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Dualtron Ultra 2 Review

Brett Heyns
13 April 2021


This upgraded beast of a trail-run, yet comfortable commuter scooter, is a powerhouse for pros. It has a top speed of around 55 MPH and a range of up to 80 miles


The Dualtron Ultra 2 is 2021’s upgrade to the previous Dualtron Ultra that was released back in 2o17.

This electric scooter was built to offer an all-terrain alternative for MiniMotors usual releases, as well as a powerhouse of an urban commuter e-scooter.

Truth be told, it’s quite a hefty beast, and there’s actually a reason for all that weight (but more on that later!)

To know more about the MiniMotors Dualtron Ultra 2 and why it stands out among its MiniMotor siblings, keep reading through the article review below.

Dualtron Ultra 2 Electric Scooter – The Lowdown…


If anything, the Dualtron Ultra 2 is far from being a beginner’s entry-level scooter. This all-terrain behemoth offers electric scooter riding even on off-road circumstances – taking what’s good from 2017’s Dualtron Ultra and the 2019 Ultra v2 update, to this 2021 release.

The e-scooter boasts a mix of power and aesthetics, with the two attributes both encapsulated in a shroud of safety and comfort. With this roaring ride, gone are the days of you simply cruising through well-asphalted roads and being limited by terrains that are not fit for your tyres and suspension. This scooter is perfect for riders seeking a bit more thrill to their daily electric scooter rides, as it proves to be the ideal all-rounder that you can take anywhere you please.


Dualtron Ultra 2 Specifications


Motor Max 6640W BLDC Dual Hub Motor
Battery 2520Wh (LG, Li ion Battery)
Charge Time 5 hours with the 6.5A quick charger, 11 hours with the 3A standard charger, and 23 hours with the standard 1.5A charger
Single-Charge Mileage 140 km (87 miles). (real world results dependent on the weight of the rider)
Max Speed 90 kilometres per hour (55 miles per hour)  (top speed is dependent on the weight of the rider)
Climbing Range 70% or 35 degrees depending on rider weight and state of charge
Display MiniMotors EYE3 LCD Display
Braking System Front and rear dual disc brakes with electric ABS
Tyres Tubeless pneumatic 11-inch by ultra-wide off-road
Lighting Brake light, Dual LED headlight, dual-LED twilight, handlebar sides LED lights, stem lighting
Max Load 150 kilograms (330 lbs)
Scooter Weight 40 kilograms (88 lbs)
Product Material Frame: Aviation aluminium forged alloy (6082-Τ6). Shaft: SCM440 steel
Suspension Front Rubber Suspension, Rear Adjustable (5 Stages)Tubeless pneumatic  Rubber Suspension
Size (L x W x H cm)

Unfolded: 130 x 33.5 x 60

Folded: 121 x 33.5 x 54

Water Resistance No IP rating, but the controller (EYE3) is fully waterproof.


Dualtron Ultra 2 Review Video

To start us off, here’s a quick Dualtron Ultra 2 video review — showcasing the unboxing, quality check, and some more information and footage of the electric scooter ridden on different roads and surfaces. The video quickly shows how much a beast of an electric scooter the Dualtron Ultra 2 is, packing punches every step of the way. 


Dualtron Ultra 2 Pros


tickicon  The new 72V35Ah battery takes us much farther than we expected

tickicon  The dual-motor set-up is powerful enough to take you to 30mph very quickly

tickicon  Customer service is quick to respond to questions and problems

tickicon  Much more powerful than its predecessors, but still is easy to ride and operate

tickicon  Looks super cool, and the accessories are just as great

tickicon  Suspension is spot-on, as it was built for rugged roads

Dualtron Ultra 2 Cons


red  It’s sold as an off-road scooter by default. Opting for road tyres would cost you extra.

red  You can’t install a seat on it.

red  It still uses disc brakes and still hasn’t transitioned to a hydraulic system.

red  It’s an off-road scooter that’s not fully waterproof

red  Quite heavy for an electric scooter 

Dualtron Ultra 2 Summary


The Dualtron Ultra 2’s build is more or less the same as its predecessors, with the addition of several improvements to cater to the off-road all-terrain capabilities it offers. For one, a 5-stage rear suspension has been added alongside the front suspension, while the controller is also moved to the back wheel instead of the front. The wheels have also grown an inch taller, with big spikes that allow for any kind of surface to be scooted on.

The battery has also improved, allowing for a longer range than most electric scooters offer. This bad boy has a 6640W – 72V – 35Ah -2520Wh beast of a battery. The higher voltage allows for more power and torque, so you’re easily propelled while you ride, while the watt and watt-hours show that it can take you up to 140 km before it goes out. The Dualtron Ultra 2 is proud that it can now go up to 55mph, with its first gear easily taking you up to 30mph.

Lighting’s also good on this model, offering Brake lights, Dual LED headlights, dual-LED twilights, handlebar sides LED lights, and stem lighting. Then there’s also the updated MiniMotors EYE3 LCD Display that allows you to go through speed modes, the ABS braking system, and cruise control in a breeze. It also takes care of the quick release system through a sliding lock, and a fingerprint scanner can be added as an extra layer of security and protection for the scooter.


Performance Overview


But here’s the thing: all this performance comes at a price, and the Ultra 2 is definitely  not shy of the fact that it has quite a hefty asking. Priced at $4000 (£2914), this fantastic scooter efficiently manages to tame the urban jungle, as well as let you explore practically any terrain. This e-scooter is not afraid to tell the crowd that it’s specifically built for riders with years of riding experience.

The number definitely can’t be bad, especially that the scooter can take on literally anything and anyone. Boasting 35 degrees (or 70%) gradability, any obstruction or slope on the road would be an easy feat on this performance powerhouse.

dualtron ultra 2 main image

Top Speed & Acceleration


To reiterate, this scooter runs with a 6640W – 72V – 35Ah battery that powers a new set of 40A controllers and 2 brushless motors. This is why the scooter can quickly go up to 30mph on first gear and to 55mph at maximum speed. 

With this amount of torque, the Dualtron Ultra 2 easily climbs hills up to 70% (35 degrees worth of gradability). The upgraded design allows for great aesthetics while also offering better handling and comfort in riding, even if carrying up to 330lbs worth of weight. 

 Battery Life & Range


The MJ1 LG Battery pack included in the Dualtron Ultra 2 offers 72V – 35 Ah – 2520 WH – 6640W – 100 discharge. Given all this, results usually differ, especially that they offer an ECO and Turbo mode which are basically polar opposites.

Case in point, the battery is expected to go up to 87 miles of range, but at maximum performance settings, it’s probably only going up to roughly 30 miles. At the lowest setting, you can get maybe 40-60 miles, while on medium performance settings, you’d go down to about 30-50 miles. 

Since the battery is quite big, charging it may take a while to fully charge the battery. It takes about 5 hours with the 6.5A quick charger, 11 hours with the 3A standard charger, and 23 hours with the standard 1.5A charger.


Motor Configuration


The pair of 11-inch brushless motors along with the new 40A controllers give the electric scooter up to 6640 W worth of power. This also comes with a 1-year warranty and pervasive after-sales tech support.

dualtron ultra 2 motor config 02

Construction & Build Quality


The design of the Dualtron Ultra 2 is very much improved over its predecessors – moving the controllers to the back while also crafting the body from aviation grade forged aluminium alloy (6082-Τ6), which supports up to 330 lbs and is rustproof and very rigid.

The layout of the typical Dualtron scooter remains, offering a comfortable stance through and through as you ride – even on dirt roads. In fact, its design is actually quite reminiscent of the first Ultra scooter. The only difference is that this scooter offers folding handlebars, a heavy-duty aluminium chassis, a bigger battery, and a more powerful pair of  11″ motors.

Most of the upgrades make up for the 88lbs weight of the scooter, and that makes it quite difficult to carry around.



The suspension installed on the front and back of the electric scooter operates via a rubber cartridge system – offering the best possible comfort one can ever get on this scooter.

No unevenness of the road can match the quality of this shock absorbing system, as you can take on any terrain and still ride safely and comfortably while powering through. But since this scooter is relatively powerful, it may take some time before you get used to actually riding it smoothly over bumps and humps that you traverse. 


Ride Quality


If you’re used to riding super-powerful electric scooters, then getting on the Dualtron Ultra 2 to figure out how much of a beast it is, would definitely be a cakewalk.

Some things to look forward to in adjusting to the scooter would be its height (since it’s now an inch taller), the tyres (since they have big spikes, and it really grips well on asphalted roads), and the wider deck (which allows you to move to a more comfortable position for longer rides).

Case in point, it rides and swerves buttery smooth as needed, but the height and the wheel traction just need a bit of getting used to. 

dualtron ultra 2 tires brakes



Since Ultra 2 electric scooter goes really fast, an appropriate set of brakes were installed to keep riding fun and safe.

The Dualtron UItra 2 offers both a dual-disc braking system (that primarily runs on cables instead of hydraulics) along with an additional electronic ABS (anti-lock braking system). The dual disc brakes allow for short-distance braking, especially in sudden emergencies. Added alongside this was a proper heat sink near the controller, so it’s protected from probable heat damage from the brakes.

On the other hand, the ABS helps manage the brakes by not letting it lock on slippery roads, offering exceptional braking performance added on top of the dual-disc system.




This behemoth weighs  88 lbs, making it not particularly all that portable. Imagine carrying this around, or worse, bringing it up the stairs of a building. 

What they have improved on this one are the handlebars that fold in when needed, making it more compact but not too friendly with accessories. It still doesn’t lock as expected, but a clamp upgrade can be purchased if ever you need it. 





The Dualtron Ultra 2 is very capable of lighting up any path it crosses, especially with the speeds it can run on.

There’s always the mandatory front and rear LED lighting, but this scooter added brake lights and warning lights on the back too. There are also stem lights that go around its body, with handlebar sides LED lights and stem lights that make it glow really well at night.




In the most peculiar sense, this scooter is only offered with the 11″ high-grip, all-terrain, off-road tyres. There are also “on-road and slick” tyres available for this model, but they have to be bought and installed separately.

These tyres grip the roads well, but they make a lot of noise when you take them on well-constructed and well-tarred roads. But if you take it beyond the road and into rough terrain, it works just as good, with enough grip and traction to parallel the powerful torque the motor provides.

To add, the off-road tyres work really well with the rubber suspension, making the riding experience incredibly comfortable as well as safe and fun. 




The Dualtron Ultra 2’s deck is comparatively wider than that of its predecessors and with just enough grip installed to make sure you don’t fall off.

It’s super comfortable to stand on, and is actually not so scary despite the fact that it definitely feels a bit taller. The grip on the deck makes sure you don’t slip, especially at super high speeds. The only problem is that there’s no room for you to install a seat, so brace your legs for every ride.


dualtron ultra 2 controls

Controls & Display


The MiniMotors ETE3 LCD display is such a treat to have over the handlebars, as they’re multifunctional and smart enough to make riding such a breeze!

From the EYE3 display, one can easily change the speed modes, cruise control, adjust the electric brakes, work with the quick-release sliding lock-controlled system, and even have a fingerprint starter installed to make life easier. Then there’s also the speed settings, in which an Economy and Turbo mode exists depending on what type of feel of a ride you’re expecting from the Dualtron Ultra 2.

The ECO mode offers speed limits for effortless cruising, while the turbo mode provides max performance at the most powerful torque and speed.


Water Resistance


Only the underneath of the chassis the controller is waterproof, but everything else is not IP Water Resistant rated. Take care of its motor and battery to never go near a lot of puddles and  water, and you’d be good to go.


dualtron ultra 2 side image

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support


The build of the Ultra 2 is reminiscent of the Ultra 1, only adding the necessary upgrades to make it more powerful. Just like its predecessor, it’s tough and unwavering.

Nothing from the scooter comes loose nor breaks easily, as MiniMotors had managed to build this scooter to truly withstand the worst of the roads. It’s pretty apparent that they really went hard on this one to make sure it’s a heavy-duty electric scooter that can ride on any terrain that the rider pleases.

There’s a one-year warranty included in this electric scooter, with 6 months on the battery. But first check with the shop you bought it from, because some retailers offer up to a 2-year warranty. The MiniMotors brand cannot be faulted on its after-sales technical support, and they have yet again established and proven themselves why they’re the best in this field, and the Dualtron Ultra 2 is the living proof.





There’s a bit more maintenance to go with this electric scooter, especially if you do take it to dirt or mud terrains. Aside from the occasional deep clean, just make sure to have the battery constantly charged, the tire’s pressure always on point, and the tire’s spike thickness to never go below anything unsafe. 


Known Issues


There haven’t been many issues floating around on the internet in regard to the Ultra 2’s overall performance. The only thing that people seem to beg for is the return of the seat installation holes along with the change from mechanical to hydraulic brakes. 


three prople riding their electric scooters

Is this E-Scooter value  money and is it worth buying?


The MiniMotors Dualtron Ultra 2 is a stellar electric scooter that provides all-terrain ride ability in maximum safety and comfort.

It may be one of the more expensive options in the Dualtron line, as it’s currently being sold for 2 900 pounds, but it’s a good (and relatively cheaper) choice in comparison to the other off-road high-speed electric scooters out there. It’s definitely a huge step up from the first version of the Ultra, but we do wish it can also be offered in road tires without needing the extra money spent.

The addition of hydraulic brakes and seat post holes should also be considered.

Overall, it’s a scooter that lives up to expectations and is perfect for people who like to cruise and power through beyond what the road can offer. 

400x400 brett heyns profile picture
Brett Heyns


Brett is an avid outdoors adventurer, and is always super keen to give anything a bash that gives that GO-FAST rush.

  • The new 72V35Ah battery takes us much farther than we expected
  • The dual-motor set-up is very powerful
  • Customer service is quick to respond to questions and problems
  • More powerful than its predecessors but still is easy to ride and operate
  • Waterproof Digital LCD display with intuitive controls
  • Suspension is spot-on as it was built for rugged roads
  • It’s sold as an off-road scooter by default, so no road tyres in the box
  • You can’t install a seat on it.
  • It still uses disc brakes and still hasn’t transitioned to a hydraulic system
  • It’s an off-road scooter that’s not fully waterproof

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