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Hiboy Max Electric Scooter Review

Holly Darani
22 July 2021


The Hiboy Max is a relatively solid performer with a top speed of 18.6 mph and a decent range of up to 17 miles.  


The Hiboy Max Electric Scooter is one of the most powerful, value-priced electric scooters in the entry-level category. The scooter is designed to meet most users’ riding needs. It is equipped with state-of-the-art features for optimal performance and an enhanced riding experience on urban environments and private roads around your neighbourhood.

The Max is a cut above other budget scooters in the entry-level and mid-range category. The scooter delivers a pretty solid performance with its robust 350W motor, boasting impressive top speeds and incredible mileage on a single charge. The powerful motor also tackles hilly tracks with ease, while supporting a decent max rider weight. 


Hiboy Max – The Lowdown


The Hiboy Max Electric Scooter is the third scooter release from the Spanish E scooter manufacturer- HiBoy. The budget price category in the electric scooter world is arguably quite competitive, with large scooter manufacturers constantly enhancing and upgrading their models to keep up with the dynamism to attract more riders. This category is ruled by brands such as Xiaomi and Ninebot with popular models such as the D4 and ES2. However, the launch of the Hiboy Max in 2020 challenged the reign of these models, and it has gained significant popularity  among scooter consumers.

As one of Hiboy’s best-selling electric scooters, the Max is undoubtedly a premium scooter offering. Hiboy’s anthem is one of innovation and safety, packed in fun, efficient and durable PEVs. The Hiboy Max, the prototype in the Max line, is a top contender for the top budget urban commuting electric scooter. It comes packed with features we’re only accustomed to seeing in high-end scooters including a mobile app, IP54 rating and cruise control. Not to mention, you’ll be impressed by its decent performance and the sleek matte black finish that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Read on for a more comprehensive look at what this magnificent scooter has to offer.


Hiboy Max Specifications

Motor350W Brushless Motor
Battery270Wh 36V Lithium-Ion
Charge Time4 - 6 hours
Single-Charge Mileage17 miles / 27 km (may vary depending on riders weight and terrain condition)
Max Speed18.6 mph / 29.9 km/h
Climbing Range15 degrees
Braking SystemRear disc braking and front regenerative braking system
LightingLED Headlight, Taillight, Ambient Side Deck Lighting
HornMechanical Bell
Max Load100 kg / 220 lb
Scooter Weight15.4 kg / 34 lb
Product Material6061-T6 Aviation Grade Aluminium Alloy (Frame), Steel (Shaft and Deck) PC-ABS (Fenders and Covers)
Folding Handlebar6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Folding Steering Tube6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
SuspensionFront Shock Absorber
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded- 113 x 48 x 116.5 Cm

Folded- 113 x 48 x 40 Cm
Water ResistanceIP54

Hiboy Max Video

Check out this Hiboy Max review video to have a visual representation of the scooter. The video is a complete rundown of the scooter from unpacking, assembly, and performance tests.

Hiboy Max Pros

tickicon Safe and comfortable to ride at night owing to the triple lighting system

tickicon It comes with a dual braking system for precise and smooth braking

tickicon It has a water resistance rating

tickicon Puncture-proof tyres

tickicon Impressive design with top-notch build quality


Hiboy Max Cons

red The front shock absorber is noisy and not very effective

red The folding mechanism is a bit stiff

red The handlebar can neither be adjusted nor folded

red Pretty long charging time




Hiboy Max Summary

The Max is a great buy under £500/ $690 geared to meet most entry-level and mid-level scooter riders’ needs. The scooter’s sleek design is complemented by the remarkable build that oozes quality. The frame is constructed from aluminium alloy, and PC-ABS used in the fenders, plastic covers and details. The design and build quality can be compared to the hugely popular Xiaomi 365 Pro.

The scooter is fitted with a 350-watt front mounted hub electric motor that propels it to a maximum speed of 18.6 mph (29.9 km/h), slightly a cut above most scooters in the same category. Additionally, you get to choose from three speed settings. The motor is pretty powerful and offers some extra torque that comes in handy when tackling hilly inclines of up to 15% gradeability. The acceleration is smooth and linear; you can reach the max speed much faster than with other similar models.

The beastly motor is powered by a 36V, 270Wh battery, providing a decent range of up to 17 miles depending on the rider’s weight, riding speed, and terrain. A maximum charge time of 6 hours is pretty long, but still falls within the average charging time in this scooter category. The Max offers some serious braking power owing to its double braking system encompassing Disc braking and front electronic regenerative braking. With this braking system, you can be sure of smooth and precise braking with shorter braking distances, even at full speed.

The Hiboy Max ride quality is above average thanks to a combination of a front suspension (rarely seen in scooters in the low-budget category), wider anti-slip deck, and honeycomb tyres which offer decent shock absorption on typical urban roads. The ergonomic handlebars offer full control over the scooter and prevent fatigue while riding. Riding the scooter at night feels safe thanks to the triple lighting system: ultra-bright LED headlight, taillight and ambient side deck lighting.

The Max comes with several premium add-ons. It features a gorgeous LCD display that can easily be read under direct sunlight. The display informs you of essential riding stats, including battery charge, speed and Bluetooth connectivity. The scooters also come with an accompanying app, i.e. HiBoy Max App, that connects to the scooter via Bluetooth.

We delve deeper into the specs review and see how well the scooter delivers on your checklist.


Performance Overview

In terms of performance, the Hiboy Max is undoubtedly a cut above the rest of the entry-level scooters. The 350W motor is responsive and torquey, and can conquer a 15% grade hill with ease. The scooter’s build can comfortably support riders weighing up to 220lbs. (100Kg)-an average weight capacity in the entry-level category.

The Max scooter has decent acceleration, going from 0 to 15 mph (24.14km/h) in about 9 seconds. The acceleration curve, however, is slower than the Hiboy S2 and the Gotrax G4. It attains a top speed of 18.6 mph (29.9 km/h) in sports mode, but the top speed can be regulated by switching between the three modes to suit rider experience or preference.

The manufacturer cites a max range of 17 mph in ideal conditions, but real-world tests vary based on rider weight, track condition, weather, and riding mode. However, the max range is better than what you get with other similarly priced scooters, e.g, the Apollo Air.

The scooter’s brakes deliver exceptional stopping power. The Max can go from 12 mph to a complete halt with a raking distance of less than 19 feet, or 5.79 m. The scooter’s braking performance places it slightly above other entry-level scooters, notably the Xiaomi Mi M365 and Razor E Prime III.

Overall, the scooter’s all-round performance is decent and comparable to higher-priced models.


Top Speed & Acceleration

The Hiboy Max is a true speedster, able to reach an 18.6 mph/ 29.9 km/h top speed. The scooter doesn’t struggle to attain the top speed in sport mode, except when the battery is low or when the rider’s weight is above the optimal. In beginner mode, the Max tops out at 9.3 mph (14.9 km/h) and in Normal mode, the speed is capped at 13.6 mph (21.8 km/h).

At 18.6 mph, the Max is much faster compared to most scooters in its class, including the Xiaomi Mi M365 with a top speed of 14.9 mph, Megawheels, 16.2 mph and Razor E Prime III, 18.4 mph. To put this in context, the Max is one of the fastest budget scooters.

Acceleration is achieved by pressing on the thumb push throttle. Additionally, the Max offers two starting options- a complete zero start and a kick-to-start. With its linear and non-jerky acceleration, you shouldn’t expect much thrill. The Max’s acceleration is slower than other models, such as the Hiboy S2, and it may take some time to hit the top speed in sports mode. All in all, the top speed and acceleration is quite impressive for an entry-level scooter.

The Hiboy Max offers a decent gradeability of 15%. From different hill-climbing test results, the Max is the best hill climbing scooter in its class, outperforming the likes of Ninebot ES2, Apollo Air, and GoTrax XR However, please note that hill climbing is determined by various factors such as rider’s weight, battery charge and type of terrain.  

Controls & Display

The Max comes with an abundance of controls, giving you full vantage over your scooter. The left handlebar consists of the bell and the electronic thumb brake, while the right handlebar features the acceleration thumb throttle and a rear brake lever.

In addition to the well-laid-out controls, the scooter also comes with an LED dashboard located at the centre of the handlebars. The LED display is super bright and easy to read, providing you with comprehensive information on your riding stats. It shows you the speed, speed mode, light status, Bluetooth signal and 4-bars battery level indicator.

The dashboard also allows you to control several aspects of the scooter. For instance, you can set your preferred metric system either mph or km/h or choose between three riding modes- Beginner (blue icon), Normal (yellow icon), or Sport (red icon). Overall, the oblong-shaped LCD display appears premium and is very bright, allowing full visibility even under direct sunlight.

As a premium addition, the scooter comes with an accompanying app, i.e. the HiBoy Max App available for both Android and iOS. The app pairs with the scooter via Bluetooth and comes with a myriad of features allowing you to customize a bunch of performance features. With the app, you can:

  • Turn the scooter on/off
  • Choose between zero start and kick-start
  • See the battery level and voltage
  • Lock the scooter
  • Toggle the lights
  • Access cruise control to lock onto a constant speed
  • Check out your riding modes and speeds
  • Get error and warning codes
  • Access customer support


Battery Life & Range 

The Hiboy Max is fitted with a 270 Watt Hour, 36V Lithium-Ion battery which provides a decent 17 miles range. However, this is the range quoted on paper and can only be achieved with a full battery charge, riding on flat surfaces by lightweight riders and in favourable weather conditions. In real life, you should expect a lower range of between 10-15 miles. Notably, the scooter features regenerative braking which converts stopping power into extra juice for your battery, thereby giving you a bit of extended range.

The battery takes around 4-6 hours to fully charge, which is below average for the battery size and the mileage you get on a single charge. The battery can last up to five years before needing replacement. However, this is dependent on how you take care of the battery. To ensure the battery lasts longer, don’t overcharge or undercharge it. Also, make sure to charge the scooter only when the battery status is low, since frequent charging can damage the battery.

Motor Configuration

The Hiboy Max is fitted with a 350W brushless motor integrated into the front wheel. The Max performs incredibly well and feels very torquey. The motor accelerates smoothly and quietly, and definitely feels more powerful than its rating. It is important to note that the traction and handling offered by front wheel-driven designs is sub-par compared to rear-wheel driven scooters.


Construction & Build Quality

The Hiboy Max is well constructed, providing outstanding stability and sturdiness even at high speeds on slightly rough terrains. The sleek design is completed with HiBoy’s signature matte black finish, giving the scooter a premium vibe. The aluminium alloy frame is lightweight and is durable enough to withstand the elements. The steel steering column is sturdy and offers good handling. The scooter’s wires are internally routed in line with the scooter’s minimalistic design.

The reinforced fenders are made of PC-ABS, which gives them a longer life-span than regular plastic fenders that are highly prone to cracking. The handlebar grips are made of rubber to offer superior grip when riding. The deck also features a rubber lining to offer riders a comfortable stance as they zip along the riding track. The battery is encased beneath the deck, lowering the centre of gravity, thus guaranteeing better ride stability. A kickstand is attached to the deck, providing the necessary support when parking the scooter or charging it.

In summary, the construction is well executed with remarkable build quality in line with other premium entry-level scooters.


It’s rare to find a suspension system on a budget scooter. The Hiboy Max stands out from the rest, as it comes equipped with a front shock absorber that soaks up the impacts from riding over potholes and bumps to reduce vibrations when riding. The suspension is pretty basic, taking the form of a spring placed between the stem and the front wheel. While it’s less flexible and far from being the best suspension on an electric scooter, it still achieves some level of dampening. 


Ride Quality

The Hiboy Max’s ride quality is rather average-not too bad or too good. When compared to other scooters in its class, such as the GoTrax GXL commuter scooter and the Xiaomi Mi M365, the ride quality is on the lower side. This is partly because the small 8.5-inch honeycomb (solid) tires are pretty stiff and don’t offer sufficient impact cushioning. Pneumatic tires could have performed much better.

Also, despite the presence of the front suspension, it does very little to step in for the small solid tires in offering smooth and comfortable rides. Nonetheless, the ride will still be decent on smooth asphalt, pavement, pavements or city street terrains. If you want comfortable rides on rough terrain, the Max may not be the best choice for you.

Further on, the spacious foot area, measuring 19.7’’ x 5.7’’ offers sufficient room for comfortable riding, plus it’s slip-resistant for maximum stability even in wet conditions. The handlebars are also enveloped in soft grippy rubber, ensuring your rides are just as comfortable. However, if you’re over 6 feet tall, the short handlebar height does not deliver a comfortable ride experience. The triple lighting system and the Max’s bell provide  sufficient safety for comfortable night rides.



The electric scooter features a double braking system (E-braking & Disc braking) that delivers a remarkable braking distance, i.e. under 19 feet at 12 mph. The scooter features a rear disc handbrake on the right handlebar and the electronic thumb brake on the left. Like all Hiboy scooters, the Max’s dual braking system can be operated independently of one another.

Most budget scooters integrate different braking mechanisms in one control, but the Max is different- another feature that makes it a top contender for the best budget scooter today. Using electronic braking independently comes with the added advantage that it prolongs the range, seeing as it is regenerative.

However, for effective and safe braking, it’s recommended to use the different braking mechanisms in unison. All in all, the front electric brake and rear disc brake are super effective and will allow you to stop within seconds and in a short distance. With such stopping power, you can be sure of safety even when riding at high speeds.


Weighing 34 lbs. (15.42 Kg), the Hiboy Max is not the most lightweight entry-level scooter.  In fact, it’s among the four heaviest budget scooters under £ 500/ $ 690. With its weight, it may be pretty challenging to carry the scooter over long distances. Nonetheless, the scooter still remains portable with its innovative one-step fold design.

To fold the scooter, you simply need to step on the folding pedal between the stem and the deck and collapse the stem down towards the deck. Once folded, the scooter becomes pretty compact and can be carried on one hand. This makes it a suitable travel & commuting companion.

However, in terms of commuting portability, the Max is relatively long at 113 cm with a handlebar that cannot be folded. This means it will not easily fit next to you aboard a bus or train. Nonetheless, it can still fit in the boot of a car and compact spaces in your office or your flat. Some users have reported that the folding lever is stiff, while others have found it to be alright- seems like riders have varied opinions. All in all, the Max folds down to a relatively compact package that can be carried over short distances and stored in small spaces.

Water Resistance

The Max has the IP54 water-resistance rating, meaning that it’s protected from water splashes from any angle. As such, it can be used in wet conditions such as light rains and going through puddles. However, you wouldn’t want to ride in the rain, considering that solid rubber tyres have poor traction in wet conditions.



The Hiboy Max is equipped with a triple lighting system encompassing a headlight, taillight, and side deck LED lights. The Max has one of the best lighting setups you can find in a budget scooter. The headlight is inbuilt and mounted high, just below the handlebar, providing full visibility. You won’t need to mount an extra headlight as with most budget scooters which have either lowly mounted or dim headlights.

At the rear, you’ll find a large taillight, that also functions as a brake light. When the rider engages the front brake, the taillight flashes to signal incoming traffic. The side deck lighting comes in an ambient blue LED strip that is always on and  cannot be customized. It enhances visibility and adds to the scooter’s premium look. The scooter’s lighting system can be turned on/off using a button on the LED panel or via the Max’s App.


The Hiboy Max comes with a set of 8.5″ honeycomb (solid) rubber tires that offer decent traction on standard urban terrains. However, the solid tyres are pretty stiff and provide minimal cushioning. This compromises the ride quality since you’ll have to endure impacts from bumps and rubbles. With such tyres, the Max is best to ride only on immaculate urban roads or smooth pavements.

The perforations (honeycomb design) was meant to increase the tyres’ capacity to absorb shock, but they perform dismally on this front. On the brighter side, though, the scooter’s tyres don’t require any maintenance as they don’t sustain punctures- one major advantage offered by this scooter over other budget scooters.  On the flip side, the 8.5” don’t offer sufficient ground clearance.


The Hiboy Max deck is longer and wider, providing enough room for riders to comfortably place their feet facing forward and stand upright while riding. The deck is a bit wider than the average budget scooter and is also covered with rubber matting ensuring total stability.

Overall, the deck is grippy, comfortable and can accommodate riders with larger shoe sizes. A kickstand is also attached to the deck to support the scooter and prevent it from toppling when charging or parking.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Hiboy Max is undoubtedly reliable and will suit most of your riding needs. It has a sleek design with a superior build quality that will surely stand the test of time. What’s more, it performs better than other scooters in the mid-level budget category, giving you plenty of value. Also, if you’re a geeky rider, you’ll be impressed by the accompanying app that gives you plenty of control over the scooter. And with the IP54 water-resistance rating, you won’t fret too much about getting caught in light showers.

The electric scooter comes with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day return policy with a full refund. The warranty only covers the original owner, and  is limited to manufacturer’s defects. The validity of your warranty also only extends to customers that purchased the scooter directly from Hiboy or Hiboy authorized dealers like Amazon and Walmart. HiBoy has very supportive customer service and will attend to your query or resolve any issue you have with the scooter. Even better, customer support can be accessed via the Hiboy Max app.



The Hiboy Max requires little maintenance, like any other PEV. Its solid tyres are not susceptible to puncture, meaning you will never have to repair a puncture or add pressure after prolonged parking. Simple routine maintenances you need to do on the scooter for optimum functionality and longevity include:

  • Clean the scooter regularly
  • Tighten the brake screws routinely since they tend to get loose
  • Don’t clean the scooter with corrosive detergents or other chemicals
  • Charge the scooter before storing it for a long time
  • Use only the recommended charger to charge your scooter.


Known Issues

Despite its decent performance, the Max has some flaws.

  • The major issue lies with cruise control. The cruise control feature engages automatically after 8 seconds, and the rider cannot use the mechanical brake to disengage. The only way to stop it is by using the electronic brake-you need to press the electronic brake and then the hand brake. Many users have reported this to be complicated. To avoid this unnecessary complication, you’ll want to turn the cruise control off via the App until you become familiar with the dual braking system. 
  • Another issue is that the taillight is only activated when using the electronic brake. Engaging the disc brake solely won’t notify other road users you’re braking, which is quite dangerous.
  •  The suspension on the scooter is noisy and rattly, and not very effective.
  • The locking clasp allows the stem to fold is quite rigid and takes an insane amount of effort to engage. 


    Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

    Available for under £500/ $690, the value you get from Hiboy Max is a little bit debatable. The price tag is not quite as high as Segway Ninebots, but the ride quality and performance bear quite a number of compromises. In terms of max speed and maximum range, the electric scooter lies squarely in  line with what other budget scooters have to offer. The design is sleek and minimalistic, with excellent integrations like the Hiboy mobile App and an IP54 water-resistance rating that puts the Max on the same standing as the more expensive Segway and Xiaomi scooters.

    However, customer complaints about the rigid folding system and ineffective suspension system question the Max’s reliability as the perfect commuter companion. Safety-wise, the scooter is compromised as you cannot disengage from cruise control via the mechanical brake, which adds to the stopping time in the event of an emergency. Additionally, the mechanical brakes do not activate the brake lights.

    The Hiboy Max is a valuable acquisition for riders that want a little more zip from their scooter than what is offered by the Xiaomi M365, without having to part with the hefty prices quoted by Segway on their Ninebots.

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    • Superior performance with a decent range
    • It comes with a dual braking system for precise and smooth braking
    • Safe and comfortable to ride at night owing to the triple lighting system
    • Excellent customer support
    • Puncture-proof tyres
    • The scooter is a tad heavy compromising on portability
    • The handlebar can neither be adjusted nor folded
    • Pretty long charging time
    • The folding mechanism is a bit stiff

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