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Gotrax GXL V2 Review

Holly Darani
27 June 2021

The Gotrax GXL V2 is one of the most highly rated scooters available on the market.

US-based company Gotrax has quickly made a name for itself in the electric scooter market as the budget brand that delivers top results. Always designing with a clear audience they really listen to customer feedback and implement changes quickly.

The 2020 Gotrax GXL v2 is an update to the well-received original GXL Commuter with just a few tweaks to the features that optimise usage.

With edits to the controls and accessories, the overhaul isn’t major but Gotrax has been smart with the new model and deliver fantastic features at a tiny price point.

If you’re looking for a new commuter or budget scooter, keep reading for our detailed Gotrax GXL v2 review.

 Gotrax GXL V2 – The Lowdown


The Gotrax GXL V2 features a 250W motor with a 36v battery that gives this specific scooter a top speed of 15.5 mph. It also has a maximum range of 12 miles which is pretty impressive given the speed limit! The charge time is only 4 hours so you could always charge this whilst you’re at work and it’ll be ready by the time you leave again. It really does offer premium features for a low price and still packs a punch! This electric scooter is ideal for commuters, beginners or even younger riders.

Keep reading for an in-depth review of this outstanding electric scooter.

Gotrax GXL V2 Specifications

Motor300W continuous, 430W peak front hub motor
Battery36V 7Ah (252 Wh)
Charge Time3-4 hours
Single-Charge Mileage16 miles / 25 kmh
Max Speed15.5 mph / 25 kmh
Climbing RangeUp to 15 degrees
Braking SystemFront regenerative braking, rear mechanical disc brake
LightingSingle LED light between the handlebars & reflective tail light
Instrument PanelLED Display - battery level, power mode and speed in mph
Max Load100 kilograms (220 lbs)
Scooter Weight14 kg (31 lbs)
Product MaterialHigh-grade aluminium
Folding HandlebarUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified - Alloy Frame
SuspensionIntegrated rear suspension
Size (L x W x H, mm)Folded size: 130 x 75 x 60 cm

Unfolded: 111 x 43 x 107 cm
Water ResistanceNot waterproof (can handle light showers)

Gotrax GXL V2 Review Video


Here’s a quick unboxing and video review for you to check out. This feature showcases how you would expect the Gotrax GXL V2 e-scooter once it arrives at your doorstep, along with explaining its pros and cons to help you determine if this truly is the electric scooter of your liking.

Gotrax GXL V2 Pros

tickicon Affordable price point

tickicon Easy glide on smooth roads

tickicon Easy manoeuvrability

tickicon Robust construction

Gotrax GXL V2 Cons

red Very basic LED screen with no apps

red Strong vibrations when on bumpy roads


Creating an e-scooter specifically with commuters in mind, Gotrax has really considered what appeals to this market and the challenges they face. With the upgraded Gotrax GXL v2, they have retained the quality 8.5″ pneumatic tyres, light frame and robust folding mechanisms and made upgrades to the build quality, braking system, and added cruise control.

These premium features, available at an impressively low price make the Gotrax GXL v2 the perfect e-scooter for beginners or younger riders who want access to a quality piece of kit, without the bells and whistles attached to a higher price tag.


Performance Overview

The Gotrax GXL v2 boasts an impressive 187-watt hour lithium-ion battery pack with a 250-watt motor. Both components are at the top-end of what can be expected at this low price point and offer a nice amount of power to your ride.

You’ll also find two speed modes (which are controlled like bike gears) allowing you to comfortably ride at 10mph or notch it up to the top speed of 15.5mph with ease. We found this particularly helped with hill climbing, accessing top power to effectively scour reasonable urban inclines (up to 10-degrees) though you will slow down close to the top.

One addition we were delighted to see in an electric scooter of this price is the cruise control functionality. By holding down your accelerator for 10 seconds, your scooter maintains its current speed. Whilst this option will drain your battery if used continuously, it makes the riding experience incredibly enjoyable, and is not even included on some of the high-end premium models.

This ease of control and use is the big selling point of the Gotrax GXL v2 in our opinion. It’s intuitive and fun to ride from the first time you ride.


Top Speed & Acceleration

Gotrax market the GXL v2 with a top speed of 15.5mph which is definitely achievable but is of course dependent on many variables including rider weight and weather conditions.

The top speed is accessed easily with the intuitive gear system. We found the gears responsive enough to quickly shift the speed up if you’re at the foot of a slope or about to overtake another electric scooter rider.

Whilst the top speed might not stack up in comparison to more expensive models with dual motors, it’s plenty sufficient for urban riders, unless you live somewhere particularly hilly. Gotrax have pitched the speed capabilities perfectly for a commuter scooter – add in the nifty cruise control and it should be sufficient for even the pickiest of casual riders.

The acceleration on the Gotrax GXL v2 is very reasonable. It’s not going to lurch you into full speed as soon as you step on, but it achieves full pelt quickly and with ease.

You do need to kickstart the GXL v2, there’s no zero-start feature here, but this works reliably and the acceleration kicks in at around 2mph. You control your acceleration with an easy to access push button throttle which is well situated in the controls and very easy to manipulate, with limited stiffness.

Once you’re moving, you can reach top speed after a tested average of 10 seconds. Admittedly, this isn’t the speediest acceleration in comparison to other scooters, but once again, for the low price, its very reasonable.


Controls & Display

The LED display on this electric scooter is actually not the biggest and it’s very simple with what it offers and shows you on the screen. It will clearly display your speed and the battery power that remains so you don’t get caught out.

The Gotrax GXL V2 also offers cruise control which is a really handy feature to have if you’re on a steady journey or to and from work where you can cruise at the same speed.

Battery Life & Range 

Gotrax are marketing the GXL v2 with a range of 12 miles on a single charge. When you compare this to its pricier counterparts, you may find the Gotrax GXL v2 but within its range, it performs admirably. This makes it the perfect electric scooter for short-distance trips, or a reasonable commute – which is exactly the rider Gotrax are pitching to.

We found we could achieve 9 miles at full charge, by again this varies from rider to rider. It’s worth taking into account that the lithium-ion battery regenerates a small amount of power every time you brake which can help expand the battery life somewhat. The charge time on the battery pack also sits at 3-4 hours, making it very quick to charge between rides. If you’re commuting to an office 8 miles away, you can charge it in the afternoon and reliably get yourself home.

Motor Configuration

The 250w single motor is found in the rear of the Gotrax GXL v2, which can mean a shift in balance if you’re accustomed to a dual motor.

However, we’ve found that single motor scooters often retain the feel of a traditional kick scooter, and that is certainly the case with the GXL v2. Once again, this pitches the scooter to a specific customer, who may be completely new to riding electric scooters and may find the weight distribution more comfortable.


Construction & Build Quality

The GXL frame is surprisingly sleek. We’re used to budget electric scooters leaning to the bulkier side of design, with weight mechanisms. Not so with the Gotrax GXL v2.

Made from robust but lightweight aluminum the GXL v2 really does look the part next to pricier offerings. The 8.5 inch pneumatic tyres are compact to retain the streamlined look and there’s red detailing throughout. The whole package will particularly appeal to the image-conscious customers of commuter scooters

As you’d expect from an aluminum frame, the Gotrax GXL v2 electric scooter is deceptively sturdy and the manufacturer claims a top weight limit of 220lb. This max weight is more than what is offered from some of the scooters in the top price range, so is a welcome feature. It broadens the appeal of the GXL v2 even more, as it retains its good looks, whilst supporting a wider range of riders.

The build quality of the Gotrax GLX v2 really is impressive when you consider the overall cost. As we said, the aluminum frame gives a solidity to the scooter which is reassuring whilst riding and keeps it well-balanced without being clunky.

The foldable stem includes a locking mechanism to keep your folded scooter in place. This proved a little stiff to begin with, but when you get used to the way it operates and it loses its stiffness, you should bearly notice.

The controls of the scooter are focused around an LED display that sits flat in the handlebars – a nice design twist. The LED itself is simple, measuring speed and showing the battery status. Many riders are now accustomed to Bluetooth functionality or a separate app that collects numerous metrics as you ride. The Gotrax GXL v2 may seem rudimentary in comparison but its basic features function very well and the display is crystal clear, even at night.

One interesting thing to note is that light control, scooter power and gear options are all controlled from the same button which sits just below the handlebars in the stem of the scooter. This keeps the cockpit uncluttered but takes a little getting used to at first. Acceleration is easily accessed with the thumb throttle, which is simple to reach without stretching.

Far and away the most notable feature to us in the controls was the addition of a rear brake lever. This once again shows a real understanding of the Gotrax GXL v2 customer, who may be more accustomed to traditional bikes over electric scooters. The manufacturer has made this lever easy to manipulate and the brake responds quickly. It’s a great upgrade to the original model and made riding a breeze.



The suspension on the Gotrax GXL v2 is dependent on the pneumatic tyres. With no additional suspension in place, the tyres take the brunt of the road impact. This places a lot of faith in the performance of the tyres, but luckily they’re up to the task.

They handle well on uneven terrain and cracks, but you can expect to experience some jolts through the stem and handlebars if you choose to speed down a wonky street. It’s worth taking into consideration how you plan to use the Gotrax GXL. As a commuter scooter with reasonable roads it will perform perfectly, but you’ll struggle to enjoy riding it down cobbled streets.

Ride Quality

The overall ride quality of the Gotrax GLX v2 is incredibly enjoyable. In good weather, with a clear smooth road and minimal hills – it’s a dream. The sturdy build of the frame, the comfortable handlebars and pneumatic tyres ensure a smooth ride and comfort throughout your journey, including quick turns and narrow spaces.

The quality does lag a little if you take a bumpy road or continually take hills. You’ll slow down of course, and the vibration through the handlebars can be quite jarring after a long period of time. For the price, you’re never going to get a scooter that can tackle every type of terrain, but for its intended purpose as a commuter scooter, you can’t go wrong.


  • Easy glide on smooth roads
  • Responsive manourverability


  • Strong vibrations over uneven paving


The braking system is where you’ll find one of the major improvements over the previous model. The original GXL Commuter had a rear disc brake which was controlled by a foot pedal on the rear wheel. anybody who has tried to brake from top speed by controlling a rear foot pedal will understand the inconvenience this posed.

Gotrax has been savvy enough to change this up with the GXL v2 and the rear disc brake is now controlled with a front brake lever, reminiscent of a bike brake. When you couple this with the regenerative front brake, you have a braking system that is responsive and simple to apply, increasing the overall safety of the electric scooter.

It notable that many competitors within the same price range only have a single disc brake, which makes the inclusion of two high-quality brakes a real win for the Gotrax GXL v2.


  • Front regenerative brake and rear disc brake
  • Easy to control and responsive


Another quality that we loved in the GXL v2 is the sheer ease of portability. It’s a pretty slim scooter when it’s fully unfolded, but the lever-activated folding mechanism neatly reduces and locks the size to just 39.4″ long. This is the perfect size to take on public transport of discretely slip under a desk, as opposed to many other electric scooters which still take up room when folded down.

At 27lbs, the weight is an easy enough load to carry too. You shouldn’t find yourself straining to carry it up the stairs and brings it in line with other electric scooters touted for their portability (the Xiaomi M365 for example).


  • Light & easy to carry
  • Folds down to small size


  • Handlebars do not fold

Water Resistance

The water-resistance of the Gotrax GLX v2 is listed as IP54. This means it is by no means waterproof but will certainly handle a gentle shower or shallow puddles. Being able to take your electric scooter out even in overcast weather is a big feature for many and contributes to its suitability for casual and commuting journeys.



The Gotrax GXL v2 has a single LED headlight mounted between the handlebars at the front of the scooter. Whilst the built-in light functions well enough, if you’re riding at night we would definitely recommend additional headlights with a wider light radius.

Unfortunately, the GXL v2 doesn’t come equipped with a rear taillight. This is easily rectified by purchasing additional lights but is still a little disappointing and seems like an oversight in a scooter designed especially for commuters.


  • LED headlight with decent radius


  • No rear taillight
  • You will need to purchase additional lighting


Tyres are a big talking point in the e-scooter community, particularly the debate on air-filled ‘pneumatic’ tyres vs airless ‘solid’ tyres. Both have their pros and cons but are definitely a premium feature when compared to your average scooter wheel. The Gotrax GXL v2 have kept the air tyres seen on the original model.

The 8.5 inch pneumatic tyres function as suspension for the GXL v2 and do an admirable job. The grip performs well even on slippy roads and you’ll be cushioned from the majority of bumps and skids you might encounter on a road. They also lend themselves to light manouveres and a quick to respond as you control the scooter.

One of the downsides of pneumatic tyres is that you are more likely to experience a puncture – the airless tyres are, by design, puncture-resistant.

It’s definitely something to consider if you plan to use the scooter day in day out. But overall, it shouldn’t pose much of a problem to you as Gotrax are well-reviewed for their customer service and have a wide array of spare parts and replacement accessories available for their electric scooters.


The deck of the Gotrax FLX v2 is a generous addition, measuring at around 19″ there is plenty of standing room and accommodation for larger shoe sizes. The grip on the deck is anti-slip and should keep you steady and stable throughout your journey. If you are a first time electric scooter customer, this will be a big bonus as you won’t have to adapt to a particular stance or shift you weight around too much to feel comfortable.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Overall you will be hard-pressed to find a more reliable scooter within the price range of the Gotrax GXL v2. The battery is more than capable of keeping up with the motor and the general sturdiness of the tyres, brakes and build inspire confidence, making it a good choice for a nervous or first time rider.

The penumatic tyres have excellent grip and hold up even in light showers. This is especially important if you plan to commute with your electric scooter, as having to pack up and head for the bus at the first sign of drizzle is always disheartening.


Maintenance and upkeep are simple enough for the Gotrax GLX v2. Spare parts can be found through the manufacturer’s website, but you may incur shipping costs as the company are based in the US.

The only real disappointment we found in the GLX v2 was the measly 90 day warantee offered. When you compare this to the lifetime guarantee available on the Carrera Impel is-1 for example, it’s pretty poor.

Known Issues

Most of the issues that affect this model are the following:

  • Top speed will drain battery quite fast
  • Tyres more likely to puncture

It’s actually quite hard to try and have this be fixed, especially that this scooter is priced at quite a bargain.



The Gotrax GLX v2 comes equipped with a few extra accessories that add to the overall build quality and rider experience. There’s the standard built-in kickstand, an effective push bell built into the handlebars and front and rear mudguards.

An additional feature is the reinforced rear fender on the back wheel – yet another upgrade to the previous Gotrax GLX. This adds to the stability of the scooter, whilst providing additional protection to the vulnerable back wheel and motor.


Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

You definitely get an incredible electric scooter when it comes to this model from Gotrax. It’s one of the best selling in the US and around the world and highly reviewed due to all the great qualities it has to offer. It has a range of 12 miles when fully charged and is ideal for any commuter and offers a top speed of 15 mph which is more than sufficient!

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  • Affordable price point
  • Rear brake lever
  • Robust construction
  • Easy controls
  • Very basic LED with no app
  • Fiddly locking mechanism

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