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Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter Review

Holly Darani
26 January 2024


A sleek looking electric scooter designed for teenage riders, with a top speed of around 13 mph and a range of up to 10.6 miles


The Hiboy S2 Lite is an innovative and stylish electric scooter. It has all the makings of an instant classic and a favourite among city-dwellers and commuters alike. But it is not just your average scooter – this one is powerful, lightweight, and really helps you get around town more quickly and easily. 

It is a scaled-down version of the S2, Hiboy’s best-selling electric scooter- but more aesthetically appealing. It feels solidly made and has almost all the essential features found in the S2 to make your urban cruise effortless. What makes the scooter a favourite among young riders is its sleek and compact design. It also offers swift and smooth performance that makes getting around any neighbourhood a breeze at an affordable price tag of around £250 ($339).


Hiboy S2 Lite – The Lowdown

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Hiboy is an innovative, resourceful scooter brand based in Spain with a USA and UK presence. Their scooters are made from high-grade materials, backed by cutting-edge technology. They also offer an extensive range of products, including e-bikes, skateboards, and more. They don’t just produce electric scooters; they provide environmental-friendly mobility solutions primarily for urban commuters. Hiboy scooters are more than just a mode of transport –they are lifestyle choices. Hiboy has four scooter models causing waves in the electric scooter market already: S2, MAX, NEX, and Titan. Each model is built with the best components available, making them the highest quality and best performing scooters in the market.

While the S2 series is the elite of Hiboy scooters, its third iteration, the  S2 Lite, is a stripped-down version of the original S2. It is the perfect balance between an adult scooter and a kids scooter. It is not too big, it is not too small, and it is incredibly versatile. The S2 Lite has been described as a “light and nimble” scooter, capable of a max speed of up to  13 mp/h (20.9 km/h). This is a decent max speed considering its slightly more expensive compatriot, the S2, which clocks a top speed of 18.6 mph. While it lacks features such as suspension and the companion app compatibility, the scooter still delivers an impeccable riding experience.  

Read on to see how this scooter performs against other top brands in the low-budget scooter category.

Hiboy S2 Lite Specifications

MotorSingle 250W front hub motor
Battery5Ah, 180Wh
Charge Time5 - 6 hours
Single-Charge Mileage10.6 miles / 17 km (may vary depending on riders weight and terrain condition)
Max Speed13 mph / 20.9 km/h
Climbing Range15 degrees
Braking SystemFront electronic brakes, rear mechanical foot brake
Lightingfront light, front ambient light, rear red spotlight, and under deck ambient light
Max Load81 kg / 180 lb
Scooter Weight9.5 kg / 21 lb
Product MaterialAviation grade Aluminium alloy
Folding Handlebar6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Folding Steering Tube6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
SuspensionFront Shock Absorber
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded Size: 109.9 x 44.9 x 107.9 cm (LxWxH)

Folded Size: 109.9 x 44.9 x 28 cm (LxWxH)
Water ResistanceIP54

Hiboy S2 Lite Video

Watch this detailed video review of the Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter.

The Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter is a masterpiece and can easily win the best scooter award in the kid’s scooter category. It is powerful and is packed with innovative features that you won’t find in other kids’ scooters.

Hiboy S2 Lite Pros

tickicon Unique integrated digital display

tickicon Durable and robust frame

tickicon It is equipped with safety-enhancing features such as a mechanical bell and an efficient 4 tier lighting system

tickicon It has puncture-proof tyres

tickicon Decent mileage and speed

tickicon Lightweight and portable

tickicon It has a double braking system

Hiboy S2 Lite Cons

red Solid tires offer minimal shock absorption

red Lacks off-road functionality

red It lacks Bluetooth connectivity and a mobile App like the other scooters in the S2 line

red Low-quality ride at high speeds

red It has no suspension

red It has a long charging time

red Less powerful motor compared to its predecessor

Hiboy S2 Lite Summary

Hiboy is a popular personal mobility vehicles manufacturer specialising in electric scooters, e-bikes, and skateboards. Their premium build quality and attention to detail are legendary; the newest models are often considered collector’s items. Their wide range of scooters is renowned for their high performance, pristine quality, beautiful design, and comfortable ride.  The scooters are designed for various uses, including urban use and off-road. Hiboy is a name associated with quality, reliability and style. Everyone who owns one of their scooters will agree that these attributes are over- principal with the S2 Lite.

The S2 Lite is not your regular scooter; it is the perfect alternative to the more expensive Hiboy S2 model- a lighter version, if you will. It offers excellent performance within its price range and has been designed with urban commuters in mind. The S2 lite only lacks the Hiboy App, 350w motor and suspension. The S2 lite is more compact and sleeker-looking than the Hiboy S2, making it a more attractive option for commuters, but it is just as powerful and packs many great features.

The Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter features an ergonomic design, making it easy to use for both kids and adults. The Hiboy S2 lite is one of the lightest electric scooters in the market, weighing 21 lbs (9.5 kgs). The compact and easily foldable build of the scooter is suitable for city dwellers who rely on public transport. It has the same sturdy aluminium frame and brilliant craftsmanship as its high-end counterparts, but at an affordable price. It is available in three colour choices of matte black, baby pink and stone white. While cheaply manufactured, the scooter impresses with a brilliant 4 tier lighting system for aesthetics and illumination in low light. The light system includes a front light embedded on the handlebar, front ambient stem light, rear red spotlight and under deck ambient LED lights.

The Hiboy S2 Lite is a sensational compact electric scooter powered by a higher-performing 250-watt electric motor that gives you a lot of power and a top speed of 13 mp/h (20.9 km/h).  In addition, it can handle a max load of up to 81kg (180 lbs) and scale inclines of 15 degrees without breaking a sweat. Hiboy is always keen on safety, and it has equipped this scooter with a dual braking system that comprises a front E-brake and rear foot brake. The brakes, when applied simultaneously, are effective and will bring the scooter to an almost instant halt.

With a full 6.5-inch grip of rubber tyres on either end of the scooter, the Hiboy offers plenty of stability on tight turns and a fun ride on urban roads. Overall, the Hiboy S2 Lite electric scooter is well built. It has a solid and durable frame, a powerful motor, and a spacious deck to accommodate various feet sizes. Those looking for a simple and affordable electric scooter will find the Hiboy S2 Lite to be a superb option. Whether you are commuting to work or looking to enjoy 30-minute rides around the neighbourhood, the S2 Lite makes getting around quickly, affordable and simple.

Read on for an in-depth look at the specular features of the Hiboy S2, the most polished and portable electric scooter.


Performance Overview

Hiboy S2 Lite is an electric scooter that provides maximum performance and reliability. It is perfect for those who are trying to go green or enhance their mobility. It is well-designed with a 250W motor that provides smooth, effortless acceleration. The Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter’s motor delivers a top speed of 13 mp/h (20.9 km/h) and the ability to tackle hilly terrains of 15 Degrees.

The scooter comes with 2-speed modes, giving riders the freedom to choose their preferred style depending on their level of riding expertise through the digital LED display. Additionally, the scooter is equipped with an effective dual braking system that includes a front electronic brake and rear footbrake. The brakes have impeccable stopping power when applied simultaneously.

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Top Speed & Acceleration

The Hiboy S2 Lite delivers a decent maximum speed of 13 mp/h (20.9 km/h). In addition, it has dual speed modes; Comfort and Sport mode, that can be engaged by double-tapping the dashboard button. The Comfort mode is ideal for beginners and has its full speed capped at 9mph (14.48 km/h), while the sport mode delivers high speeds of 13mph (20.92 km/h) and is suitable for seasoned riders.

A surprising feature of this scooter is the cruise control mode that is quickly activated by holding down the throttle for 5 seconds. A beep will confirm the cruise control function activation.  Cruise control provides an enjoyable riding experience and enables the economical utilisation of the battery power, thus yielding more mileage.

The scooter has a responsive acceleration. The throttle is ergonomically designed for seamless acceleration and delivers power on demand. It is also thumb activated and located on the left side of the handlebars, ensuring easy control.

Despite the scooter not being able to go off-road, it has the impeccable ability to ascend hilly inclines. Real-world tests indicate the scooter can tackle slopes of 15 degrees effortlessly. 

Controls & Display

The S2 Lite features a stylish and neat handlebar with the S2 signature digital LED display embedded in the centre to give it its sleek design. It has thumb-activated controls on either side, with the throttle on the right and the electronic brake on the left. The mechanical bell switch is on the right, while a single button is on the display for various functions such as switching on/off the lights and changing speed modes. The thumb-activated controls ensure all hands are on the deck as you ride- a feature beginners will appreciate. The LED display is lit with a blue light making it easy to read the essential information displayed on the dashboard, such as speed, riding mode, cruise control and battery level. 

Battery Life & Range 

The S2 Lite electric scooter is powered by a 180 WH, 5Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery housed underneath the stylish deck delivers an outstanding mileage of 10.6 miles (17km) on a single charge. However, the single charge mileage depends on the weather, rider weight and terrain. The battery takes considerably longer to fully charge- 5 to 6 hours. The charging port is located at the top of the handlebar, making it easy to charge the unit without a hassle. 

Motor Configuration

A single 250W front hub motor propels the scooter. The motor is encased in a hub encasing to preserve it from potential damage.


Construction & Build Quality

The Hiboy S2 lite electric scooter, just like its older sibling – S2, features a sleek design with its signature embedded digital LED display and a clean handlebar. The lighting front stem and under deck lighting enhance the scooter’s aesthetics. The wires are internally routed through the stem. Notably, the S2 Lite scooter is constructed from aluminium geometry design frames, making it lightweight, durable, and portable. The scooter is the ideal size for easy transport and storage and can fold down to a size that doesn’t take up too much room in your car or your home.

The stem is crafted from high strength, lightweight aluminium. Additionally, it features an expansive stylish deck with enough room to comfortably accommodate various sizes of feet while ensuring stability during riding.  The under deck ambient lighting is both a cosmetic add-on to the scooter’s aesthetics and a safety feature when riding in low light. The deck is draped in a high quality textured grip rubber that enhances safety when riding as it ensures the feet don’t slip. The handlebars are coated with rubberised grips, which are more comfy and durable than foam grips.


The S2 lite is meant for smooth urban roads, and so, unfortunately, it lacks a suspension system. It is also equipped with solid rubber tyres; thus, the scooter generally offers little shock absorption.


Ride Quality

Like the adult version, the S2, the Hiboy S2 Lite scooter is a high-performance kids scooter perfect for urban adventure. It is designed to be the perfect balance between mobility and comfort. Utilising an all-composite lightweight frame, a 250 front hub motor, and smooth-rolling 6.5 inch solid wheels, the S2 lite offers easy handling and exceptional riding performance. However, the solid wheels and its lack of a suspension limit the scooter to urban terrain and, unfortunately, rule it out for off-road adventures.

The expansive, stylish deck makes up for the scooter’s limited off-road functionality. The deck is fitted with a textured grip rubber for enhanced grip and stability for the rider’s feet. The front in-hub motor ensures a silent cruise around the neighbourhood. The scooter is fitted with a 4 tier lighting system making riding in low light safe and efficient. Another safety feature Hiboy didn’t overlook is the mechanical bell that is loud enough to give other road users a heads up. In addition, the scooter’s handlebars are fitted with texturized grips which ensure your hands are comfortable for a more enjoyable riding experience.



This scooter is fitted with a dual braking system consisting of a rear mechanical footbrake and a front E-brake. The electronic brake is thumb-activated while the rear fender is applied by stepping on the rear fender. The electronic brake is not reliable and shouldn’t be used alone as it lacks sufficient stopping power.

It is advisable to use it together with the rear footbrake brake for more enhanced braking power. However, the fender looks fragile and brittle and susceptible to breaking. Additionally, parents should warn their kids that once the battery runs out, the electronic brakes don’t function as well, leaving you to rely solely on the rear foot brake.


This scooter is lightweight, weighing a meagre 21 lbs ( 9.5 kg). This makes it one of the lightest and most portable electric scooters in the market. Additionally, it comes with an easy one-step folding system. The push-button folding design allows the user to fold the scooter and carry it around with ease. The handlebars on the scooter won’t fold; instead, they can be detached by rolling them anticlockwise.

Water Resistance

The S2 lite has an IP54 rating, which means that the scooter is protected from water jets from all directions. The scooter can thereby be ridden in light showers. It also means that the scooter can be ridden through shallow water bodies but only for short periods of time; otherwise the scooter’s electrical components are susceptible to water damage.



This Hiboy electric scooter features an effective four-way lighting system that includes inbuilt front lighting, stem lighting, rear spotlight and under deck ambient lighting. The front light is high mounted to sufficiently illuminate the track in low light. The stem and under deck ambient lighting enhance the scooters cosmetics and also improve visibility in low light. The rear light also notifies tailing traffic of the scooters’ presence. However, just like the S2, this scooter lacks brake lights.


The S2 lite is fitted with 6.5-inch solid rubber tyres ideal for urban terrain. The tyres are flat resistant and significantly eliminate the inconvenience of maintenance and changing tyres. However, the tyres don’t offer the same comfort level as pneumatic tyres, and thus the rider has to look out for potholes and bumps when riding. 


The S2 Lite features a neat and spacious deck covered with a high quality textured grip rubber material for enhanced safety and comfort. The under deck lights add to the scooter’s elegant finish. Further, the powerful battery is safely concealed under the deck, and a robust kickstand side-embedded for safe parking.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Hiboy S2 Lite is a new kid scooter designed for use on urban roads. It has a sleek design and is foldable, making it easy to carry. It is built using high-grade materials and equipped with puncture-proof tyres, a reliable lithium-ion battery, and a robust motor. The scooter can be used as a kick scooter should you run out of battery juice. 

The scooter is covered by a 12-month all-inclusive warranty. The warranty covers all manufacturer defects, with a different warranty period for scooter accessories. The battery has a 6 months period that includes repair or replacement of defective battery during that period at no extra cost. Other parts and components also have a 6 month warranty period.  Hiboy has simplified the warranty claim process, making it quick and easy to claim from anywhere globally. They also offer the original buyer, purchasing directly from Hiboy or any of Hiboy’s authorized dealers, a 30-day return policy.

The Hiboy customer service team will gladly assist with customers’ claims from 8 am to 4 pm (PST) every day except Sunday.



An excellent way to ensure that your Hiboy S2 Lite scooter, or any scooter for that matter, is always working at its optimum is by regularly servicing and maintaining it. It is crucial that you set aside time each week to maintain it. This can be done by following the instructions in the owner’s manual.  One of the best things about the S2 lite is that it is straightforward to maintain. Ensure the nuts and bolts are tightened. Also, make sure the battery is charged within the specified time in the user manual using the recommended charger. It is advisable to clean your scooter with a damp cloth and then dry it.


Known Issues

Some users have complained about the durability of the rear fender.

    Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

    The S2 lite is the ultimate kid’s scooter for parents looking for a fresh new approach to urban transport for their kids. The S2 lite combines the incredible performance of the S2 with a lightweight design that makes it much easier for kids to steer and balance. It combines the latest technology with solid craftsmanship. The Scooter provides plenty of excitement for the kids in the neighbourhood with its sleek design, good lighting system, maintenance-free tyres, incredible top speed, and decent mileage.

    Our verdict is a resounding Yes! This is a feature-packed scooter worth every coin.


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    • It has puncture-proof tyres
    • It has a double braking system
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Durable and robust frame
    • It is equipped with safety-enhancing features such as a mechanical bell and an efficient 4 tier lighting system
    • It lacks Bluetooth connectivity and a mobile App like the other scooters in the S2 line
    • It has no suspension
    • It has a long charging time
    • Less powerful motor compared to its predecessor

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