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GoTrax XR Elite Electric Scooter Review

Nely Hayes
27 August 2021


A popular budget electric scooter that hits top speeds of around 15.5 mph and a range of up to 18.6 miles.

The Gotrax XR Elite is every rider’s answer to a stylish commute. With its sleek design and superior engineering, this electric scooter provides riders with an exceptional ride experience that will make you feel like royalty on your daily commutes! Whether for work or playtime at home, shopping trips in town, or just getting around campus, if you are looking for more than just transportation but style too, then look no further. The Gotrax XR Elite offers exactly what most other cheap scooters cannot: an unmatched balance of classiness and convenience- all without compromising on affordability.

GoTrax XR Elite: The Lowdown…

Gotrax has built an impressive line of personal transport products, despite being relatively new to the e-scooter market. Their hoverboards, electric bikes, and electric scooters offerings come at somewhat lower prices than competitors’ products but still manage to deliver excellent quality and functionality. The Gotrax R&D team is incredibly talented and works tirelessly to provide previously unmet standards in all their offerings. 

The Texas-based company has been in the personal transportation business since 2017 but merged with Tao Motors, a 20-year-seasoned gas vehicle manufacturer, for their mass production endeavours. Their partnership has allowed Tao Motors to expand its business from cars with combustion engines to electric vehicles. Together with Gotrax, they have sustained the company’s mission in consistently delivering affordable and eco-friendly personal mobility solutions. 

One of Gotrax’s flagship offerings — the Gotrax XR Elite electric scooter — sets new standards for performance and reliability in the mid-budget category. It is a hybrid device that can seamlessly alternate between serving as a leisure machine to a more formal urban commuter. The XR Elite was designed as an upgraded version of the Gotrax Ultra, and it does not disappoint. The scooter delivers zippy acceleration, long-range, high-torque, stable rides, uncompromised braking power and portability, which is everything riders want in a budget commuter scooter.

The prevailing theme in this article is the word budget. For riders willing to fork over £650/ $700, Gotrax has two high-performance scooters- the GMAX Ultra and the Gpro 3 Wheel, which strike an impressive balance between design and performance. Therefore, while the Gotrax XR Elite pales in comparison to these other Gotrax scooters, its specifications are perfectly curated for entry-level riders, leisure, casual and everyday commuters. Read on for an in-depth look at the impressive features that make the Gotrax XR Elite the ultimate budget scooter.

GoTrax XR Elite Specifications

Motor300W continuous
Battery36V 7.8Ah (281 Wh)
Charge Time4 hours
Single-Charge Mileage18.6 miles (30 km)
Max Speed15.5 mph (25 km/h)
Climbing Range15 degrees
Braking SystemFront electronic brake, rear mechanical disc brake
LightingLED headlight, LED tail lights, Reflectors
Max Load220 lbs (100 kg)
Scooter Weight31.9 lbs (14.6 kg)
Product MaterialAluminium alloy
Tyre Type8.5-inch air-filled pneumatic tyres
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded Size: 110 * 43 * 37 cm (LxWxH)

Folded Size: 110 * 43 * 37 cm (LxWxH)
Water ResistanceIP54

GoTrax XR Elite Review Video

Watch this detailed Gotrax XR Elite electric scooter review video for a comprehensive look at the features and performance.

Gotrax’s XR Elite is a high-quality scooter that redefines the market standards. With a sleek, compact design and performance to match, it is one of the best budget scooters in the market.

GoTrax XR Elite Pros

tickicon Intuitive digital LED display

tickicon Impressive riding range

tickicon Impeccable braking system 

tickicon Cruise control

tickicon It has a spacious deck

tickicon Easy folding design and is highly portable

tickicon The battery charges relatively quick

tickicon Dedicated lights and a couple of reflectors

GoTrax XR Elite Cons

red Lacks a shock absorption system

red Struggles uphill

red It lacks mobile App/Bluetooth connectivity


GoTrax XR Elite Summary

Gotrax is ready to change the way we think about transportation. With a line of entry-level, commuter and high-performance e-scooters, this brand offers customers convenient, viable transport alternatives. Gotrax has an independent third-party contractor handle all of its quality assurance- this independent vetting assures customers that they get the best quality regardless of the price point. 

The Gotrax XR Elite is an offering from their commuter scooter range. The XR Elite scooters are exceptionally built from durable and lightweight aero grade aluminium alloy, and you get the scooter exclusively in black. The scooter is stylish, with the Gotrax logo accentuated in white against the sleek black finish, making for an ‘elite’ and stand-out look. The scooter is very minimalist, with the main wires internally routed for both safety and riding convenience.

The scooter is designed for use on typical city roads- therefore, the features are not your over-the-top, performance scooter specs. Instead, the scooter sports a powerful 300W motor and an exceptional battery ( with Battery Management System) rated at 36V, 7.8 Ah. The battery packs enough juice to deliver an impressive mileage of 18.6 miles (30 km) and top speeds of 15.5 mph (25km/h). Additionally, as a brilliantly built scooter designed to achieve the best balance of performance and comfort- it features a spacious deck of 8.5”, large air-filled tyres, but sadly, no suspension.

Each of Gotrax’s ergonomic scooters is designed to push the needle on what is possible without breaking the bank. The powerful 300W motor can comfortably carry riders with a maximum weight of 220 lbs (100 kg). In addition, the riders need not worry about sloppy tracks, as the scooter can easily tackle 15-degrees trails. However, keep in mind that its hill-climbing ability depends on the rider’s weight and battery level. 

Above all, Gotrax XR Elite is a safe scooter. It packs a powerful dual braking system that combines a rear disc brake with a front electronic regenerative braking system. It is reassuring to know that your Gotrax won’t leave you skidding on the sidewalk as you push the limits on your little speedster. You will spot a headlight and taillight, which are excellent for visibility during low light riding. Additionally, you will not fail to notice the six reflectors that make the scooter that much safer. 

The 31.9 lbs scooter also features a one-step folding mechanism that is reinforced with a safety knob to prevent accidental folding. Riders get an expansive deck with a rubberised grip for enhanced comfort. Not to mention, the upgraded kickstand facilitates seamless parking, while the IP54 rating ensures that getting caught in light showers does not entirely shut down your commute or fry your electricals.

Are you not sold on this scooter? How about the £350/ $500 price tag. Read on for a better look at Gotrax Elite- one of the most affordable feature-packed urban scooters in the market today.

Gotrax XR Elite electric scooter side view

Speed & Acceleration

As long as you don’t exceed the recommended weight limit or let your battery drain too far, the XR Elite will be able to take you wherever you want to go without losing performance. Built for better control than a standard throttle, the thumb-activated throttle on this scooter allows you to accelerate and decelerate with a simple gesture so that you can cruise with ease. 

In addition, this scooter is equipped with a cruise control feature. Cruise control lets you take a break during long drives- we all need a break at least from time to time. So if you want to take a little time off, try turning on cruise control. All you have to do is retain your thumb in position on the throttle for 10 seconds, and the scooter will monitor how fast you are going and activate cruise control automatically.

    Top Speed

    As a general caveat, Gotrax scooters do not particularly excel in speed. The highest speed on any Gotrax is a dismal 20mph- but only dismal because they are higher-priced. The XR Elite reaches a top speed of 18.6 mph (30 km/h), which is perfect for beating the morning or afternoon rush. What’s more, it has decent acceleration, going from 0-15 mph in under 8 seconds. This acceleration curve is slightly behind Hiboy S2 and Apollo Air. However, this still qualifies as decent acceleration in its class.

      Hill Climbing

      The Gotrax XR Elite can climb inclines of up to 15°, one of the best climbing angles in the Gotrax scooters. However, its speed will decrease when climbing steep hills, and it will stop entirely on extremely challenging hills.

      Battery & Range

      The Gotrax XR Elite Electric Scooter’s 36V 7.8Ah lithium-ion battery has a stunning 281Wh capacity, meaning that it can run for up to 18.6 miles (30Km) on a single charge. The scooter’s long-range is thanks to its high-capacity LG battery cells and can be recharged in as little as 4 hours. The 281 Wh capacity was a significant improvement to Gotrax Ultra’s 250Wh capacity, which resultantly increased the range from the Ultra’s 16 miles to the Elite’s 18.6 miles.

      As a bonus, the scooter has a smart battery management system that extends battery life with built-in sensors that prevent overcharging, undercharging and short circuits. Additionally, it has regenerative braking, meaning that the battery recharges from the braking power.


      Motor Configuration

      The Gotrax XR Elite electric scooter is propelled by a powerful and efficient 300W motor tucked away in the front wheel. This is another improvement to the Ultra’s 250 W motor. The motor has a 450W peak power output that packs a punch that pushes the scooter to top speeds of 15.5 mph (25 km/h), hauling a maximum rider weight of 220 lbs (100kgs).


        Gotrax XR Elite electric scooter folded

        Performance Overview

        The Gotrax XR Elite is considered a high-performance electric scooter in the budget category. Equipped with a brushless front hub motor, it can travel up to 18.6 mph (30 km/h), carry a maximum load of 220 pounds (100 kg), and scale inclines of up to 15 degrees. However, it should be noted that a real-world test, despite riding under optimum conditions, resulted in a 15-mile range.

        The scooter is also built to go! Acceleration tests indicate that it can accelerate from 0-15 mph in under 8 seconds while carrying a rider of optimum weight on a relatively flat track. The scooter also has impressive braking power with a stopping distance of under 6 meters when braking from top speed to a complete stop. 

        Construction & Quality

        The Gotrax XR Elite is comfortable for whatever distance you need to travel and comes with a sleek and ergonomic frame. It feels well put together with an intuitive LCD display centrally located on the lean ergonomic handlebar. The minimalist design is complemented by the placement of just a few essential controls and neatly routed wiring that gives the scooter a neat and bespoke look. The scooter is made from aluminium alloy, which makes it lightweight while remaining sturdy. 

        The Gotrax XR Elite Electric Scooter features an expansive, sturdy deck that ensures a comfortable stance. The comfortable deck is also coated with grippy rubber for enhanced stability and safety. The efficient lithium-ion battery rests underneath the scooter’s deck, while a solid retractable kickstand supports reliable parking. Additionally, the ergonomic hand bars with rubberised grips are durable and comfortable for hours of riding. 

        The sturdy aluminium stem hosts the brake cable inside and features a hook that riders can use to hang their shopping bags, which was quite thoughtful of the guys at Gotrax. However, the primary function of this hook is to latch on a red buckle, which protrudes from the rear fender. Another interesting feature of this scooter is the charging port that is interestingly located high up on the stem. However, unlike the Ultra that comes in black colour options, the Elite is only available in black. 

        Gotrax Xr Elite electric scooter display

        Suspension & Comfort

        Riders of the Ultra had hoped that Gotrax would include a set of shock absorbers with the new release. This was not the case. The Elite also lacks suspensions, which Gotrax feels they compensate for with the pneumatic tyres- but the experience is not the same. It is important to note that at this price point, the trade-off is usually between pairing a set of solid tires with a suspension system or air-filled tires with no suspension. However, interestingly enough, even with other Gotrax models, none feature a suspension system. 

        Ride Quality

        The XR Elite offers a comfortable ride experience on smooth and paved urban terrain. The scooter features large, 8.5-inch air-filled tires that absorb shocks and impacts on the road. The air-filled tyres also provide good traction on smooth asphalt, and they would probably make you forget the absence of suspension- but you won’t. Avoid potholes, and rougher roads as the scooter does not offer sufficient shock absorption.

        The Elite has an enormous 6.6” deck platform that gives riders plenty of room to assume the most comfortable standing position. The rubberised grippy coating additionally ensures that the rider’s feet are firm and steady while riding. The rubberised coating is also seen on the handle grips and ensures riders hands don’t slip off during the journey.

         The front in-hub motor on the Elite is smooth and whisper-quiet, making the bell necessary for other road users’ safety. Further on safety, the scooter features an innovative 2-way lighting system and several reflectors for visibility during night riding. Engaging cruise control ensures that riders can get comfortable on a long journey without the strain of the thumb pushing on the throttle. 

        Gotrax XR Elite electric scooter motor


        The Gotrax XR Elite features a two-way lighting system. The main bright white headlight is rated at 100 Lumens and sits at the top of the stem casting a beam that angles slightly downwards. The light is very bright, but the angling helps not to blind other road users. The scooter also features a bright red LED tail light. In addition, the six reflector lights on its sides help ensure your safety and are positioned for visibility during the day and at night.


        The XR Elite scooter has two different braking systems to provide you with the best stopping power. The dual disc brake system on the XR Elite includes a rear disc brake and an electronic front brake. The scooter has a single, left-located brake lever that engages both braking systems.

        Gotrax XR Elite electric scooter brakes


        The Gotrax Xr Elite is a truly portable scooter — it weighs just 31.9 lb (14.6 kg) and folds down to a compac110 * 43 * 37 cms (LxWxH). The slight improvements made over the Ultra are responsible for the 5 lbs increase in weight (Ultra- 26.4 lbs/ 11.9 kgs). The scooter can be easily lifted and carried upstairs or even transported in an average-sized car when folded. In addition to a high-quality Gotrax folding mechanism, the XR Elite features an additional locking pin for added safety.

         The budget scooter has an upgraded folding mechanism that folds easily- you just pull and twist the locking pin, pull the red lever, and then collapse the stem, and the stem will attach to the lock mechanism on the rear fender. The drawback here is that its handlebars are not foldable. While this doesn’t make a difference for most users, it would be a fantastic improvement to its portability.


        Gotrax XR Elite scooters come equipped with 8.5-inch pneumatic air-filled tires. The tyres deliver a smooth, cushioned ride even over uneven terrain. The 8.5” pneumatic tires served the Ultra so well that Gotrax did not feel the need to switch them up. However, these tyres are susceptible to punctures, unlike solid tires, but they don’t absorb shock the same way that air-filled tires do. As such, you are the shock absorber.


        The Gotrax scooter’s deck is enormous (6.6 inches / 17 cm wide). This makes for one of the more comfortable scooters in any budget category. The grippy rubber with the Gotrax logo running across its length makes for a steady stand while riding. Even better is the 3” ground clearance that ensures that riders go over bumps and obstacles without worrying about scrapping the underdeck.

        Gotrax XR Elite scooter battery

        Controls & Display

        The Gotrax XR Elite is a scooter built for the most discerning riders with a bold, sophisticated look. The scooter’s handlebars are designed to be as minimalistic and practical as possible. You will find the brake lever on the left side. At the same time, the averagely loud bell is located next to the brake lever. On the right side, the acceleration thumb throttle is conveniently placed to cater to your speeding needs. Pressing down on it for 10 seconds activates cruise control. 

        The basic digital display sits at the centre of the handlebar, with an easy-to-push red power button beneath it on the stem. The LED screen shows all the most essential statistics in real-time and under any weather conditions: battery stats, range, and speed. The power button turns the scooter on and off, and it also powers the lights on and off.

        Water Resistance

        The Gotrax XR Elite scooter is rated at IP54 water resistance. By these standards, it means that the scooter can weather light rain or comfortably ride through shallow water puddles for short amounts of time. However, while it can withstand exposure to water splashes without sustaining damage to the motors or the electronic components, the manufacturer warns that it shouldn’t be overly exposed to water for long periods as it will destroy the electronic parts.


        The Gotrax XR Elite combines excellent aesthetics with solid functionality. It offers excellent mileage and fast speeds for a scooter at its price point. Its sturdy construction gives it longevity, and the lightweight frame makes it highly portable. It is assembled using high-quality components whose replacement parts are readily available from the Gotrax Website or trusted Gotrax dealers. The pneumatic air-filled tyres make for a comfortable ride, while the smart battery management system keeps the lithium-ion battery safe from electrical faults.

        Warranty & Customer Support

        This Gotrax scooter comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. If the electric scooter is not everything you expected, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. The Gotrax XR Elite scooter has a 180-day warranty that covers defects in manufacturer workmanship or materials. However, the warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear from everyday use. Customers can receive a one-time replacement or a new scooter altogether for battery-related issues if the fault relates to manufacturer defects. If the scooter is dead -on arrival, you will get a replacement scooter at no additional cost. You can also take the extended, 1-year Mulbery warranty.

        Gotrax has a Colorado-based customer support team, whose services are available Monday through Friday, 9 am-5 pm. You can contact them through their website, email, live chat or phone. They can help you with post-sales questions and troubleshooting and will be happy to help you find suitable electric scooters for your needs.

        Gotrax XR Elite electric scooter lights

        Known Issues

        Users have complained about the stem wobble. However, this is a common issue among portable budget scooters on the market.


        To get the best performance out of the Elite, you need to perform some maintenance regularly. This helps the machine to operate efficiently and last longer. The scooter requires little maintenance and is easy to operate. All you need to do is follow the maintenance guidelines outlined in the user manual to keep your scooter running safely for years to come.

        • Inspect the scooter and replace any parts that are damaged.
        • Nuts and bolts need to be checked and tightened when necessary.
        • Avoid leaving the scooter charging overnight, as this can affect the battery life. The manufacturer recommends using their original charger. 
        • Regularly service and adjust the brakes. 
        • Ensure that the tyres are maintained at the manufacturer-recommended PSI.
        • When cleaning, do not use corrosive chemicals or solvents.


        GoTrax XR Elite: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

        Gotrax’s XR Elite is made with high-quality materials, ensuring its safety and durability. It’s also very compact, so it can easily fit in the trunk of your car or behind your desk at work! Moreover, it delivers a fast and smooth ride. With this scooter, you get outstanding balance, grippy wheels, high-performance braking, and a spacious deck.

        This Gotrax scooter is an excellent buy if your budget falls within the £350/ $500 range. However, most budget scooters have amped their specs game, and a 300 W motor, 15.5 mph maximum speed, and the lack of basics like suspension no longer fly as ‘budget scooter basics.’ However, this scooter’s range, display, and build quality are superior to other similarly-priced scooters. Overall, the scooter is well designed and offers excellent value for your money.

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        Nely Hayes


        Nely is an adrenaline junkie and one of her life goals is to sky dive, but until that day she gets her kicks from testing fast electric scooters. Part time scooter fanatic & part time SEO analyst. Nely’s favourite scooter is the Dualtron X.

        • Intuitive digital LED display
        • Impressive riding range
        • Impeccable braking system
        • Cruise control
        • Spacious deck
        • IP54 waterproof rating
        • Lacks a shock absorption system
        • It lacks mobile App/Bluetooth connectivity
        • Struggles uphill

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