unlike pneumatic tyres which provide adequate dampening. The MAX V2 tyres are pretty stiff, despite the perforations- honeycomb style. For ultimate riding comfort, you’ll want to ride on smooth paved roads and sidewalks.

On the bright side though, the MAX V2 tyres are not susceptible to puncture, and they require minimal maintenance. Better yet, the rear wheel has a reinforced fender which comes in handy to prevent it from rubbing against the treads, thereby ensuring longevity.


The MAX V2, like the Max, comes with an extra wide deck measuring 55 x 15 cm. The deck is spacious enough to fit both feet in a perpendicular position and support a weight of up to 265 lbs (120 Kg). The deck is also lined with grippy rubber to provide sufficient stability. The matting can easily be cleaned and is sealed tightly to ensure it doesn’t peel away.  


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

An upgrade of the popular Hiboy Max electric scooter, the MAX V2 is a hugely reliable scooter in the budget category. The step-fold electric scooter is compact, foldable, and portable to suit your commuting needs. The scooter is ideal for both adults and teens and is the perfect commuting companion for school/work. The scooter checks on safety, performance, ride comfort and affordability. What’s more, replacement parts and accessories are readily available via Hiboy website and Hiboy authorized dealers.

The Hiboy MAX V2 electric scooter comes with 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy, for a 100% refund. The warranty only covers the original buyer and only covers manufacturer’s defects. To ensure that Hiboy honour your warranty, ensure that you purchase your scooter directly from Hiboy or Hiboy authorized dealers like Amazon and Walmart. HiBoy has very supportive customer service that will attend to all your queries and can be contacted via the Hiboy Max app.


The MAX V2 calls for the same regular maintenance practices expected of other electric scooters. In fact, the scooter requires minimal maintenance thanks to its premium construction as well as solid never-flat tyres. However, for optimum functionality and durability, you need to undertake some maintenance practices on the scooter.

Some routine maintenance practices you ought to undertake include:

  • Cleaning the scooter on a regular basis
  • Avoiding the use of corrosive detergents or abrasive chemicals on the scooter
  • Charging the scooter before storing it for extended periods
  • Sticking to the manufacturer- recommended charger to charge your scooter

Known Issues

When designing the V2, Hiboy attempted to sort out some issues reported with the Max.  However, despite the improvements, MAX V2 comes with a few issues as noted:

  • The front springs clank together and rattle when the scooter goes over bumps or rough terrain.
  • The taillight is only activated when using the electronic brake. Engaging the disc brake solely won’t notify other road users you’re braking, which is quite dangerous.
  • Cruise control engages automatically and cannot be disengaged by using mechanical brakes. You need to first use the electronic brakes, then apply the mechanical brakes to completely stop. This is also quite dangerous

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The MAX V2 is a dedicated Max upgrade, and the manufacturer sought to iron out the kinks reported by owners of the predecessor. Did Hiboy achieve this feat? Ride quality was a major issue with the Max, and the addition of the dual suspension system seems to have addressed that issue to some degree. The V2 folds down to smaller dimensions, weighs slightly less and accommodates heavier riders than the Max. However, is this scooter worth the £‌340/ $460 you’ll have to pay to own this work-of-art from Hiboy?

The scooter has one of the highest top speeds and longest single charge mileage in the budget scooter category. Additionally, the scooter comes with front & rear suspension and a companion app; features hardly ever seen on scooters at this price point. What’s more, the scooter is ultra-safe with a dual braking mechanism, three-tier lighting system and a bell to caution unwitting road users. Therefore, while the V2 is nowhere close to the performance and reliability of the Dualtron range or the Inokim Light, the price you pay to acquire it is quite the bargain.

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  • Comes with an accompanying app for a better riding experience
  • Best-in-class performance
  • Features a triple lighting system for added visibility at night
  • Excellent customer service
  • The scooter is a tad heavy compromising on portability
  • The handlebar can neither be adjusted nor folded
  • Pretty long charging time
  • The suspensions are reported to be clanky

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