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Emove Roadrunner Electric Scooter Review

Nely Hayes
9 May 2022

One of the steadiest seated electric scooters around that has a top speed of 34 mph and a range of 53 miles.

The Emove Roadrunner e-scooter may be an odd-looking fella, but it sure is practical. It has a bike frame, a saddle, a footrest, and a massive 48V battery tucked in its belly.

You might mistake it for a kid’s electric bike, but don’t get fooled by the stunted looks; this e-scooter is a roadrunner in every sense. It has a top speed of 34 mph and an astonishing range of 53 miles, a number that trounces most electric bikes and e-scooters out there.

Emove RoadRunner: The Lowdown…

The Emove Roadrunner electric scooter is a head-turner in many ways. It is tiny compared to other seated electric scooters such as the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter. It is hard to believe that a seated scooter this little can shoulder up to 330 pounds in weight. That’s not all! It is among the fastest seated electric scooters on the market, with a speed top speed of 34 mph. It is powerful, too; dual motors fitted to each wheel combine to churn out more than 850W of power.


One thing you can’t miss, and a defining feature in Emove’s design, is the diagonally installed 48V battery. This massive unit enables the Roadrunner to ride for a maximum distance of 53 miles on a single charge. As if that’s not enough, it comes with a swappable battery which allows for an extended range. The relatively small tyres, lack of a rear suspension, and a light-padded seat mean the ride is not as comfortable as we wish it could be. It’s not a bone-jarring ride, nonetheless, but there is room for improvement.


If you are wondering whether this is the right seated scooter for you, wonder no more. This review of the Emove Roadrunner will ensure you have all the information you need to make your choice. Keep reading!

emove roadrunner

Emove RoadRunner Specifications

Motor350W Front and 500W Rear wheel hub motors.
Battery48V 26.1Ah Li-Ion Dynavolt
Charge Time12 Hours
Single-Charge Mileage53 miles (85 km) – may vary depending on riding conditions
Max Speed34 mph (54.7 kph) – may vary depending on riding conditions
Climbing RangeN/A
Braking SystemDual Xtech Hydraulic Brakes
Tyre Type14 Inch Pneumatic Tyres
SuspensionFront Dual Absorber Shock\z
LightingFront LED, Rear Brake, and Indicator Lights
Max Load330 pounds or 150 Kgs
Scooter Weight55 Pounds or 30 Kgs
Product MaterialAluminum Alloy
Size (L x W x H, cm)Fold Size: Does not fold
Unfold Size: 96cm x 127cm x 63 cm
HornElectric horn
Water ResistanceNo IP Rating

Emove RoadRunner Review Video

Check out this short video as ESG puts the Emove Roadrunner through its paces. The Roadrunner is fast, powerful, and has an impressive range.

Emove RoadRunner Pros


tickicon Amazing range of 53 miles or 85 km

tickicon Super-fast

tickicon A detachable battery allows for range increase through an extra battery

tickicon Adjustable front suspension that massively improves the ride quality

tickicon Adjustable handlebar to cater to different ride heights

tickicon Rear and front lights provide ample illumination and visibility

Emove RoadRunner Cons


red No rear suspension resulting in a stiff ride

red Lack a regenerative braking system that would improve its performance

red The seat could use some extra padding

red No IP rating meaning the scooter lacks a warranty for water damage



Emove RoadRunner Summary

The funny-looking tiny Emove Electric scooter is making bold statements in the e-scooter world. Very few seated electric scooters can achieve a 34 mph (54kph) speed. The Emove achieves its top speed with the help of two hub motors (500W and 350W) fitted to each wheel.

Although the manufacturer doesn’t give an official figure for the maximum output from the two motors, we believe it is way more than the combined sum of 850W. The Emove Roadrunner hasn’t been graded for hill climbing, but it did make light work of a 10-degree hill climb during our tests.


The motors draw energy from a massive 48V 26.1 Ah Li-ion battery from Dynavolt. This battery can easily be detached, which is handy when increasing your range with an extra battery. It will take around 12 hours to charge it, which is quite a long time fully. This makes more argument for having a detachable battery as you can have an extra charged battery, so you don’t have to wait for 12 hours.

emove roadrunner scooter

The Roadrunner has ample lighting at the front and back in the form of LED lights. The rear lights function as brake lights and turn signals. However, it is advisable to use hand signals when riding during the day due to their low visibility.


As much as the Emove Roadrunner’s front suspension is adjustable, it still leaves a lot to be desired in terms of comfort. The lack of a rear suspension and a lightly padded seat affects the riding experience, especially for heavier persons.


At 14 inches, the wheels are relatively larger than the average scooter’s, but it still makes little difference in the comfort level of the scooter. They are pneumatic which means you can adjust the air pressure to soften the ride.

Performance Overview


The Emove’s saving grace is its performance. It has little to give in terms of looks, but a whole lot is hidden in its drive mechanism. The front 350W motor combines a more powerful 500W motor with the rear to produce excellent results. The Roadrunner has one of the fasted top speeds for a seated electric scooter at 34 mph (54 kph). While there isn’t an official rating of its hill-climbing grade, the Emove easily made it up a 10-degree grade hill during one of our tests.

Thanks to its massive battery, it isn’t just about speed; the Emove has an incredible range of 53 miles (85 km). A single charge is enough to handle an entire day’s average commute. You can also carry an extra battery if you are a heavy commuter. The Emove handles itself gracefully on corners and straights. The 14-inch pneumatic tyres give it a smooth control on tight corners. The rider also has the freedom of using their feet to maintain balance when cornering.

Speed & Acceleration

Voromotors puts the Emove’s top speed at 34 mph or 54 kph, a speed it easily hit during our tests. A powerful rear motor rated at 500W works in tandem with a front 350W motor to give the e-scooter this incredible speed.

The Emove Roadrunner has three power settings that can be accessed via the Menu button on the display unit. There are the Low, Medium, and High Power settings.

The Low Power setting increases the scooter’s range but limits the speed, while the High Power setting gives preference to speed over range. The dual geared motors produce incredible horsepower for quick acceleration, as recorded in our tests below:

  • 0 – 15 mph (25 Kph) – 4 seconds

  • 0 – 25 mph (40 Kph) – 9.6 seconds

  • 0 – 34 mph (54 Kph) – 33.1 seconds

The rider’s weight and surface condition will affect the top speed. Watch as the Emove Roadrunner hits its top speed in this video by Elektrek:

Battery & Range

As far as battery configuration goes, the Emove has one of the biggest batteries we’ve seen on a seated electric scooter yet. It is a 48V 26.1 Ah lithium-ion battery from Dynavolt, a market leader in innovative battery products.

The battery takes 12 hours to charge fully but gives an equally lengthier operating duration covering 53 miles or 85 km on a single charge.

The Emove is designed so that you can easily replace the battery in a single swap – a cool feature when you have a spare battery for an extended range.


emove roadrunner

Motor Configuration

The Emove Roadrunner comes with dual geared motors fitted to each wheel. The front motor has 350W power output, while the rear motor has a 500W power rating.

The Roadrunner can run on both motors or use the rear motor alone. The ‘R’ button engages the rear motor, while the ‘I’ button engages both motors. Having a powerful motor at the rear helps to improve weight distribution, hence its ability to hit such top speed and acceleration.


    Construction & Quality

    The build quality of the Emove Roadrunner electric scooter is exceptional. The frame material is a sturdy 6061 aluminium alloy so expect it to last. The rubber grips on the handlebar, the plastic used for the thumb throttle, the display unit, and the lighting parts all feel premium.

    There are no squeaks when riding, a clear indication of top craftsmanship. We expected the folding handlebar and removable battery compartment to compromise the build quality, but that wasn’t the case.

    Suspension & Comfort

    The Emove Roadrunner has a semi-hydraulic front suspension fork. It comes with a Manitou Absolute damper that has eight adjustment settings for stiffness. This feature single-handedly makes up for the lack of a rear suspension, considering that weight is exerted at the back of the scooter. Still, being a seated e-scooter, the Emove could be better with a rear suspension system.

    emove roadrunner

    Ride Quality

    This has been debatable among users who’ve ridden the Emove Roadrunner e-scooter. Some say the ride is comfortable, others have said it’s tolerable, while most have said they would pay more to have a rear suspension on the scooter. We agree with the majority that the scooter could do with a few adjustments.

    While the front adjustable suspension significantly improves the ride quality, it does not absorb the shocks exerted on the scooter’s rear, which shoulders the most weight. Additionally, the bench seat is a bit stiffer and uncomfortable for long rides.

    Generally, the Roadrunner is at home on flat surfaces, and ride quality is excellent here. It is still usable on bumpy surfaces, but it would be better to cushion the rear weight if it had a rear suspension.


    Fantastic! That’s how we feel about the lighting system on the Emove Roadrunner. It has sufficient and practical lights at the front and the rear.

    The front light is a bright 280LM LED headlight that offers great illumination at night. It is strategically positioned just above the front tyre to light up the path ahead, even in pitch darkness.

    The rear light is mounted on the seat to make it visible to other riders. It functions as a brake light, turn signal, and hazards. The turn signals are positioned a bit closer, which compromises their effectiveness – it’s therefore, advisable to use hand signals.


    There are no better brakes than hydraulic ones, and the Emove Roadrunner has two. The xtech hydraulic brakes are operated by a pair of levers attached to each side of the handlebar.

    Since cables connect them, the braking force applied is dependent on the pressure applied on the levers. If you depress the lever too hard, the scooter will abruptly stop or might even lock up. The hydraulic pair do a great job despite the lack of a regenerative brake system.


    The Emove Roadrunner weighs 50 pounds or 30kgs – which means you can carry it but for short distances. Thanks to its small size, the scooter can fit into smaller spaces like the boot of a car or a cramped alley. Additionally, the adjustable handlebars make for easy storage.


    The tyres on the Emove Roadrunner are big when compared to the average electric scooter but look small against the huge frame of the Roadrunner. They are 14-inch pneumatic tyres that offer better grip and comfort compared to solid tyres. However, against the backdrop of comfort comes increased maintenance costs associated with punctures.


    Yes, we are talking about the seat, not the deck, as would have been the case had this been a standing electric scooter. The memory foam seat is fairly comfortable if you are not heavier than 220 pounds (100 kgs).

    However, there is a lot of room for improvement on this part. The matte black seat could do with more padding to make it more comfortable. It would also be great if the seat was height-adjustable to accommodate different heights.

    Lastly, the surface area and design of the seat could be more ergonomic.

    Controls & Display

    The Emove Roadrunner packs a cool anti-glare LCD display that is visible even in sunny conditions. The display indicates the battery level, speed, distance covered, and power mode. Also fitted to the handlebar are two brake levers, a light switch, a horn button, indicator buttons, and a thumb throttle.

    Water Resistance

    Voromotors has not rated the Emove Roadrunner for water resistance but say it can be used in light rain. However, since electric scooters are prone to water damage, we advise against using them in soggy conditions.

    Reliability & Warranty

    The Emove Roadrunner comes with a standard one-year warranty. However, the warranty does not cover water damage, so be cautious when venturing out into the rain. The customer support is reliable, friendly, and prompt. You can reach them via Livechat on their main page for instant response.

    Voromotors has a proven track record, and their products have been known to offer lasting service. We expect the same with the Emove Roadrunner e-scooter.

    Additionally, the fact that Voromotors offer extended warranties means they trust their products to last for a long time.


    The basic maintenance practices apply to the Emove Roadrunner. To maintain the battery life of your scooter, you are advised to use the recommended charger, to discharge your battery before recharging completely, and to keep the scooter in an ideal environment.

    Moving parts like the folding handlebar and retractable foot leg will need regular greasing to prevent rust. Lastly, be cautious about riding in a wet environment as the scooter does not have an IP rating.


    Known Issues

    The Emove Roadrunner is a solid electric scooter with one little design flaw – the lack of a rear suspension or a saddle seat to absorb shocks. Many riders have expressed their dismay at this flaw, with some offering to pay more to have a model fitted with a rear suspension system.

    Emove RoadRunner: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

    Resoundingly Yes! Even though the Emove Roadrunner costs a whopping £1100 (or more depending on where you get it), it deserves the price tag. The reason people opt for electric scooters is that they are an affordable and functional alternative to cars for daily commutes. The Emove Roadrunner fits the bill as far as functionality and affordability are concerned.

    It is powerful, has a respectable top speed of 34 mph (54 kph), and covers 53 miles (80 km) on a single charge.

    It offers more stability and control than a stand-on electric scooter as a seated scooter. It is also practical, given that you can double its range by having an extra battery. It is definitely one of the best electric scooters in its category that you will find in the market.

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    Nely Hayes


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    • Amazing range of 53 miles or 85 km
    • Super-fast
    • A detachable battery
    • Adjustable front suspension
    • Adjustable handlebar
    • Rear and front lights
    • No rear suspension resulting in a stiff ride
    • Lack a regenerative braking system
    • The seat could use some extra padding
    • No IP rating

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