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Ducati Pro 3 Electric Scooter Review

Nely Hayes
26 January 2024

One of the most technically advanced scooter, the Pro-III boasts a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour(mph) and a range of up to 31 miles.


The Ducati Pro III is one of the most innovative e-scooters in the market today. It integrates with an elegant, sleek design, seamlessly blending into the urban landscape. The innovative Near Field Communication (NFC) technology coupled with the Ducati Urban e-Mobility User App makes the Pro-III the most advanced scooter in the Ducati Urban Range. You’ll certainly be impressed by the combination of elegant appearance featuring a stunning jet-black gloss look, tasteful styling, and a well-oriented deck. 

Ducati Pro III: The Lowdown…

Ducati is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobility solutions ranging from E-bikes, bicycles, motorcycles, and now e-scooters. Established in 1962 in Italy, Ducati is famous for making racing bikes with powerful engines. The company only recently expanded to manufacturing urban e-mobility machines.

Historically, manufacturing e-mobility solutions in mass production has been an uphill task for Ducati. The company has had an on-off relationship with electric motorcycle production over the past few years. In 2019, Claudio Domenicali, Ducati CEO, claimed that the company was working on producing electric motorcycles citing that the future was electric mobility machines. However, the company quickly backtracked this statement, squashing hopes of expanding into the e-mobility space, including electric scooters.

Things changed in 2021 when Ducati released its first-ever electric scooter, the Ducati Pro-1 Evo, in collaboration with Centro Stile Ducati and MT Distribution, making its entrance into the hugely competitive electric scooter space. Building on the success of the first two iterations, Ducati just successfully launched its third entry-level scooter: the Ducati Pro-III. The Pro-III is a significant improvement from both the Ducati Pro-I Evo and the Pro-1 Plus e-scooters, providing an excellent combination of speed, range, comfort, innovation, and more.

So, what breakthrough technology makes the Pro III such a gem in the Urban e-mobility line? To begin with, the e-scooter integrates the Ducati Urban e-Mobility power app coupled with the use of the innovative Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. With this technology, you can flawlessly switch on the display and start the e-scooter simply by bringing the NFC token to the display and waiting for the “pass” sign to appear. The integrated app (also on the Ducati Pro-1 Evo) is available on Google Play Store, and App Store helps you keep an eye on speed, range, battery charge, and more. In addition, the app informs you of the scooter’s location and allows you to request assistance in real-time via chat.

The Difference Between the Ducati Pro-II and Pro-III

While they share some similarities, such as four-speed modes, magnesium alloy construction, tire type, and more, the Pro-III and Pro-II have some striking differences. Some of the key differences between the two models include:

  • Both the Pro-III and Pro-II are powered by brushless 350W motors. However, the Pro-III has a peak power of 515W while the Pro-II’s peak power is unknown, but it’s presumed to be lower.
  • Technology-wise, the Pro-III is more advanced than the Pro-II. The Pro-III is fitted with a 3.2-inch LED display fitted with a USB port to charge electric devices. The Pro-II features a 3.5-inch LED display without a USB plug. The Pro-III also integrates NFC technology, unlike its predecessor.
  • The Pro-III has a higher battery capacity, i.e., 468Wh, compared to the Pro-II’s 374Wh capacity. This amounts to longer ranges, i.e., 31 miles compared to 24.9 miles for the Pro-II.
  • The Pro-III’s battery charges in under 9 hours, while the Pro-II’s battery takes 7 hours only to fully charge. This is, however, due to the difference in battery capacity.
  • While both units have double front & rear disc brakes, the Pro-III integrates KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) to prolong range.
  • The Pro-III is slightly heavier, i.e., 38.5 lbs. than the Pro-II, which weighs 36.8 lbs.
  • The Pro-III has a dimension of 1124 x 480 x 1175mm when unfolded and 1124 x 480 x 505mm when folded. The Pro-II is pretty compact, measuring 1160 x 480 x1150 when unfolded and 1160 x 480x 510 when folded.


Ducati Pro III Specifications

MotorBrushless 350W, Peak Power 515W
Battery36V, 13.0Ah, 468Wh
Charge Time8/9 hours
Single-Charge Mileage31 miles/50 km (may vary depending on rider's weight, street conditions, temperature, etc.) 
Max Speed15.5mph (25km/h) (depending on charge state and weight of the rider)
Climbing Range20% (subject to change depending on the riders' weight, road conditions and temperature)
Braking SystemFront and rear disc brake, with KERS
Tyre Type10" tubeless front and rear tires
SuspensionNo suspension
LightingFront (High and Low positioned Lights) and rear LEDs/ Front Side Reflectors
Max Load220 lbs. (100kg)
Scooter Weight38.5lbs (17.5 Kg)
Product MaterialMagnesium alloy
Size (L x W x H, cm)Fold Size: 112.4 x 48.0 x 50.5 cm
Unfold Size: 112.4 x 48.0 x 117.5 cm
Horn TypeElectric Horn
Water ResistanceIPX4

Ducati Pro III Review Video

Watch a detailed video review of the Ducati-Pro III electric scooter. The Pro III combines sleek, futuristic design, powerful performance, and innovative NFC technology for an amazing urban scooting experience. 

Ducati Pro III Pros


tickicon Excellent build quality, styling, and design 

tickicon Large capacity battery provides an impressive range 

tickicon Adequate performance in terms of power, top speed, and performance

tickicon Seamless folding 

tickicon Fitted with 4-drive modes with a cruise control feature for comfortable and personalized rides.

tickicon Outstanding braking system integrating front and rear disc brakes with KERS 

tickicon Beautiful front lights 

tickicon Integrates NFC technology for enhanced safety-Riders can easily switch the bike on using a key card 

tickicon Comes with an accompanying app, i.e., the Ducati Urban e-Mobility User App, for added functionality. 

tickicon Fitted with a crystal clear multi-function LCD with a USB port for charging smartphones and other electronic devices

Ducati Pro III Cons


red Lacks suspensions despite the high price tag

red At 38.5 lbs. (17.5kg), the Pro-III is quite heavy, hampering portability 

red You won’t have access to the scooter if you lose the key cards

red The plastic surrounding the stem isn’t of robust quality; it looks like it can easily be broken. 

red The front lights aren’t quite bright in the dark. You may need to mount an extra headlight. 



Ducati Pro III Summary

The Ducati Pro-III represents the third iteration in Ducati’s e-mobility line, building on the various aspects of its predecessors. It adopts the latest technology in its construction, integrating NFC and a companion app. The Pro-III upholds Ducati’s sporting spirit, churning out an impressive performance in regards to top speed, range, power, and hill-climbing capabilities (gradeability). In addition, the Pro-III comes with a slew of other features, including 10′-inch tubeless tires, front and rear disc brakes, and a spacious deck for an overall comfortable and safe riding experience. 

The Pro-III ticks the elegant design box, featuring a slick, tasteful design and styling with a stunning jet-black gloss with a red and white color accent finish. You’ll definitely be turning heads riding this scooter going to work or just running errands. The scooter is constructed with magnesium alloy, which has both lightweight and rigid properties. As such, the scooter can be carried over short distances and is tough enough to sustain daily use and abuse. 

The frame’s sharply curved lines coupled with the well-oriented deck do the most to deliver a stunning appearance. The stem is relatively thick and firm enough to deliver a wobble-free, comfortable and safe riding experience. What’s more, the scooter folds into a relatively compact package, allowing for easy portability in compact spaces such as the trunk of a sedan. However, at 38.5 lbs., the Pro-III is pretty heavy for carrying by hand over long distances. All in all, it remains portable for carrying over short distances. 

ducati pro 3 scooter

The Ducati Pro-III performs exceedingly well when compared to other entry-level urban e-scooters. The scooter is fitted with a 350W brushless motor (515W peak power), providing punchy acceleration with a satisfying top speed of 15.5mph (25km/h) in Sports Mode. The 36V complements the motor, 13.0Ah, 468Wh battery that guarantees great autonomy covering up to 31 miles (50 km) on a single charge and fully charges within 9 hours.

The scooter can comfortably accommodate riders weighing up to 220 lbs. (100kg); therefore, ideal for a wide category of riders–adults and teenagers alike. The Pro-III can seamlessly tackle steep climbs up to 20% depending on the driver’s weight, temperature, and road conditions. The Pro-III is fitted with a dual braking system comprising double front and rear disc brake, with KERS for maximum safety when riding. 

Like its predecessor, the Pro-III is fitted with 10″ tubeless front and rear tires, which provide sufficient dampening. Intrinsically, the scooter can provide stability and comfort despite the absence of suspensions, thanks to the puncture-resistant tires. The spacious deck, which is also carpeted in rubber, enhances the ride quality to ensure maximum stability. 

Optimal control of the scooter is guaranteed by the crystal clear 3.2″ LED display. The display informs the rider on essential riding metrics such as speed, odometer, battery, range, etc. As an add-on, the display is fitted with a USB port that can charge a smartphone or other devices while riding. The scooter’s controls, including the accelerator, right brake lever, horn, left brake lever, and lock hook, are intuitively fitted on the ergonomic handlebar, ensuring seamless scooter control.    

With an IPX4 water resistance rating, you can safely ride the scooter in light showers or on wet roads without worrying about electric component damage. 

Ducati has done a good job on the Pro-III, which greatly improved the existing models. But does the scooter fulfill the expectations of the everyday scooterists at that price? Read on to find out how this scooter fares against other commuting scooters now that the space is hugely competitive.

ducati pro 3 deck

Performance Overview

Ducati has a reputation for producing high-performance, two-wheeled mobility solutions, and the Pro-III is no exception. But don’t get this wrong, the scooter is not built for racing. The Pro-III performs outstandingly well for its built purpose, which is urban commuting. The scooter is rigged with a 36V, 13.0Ah, 468Wh battery, which powers the 350W brushless motor with a peak power of 515W. With such immense power, the scooter’s acceleration is punchy and can reach a top speed of 31 mph in sports mode while hauling a max load of 220 lbs. (100Kg). 

Fitted with a dual braking system encompassing double front and back disc brakes, the Pro-III boasts a stopping distance of less than 6 meters from top speed. Therefore, riders are assured of precise braking even in wet conditions, on gravel, or loose soil.

Speed & Acceleration

The Ducati Pro-III has an impressive top speed of 15.5 mph (25Km/h) in Sports Mode. While you could expect a lower speed in real-life, some riders claim to have managed a top speed of 16.16mph. The scooter integrates four riding modes, making it ideal for both novice and experienced riders. Additionally, you can adjust the speed limit based on your personal preference, city speed regulations, or traffic flow. 

The four riding modes are: PEDESTRIAN mode (up to 3.7 mph/ 6km/h), ECO mode (up to 9.3mph/15Km/h), COMFORT mode (up to 12.4 mph/20Km/h) and SPORT mode (up to 15.5 mph/ 25km/h). In addition to the four-speed modes, the Pro-III comes with cruise control for comfortable and safe rides. 

Thanks to the 350W (515 W peak power) motor, riders enjoy swift and punchy acceleration. The pushdown thumb throttle makes it quite easy for riders to control the acceleration. Overall, the Pro-III’s top speed and acceleration are nothing that will blow you away. This power class of scooter is for simple and steady commuting or short local journeys.

    Hill Climbing

    The Ducati Pro-III claims a 20% hill-climbing, but factoring in the low motor rating; it’s highly unlikely that the scooter can achieve this feat. However, if it did, or came close to the 20%, that would make the Pro-III one of the best hill climbing e-scooters in the commuting category. It is also important to note that the hill-climbing capability is dependent on several factors such as road conditions, rider’s weight, battery charge, and temperature.

    Battery & Range

    The Ducati Pro III’s battery life is one of its strong selling points. The scooter is rigged with a 36V, 13.0Ah, 468Wh battery, which fully charges in under 9 hours. The battery can provide a manufacturer-stated range of 31 miles (50 Km). However, the stated range is under optimal conditions, which you’ll hardly achieve riding in everyday scenarios.

     In a real-life test, the scooter completed 29km on a single charge with a 70Kg rider, riding through a relatively flat track with minor gradients. You could also get up to a 40Km-range while riding ultra economically. But, you might as well walk since there wouldn’t be much difference between riding at that speed and walking. 

    The maximum range in real-life conditions is dependent on several variables, including terrain (Range is greater when driving on a smooth surface than when driving on rough roads and slopes), user weight (the heavier the user, the shorter the range), temperature, maintenance (timely recharging and correct maintenance increase the range), speed and driving style (Driving smoothly and at constant speed extends the range. Acceleration and aggressive manoeuvring reduce the range).

    All in all, a claimed range of 31 miles and maybe 26 miles in real life is still impressive for this power class of scooter. Depending on your commuting distance, you can go a day or two without having to charge the scooter.


    Motor Configuration

    The Ducati Pro-III is fitted with a single rear hub brushless hub motor with a continuous 350W power rating and peak 515W rating. This is the same motor fitted in the Ducati Pro-II, only that it can achieve a greater amount of peak power for additional torque.

      ducati pro 3 brakes

      Construction & Quality

      From afar, you can definitely tell that the Pro-III is a Ducati product owing to the premium, robust construction. Constructed with magnesium alloy, every part of the Pro-III screams quality and top-notch engineering. The reinforced magnesium alloy frame is tough and sturdy enough to carry a maximum load of 220 pounds (100 kg). As such, the scooter is perfect for a wide range of riders, including heavier adults. What’s more, the magnesium alloy used in the construction is 33% lighter than aluminum, keeping the overall weight to a bare minimum.

      Other crucial components of the scooter, such as the fenders, are made with heavy-duty plastic guaranteeing durability. The scooter boasts a neat cockpit featuring ergonomic, rubber-covered handlebars, ultra-bright LED, throttle, brake levers, horn, and headlights. The stem is much lighter than most other scooters; it’s a large hollow pole stem, making the whole thing feel a lot studier. 

      Still, on the construction, the Pro-III has a well-oriented deck constructed from magnesium alloy. The top of the deck is covered with rubber to offer better traction for the rider. The deck is pretty spacious and offers a decent amount of ground clearance to go over road obstacles seamlessly. The battery is housed under the deck but is barely noticeable, with no protrusion. The rear and front fenders are attached to the deck, which come in handy to protect the scooter and rider from dirt. The deck is also fitted with a sleek kickstand which comes in handy during parking. 

      Overall, the Ducati Pro-III incorporates a modern, clean design that is quite appealing to the eye. Everything is right in its place with no protrusion whatsoever. The stunning jet-black gloss finish with red and white color accents on the stem and the sides of the deck further complements the excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail that Ducati puts in making this unit.

      Suspension & Comfort

      Unfortunately, the Ducati Pro-III lacks suspensions, which is quite a throw considering its price range. What’s worse is that the predecessor offered a rear suspension that Ducati altogether withdrew from this version. However, the scooter still offers smooth, stable rides thanks to the 10-inch front and rear tires, which offer a satisfactory level of damping on a tarmacked road/paved surfaces. But, don’t expect the ride to be overly comfortable on uneven terrains-the scooter is definitely better suited for smooth paved surfaces.

      Ride Quality

      Despite the lack of suspensions, the Ducati Pro-III still offers a remarkable ride quality on typical urban terrains, thanks to the 10-inch tubeless tires. The quality of the ride is definitely better than most other scooters with no suspension and deserves credit. The remarkable ride quality is further attributed to a slew of features, including the spacious well-oriented rubberized deck, cruise control, wobble-free stem, quiet motor, rubberized ergonomic handlebars, lights, and horns for safety and night riding efficiency, as well as the four ride modes with capped speeds. Overall, the ride quality is impressive. However, if you want more comfort, opt for commuting scooters with suspensions such as the Turbowheel Dart, EMove Touring, Kugoo G-booster, or INOKIM Light 2.

      ducati pro 3


      The Ducati-Pro III comes with front and rear LEDs. The most noticeable is the headlight embedded in the stem just below the handlebar and right under the LED display. This light is slightly brighter than the ones above the wheel, but it still falls short of what you would expect from a premium-design headlight.

       It is important to note that this light is mainly meant for use in towns and cities with ample street lighting. If you plan on using the Pro 3 in a more rural area, you may want to consider upgrading the light.

      There is also a set of lights located above the wheel. These lights are purely for looks and do not serve as headlights. While they may not be very bright, they do give the scooter a more aggressive look when riding at night.

      The rear has a simple brake light that is of adequate brightness, ensuring that you are always visible to other road users. The Scooter also has reflectors on the front forks that improve visibility during night rides.


      To complement the impressive performance and ensure the safety of riders, the Pro-III is fitted with an effective braking system encompassing front and rear cable-driven calipers/discs with KERS (kinetic energy recovery system). The KERS system comes in handy to prolong the range by converting the kinetic energy harnessed from braking into electric energy, which is then channeled to the battery for storage.


      At 38.5 lbs. (17.5Kgs), the Ducati Pro-III is heavier than its predecessors, the Pro I, which weighs 26.45 lbs. (12Kg), and the Pro-II, which weighs 33.5 lbs. (15.2Kg). The Pro-III is also heavier than other suspensionless e-scooters such as the Xiaomi Mi Electric( 26.9 lbs.), Inokim Light 2(30 lbs.), and Turboant X7 Pro( 32 lbs.). At that weight, carrying the Pro-III by hand over long distances is pretty cumbersome. 

      Nevertheless, the scooter still remains portable thanks to its folding features. The scooter can be folded into a compact package measuring 1124 x 480 x 505mm (L x W x H). Once folded, the scooter can seamlessly fit in compact spaces, including the trunk of a sedan. To fold the scooter, simply hold the handlebar rod with your hand, then pull the lever and align the handlebar hook with the hook located on the rear mudguard. Once folded, the scooter can be lifted with both hands and carried over short distances.

      ducati pro 3 scooter


      The Ducati Pro-III rolls on 10-inch front and rear, anti-puncture tubeless tires. The 10-inch pneumatic tires compensate for the lack of suspensions and ensure smooth, stable rides on typical urban terrains. While pneumatic tires are susceptible to puncture and require a higher level of maintenance than their solid counterparts, they are great at absorbing impact from surfaces, offering smooth and comfortable rides. This is why the Pro-III can still manage to offer a commendable ride quality despite the lack of suspension. 


      The deck is a crucial part of any e-scooter and plays a vital role in determining the overall build quality. The Ducati Pro-III has a well-oriented deck crafted from magnesium alloy. Unlike most commuting scooters with long and slim decks, the Pro-III’s deck is both long and broad, contributing to the overall ride comfort. Most importantly, the deck is rubberized to offer extra traction and avoid slips when riding, even in wet conditions.

      Controls & Display

      Displays have become commonplace on commuting scooters. The Pro-III comes fitted with a crystal clear 3.2″ LED display that allows easy monitoring and managing of all functions in the scooter, including choosing between the four riding modes. The e-scooter’s display informs you of the current speed of the scooter, battery level, total distance traveled, single trip distance, headlights on/off, ride mode, cruise control on/off, and Bluetooth on/off. 

      The display is also used to turn on/off the scooter via the engine lock integrated into the system. To turn on the scooter, you can either bring the NFC token card close to the display and wait for the “pass” sign to appear. Alternatively, the scooter can be powered by the Ducati Urban E-mobility application via the lock/unlock button in the settings menu. The display is also fitted with a USB port to charge electronic devices using a USB cable. 

      The scooter’s cockpit is subliminally arranged to facilitate a cleaner, more focused user experience. The left and right ends of the handlebars have been fitted with rubberized grips offering comfortable and balanced rides by preventing your wrists from getting fatigued during long rides. The brake levers are placed on either side of the handlebar, with the right lever operating the front brake and the left operating the rear.

      Next to the right brake lever is the throttle, with the horn placed next to the left side of the display. There is also a lock hook below the stem to hold the stem to the deck once the scooter has been folded, allowing ease of portability. Overall, the cockpit is well arranged, integrating a clean, minimalist approach–-the display and controls are intuitive and perfect for both experienced and novice riders.

      ducati pro 3 scooter

      Water Resistance

      The Ducati Pro-III has an IPX4 water resistance rating. The scooter can withstand light showers, dust penetration, and mist/Fog with this rating. However, note that it’s not advisable to ride e-scooters in heavy snow or rainfall. Apart from the scooter getting damaged from heavy rain, riding the scooter in such conditions puts you at risk of slipping.


      The Pro-III doesn’t disappoint when it comes to reliability. To begin with, the scooter’s premium build quality featuring magnesium alloy means that it can sustain daily abuse synonymous with everyday commuting and serve you for a long time. The high-capacity battery means it has a longer discharge rate thus can last for several years before requiring replacement due to capacity loss. Overall, you can rely on the Pro-III to handle your daily commuting needs. It’s fast enough, has a remarkable range, can climb 20% hills, has good safety features, and remarkable durability. 


      The Ducati Pro III comes with a free 24/48-hour delivery and a 2-year warranty covering mechanical problems. The 2-year warranty is a scooter industry standard, and it’s great that Ducati has implemented it on their urban e-mobility line.

      Ducati has excellent customer service, which is very responsive. In addition, the Ducati Urban e-Mobility User App allows users to request assistance in real-time via a chat. The customer support is nothing less than impressive and comes in handy in dire situations.


      Like any e-scooter, the Pro III requires regular maintenance for safety and longevity. Some of the maintenance practices you can carry out in this scooter include: 

      • Adjust the brakes from time to time.

      • Tighten the nuts and screws

      • Lubricate the moving parts

      • Regularly check on the tyre pressure (Maintain 44psi)

      • Do not use other models or brands of batteries, as they may pose a safety risk.

      • Use only the original charger to avoid potential damage or fire.

      • After each use, fully recharge the battery to extend its useful life. Do not store the battery in an environment where the temperature is above 50 °C or below -20°C (for example, do not leave the scooter parked where there’s direct sunlight for an extended period).


      Known Issues

      The Ducati Pro-III has not been in the market long enough for users to form comprehensive opinions on performance and durability. As we continue to test this ride through a variety of terrain and conditions, and as more people acquire and put the Pro III’s ability to the test, we will update the known issues.

      Ducati Pro III: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

      There’s no denying that the Ducati Pro-III is currently one of the best commuting scooters on the market. It doesn’t snug on performance and lives up to Ducati’s quality, innovation, and high-reliability standards. However, the Pro-III comes at a higher price point than its predecessors and other scooters with similar performance specs. It does the most to justify the price with its technological innovation and impressive performance. But, you might not like it if you’re going off-road due to the lack of suspensions. It’s a worthy buy if you’re looking for a premium commuting scooter with a balance of performance, build quality, brand value, and innovation. But, there are scooters that deliver almost similar performance at a mid-range price.

      • Excellent build quality, styling, and design
      • Large capacity battery
      • Adequate performance in terms of power
      • Fitted with 4-drive modes with a cruise control feature
      • Outstanding braking system
      • Comes with an accompanying app
      • Lacks suspensions despite the high price tag
      • At 38.5 lbs. (17.5kg), the Pro-III is quite heavy
      • You won't have access to the scooter if you lose the key cards
      • The front lights aren't quite bright in the dark

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