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Evo Powerboards Uberscoot 1600w Electric Scooter Review

Holly Darani
17 July 2021


The Uberscoot 1600W from Evo Powerboards rightfully falls in the category of powerful and portable electric scooters, coming with a top speed of 30 mph and a max range of 12 miles. 


The Uberscoot 1600W, 48V is a dynamic and innovative scooter offering from Uber Soot. This electric scooter offers an excellent balance between power, performance, and portability. Powered by 48 volts and a 1600W chain-driven AC hub motor, the scooter churns out over 2 horsepower of torque with an impressive top speed of 30 mph (48 kp/h). With such power, you can comfortably conquer intense inclines up to 30 degrees without breaking a sweat.

The scooter offers a rather average range of up to 12 miles (20 km).  With prices starting at less than £800/ $1,110, the Uberscoot 1600W are not cheap scooters, but they offer you great value for money and are the ideal electric scooters for short-distance utility travel.


Evo Powerboards Uberscoot – The Lowdown

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The Uberscoot 1600W is a top mid-range electric scooter from UberScoot Powerboards, formerly known as Evo Powerboards UK. The scooter is among the new generation of powerboards from Uber Scoot- a company by Puzey Design, whose establishment resulted from merging three renowned brands- Big Boy, Bladez, and EVO Powerboards. Uber Scoots leverages Puzey Design’s 20-year heritage to develop innovative scooters with a technological leap in advanced personal transport alternative solutions.

Puzey Design Company builds on the already successful formula of each of its corner brands and spices it up with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques for even better functionality and performance. In addition, Uber Scoots has diversified its range of electric scooters to cater to a broad spectrum of users in the rapidly expanding electric scooters market. Their new generation of electric scooters is technologically advanced and loaded with innovative features that create a clear distinction between them and other brands. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Uberscoot products have seen an incredible uptick in demand with each subsequent release.

In this review, we take a look at one of the company’s popular releases, the Uberscoot 1600W 48V electric scooter by EVO Powerboards. This is the most powerful electric scooter in the ES06 model category. The scooter is impressively fast, powerful, and offers excellent bang for bucks. The scooter embodies Puzey’s famous R&D ingenuity and its stringent and consistently high-quality standards. The scooter has been redesigned and redeveloped to feature in-demand scooter specs such as high torque, efficient dual braking system, high max rider weight capacity, and portability.

The Uberscoot’s robust motor powers it to high top speeds, and the high-performance battery facilitates one of the longest range on a single charge found on scooters in this price range. Furthermore, you can conserve battery by switching from turbo mode to economy mode to reduce the top speed and overall power for long rides. The scooter has large well-gripped tyres, an enormous front suspension, a bulky and spacious deck, and an optional seat for unmatched ride comfort. It’s also pretty hard to find a powerful yet portable scooter, which the Uberscoot 1600W seamlessly achieves.

Is this the best electric scooter in the mid-range category? That little snippet is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the impressive offerings riders can expect from this new formulation of Evo Powerboards. So, hold on to your hats and read on to learn more about this powerful yet budget-friendly eScooter.


Evo Powerboards Uberscoot Specifications


Motor1600W Chain-Driven AC Motor
BatteryFour 12V/12AH (48-volt system) Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Charge Time6-8 hours
Single-Charge Mileage12 miles / 20 km (may vary depending on riders weight and terrain condition)
Max Speed20 mph / 32 km/h
Climbing Range30 degrees
Braking SystemFront and Rear Disc Brakes
LightingStandard front and brake/ rear lights
Max Load120 kg / 265 lb
Scooter Weight53 kg / 117 lb
Product MaterialSCM440 Steel
Folding Handlebar6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Folding Steering Tube6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
SuspensionSmooth front Cam-link suspension and adjustable rear twin-shock suspension system
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded: 124.5 x 63.5 x 109.2 cm

Folded: 116.8 x 63.5 x 53.3 cm
Water ResistanceIP54



Evo Powerboards Uberscoot Review Video


Check out this walkthrough YouTube video of the Uberscoot 1600W. The video is a comprehensive rundown of the scooter from unpacking, assembly and test ride. 

Evo Powerboards Uberscoot Pros


tickicon It comes with an optional seat included to enhance ride comfort 

tickicon Solid, high-quality construction

tickicon Impressive top speed

tickicon Great value for money-cost effective

tickicon It’s foldable


Evo Powerboards Uberscoot Cons


red It’s quite a heavy scooter

red It offers an average range 

red The charge time is fairly long

red 60 day warranty isn’t very long




Evo Powerboards Uberscoot Summary


Termed as “the most powerful scooter you can carry”, the Uberscoot 1600W is feature-packed to take your scooter riding to the next level. This scooter by EVO Powerboards features a state-of-the-art design with unmatched build quality. The beefy yet sleek construction encompassing a high-grade steel frame with ABS plastic finish makes this scooter solid and highly durable. In addition, it can support riders weighing 265 pounds (120 kgs), making it compatible with riders of varied size, shape, or age.  

The Uberscoot is powered by a 1600W, 48V chain motor, powering it through vast terrains and hills with ease. Despite being chain-driven, the motor is surprisingly quiet and can propel the scooter to a top speed of 30 mph (48 kp/h). This speed is high enough to give you the thrills while enabling you to reach your destination faster.

 The scooter is powered by a 48-volt battery system with a rather average 12 miles range. Notably, the battery is pretty durable with a 250 cycle life, with a lengthy 6-8 hour charge time. You can opt to press down the economy mode button for an extended range to reduce the scooter’s power and conserve battery. 

The scooter is fitted with 11-inch pneumatic knobby tyres at the front and rear. The tyres offer superior grip and sufficient dampening for comfortable rides. The ride quality is further compounded by a well-sized deck providing sufficient leg space and the smooth front Cam-link suspension and adjustable rear coil springs for absorbing impacts. 

Additionally, The scooter is safe thanks to the steel body providing sufficient stability even at high speeds. The disc brakes in both the front and rear wheel guarantee precise and safe stopping. Weighing 117 pounds, the scooter is too heavy to be carried casually. Nonetheless, the scooter’s frame is foldable, allowing for ease of portability and storage in compact spaces such as the back of a car’s boot. 

The scooter supports night riding with the front and rear lights that ensure maximum visibility. You’ll appreciate the water resistance rating, allowing you to ride in averagely wet conditions. As an add-on, the scooter comes with an optional quick-release seat, allowing you to either ride standing up or sitting down- the choice is yours. The key ignition keeps your scooter safe, while the kickstand attached to the deck facilitates easy parking. And with the 60 days warranty, you have some room to ensure that everything works as it should.

Let’s dig a little deeper for a more in-depth look at this ride’s specifications.

Performance Overview


Compared to other mid-range eScooters, such as the Gotrax GXL Electric Scooter, the Uberscoot 1600W is an outstanding performer in almost all areas. In addition, the scooter is the most powerful in the ES06 range of the UberScoot brand. As mentioned earlier, the scooter is powered by a 1600 Watt 48 Volt chain-driven motor providing an impressive 2+ horsepower of torque that propels it to a maximum speed of 30 mph. This power is sufficient to see the scooter tackle decent hills of up to 30 degrees without much strain. 

The scooter fails to impress in regard to range. You can only get up to 12 miles per charge, which is pretty low considering the long charge time, and the massive power held by the motors. Nonetheless, you can slightly increase the range by riding in ECO mode, but this means reduced performance in terms of top speed and acceleration. The dual disk brakes bring the scooter to a quick stop, with the rear brake performing exceptionally well in emergency situations.

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Top Speed & Acceleration


The 1600 Watt, 48 Volt motor fitted on this scooter propels it to a top speed of 30 mph and provides zippy acceleration. Riders should note that the speed is capped at 20 mph, in line with scooter riding regulations in many countries. To reach the 30 mph top speed, you must disconnect the speed limit wire. First, however, ensure you are riding on private property or abiding by the laid down regulations concerning scooter speed in your region. 

With 2+ horsepower torque, the scooter’s acceleration is nothing short of impressive. You’ll be able to achieve the top speed in no time, adding to the thrill of riding a scooter.    

The Uberscoot 1600W has an impressive 30° gradeability thanks to its powerful motor. The scooter’s gradeability is, however, weight dependant and also reliant on the state of charge. Nonetheless, with such gradability, you should expect the scooter to easily tackle steeper city road inclines or deep off-road terrain gulleys.   


Controls & Display


Unlike most powerful electric scooters, the Uberscoot 1600W features simple controls and a minimal display. There are two sports brake levers on either side of the handlebar. The brake levers are sturdy and highly sensitive, ensuring safe stops. The handlebar also features a standard twist acceleration throttle that functions by rotating the handgrip to accelerate. It’s pretty narrow; therefore, you need to ensure that you rotate only its portion to accelerate.

Aside from the throttle and brake levers, the handlebar features two buttons: one to turn the lights on and off and the other to switch to Eco Mode (to conserve battery life). You’ll also find the newly designed key and battery indicator system in the cockpit that enables you to monitor the battery level to avoid surprises. The electronic control system is water-resistant, meaning you don’t need to worry about riding the scooter when it’s drizzling or snowing. 

The controls are simple and intuitively placed, allowing for easy operations. However, the scooter doesn’t have an LCD to inform riders of their speed, mileage, and more. At its price point, most scooter enthusiasts would argue that an LCD would have been necessary.   


Battery Life & Range 


The Uberscoot 1600W battery system features four 12v / 12ah sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries for 48 V total voltage. We would typically expect a superior range, but this battery system allows for a maximum range of 12 miles, which is quite average for a scooter in the mid-range category. The range is not suitable for long rides. You can also activate the Economy Mode button to conserve battery life and prolong the range by several miles. On the Powerboard, you can seamlessly monitor the battery’s percentage from the LED display on the cockpit to avoid unwarranted shutdowns.

The Uberscoot scooter takes between 6 and 8 hours to charge fully. Depending on your needs and charging habits, an average of 7 hours can be pretty lengthy. Worse off, the scooter doesn’t allow shortening the charging time by using another charger or using a fast charger. Nonetheless, even at 6 to 8 hours charging time, the Uberscoot 1600W is a cut above most scooters in the mid-range category with an average charging time of 10-12 hours. Better still, the battery has a remarkable 250 cycle life meaning it will serve you for quite some time.    


Motor Configuration


The Uberscoot 1600W 48V electric scooter is powered by a 1600W 48V chain-driven brushless AC motor. The motor is powerful enough to provide a top speed of 30 mph and enable the scooter to scale decent sized hills up to 30 degrees inclination. With this scooter, you can practically conquer any city streets inclines, even if you live in a hilly city such as California and Lisbon.  

With this much strength and capabilities, the motor allows riders to choose between ECO and Turbo modes. The latter allows for maximum power, allowing riders to cruise at much higher speeds, while the former limits acceleration and top speed to preserve battery life for an extended range. The disclaimer on all chain-driven motors; maintenance should be second nature if you want to retain optimal performance.


Construction & Build Quality


Featuring all-steel construction with ABS plastic finish on the body and deck, the Uberscoot 1600W build quality is unrivalled. The scooter appears solid and highly durable owing to its state-of-the-art, rugged design with beefy tyres. The BMX-style handlebars with sports brake levers give the scooter a sporty feel and facilitate easy usage. However, the robust steel construction means that the scooter is pretty bulky (117 lbs.) and less portable- not the most ideal for individuals who need to carry their scooters over a distance or those who need to carry it up some stairs. 

The tough ABS deck elevates from front to back and is significantly raised from the ground thanks to the beefy tyres. It accommodates the attachment of a seat for riding comfort. The rear end has a tough, one-piece ABS motor cover fused to the fender; they protect against debris and water splashes, and they add to the scooter aesthetics. The battery case takes significant real estate under the deck and features the Urban Scoot branding on the sides of the steel case. 

Overall, the scooter’s build quality is top-notch and designed for durability.

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The Uberscoot electric scooters are fitted with a smooth front Cam-link suspension, which significantly enhances the ride quality. The suspension absorbs impacts from bumpy terrains and uneven surfaces, ensuring comfortable, steady and smooth rides. The back features an adjustable twin-shock suspension system. The suspension on these are adjustable and can handle riders of different weight or changes in riding surfaces. What’s more, the rear shocks are located directly under the seat, which significantly enhances rider comfort.


Ride Quality


The Uberscoot 1600W offers plush rides thanks to the combination of 11 inches pneumatic knobby on-road/off-road tyres and suspension system, which offer excellent shock absorption. The tyres provide sufficient dampening on both off-road and on-road terrains, plus ensure maximum stability with top-notch traction even in wet conditions. The scooter’s immense weight also contributes to the overall ride quality by lowering the centre of gravity (CoG), ensuring stable, non-jerky rides. 

The front and rear suspension systems work in combination to absorb shocks and vibrations on the riding track. The rear suspension flexes directly under the seat, deterring jarring when riding seated or standing. Aside from the tyres and suspension, the roomy deck coupled with the optional seat enhances the overall ride quality. With the optional seat, you can ride in any position you deem comfortable. Amazingly, when the seat is mounted, you can still stand up on the spacious deck and ride for some distance while standing-the choice is yours.

Other features that add to the ride comfort include the ergonomic BMX style handlebars, which are adjustable to suit rider preferences. The controls are conveniently placed to facilitate ease of operation. Additionally, the lighting profile allows for day and night riding. To say the least, riding the scooter feels amazingly smooth, balanced and steady even at high speeds. 




Powerful scooters need to have an efficient braking system to keep riders safe. The Uberscoot 1600W achieves just this with its front and rear ventilated 140mm disc brakes which offer sufficient stopping power. The disc brakes are highly sensitive and strong, ensuring smooth and precise stops. As a result, you’ll hardly notice any annoying jerks when gently pressing the sports brake levers. 

This electric scooter by EVO Powerboards is also equipped with a brake power-interrupt feature. When your rear brake lever is pulled, this safety feature “disrupts” the flow of power to the motor, adding to the precision needed in stopping. The best part, the brakes require minimal maintenance and function effectively in both dry and wet conditions.  



Weighing 117 lbs. (53Kg), the Uberscoot 1600W is undoubtedly not the most portable scooter around. The scooter is quite bulky to carry around, let alone ascend a flight of stairs carrying it. However, the scooter attempts to remain portable with a quick-release foldable locking frame. The one-touch folding lever is really convenient; once folded, the scooter becomes compact and effortlessly fits in small spaces such as a car’s trunk or a squeezed storage space. 

Water Resistance


The Uberscoot 1600W is rated IP54 water resistance. Its electrical components are water-resistant; hence, the scooter can be ridden safely in wet conditions without worrying about damages. However, as it is not waterproof, avoid being in the rain for too long and avoid riding through large masses of water as a precautionary measure.




Safety and visibility are paramount when riding at night or in low light conditions. The Uberscoot 1600W is safe to ride at night owing to the excellent light system encompassing front and rear lights. Of particular is the front LED headlight mounted high in the handlebars to provide uncompromised visibility. The tail light alerts other road users of your presence on the road, ensuring you remain visible. The always-on rear light glows brighter when braking.



The Uberscoot 1600W tyres are one of the many reasons this scooter stands out in the mid-range category. The scooter features front and rear 11-inch pneumatic knobby tyres with both off-road and on-road capabilities. The tyres offer sufficient traction in all terrains and even in wet conditions. They are thick, wide with strong aluminium alloy rims to withstand the overall payload and also offer sufficient damping and stability.



The Uberscoot 1600W 48V electric scooter features an outstanding sturdy deck made of steel with a plastic finish. The deck is pretty spacious, ensuring riders have enough room to comfortably place their feet when riding. It also features a battery compartment on the lower side, plus allows riders to attach the optional seat that comes with the scooter. The deck is one of the sturdiest you’ll ever see in a mid-range scooter and offers sufficient legroom for riders riding when standing or seated.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support


Being the most powerful Uberscoot in the ES06 range, the Uberscoot 1600W is indeed reliable. The scooter can comfortably tackle any terrain in the city environment and offers some off-road capability with impressive gradeability. In addition to being powerful, the scooter offers decent ride quality with an optional seat while ensuring high safety levels. Most importantly, it’s easy to use- can be used by both novice and experienced riders. Overall, the Uberscoot 1600W is a reliable street-legal eScooter ideal for short urban rides but with some off-road capabilities. 

The scooter comes with a 60-days warranty and good customer support from Puzey Motor Corporation- the company behind UberScoot and Evo Powerboards.




Just like other electric scooters, the Uberscoot 1600W requires general maintenance to achieve optimum functionality and longevity. Considering the motor is chain-driven, it should be lubricated with a thin and even coating of chain lube/grease. Lubricate and clean the chain after 200 miles of riding. 

While sealed lead acid batteries require significantly less maintenance than their non-SLA counterparts, ensure that you go through the user manual and educate yourself on maintenance practices that help extend the battery life. Also, make sure you use the correct charger when charging the battery for prolonged usage. 

Other general routine maintenance practices you can do on the scooter includes: regularly cleaning, charging to full before storage, wiping with a towel before storage after riding in wet condition and storing the scooter at room temperature.


Known Issues


From online user reviews, some riders have complained about the lack of a speedometer and poor electric wires insulation. The main power cable leading to the motor has been reported to have multiple abrasion areas and parts with missing insulation. Some users have also complained of intermittent throttle response, making the scooter quite unsafe. 


Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?


With an increasing demand for innovative, affordable personal alternative transport solutions, the Uberscoot 1600W offers excellent value for money. It doesn’t come cheap but attempts to justify its price with a breath-taking top speed, large off-road/on-road tyres, front and rear shock absorbers, a one-touch folding frame, water-resistance, and an optional seat for ultimate versatility. The scooter is one of the best performing mid-range electric scooters currently available on the market at a budget price.

However, it does call for quite a number of compromises, including the short-range, long charging time, maintenance requirements on the motor and battery, and the above-average scooter weight. For buyers interested in this scooter, they have to be willing to overlook these minor setbacks and focus on the abundance of performance and aesthetic specs found on this scooter. But for its price, the performance, and the promise of fun sporting activities, the Uberscoot 1600W electric scooter by EVO Powerboards is a great buy!


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  • Solid, high-quality construction
  • Beast on-road/off-road tyres
  • Decent performance with off-road capability
  • Impressive top speed
  • It comes with an optional seat included to enhance ride comfort
  • Quite a heavy scooter
  • It offers an average range
  • Charge time is fairly long
  • 60 day warranty is quite short

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