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Daniel Foley


Daniel is an avid scooter fan who has owned and tested over 50 different scooters. Part time scooter enthusiast & part time SEO specialist.  Daniels favourite scooter is the Dualtron Thunder.

Dualtron has become a household name in the electric scooter industry. With its latest addition, the Dualtron Storm, the brand is showing no signs of slowing down. Sporting a detachable battery pack and a moveable controller that also serves as a footrest, the Dualtron Storm is undoubtedly a trailblazer.

Let’s have a brief overview of the product specifications before delving deep into more technical details.



MotorMax 6,640W BLDC Dual-Hub Motor
Battery72V – 31.5Ah – 2,268Wh, LG 3500 cells – Detachable battery design (Waterproof)
Charge Time21H (standard charger), 10H (2 standard charger), 4.8H (fast charger)
Single-Charge Mileage80 Miles (depending on road conditions and the weight of the rider)
Max Speed62+ mph (top speed is dependent on the weight of the rider)
Climbing Range70% or 35 degrees (varies depending charge state and weight of the rider)
Braking SystemHydraulic brakes with ABS standard and 160mm disks
LightingStem lighting, Dual LED Headlight and Tail light, Brake light, Turn signals
HornBuilt-in horn
Max Load330 lbs. (150kg)
Scooter Weight102 lbs. (46kg)
Product Material6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Folding Handlebar6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Folding Steering Tube6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Suspension45-Step adjustable new rubber suspension.

9-step variable suspension mechanism.

5-rubber cartridge (replaceable)
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded: 121cm x 60cm x 130cm

Folded: 121cm x 31.8cm x 60.5cm
Water ResistanceNo IP Rating


Dualtron Storm Video


Check out the Dualtron Storm Review direct from Minimotors USA – the official home of Dualtron scooters.

Watch the walk around of the Dualtron storm and see how it compares to the Ultra 2 and X2 – all new scooters in the 72v line of Dualtrons.

Previously all Dualtron scooters ranged between 48v up to 60v. The storm was the first Dualtron to run on the new 72v system.

Dualtron Storm Pros

tickicon 72V System, Less Strain on Controllers

tickicon 6640w Motors offering exceptional power output

tickicon Very rugged and more stable at high speeds

tickicon 60+ MPH Top Speed

tickicon Premium build quality

tickicon Re-enforced stem clamp

tickicon Very reliable

Dualtron Storm Cons

red  Heavy at 46kg (101 lb)

red  Very expensive (the price of a small family hatchback car)

red  Not very portable, too big to fit in most car boots

red  Battery handle takes up usable deck space

red  Motors aren’t protected or waterproofed

red  Not ideal for taller users due to shorter stem height


Performance Overview


If you are looking for a lightweight scooter, look away now, this one is not for you. Weighing in at 120lbs (54 kg), the Dualtron Storm is one of the heaviest scooters Dualtron has made yet. Even the Incredible Hulk will have his work cut out when lifting this one.

However, its sturdy build makes it effective to support heavier riders over long distances. The Storm can support a maximum load of up to 330 lbs. which is quite a significant feat compared to what other lighter-weight scooters can manage.

Another significant effect of its bulky build is its extraordinary acceleration. With a combined motor power of 6,640W, the motors roar from 0mph to 60mph in as little as 20 seconds. When riding at full speed, the torque and zoom sound is loud and intimidating.

With such an eccentric acceleration, we definitely would not be recommending the Dualtron Storm to any rookie riders. The Dualtron storm is suited for experienced riders who already understand stance, deck positioning, the dangers of steering wobble & general respect for speed on small wheels.

storm img 00190


Dualtron Storm Top Speed

The Dualtron Storm’s top speed will vary depending on rider weight and terrain. The reported top speed is 62mph (100km/h) but the most we were able to achieve was around 57mph with a 64kg rider. The storm’s top speed therefore will vary between 55mph – 62mph on flat terrain / smooth road surface.

On a downhill gradient, it’s possible to exceed 62mph but in reality, we wouldn’t recommend it.

The Storm doesn’t feature any steering dampening which makes it more liable to speed wobble (which is very dangerous and results in quite a number of scooter accidents).


Dualtron Storm Range

The storm’s range is really dependent on terrain and rider weight as well as state of charge. From a fresh 100% battery charge with an average weight adult riding (70-80kg) you should expect a range of 40 miles driving carefully (A mix of eco riding with short bursts).  The storm’s battery capacity is 2268wh which is more than enough for a good run or a burst of off-road trail riding. Real-world range on average is around 30-40 miles.


Battery Pack


  • Detachable

Arguably the main selling point of the Storm is its detachable battery pack. Not many scooters on the market right now offer this feature. All you have to do is slot in the key, turn, and the battery pops out. You also have an external voltmeter and charging ports which makes it possible to charge your battery indoors without having to bring your morbid scooter into your bedroom.

Moreover, the Storm’s stocky build already makes it almost impossible to move the scooter about without help.

In a nutshell, detaching the battery will save you valuable indoor storage space and allow for more effortless maneuvers during charge cycles.



  • Durability

Asides from its detachability, another advantage of the Storm’s battery pack is its waterproof feature. This makes it possible for you to use your scooter in winter or wet conditions without running the risk of any severe damage to the battery’s long-term durability. Just how cool it that!. Not many electric scooters can compete with such a large battery capacity at 72v, even the ZERO 11X which has a lower capacity 28ah battery (although there is a 32ah option available).


dt str offroad


  • Single-Charge Battery Life

With a 72V – 2,268Wh battery capacity, the Storm can travel up to 40-50 miles on a single full charge. This is quite astounding.

The distance the scooter will travel on a single charge is dependent on a number of conditions such as rider weight, outside ambient temperature, battery health, terrain and tyre pressures.

The dualtron storm on a speed run (in real life / real world range) will do 30 miles.

On single motor mode driving conservatively (20-30mph) you can expect to achieve around 50 miles.

Very slow and cautious riding is required for distances of 60 miles+ which isn’t realistic in most cases.


  • Safety Precautions

Caution! Handle With Care. The Dualtron Storm’s battery pack alone weighs approximately 27.5 lbs. (12.5kg). You can almost use it for a light workout. However, if you drop, it may lead to significant damage upon impact. It may as well damage other valuables around, especially if you drop it while you’re indoors.


dualtron storm side


Another feature that separates the Dualtron Storm from its peers is the controller. It presents a sleek design, better heat management, versatility and premium rider comfort. Let’s check it out.

  • Aesthetics

For the Storm, Dualtron made a calculated move to shift the controller from the front of the deck to the back. This gives it a sleek and stunning look, especially from the front view. The rear extended footplate doubles as part mudguard which is nice – it gives the storm a more sturdy / aggressive look. We like how the controller is buried inside the rear footrest and we also like the fact that Dualtron moved the rear lights / indicators into the back of the rear footrest – it’s both intuitive and practical.


  • Ergonomics

The Storm’s controller also doubles as a footrest which displays its versatility. The footrest is perfect for countering the torque as the Storm packs a significant acceleration power.

In footrest mode, the controller can provide extra support for feet when you zoom-off — putting you in complete control of the heavy accelerating beast. It also features superior LED signal lights, which make a night ride much safer.


  • Heat Management

The move to shift the controller to the back also serves as a medium to help cool the scooter. At the angle where it is positioned, as the Storm moves, the wind blows back into the controller’s direction, cooling it in the process.

Meaning that if you own the Storm, there is a natural mechanism to cool it down, and you do not have to worry about regular scooter issues like controllers heating up / over heating / cutting out.

As with a lot of higher powered electric scooters, controller heat is a real issue. Putting loads of 6kw through 2 motors through a controller is going to generate a lot of heat – and in the electronics world, lots of excess heat shortens the lifespan of components, so the Storm counters this by dissipating heat using a mix of air and passive cooling.



Electric scooters manufactured by Dualtron are known for their iconic sleek and simple designs. The Storm is not left out in this regard. However, it has its distinct features.


  • LED Lights

When you turn on the Storm’s LED lights at night, it can instantly transform the surroundings into a party scene. From the handle, body frame to the bottom of the deck, the LED lights are strategically located around this scooter for maximum WOW effect.


  • Solid Build

The Dual Storm model is reputed for its solid frame. It is built with an intimidating combination of aviation-grade 6082-T2 alloy and SCM440 steel. The heavy battery unit forms a deck that is wide enough for you to place both feet.

Furthermore, its foldable handlebar and double-clamp steering tube combine to create mechanisms that hold the core of the scooter securely in place. So you definitely would not have to worry about the scooter wobbling around.

Previous generation of Minimotors Dualtron scooters were known for weak clamps – many opted for an aftermarket clamp (double clamp) however the Storm addresses this with a double re-enforced stem clamp.

As the Storm was designed to tackle rough terrain, Dualtron have spared no expense in making sure the storm is robust and able to take quite a lot of abuse off road (namely jumps and dirt trails).


  • Color

The Dualtron Storm comes in an all-black design that presents a sharp contrast for the branding on the handle post. With only mild straight-line patterns around its body and wheels, the Storm retains Dualtron’s iconic sleek monochromatic design.


  • Suspension & Wheel Support

Dualtron Storm’s suspension system is beefed up with a 9-step variable suspension and a 45-step adjustable PU support cast. Its rubber cartridge also has five different levels of hardness. In simpler terms, this is a well-fortified customizable suspension system. The suspension system on the storm is similar to that of most other Dualtron models such as the Thunder, it’s a flexible adjustable rubber suspension cartridge which can be swapped out with an array of different settings to find the perfect ride.

Furthermore, its 11-inch wheels will help you manoeuvre harsh terrains as it capable of gliding over sizeable obstacles safely. The Storm generally offers quieter and smoother rides.



The deck of the Dualtron Storm’s is largely made up of the 24lbs removable battery. It encased in fortified rubber on its sides to provide a firmer grip. It also features LED lights at the bottom for great night time aesthetics. The deck is wide enough to get a good riding position – but like other Dualtron’s the stem and handlebar height could be improved – if you are a taller rider you may find long rides on the storm a bit of a challenge, but for most the storm provides a good solid all round ride. The deck is slightly wider than that of the Dualtron Ultra 2 and Thunder, but not as wide as the Dualtron X or Dualtron X2.



The Storm’s side-stand is revamped with a sturdier fit compared to older Dualtron models. You also get to adjust the height at will. This is great for riders who often share their scooters with other people or those that simply like to switch between higher and lower rides.


Overall Summary

After taking the Storm out for a test-ride, we are left with no choice but to admit that it lives up to its name. It is undoubtedly one beast of a scooter. You won’t find another electric scooter with such a combination of power, durability & power easily – the only real let down is the pricing point which is likely to be high for many – at £3999 GBP (UK) or $4490 – $4790 USD it’s not cheap – but then, you pay for quality and a brand that is known for making superior quality e scooter models.

Asides from portability limitations due to its heavy frame and an eccentric torque which may prove tricky for beginners to handle, Dualtron Storm gives such a smooth riding experience that makes you want to stay on it for hours.

If you’re an experienced rider, this monster scooter is the stuff of dreams!



Where to buy & Pricing 

You can buy the Dualtron Storm from Ride and Glide for £3,720. If you buy through Ride and Glide, you will receive a FREE SixSiXOne MIPS Full Face Helmet, and you’ll get fast delivery!

The Dualtron Storm will come with a 2-year warranty on the main scooter frame, and 1 year on other components such as motors and battery.


danp d

Daniel Foley


Daniel is the ultimate adrenaline junkie when it comes to performance scooters. Daniel's favourite scooter is the Bronco 11 Xtreme. With a land speed record of 72 mph on electric scooters - Daniel lives for everything e Scooter.

  • Big Battery, Great Range of 40+ Miles
  • Good Acceleration and gradeability
  • EY3 LCD Panel Very Good
  • Short Braking Distance
  • Large & Heavy
  • Suspension Feedback Quite Harsh
  • Motors aren't waterproof
  • Very Expensive at Nearly £4000 ($5000)
  • Battery Handle Takes Up Deck Space

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Where to buy the Dualtron Storm with a Free Helmet