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E-TWOW S2 Booster Plus S+ Electric Scooter

Daniel Foley
29 January 2024


An incredibly lightweight and affordable electric scooter with a top speed of 23 mph and designed for All-round comfort.


Some prefer speed from a scooter, others comfort. If you’re firmly in the latter camp, then the E-TWOW S2 Booster Plus S is for you. It’s an entry-level scooter aimed firmly at the commuter, delivering good (if not spectacular) performance. It’s light too at 11kg, making it easy on the arms and at under £600 it’s gentle on the wallet too.

OK, so the Booster Plus S+ isn’t not going to win any prizes for innovation, but it’s slim, ultra-portable and sort of pretty. It’s mid-price, mid-performance and unapologetically middle-of-the-road – which is what you want from a commuter scooter.

If you’re in the market for a reliable all-around rider, then read our E-Twow Booster Plus S+ to find out if it’s for you.


E-TWOW Booster Plus S+ 


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E-TWOW S2 Booster Plus S+ Specifications

BatterySamsung, 36V 8.6Ah
Charge Time2 hours
Range (Claimed) 22 miles / 35km
Max Speed23mph/36 km/h
Climbing Range25 degrees
Braking SystemElectro-magnetic KERS, Kick-brake
TyresAirless tyres
Wheel sizeWheel size 8.5”
Max Load125 kg/275lbs
Scooter Weight10.8 kg/23lbs
Product MaterialUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding HandlebarUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified - Alloy Frame
SuspensionSuspension Front/Rear, Coil-spring
Size Folded38.2 x 5.7 x 13.0" / 97.0 x 14.5 x 33.0 cm
40.2 x 15.0 x 45.7" / 102.0 x 38.0 x 116.0 cm (Unfolded)
Water ResistanceNo IP Rating

E-Twow Booster Plus S+ Scooter Review Video

Here’s a walk-around video to give you a detailed view of the E-Twow booster plus s+ scooter features and quality. In summary: Super lightweight, sturdy and affordable electric scooter with a decent range for the money!

E-Twow Booster Plus S+ Pros

tickicon Lightweight, easy to carry and highly portable

tickicon Slim design and speedy handling makes this great for the city

tickicon All-round comfort

tickicon Fast charging

tickicon Proven performance and quality components throughout, including high-performance Samsung battery pack

E-Twow Booster Plus S+ Cons

red Average performance across the board

red Dull looks

red Folding mechanism can take some getting used to

red  Not great on bumpy surfaces

red Not as powerful as other S2 models


E-Twow Booster Plus S+ Summary

The Booster Plus S+ is a basic scooter, but it makes no apologies for it. In fact, E-Twow has managed to squeeze some serious performance into a streamlined package.

The S+ manages hit a top speed of 19mph, courtesy of its 500w motor. Electric scooter range is an equally decent 22 miles. All of this in a scooter that weighs just 11kg. It’s an impressive achievement

OK, so the 36V 8.6Ah battery pack is fairly small, which means you’re not going to be travelling very far or very fast, but that’s not what this electric scooter is all about.

The scooter comes with a fast charger. It’ll have your battery from flat to full in less than 3 hours. Compare that to 10 hours for a high-performance scooter, and you’ll begin to see why we like this scooter more and more.

The slim design and low weight of the S+ mean that handling is responsive and quick. This thing really does respond immediately, which is ideal when dodging in and out of traffic. The assisted brakes make stopping a certainty. Upgraded tyres keep you stuck to the street too, which is always welcome.

Once folded, the scooter is comfortable to carry. The three-point folding mechanism is solid but can be a bit sticky until you get familiar with it.

The Booster Plus S+ is the best-specced of E-Twow’s fifth-generation S2 range of scooters. If you’re on a budget check out the slightly cheaper Booster V or Booster Plus.

If you’re searching for a mid-range scooter, then the S+ is a serious contender for your cash.

Power & Performance

The S+ isn’t sluggish, with the 500w motor powerful to propel you on the straight and narrow. It’s also able to tackle some serious climbs, including slopes up to 25 degrees (although for how long, we’re not going to ask).

The 36V 8.6Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack is built from reliable Samsung cells, delivering what we imagine to be long-lasting performance. Charging is a super-speedy 2 hours, which makes it ideal for commuting.

The airless tyres are solid and stable, with the front and rear coil spring suspension doing the business. In fact, it’s one of the most comfortable scooters in this (or any) price bracket.

This is definitely a city scooter at heart. Take it off-road and you’ll soon feel the limitations, but why bother when road riding feels this good?


E-Twow Booster Plus


Acceleration is smooth with the torquey motor making us smile every twist and turn. Sure, the top speed isn’t much to get excited about, but you’ll have fun getting there.

In fact, the S+ is an ideal first scooter. Acceleration is rapid, but not aggressive and progressive enough to be manageable.

Top Speed

You can hit a top speed of 22mph on the S+, which certainly feels quick enough in traffic. OK, so it won’t win many awards, but it’s 7mph faster than the average commuter scooter, Xiamoi or Ninebot.


It may be lightweight, but you’ll still get a range of 22 miles in eco mode.

In real-world conditions and at real-world speeds, it’s likely to be less of course, but like every aspect of this scooter, it’s just about enough.

Thankfully, charging time is 2-3 hours, so you’ll not be waiting long if you do run the battery down.

Motor Configuration

All E-Twow’s S2 models come with a front-hub DC brushless motor. The motor feels strong and is tried and trusted. During our tests, we experienced no issues.

The cabling is tidy too, and looks much neater than previous models.

E-Twow has taken rider feedback on board, with he S+ coming with a super fast charger and an upgraded and improved charging port. The charging port is smarter and safer, meaning you’re less likely to experience any expensive damage. It’s also waterproof too, as we all know water and power don’t mix!


The S+ is a typical scooter that is built to last. Out of the box it felt sturdy and stable. The frame is built from aluminium alloy, which is robust and provides excellent corrosion resistance.

Finish was good enough, and with a range of colours to choose from you can choose one that fits.

The S+ is highly portable, which means ta slim deck and tube stem. Such weight saving is great for smaller riders, but for larger riders we reckon the S+ might feel a little too flimsy, particularly at higher speeds.

The scooter can cope with a maximum weight of 125kg, but larger riders may want to look elsewhere.

e-twow booster plus scooter


The S+ delivers a super-smooth ride because of its strong front and rear coil spring suspension. Seriously, this scooter is very comfortable, even after a decent distance standing up.


e-twow booster s+ scooter

Ride Quality

Ride quality is a combination of tyres, traction, suspension and speed and the S+ gets its right.

As we’ve said, this is city-commuter central, so you’ll feel lumps and bumps if you head off road, but on road it’s a leader in the mid-price scooter market.

We clocked up  some serious miles during our tests, and ended up with a smile not a strain.

The handlebars are short and straight, and are easy to grip and grab on. The full-colour LCD provides all the information you should need, including speed, battery health and mileage. It’s easy to read in direct sunlight and darkness.


The S+ has a dual brake system, with a regenerative front brake and rear mechanical brake.

Most (if not all) of your stopping power should come from the front, with the stomp brake an insurance policy in emergencies or to avoid accidents.

The front regen brake uses Kers technology to harness power generated during braking. We’ve not always liked the feeling of regenerative brakes, but these are an improvement on previous models.

Overall, there’s little to complain about.


At 11kg, the E-twow is light, but just how portable is it? Very, is the answer.

The three-point locking system can take some getting used to, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s easy. The scooter is clearly aimed at commuters, with the slim deck, stem and bars folding down into a neat package.

This scooter excels in its portability, and can slide under a desk, seat or slot away into a cupboard without issues.

It’s another tick in the box for this capable commuter.


Front LED lights and rear brake lights are bright, but not brilliant. They’re good enough to get by, but we’d advise an upgrade as an early investment.


The 8” airless tyres are standard for scooters in this range. We liked the extra tread on the tyres, and suffered no slips, trips or spills when we were riding.

While we wouldn’t recommend riding in the rain or wet, they’re better equipped to deal with it than the slicks found on other scooters.

One of the main benefits of airless tyres is that they’re maintenance free. Just remember to check regularly to ensure they’re still in good condition.


The deck is narrow, which is ideal for quick handling. In fact, the slim deck enables you to chuck this scooter round obstacles, which is a lot of fun.

The deck may be slim, but it’s thicker than previous S models, and you can feel it. On the side you’ll find side reflectors that increase visibility (a bit).

Even larger riders should be able to find a comfortable position here for clocking up those comfortable commuter miles.

Build Quality

E-Twow is a well-known make, and you’d expect the S= to be built well. Thankfully, you’d be right.

Out of the box, the scooter is a quality machine. From the battery to the bolts, nothing feels cheap. It all looks and feels reassuringly well built.

OK, if we’re being harsh, some riders might find the scooter to feel a little too lightweight.

If you really push, there is some play in the handlebars, the scooter can bottom out at points and the rear mechanical brake is a compromise, but overall, we reckon you’ll enjoy years of trouble free scootering with the S+.


During our review, we didn’t experience any issues. We’ve also not been able to find any negative reviews or product recalls that you should worry about.

Top-quality components such as the Samsung battery pack suggest that E-twow isn’t interested in cutting corners.

If you buy your S+ from a recommended retailer, you’ll get 2 years of cover should you experience any problems or issues.

Known Issues

As above, there are no issues that we’re aware of, but check back here as we’ll update the review if we do find any.

Water Resistance

The E-twow isn’t water resistant, so don’t ride it in the rain. In damp conditions, you’ll find the solid tyres struggle for grip and can lock up. Also, the LED lights aren’t up to the job in fog or rain.


Overall, the S+ is pretty much maintenance free, with airless tyres, sealed battery and motor and quality components mean there’s little to worry about.

You may need to grease the folding mechanism now and again and keep it clean, but it should be fine.


    E-Twow doesn’t offer aftermarket accessories. As we’ve already mentioned, if you’re planning on riding when it’s dark (or just want some extra security) invest in some lights.

    Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

    As far as we can tell, the E-Twow S2 is worth the money, it’s durable, great value for money and offers everything you’ll need for an electric scooter without breaking the bank.

    There doesn’t seem to be many bad reviews or issues with these scooters so that should help with your decision when deciding which scooter to buy as well! You want something that’s going to last and be safe for a long time.


    E-Twow Resources

    E-Twow Website

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    • Proven performance and quality components throughout, including high-performance Samsung battery pack
    • Slim design and speedy handling makes this great for the city
    • Lightweight, easy to carry and highly portable
    • All-round comfort
    • Fast charging
    • Average performance across the board
    • Dull looks
    • Folding mechanism can take some getting used to
    • Not as powerful as other S2 models

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