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E-Twow GT 2020 Review

Holly Darani
18 June 2021

A Very Compact and Fast Scooter With a Top Speed of 25 mph and a range of 31 miles. 


Ultra-portable scooters are the fastest growing sector as riders of all ages experience the joy of two-wheels. For those who want the best, please meet the E-Twow GT 2020.

Lightweight, compact and portable, the E-Twow GT 2020 (known in some territories as the E-Twow GT 2020 SE) is in the running to be crowned the best commuter-scooters out there. Oh, and it’s super quick too. In fact, it’s the fastest ultra-portable we’ve ever ridden. The only difficulty we had was pronouncing its name (apparently, it’s E2).

On paper and on the streets the 2020 GT is a bit of a beast. Check out our review, in-depth details and tech specs to learn more about this portable powerhouse.


E-Twow GT 2020 Review Video


Here’s a quick unboxing and video review for you to check out. This feature showcases how you would expect the E-Twow GT 2020 e-scooter once it arrives at your doorstep, along with explaining its pros and cons to help you determine if this truly is the electric scooter of your liking.

E-Twow GT 2020 Pros



tickicon Affordable price point

tickicon Excellent build quality (very compact and lightweight)

tickicon Excellent customer support and warranty

tickicon Very easy to maintain

tickicon It’s IPX4 certified

E-Twow GT 2020 Cons



red The battery could be more powerful

red Bad at inclines

red The wheel could be bigger and with better traction

red Its acceleration is a bit on the slow side



Let’s start with the good bits. The E-TwowGT 2020 has the most power, the longest range and the highest top-speed in its class of e scooters. At 12kg, it’s light enough for riders of all sizes, and the three-point folding system will have the scooter up and down in seconds.

At less than £1000 to buy new, it’s a portable powerhouse that left us scratching our heads for negatives. The powerful 700W motor even delivers when hitting the hills. Sure, it’s not as strong as some premium dual-motor electric scooters, but they’re almost twice as heavy and expensive.

Looks-wise, this scooter isn’t anything special. It’s pretty basic and generic-looking, so if you want a scooter that makes a statement, this isn’t is. Twist the throttle through, and you’ll leave other riders and road users in no doubt that you’re on a premium ride.

The battery pack is built by Samsung, using its 35E cells. Delivering 504Wh, it provides the furthest range in its class. Expect to regularly get 20 miles on a full charge.

The design, specifications and airless tyres all tell us that this electric scooter is aimed solely at fair-weather city riders. It’s all reassuringly well made, with solid swingarms, a sturdy frame and high-quality components.

Personally, we love its no-nonsense looks and serious specs. Is it the perfect ultra-portable? It is (until something better comes along!).


E-Twow GT 2020 Specifications

Motor700W front hub motor
Battery504Wh, 48V Samsung battery
Charge Time3 - 4 hours
Single-Charge Mileage31 miles (up to 50km/h)
Max SpeedTop speed of 25 mph (40 km/h)
DisplayHigh-quality LCD screen with simple menu and controls
Braking SystemFront regenerative brake and rear stomp brake
LightingLED lighting group + Rear Stop Light
HornNo horn
Max Load125 kg / lbs
Scooter Weight13.4 kg / 30 lbs
Product MaterialUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding HandlebarUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified - Alloy Frame
SuspensionDual suspension with front spring stem and rear spring swingarm
Size (L x W x H, mm)Unfolded: 43.3x18.1x47.8 inches

Folded: 43.3x18.1x19.7 inches
Water ResistanceNo

Performance Overview

On an e scooter this light, the 700W front hub motor will always deliver performance, but out of the box, the Twow GT electric scooter provides more than we expected. When compared with other ultra-portables, you can see why, with the E-Twow GT electric packing in an extra 200W. Battery capacity is impressive too.

It may look small, sweet and innocent, but the power-to-weight ratio makes the E Twowo GT electric scooter fly. It’s suitable for larger rides too, with a max weight of 125kg.

The scooter sets new benchmarks for acceleration and top speed (more on that later). Thankfully, taming the beast isn’t a problem with the upgraded mechanical brakes.

Charging time is under 5 hours using the supplied 3A mains adaptor, which means you can go from a flat zero to hero in less than a working day. The scooted has an Advanced Battery Management system to prevent overheating too.

It’s all very impressive indeed.

Screenshot 2021 06 23 at 13.59.20

Top Speed & Acceleration

The acceleration is like being pushed down a flight of stairs; it really takes you by surprise. The motor is smooth and fast, reaching 20mph in under 9 seconds. That’s enough to leave traffic standing and other scooters in your wake.

In this price range, there’s nothing to compare it to. Sure, we could stack it against scooters three times the price, but how fair is that?

The acceleration helps cement this scooter as a commuter classic. Having access to that speed isn’t just about impressing other road users. It also enables you to manage dangerous situations and dodge trouble.

We managed to just about tip the speedometer at 24mph on our tests. It’s in line with the manufacturer’s specs and demonstrates just how fast it can go.

In real-world conditions, it’s unlikely you’ll want to hit these energy-sapping speeds for long, but having the grunt there is good to know. The scooter chews through 7.7Wh / Km, which is acceptable at this price point.

It compares favourably with other ultra-portables from brands such as Xiaomi or Ninebot. It’s 10mph faster than the average rental scooter, so they better get out of your way.


Controls & Display

The LED display on this electric scooter is actually not the biggest. Yet, it manages to deliver all the information needed for a quick ride as straightforward as possible. Frugal as it may be on the details, you’d be easily able to check the scooter’s remaining battery life, your current speed, and Bluetooth Pairing status. You’d actually not be able to see the cockpit at first glance if the scooter is turned off, as it’s just around the size of the scooter’s neck.

To zoom in on what the app does, it’s basically a more detailed extension of the dashboard. It offers a real-time speedometer, map routing, cruise control, and light control. It’s not really that useful, especially that your rides on this scooter are quick. But, it’s nice that they managed to develop quite an app for this specific model.

Battery Life & Range 

The eternal pay-off between speed and range still exists, but the 504Wh Samsung pack should deliver around 20 miles on a full charge. So, you’re not going to be enjoying all-day excursions, but as a commuter or leisure scooter, it’s perfect. Our range test got almost 20 miles from a full battery.

You’re also getting a quality Lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) unit that’s built from Samsung’s tried and tested 3.5Ah (35E) cells. You can be confident you’ll get years of trouble-free fun, with the battery good for up over 500 recharging cycles.

Motor Configuration

The DC Brushless motor is a standard front-hub model, delivering a rapid blast of acceleration. It’s a sleek unit and powerful enough to cope with riders up to 125kg and slopes up to 25 degrees.

At 700W, it’s almost 50% stronger than others in the same price bracket. The translates into improved performance and higher speeds.

Construction & Build Quality

When you pick up the scooter, it’s reassuringly heavy and well-built. The frame is built from a standard aluminium alloy. It is available in three metallic paint finishes (white, grey and black).

Weak swingarms were an issue on previous models, and it’s great to see these details have been addressed here. As we’ve said, the looks are pretty vanilla but you can’t question the quality of the build.

Can you tell we like it yet? It may look like a standard scoot, but it’s not. Step onboard, and you’ll feel the build quality is an improvement from a standard Xiamoi or Ninebot commuter, for example.

It’s not just speed and low weight, but the agility and precision when you’re on board. The aluminium used is tough and hardwearing, with a decent quality metallic paint finish that still looked the part after outdoor excursions and adventures.

It seems Twow has taken on board the often brutal feedback it has received from users and upped its game. Would we be happy to have this as our daily ride? Yep.




The scooter might look basic, but the front and rear shock absorbers do an OK job soaking up the bumps and limps from the road.

This is a high-quality electric scooter that’s built for the city, and we’re OK with that. Don’t try to ride off-road, or you risk damaging yourself and the scooter.

Ride Quality

Solid tyres and small shock absorbers may suggest you’ll have a bumpy time, but you’ll be surprised by the GT. E-Two makes a point of telling riders to avoid potholes and rough roads to maximise their scooter’s lifespan. Still, we found the ride to be fairly smooth on a mixture of road surfaces.

Every scooter is a compromise, and this one is firmly designed for the city. Take it off-road, and you’ll soon feel the limitations, but why bother?

If you’re upgrading from an entry-level scooter, you’ll notice the difference straight away. Sometimes, it’s the small things that matter, like the rubber on the deck that clings to your feet.

In the cockpit, the full-colour display gives you total control of the crucial aspects. You can check battery per cent, speed, total or trip distance and temperature. At 30 x 26mm, it’s not the biggest out there but it is adequate.


Previous E-Two scooters had one a single brake which was a serious mistake when coupled with the motor. Thankfully, they’ve addressed these flaws and comprehensively upgraded the brakes here.

Using technology from F1, the KERS braking system is regenerative, recovering up to 60% of the power created. In the past, KERS systems haven’t always had amazing stopping power, but it’s enough when you grab the brake lever.

Given the power, you’ll want to feel confident with your braking, and you can. If the lever brake isn’t slowing you down fast enough, you can take the DIY route and stomp on the rear wheel like you’re riding kick scooters and it’s 2015.


As a low weight-ultra-portable, you’d expect the GT to fold up and down in seconds, and it does. The three-point folding mechanism is smooth, with all the spring-loaded mechanisms operating well on our test. The height-adjustable handlebars are firm without play and slide into place quickly enough.

Everything is secured with a reassuring click. When folded down, the 12kg scooter is easy to carry pretty much wherever you want it to go. The handlebars fold in to make it narrow. It’s easy enough to slide it under your arm to get on the bus, under your desk at work and in a cupboard at home.

Water Resistance

There’s no water-resistance, so you shouldn’t ride the scooter in the rain. If you do, you risk damaging the crucial components and invalidating your warranty. The semi-slick tyres aren’t going to give you much grip on damp roads and almost none if they’re wet, so do yourself a favour and catch the bus.


Built-in LED lights at the front and brake lights at the rear are OK, but if you’re planning on commuting, we’d recommend investing in some aftermarket lights too. You get front and rear side reflectors also, but these aren’t going to be of much use if a car gets close enough to see you.


We found the solid 8″ tyres to be grippy enough on roads and coupled with the shock-absorbing suspension to provide a comfortable ride. Sold tyres are pretty much standard for urban commuters as they’re low-maintenance and cheap to replace. Time will tell how durable the tyres are after repeated use, but we had no complaints during our tests.

Just don’t expect a smooth ride off-road or much traction when it’s wet.


Deck size is decent (51cm x 14cm approx) and enables you to find a position that works for you. The powerful front brake means you no longer have to hover your foot over the rear, which is better. The surface is comfortable and grippy, courtesy of the thick rubber. On our range test, we experienced no major problems.

Clearance is OK at 7.6 centimetres, and you won’t get much more out of small 8″ wheels. It’s enough for most road conditions, but be careful getting on and off kerbs.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The GT is a new scooter, and we’ve not heard of any negative reports so far. All the critical components (battery, motor and brakes) are all from top manufacturers, so we reckon you can be confident in its long-term reliability. It’s maintenance-free too, which is a nice bonus.


The GT’s airless tyres and regenerative braking make it pretty much maintenance-free. That’s good news for most of us who prefer riding scooters to repairing them.

Known Issues

Past models were known for having weak brakes, so it’s reassuring to see that the builder has added an additional drum brake. On a vehicle this powerful, it’s a welcome add-on.

Otherwise, nothing to worry about.


It’s not an accessory as such, but the E-Two comes with a powerful and genuinely helpful smartphone app. Using the app, you can lock and unlock your scooter, set a speed limit, operate the lights and activate the Zero Start function.

It’s available on iOS and Android, and we recommend downloading it if you invest in the scooter. You’ll need to register and login to gain access, but clicking the right buttons to avoid the inevitable mailing list is easy enough.


Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

We would definitely recommend this electric scooter – especially those who love something that’s a bit quicker as the speed on the E-Twow GT is brilliant. In conclusion, the motor power, performance and portability of this scooter makes it the perfect choice for a short commute.


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  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Excellent compact build quality
  • It's one of the fastest scooters with a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h)
  • High-quality LCD screen with simple menu and controls
  • Larger riders may find the smaller tyres aren't as stable
  • Solid tyres mean that the scooter isn't suitable for heavy off-roading (but it's built for the city)
  • No water resistance means it's not a year-round solution for commuters

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