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E-TWOW Booster + Review

Brett Heyns
29 January 2024


This fun but tough commuter scooter is very popular with urban travellers and celebs alike. It has a top speed of around 18 MPH and a range of up to 21 miles


The E-TWOW Booster Plus offers more safety, comfort, and efficiency from design to ergonomics. Some of its most notable features include premium-quality Polyurethane (PU) tires, an elegantly designed cockpit, dual brakes, and a three-point foldable design for enhanced portability.

To discover why this e-scooter is popular among celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Justin Bieber, keep reading our detailed E-TWOW review.

E-TWOW Booster Plus Electric Scooter – The Lowdown…


When Dr. Ing. Sorin SIRBU, a Romanian engineer, established the E-TWOW company in 2013, his goal was to design the most portable electric scooter. True to his word, the company’s first scooter, the E2, set the record for the lightest e-scooter on the market at just 22 pounds!

However, this device encountered numerous issues that forced the company to introduce the second model dubbed the “ETWOW S2”. The S2 model was more sophisticated than the E2, but it still had its share of problems.

Afterward, Dr. Ing went back to the drawing board and introduced the E-TWOW Booster Plus. This versatile, stylish, and advanced electric scooter fixed all the S2’s issues. The fifth-generation scooter is powered by an efficient 36V 500W DC brushless motor that enables it to reach a top speed of 18 mph.


E-TWOW Booster Plus Specifications


Motor 36V 500W brushless DC motor
Battery 33 V, 6.5 Ah, Lithium-Polymer battery
Charge Time 2 to 3 hours
Single-Charge Mileage 21 miles or 33 km (real world results dependent on the weight of the rider)
Max Speed 18 MPH  (top speed is dependent on the weight of the rider)
Climbing Range 15 degrees (varies depending on charge state and weight of the rider)
Display Full colour LCD display
Braking System Front wheel regenerative braking system and traditional rear wheel emergency brake. Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) uses kinetic braking energy to recharge the battery.
Tyres 8-inch airless Polyurethane (PU) tires
Lighting 6 x front LEDs and reflectors on the sides
Max Load 242 lbs. (110 kg)
Scooter Weight 24 lbs. (10.8 kg)
Product Material High-resistance 6061 T6 polished aluminium
Suspension Front shock absorber + rear shock absorber
Size (L x W x H cm) Unfolded: 94 x 13.5 x 116

Folded: 94 x 15 x 33

Water Resistance No IP rating, but the charger port is waterproof


E-TWOW Booster Plus Review Video


Check out this video, that goes over all the features and updates of this E-Scooter.

A firm favourite urban commuter scooter.


E-TWOW Booster Plus Pros


tickicon  Powerful motor that produces a decent top speed of up to 18 mph

tickicon  Comes with a three-point folding mechanism for easy portability

tickicon  Stiff suspension system for an insanely comfortable ride

tickicon  6.5Ah battery that gets fully charged in 2-3 hours

tickicon  Luminous headlights and tail lights to enhance rider safety

tickicon  Polyurethane (PU) tyres coated with rubber composite to improve grip and safety

tickicon  Dual set of brakes to stop the vehicle effortlessly

E-TWOW Booster Plus Cons


red  Handlebars don’t lock in place when folded

red  There are reports of the battery life indicator being inaccurate

red  Sprays water on your back while riding off-road

red  Some users have reported that the suspension gets sticky in a few months when used heavily

red  Tricky to bring the scooter to a halt at top speed

E-TWOW Booster Plus Summary


Since its inception, the E-TWOW company has been renowned for delivering some of the slimmest and most portable electric scooters on the market. However, most of their initial models had issues with power, acceleration, and stability. The good news is most of these problems were addressed with the release of E-TWOW Booster Plus. This model retained the original portable design of its predecessors, but came with additional innovative features to make it a truly elite-class scooter.

For starters, its 36V 500W brushless motor helped to solve the power issue. The motor boasts a maximum speed of up to 18 mph and allows average-size riders to climb 15-degree inclines quite effortlessly. Although its 6.5Ah Lithium-Polymer battery is not one of the largest, it only takes 2-3 hours to charge fully and can last up to 21 miles with a single charge.

The Booster Plus also comes with sturdy tyres made from Polyurethane, coated with rubber, and deeply threaded to wick away water. This enhances the scooter’s grip, ensuring that your bottom (and ego!) won’t get bruised while riding on a rainy day.

The wheels are attached to the thoughtfully designed frame, made from high-resistance 6061 T6 polished aluminium and beautifully coated with metallic paint. Despite the scooter’s slim size and design, its stem and deck are strong enough to support anyone under 242 pounds.

Not to mention the superbly designed cockpit that houses the controls and display. Its attention-grabbing coloured LCD display is clearly visible during the day and at night, and clearly communicates the battery capacity, speed, and distance travelled.

All other controls are strategically positioned to ensure that you don’t miss a turn when commuting to school or work.

Lastly, the Booster Plus three-point folding mechanism makes it super easy to collapse the system and carry it through tight spaces. It also boasts a nylon handle that allows you to carry the scooter with one arm. These two features make the machine an excellent pick if you commute to work daily or want something to ride between your house and the bus or train station.

If you are looking for an ultramodern electric scooter that offers reliability, comfort, decent performance, and value for your hard-earned money, then the E-TWOW Booster Plus has no equal.


Performance Overview


One of the problems with E-TWOW’s earlier scooter models was they lacked enough power to tackle slopes. The first thing Sorin did was fix that issue in the E-TWOW Booster Plus model. With a 36V 500W DC brushless motor, you won’t believe how easy it is to climb 15-degree inclines with this e-scooter. Its peak power of about 650W makes it ideal for riders with shorter commutes and those who care more about portability than range.

etwow booster plus in blue

Top Speed & Acceleration


With the Booster Plus, you won’t have to worry about being thrown off balance when trying to accelerate. The scooter’s 500W motor allows for a smoother acceleration curve, even while negotiating sharp corners or climbing steep slopes. However, the Booster plus is not ideal for off-road riding, so rides should be constrained to paved lanes and city streets. Rather stick to your urban jungle!

Its powerful brushless DC motor handles a top speed of 18 miles per hour and delivers a range of up to 21 miles. We’ve seen quicker e scooters, but this is decent enough especially given its low price point!

 Battery Life & Range


The polymer lithium 33V-6.5Ah may not be the largest battery on record, but it serves its purpose to the fullest.

It takes 2-3 hours to get fully charged, meaning you can charge it during work or school and be ready for the ride home with a full charge.

A single charge is enough to cover a 21-mile range, but this depends on a few factors. For example, heavier riders or those with an aggressive riding style will drain the battery quicker.


Motor Configuration


The E-TWOW Booster Plus features one of the most powerful motors for electric scooters in its price range.

Its brushless 500W DC motor is capable of producing 650W peak power. That is enough to carry 234 pounds and supply a top speed of up to 18mph. Quite impressive!

etwow booster plus motor image

Construction & Quality


The S2 Booster Plus was developed with a lightweight design in mind. But don’t mistake this for any compromise on quality. The scooter is the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication from the foldable handlebars to the special airless wheels.

The thoughtful design is also clear in the high-resistance 6061 T6 polished aluminium frame, coated with beautiful metallic paint.

Another standout feature is the cockpit, which boasts a large display and conveniently positioned controls. The illuminated display provides helpful information, such as cruise speed, charge, and distance travelled. The adjacent throttle and brakes ensure an enjoyable ride without loss of control. All cables are carefully tied together, and all moving parts are robust and durable.

Lastly, the three-point folding system makes this device highly portable and well suited for crowded public places. What we love the most about it though is how easy it is to collapse this electric scooter. By simply stepping on the foot lever, you can fold the handlebars and rotate the stem to form a compact item that will fit even in the smallest of spaces.

etwow booster plus construction

Ride Quality


Scooter enthusiasts can expect a smooth and flawless ride with the E-TWOW Booster Plus.

With a slim and lightweight design, a powerful motor that boasts a top speed of 18 mph, airless polyurethane rubber-coated airless tires, and a responsive front and rear suspension, this e-bike guarantees a stable and enjoyable ride for pros and beginners alike.

However, we recommend that you avoid off-road terrains, as they can transform this e-scooter into a stationary bike! If you’re a new rider, try accelerating progressively as sudden powering of the scooter can quickly tip you off-balance.

etwow booster plus braking image 06



The E-TWOW Booster Plus comes with a powerful dual-brake system (an electromagnetic brake on the front
wheel and a mechanical brake on the rear wheel) for easy stoppage—even at high speed.

There is a small lever on the left handlebar that controls the regenerative front electric brake. The rear mechanical brake lever—often used for emergencies—is positioned near the deck and is controlled with the foot.

The electromagnetic brake is activated by pressing the electromagnetic brake lever with the left thumb. The harder
you press, the greater the braking force will be. If you need to make an emergency stop, use both brakes




With a three-part folding mechanism, a slim and lightweight frame and deck, and a compact battery, the Booster Plus is probably the most portable electric scooter you’ll find on the market.

It comes with a nylon handle to carry the 24-pound vehicle up and downstairs one-handed. Its easy-to-fold frame also means you’ll have little problems carrying it even in tight spaces.

Urban commuters rave about the fact that they can easily carry their Booster Plus with them on the train or bus. Carrying your e-scooter and up or down stairs, and even in elevators, is a total pleasure.

etwow booster plus portability up stairs



Expect unmatched visibility when riding the Booster Plus electric scooter. For starters, the LCD panel lights up like a Christmas tree, displaying the battery charge, speed, and distance covered at all times—even under the full glare of the sun.

Driving at night has also been made much easier by the presence of dual bright lights at each end of the deck as well as the really bright 6-LED lamp, built in to the control console.

Lastly, riders will find four reflectors and signal lights for their safety. These lights are activated when you clutch on the front brake throttle or step on the rear mechanical brake fender.




The Booster Plus’s airless rubber tires are durable and offer an unparalleled grip on rainy days. Made from polyurethane, coated with rubber composite, and outfitted with deep threads, the eight-inch wheels are versatile and solid (albeit a bit rigid).

Accompanied by the fitted shock absorbers, they really help to neutralise hits when riding on rougher urban terrains, resulting in a much more comfortable ride.




Like most top urban focused e-scooters, the Booster Plus comes with a slim but extended deck.

Although some riders claim that a wider deck offers more comfort, a narrower deck makes this e-scooter more agile and easy to manage. This is especially appreciated when commuting to work or across town, and a sudden obstacle or pedestrian appears in your path.

In addition to the slim size, you’ll also love the retractable kickstand which makes it easy to leave the scooter in an upright position while folding it. The kickstand also comes in handy when charging the scooter.


etwow booster plus handlebar controls

Controls & Display


Cruising on the Booster Plus is made easier by the brightly illuminated display and excellent control positioning.

The LCD is positioned between the handlebars,  and the display provides the mileage, charge, and speed, both during the day while the sun is shining brightly and at night when it’s dark. Next to the display are the buttons that control the front lights and rear signal lights.

The throttle and brake levers sit comfortably on the handlebars, ensuring that riders can accelerate smoothly and brake hard – even over shorter distances.


Water Resistance


While there’s no mention of an official waterproof rating on the E-TWOW official website, the Booster Plus’s essential accessories and controls are housed in properly sealed compartments to minimise water damage.

Even so, you should exercise caution using the scooter in wet conditions. Whenever possible, only ride when there’s no rain, but if you have to, wipe the e-scooter down after use, and store in a dry place.

One point to note however, is that the charging port – notably it’s cover – is definitely fully waterproof.

etwow booster plus main housing 01

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support


The E-TOW Booster Plus’s high build quality, well-conceived display and control, special airless tires, and portability make it safe, comfortable, and highly dependable.

Its 500W motor can deliver a range of 21 miles per charge, making it the best choice for individuals who commute shorter distances.

This E-Scooter comes with a 1-year limited warranty. 




Since the folding handlebars and stem are the most active parts, they should be thoroughly inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

Ensure that all loose nuts are tightened, and the throttle and levers are in their proper position before going for a ride.

Also, make sure to keep the scooter clean and free of dirt or mud that can clog the motor or brakes! You’ll also need to keep your battery charged even when the scooter is not in use.


Known Issues


Compared to its predecessors, the Booster plus has the fewest user complaints. This is quite an achievement, and a testament to how much the Booster Plus has been upgraded by E-TWOW.

However, we did come across several reviews by customers who’re still concerned about suspension and ride quality on bumpy roads. But as repeatedly mentioned, this is a highly portable commuter workhorse, so if you are going to be going over really bumpy, or badly maintained roads, you should expect to experience the above concerns.

The biggest complaint we found was on suspension. A good number of customers say that the shock absorber gets sticky after a good few months of heavy use.

Bumpy Rides
There’s an unfortunate design flaw that requires users to push the handlebars forward to ride over bumps with ease.


etwow booster plus footer image

Is this E-Scooter value  money and is it worth buying?


The ETWOW Booster Plus is universally deemed a worthy upgrade to the ever popular Zoom Air 2. The Booster Plus has no equals in terms of reliability, performance and comfort.

Pound for pound, the Booster Plus is the best portable urban commuter electric scooter. The best part about it is that it offers extremely great value for money. The ETWOW Booster Plus, despite its upgrades and improvements, is going for the same price as what the Zoom Air 2 was going for, $1099 or £793!


The E-TWOW Booster Plus comes standard with the following accessories:

  1. Carry Bag
  2. Two-Piece Shoulder Strap
  3. Spare Wheel
  4. Fingerprint Sensor Locker
  5. Phone Holder

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  2. Apollo Explore
  3. Segway E22
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  5. Bird ES1-300
  • Powerful motor that produces a decent top speed of up to 18 mph
  • Comes with a three-point folding mechanism for easy portability
  • Stiff suspension system for an insanely comfortable ride
  • 6.5Ah battery that gets fully charged in 2-3 hours
  • Luminous headlights and taillights to enhance rider safety
  • Polyurethane (PU) tyres coated with rubber composite to improve grip and safety
  • Dual set of brakes to stop the vehicle effortlessly
  • Handlebars don’t lock in place when folded
  • There are reports of the battery life indicator being inaccurate
  • Sprays water on your back while riding in the rain
  • Some users have reported that the suspension gets sticky in a few months when used heavily

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