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Dualtron Eagle Pro Electric Scooter Review

11 June 2021


Released in January 2020 by MiniMotors, the Dualtron Eagle Pro is an astoundingly solid electric scooter with a top speed of 40 mph and a range of up to 50 miles.  


If you were amazed by the Dualtron 2, then the Dualtron Eagle Pro is definitely your cup of tea. The Eagle Pro builds on the exciting features of the Dualtron 2, coming with re-engineered 3,600W BLDC hub motors that make the ride smooth, exhilarating and enjoyable for all ages. The immense power, good range, and sleek design complement the impressive ride quality and best-in-class portability. The Eagle Pro is a limited edition and is only available while stock lasts. 


Dualtron Eagle Pro – The Lowdown

Dualtron Eagle Pro scooter

MiniMotors would be the wrestler whose performance you can never underestimate in a wrestling ring, regardless of the competition! They knock it out of the ballpark with each subsequent release. It’s not hard to pick out a Dualtron scooter from a lineup, and why would it? Minimotors ensures that the Minimotors and Dualtron branding is on every single component of the scooter- cockpit, stem, casings, deck, you name it! So, how well does this extreme performance scooter hold against its family reputation?

The Dualtron Eagle Pro retails at an estimated £1618.80 or $2290.00, which is considered average in the performance scooter category. For this hefty price or bargain (depending on how much bag you’re willing to spend), you get all the standard performance features, excellent ride quality, enhanced safety and a little swag to boot. We’re all familiar with the customisable ambient lighting on the Dualtron model stems- I mean, if that’s not confidence on a bird, then what is?

 The Eagle Pro has been described as a true Dualtron, filling the void between the Dualtron 3 and Dualtron Spider. It comes equipped with whisper quiet dual hub motors that max out at 3,600W and a high-performance 60V 22.4 Ah LG battery. These key features ensure that the scooter holds its own against other similarly priced scooters, notably the Apollo Pro, Mantis Pro and the Zero 10X. However, it’s the rubber cartridge suspension and enhanced portability that set this scooter aside in its highly competitive category. 

As a powerful entry-level scooter, the Dualtron Eagle Pro does not disappoint. Read on to learn more about this excellent eScooter. 


Dualtron Eagle Pro Specifications

MotorMAX 3,600 watt BLDC dual hub motors
Battery60 volt - 22.4 Ah - 1,344Wh – LG 3500 cells
Charge Time12 hours with a standard charger (6 hours with 2 standard chargers, 3 hours with the quick charger)
Single-Charge Mileage50 miles (mileage may vary depending on rider weight and road conditions)
Max Speed40 mph (75 Km/h)
Climbing Range47% or 25 degrees depending on rider weight and state of charge
Braking SystemFront and Rear Regenerative Disc Brake with ABS Standard
LightingDual LED Headlight and Taillight, Brake Light
Horn TypeBell
Max Load265 lbs. (120.2 Kg)
Scooter Weight66 lbs. (29.9 Kg)
Product MaterialAviation grade 6082-T6 aluminium alloy (frame and handle), SCM440 steel (shaft), Plastic (Covers)
Folding HandlebarUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Suspension15-step rear adjustable rubber suspension
Size (L x W x H, mm)Unfolded: 118.5 Cm x 60 Cm x 120 Cm
Folded: 118.5 Cm x 60 Cm x 50.5 Cm
Water ResistanceNo IP Rating

Dualtron Eagle Pro Review Video

Have a comprehensive visual feel of the Eagle Pro in this YouTube review video. In the video, the scooter is reviewed as an incredibly fast electric scooter with outstanding power, beefier design, great range, good ride quality and decent gradeability. 

Dualtron Eagle Pro Pros

tickicon Dual 3300W torque motors give excellent acceleration, torque and climbing power. 

tickicon Impressive range

tickicon Fantastic ride quality

tickicon Impressive acceleration and speed

tickicon Sleek, beefy design

tickicon Spacious deck 

tickicon Folding handlebars with a folding lock solution ensuring portability

tickicon Excellent build quality ensuring durability

Dualtron Eagle Pro Cons

red The stem bearings are poorly adjusted, bringing in some wobbling

red It needs an additional headlight to enhance visibility 

red Extremely long charge time when using the standard chargers 

red The Eagle Pro is not waterproof 

red The scooter is pretty heavy for stowing 

Dualtron Eagle Pro Summary

The Eagle Pro is one of the latest releases from the Dualtron scooter family. The Eagle Pro is easily identifiable as a MiniMotors electric scooter from its design, colours, and curves. The Eagle Pro features a sleek, well-designed frame constructed from aluminium alloy. The frame is pretty sturdy, ensuring maximum safety even at high speeds. The shaft is constructed from steel with a well-protected deck ensuring maximum riding stability and durability.

The Eagle Pro is fitted with a dual hub front and rear 1800W motors, producing a 3300 W power output. The motors offer fast and smooth acceleration with a top speed of 40 mph and impressive gradability of up to 25 degrees. The powerful and highly durable 60V 22.4AH LG battery offers a fantastic range of up to 50 miles, ending range anxiety.

With a great range and high top speed, ride comfort is paramount. As such, the Eagle Pro ensures comfortable rides coming with top of the class dual adjustable rubber suspension system both on the front & back, providing sufficient dampening. The adjustable shock absorbers coupled with the 10-inch pneumatic tyres guarantee smooth rides on on-road terrains.

The Dualtron Eagle Pro also has an excellent braking system ensuring maximum safety even at high speeds. The combination of front and rear disk brakes and default ABS provides smooth and precise braking without the tyres locking.

Talking of display and controls, the Eagle Pro is equipped with an immersive EYE LCD Display that gives you complete control over your scooter. The display allows you to monitor and control the battery voltage, cruise control and adjust power or acceleration. Besides, the scooter gives you the option to use the innovative slow start function, which allows you to safely start the scooter and accelerate to full speed without throwing you off.

The Eagle Pro is safe to ride at night or in low light conditions thanks to the dual LED headlight, tail lights on the back and brake lights. Weighing 66 pounds, the Eagle Pro is not the most portable scooter. It’s a little bit too heavy to be lifted and carried for long or carried upstairs. Nonetheless, the scooter tries to remain portable with a folding handlebar, folding stem and a locking clasp that secures the stem to the deck.

The scooter supports a maximum load of 265 pounds, making it ideal for a wide spectrum of riders, including tall and heavy riders. In summary, the Dualtron Eagle Pro is well designed with great top speed, range, performance, and durability.


Performance Overview

Dualtron Eagle Pro is fitted with dual 1800W motors that produce a combined 3300W power. When both motors are engaged, the scooter is said to reach a quoted top speed of past 40 mph under optimum riding conditions. However, the tested speed on flat terrain and an ideal-weight rider falls a little short at 37.7 mph. The acceleration is not so shabby, as the scooter goes from 0 mph to 15 mph in 2.8 Seconds and 0-30 mph in 9.2 Seconds. This is slightly slower than some of its class competitors but more than sufficient by performance scooter standards.

The robust motor propels the scooter up inclines of 47% or 25 degrees without breaking a  sweat. A hill climb test shows that the Eagle Pro conquers a 200 ft, 10% hill grade in 9.2 seconds, which is quite impressive, and it keeps accelerating. Notably, the quoted range falls slightly compared to the tested range, with a rider of ideal weight on a flat track only getting about 33 miles.

Most importantly, the scooter is safe. With high speeds and fast acceleration, the scooter calls for effective braking. The dual disc brakes facilitate precise stopping with a tested stopping distance of 11.8 ft (3.6 M), starting from 15mph and reaching a complete stop.

dualtron eagle pro

Top Speed & Acceleration

With a top speed of up to 40 mph (75Km/h) in favourable conditions, the Dualtron Eagle Pro is among one of the fastest electric scooters in the market today, giving the likes of Zero 11X, Zero 10X and Dualtron X real competition. While it’s not the fastest among powerful dual-motor scooters, the Eagle Pro will keep you thrilled with its high speeds and keep you on pace with most of the traffic. 

Talking about acceleration, the Dualtron Eagle has an impressive acceleration with the slow start function, ensuring you start from 0 mph safely. The scooter raves from 1 to 19.8 mph in just 3.9 seconds, 0 to 24.8 mph in 5.4 seconds and 0 to 29.8 mph in 7.1 seconds. The acceleration is super smooth and safe. You can also take advantage of the slow start function that allows you to go full throttle without falling off your feet! Check out this YouTube to get a feel of the scooter’s acceleration and top speed.

Hill Climbing

Dualtron Eagle Pro is a good hill climber with an impressive 25 degrees or 47% gradeability depending on the battery charge, rider weight, terrain etc. As such, no amount of steep road in the entire globe is too steep for the scooter to climb. 

Battery Life & Range 

The Dualtron Eagle Pro is fitted with a premium 60V 22.4AH 1344 WH, LG 3500 battery providing an impressive range of up to 50 miles. As always, the range is dependent on various factors such as the scooter’s riding mode, the weight of the rider, type of terrain, inclination etc. You should expect a more reduced range in real life.

Nonetheless, the range is still long enough, and you can be sure of commuting long enough or having a weekend ride with your fellow scooter enthusiasts without having range anxiety or having to recharge the battery in between the riding sessions.

The battery takes 12 hours to charge fully. However, you can use dual-standard chargers to shorten the charge time to 6 hours or a quick charger to reduce the overall charge to just 3 hours.

Motor Configuration

The Eagle Pro comes with a max 3300W BLDC dual hub motor fitted in the front and rear. Like most powerful scooters in the same class, riders have the option of engaging a single motor or dual motor depending on how much power they need. Besides, you can choose to drive in Eco mode-lower power for smooth city cruising and prolonged range-or Turbo mode for maximum range. In essence, the scooter’s motors can be customised to meet your specific power requirement. 

Construction & Build Quality

MiniMotors have a reputation for constructing electric scooters using premium quality materials, ensuring quality and durability. The Eagle Pro is no different, coming with a solid and beefier design. The stem, handlebar, deck and frame are tough and oozes quality.

The scooter’s frame is constructed with 6082-T6 aluminium alloy, keeping the weight at a minimum and ensuring utmost steadiness at high speeds. The shaft is SCM440 steel adding to the scooter’s overall weight to enhance stability and provide total control. The scooter’s handlebars are covered with ultra-light carbon fibre and polypropylene plastic materials with rubber gripping at the ends, ensuring maximum control and comfort when riding. 

The Eagle Pro has a beefier construction compared to the Dualtron 2 and the Spider and can support riders weighing up to 120Kg (265lbs). However, it’s important to note that the Eagle Pro has the shortest deck to handlebar height in the high-performance scooter class and may not be ideal for tall riders. 


The Dualtron Eagle Pro comes with a front 5-step adjustable rubber suspension with the same suspension system in the Dualtron Thunder. The adjustable feature makes the scooter quite flexible; you can customise it depending on your riding style, weight and the type of terrains you often ride on. If you frequently ride on bumpy terrains, you’ll want to consider the softest adjustment. The hardest option is great for flat, smooth terrains allowing for maximum speed. 

The suspension is adjusted via a replaceable cartridge system encompassing five types of replaceable rubber cartridges, i.e. soft pack, medium, medium soft pack, medium hard pack and hard pack. The harder the cartridge, the more rigid the suspension and vice versa.  

Ride Quality

The Eagle Pro provides comfortable rides with 10 inches, 2.5inch wide inflatable tyres, progressive, adjustable front suspension, spacious deck and ergonomic handlebars. The sturdy stem ensures you experience an extremely manoeuvrable ride just like any other Dualtron scooter. The rubber suspension offers sufficient damping enabling the scooter to remain rooted on the road instead of bottoming out. 

However, considering the suspension has a rubber element, its effectiveness is affected by temperature; it may not be very effective in very cold or hot riding conditions. The steering bearings have also been reviewed to be over-tightened, making the steering feel tight and snaggy

Nonetheless, despite the little undoing, the Eagle Pro still manages to offer smooth, safe and comfortable rides. 


For the brakes, the Eagle Pro comes with rear and front 140mm mechanical disc brakes and electric regenerative ABS brakes. The disc brakes provide sufficient braking power and are pretty efficient in all terrains and wet conditions, bringing the scooter to a safe and uncompromised stop. The regenerative ABS brake kicks in slowly and prevents the wheels from locking for added safety.

Both brakes are easily engaged via the two brake levers conveniently placed on the handlebar. The braking power can be adjusted in the LCD display P-settings for more braking power if need be. In summary, the Eagle Pro’s electric scooter brakes are quite effective, providing a braking distance of 3.5 meters.


Most powerful, dual-motor electric scooters are not designed with portability in mind. Weighing 66lbs. (29.9Kg), the Eagle Pro is among the heaviest Dualtron scooter, heavier than Spider, which weighs 44 lbs. (20Kg). With this weight, the scooter is a tad heavy to be comfortably lifted and carried for some distance or carried upstairs. 

However, the scooter tries to remain portable with three key features: folding handlebars, folding stem and a locking clasp which secures the stem to the deck when folded for easy portability. These three portability features make the Eagle Pro one of the most portable, high-performance scooters. 

If you’re considering a last-mile commuting scooter, the Eagle Pro fails to meet your expectations in terms of portability. However, it can still be folded easily and stored in the trunk of a car or carried upstairs. 

Water Resistance

Regrettably, the Eagle Pro is not water-resistant. This presents a real throw in value for money at such a price, considering there are cheaper, powerful models with water resistance capability. Since it lacks water resistance capability, you should never use the scooter in wet conditions or wash or spread water to electric devices-they can result in malfunction or fire. 


The Dualtron Eagle Pro is fitted with dual LED headlights, taillights and brake lights, providing maximum visibility both at the front and the back. Besides, the scooter incorporates beautiful lighting casting down either side of the stem. The swag lighting enhances visibility and makes the scooter aesthetically pleasing. It comes with a remote to adjust the colours (20 colours to choose from), brightness, density, colour display mode and maximum colour intensity to your preferred taste. 

While the Eagle Pro’s lighting system offers sufficient visibility to riders and fellow traffic at night, you may want to mount an additional headlight on the stem and rear blinking red light for enhanced front and rear visibility. 


The Dualtron Eagle Pro comes with pneumatic (inflatable) 10” tyres that offer extra dampening for smooth rides. The tyres are 2.5” thick, providing an outstanding balance between stability and agility. As such, you’re assured of sufficient traction and excellent handling on typical urban terrains. 

Considering that pneumatic tyres are susceptible to puncture and require routine maintenance, the Eagle Pro tyres allow for hassle-free maintenance. The wheel design features split rims, making it easier to swap inner tubes when you get flats or when the tyres are worn out without really disassembling half your electric scooter. 


The Eagle Pro’s deck is pretty spacious, measuring 50.2 centimetres long by 24.1 centimetres wide and providing 14.6 centimetres of ground clearance. Like all other electric scooters in the Dualtron family, the Eagle Pro’s deck features an all-black design with a logo at the centre. A grip tape runs the entire length of the deck in three strips with a clip at the rear end of the stem to hold it in place once the scooter is folded, allowing for seamless transport. The deck provides enough room for comfortably resting your feet, with the anti-slip surface providing sufficient stability.

Controls & Display

The Eagle Pro has a fantastic LCD display and a plethora of controls on the cockpit. You can customise or control every aspect of the scooter right from the cohesive, all-black cockpit. On the left side of the handlebar are two control buttons: The driving mode selection button for activating/deactivating the Eco/Turbo mode and the motor system selection button for engaging or disengaging the second motor. The electronic brake levers are found on either side of the handlebar, with the throttle conveniently placed on the right handlebar.

For the display, the Eagle Pro is equipped with a characteristic EYE LCD Display from Dualtron. The intuitive display keeps you informed on several aspects of the scooter, including speed, battery balance, speed step, voltage, accumulated mileage, current mileage and driving time. It also allows you to control or customise several scooter features such as the speed mode, P-setting, slow start function, turn on/off cruise control, turn on/off the ABD brake function and adjust the braking power. 

What’s more, the scooter’s display integrates a self-diagnosis function displaying several error information, including system error, accelerator error, motor error and controller error. The control and display are conveniently placed, informative and precise, giving riders total control over the scooter even at high speeds.  

Dualtron Eagle Pro folded electric scooter

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Dualtron scooters are known for reliability; the Eagle Pro leaves up to this expectation. The scooter offers the needed power, range, gradeability and overall performance without forgetting impressive highlights such as cruise control, good foldability and excellent construction & build quality, guaranteeing durability. 

The Eagle Pro comes with a 2 year- warranty for the body and a 6 months warranty for the battery. The warranty does not cover normal tear and wear or any damage caused by water or liquids. Minimotors has immensely customer-friendly customer care- they are available on the phone, on socials like Instagram, via the website, and by email.


Like any other electric scooter, the Dualtron Eagle Pro needs routine maintenance to stay in mint condition and function optimally. Maintaining the scooter is straightforward and doesn’t require any technical expertise. Should you get a puncture or want to replace a worn-out tyre, you can easily do this, thanks to the split rim tyre design. 

Some maintenance practices that should be routinely conducted on the scooter include:

  • Check the replacement timing of consumable parts such as the hinge bolt, battery, steering tube, handle stem, locking slide etc. 
  • Check out and replace parts that external environments may have damaged. 
  • Routinely tighten the brake pads as they tend to become loose with time. 
  • Charge the scooter using only the recommended chargers. 

Known Issues

A few Eagle Pro owners have raised an issue with the lack of rearfoot support when riding the scooter. This causes riders to support their foot or the rear fender putting unprecedented pressure on it. Another issue is the stem creaking when the brakes are engaged or when pressure is subjected to the stem. The steering bearings have also been reviewed to be over-tightened, making the steering less flexible. 

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The Dualtron Eagle Pro offers a good bang for bucks and is one of the most budget-friendly electric scooters. The scooter is also very all-rounded, with enough power for steep hills and enough range for a 20 miles round trip every day (40 miles total range). It also rides comfortably with adjustable front suspension, thick pneumatic tyres, and an expansive deck. Add to this cruise control ABS brakes, Eye LCD display, foldable handlebars and great customisation provisions, and you can see why the Eagle Pro offers excellent value for money. However, the lack of in-demand features such as water resistance capability at that price could easily make one rethink their purchasing decision. 

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  • Dual 3300W torque motors give excellent acceleration, torque and climbing power
  • Impressive range
  • Fantastic ride quality
  • Impressive acceleration and speed
  • Sleek, beefy design
  • Spacious deck
  • Folding handlebars with a folding lock solution
  • Excellent build quality ensuring durability
  • The stem bearings are poorly adjusted, bringing in some wobbling
  • It needs an additional headlight to enhance visibility
  • Extremely long charge time when using the standard chargers
  • The Eagle Pro is not waterproof
  • The scooter is pretty heavy for stowing

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