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Currus Panther Electric Scooter Review

Nely Hayes
9 May 2022


One of the longest range electric scooters that has a top speed of around 50 mph and a range of up to 78 miles.

Very few electric scooters match up to the abilities of the Currus Panther. The rugged looks, knobby tyres, and monstrous motors tell you this is not your ordinary electric mobility device.

The Currus Panther, just like its wild namesake, is extremely powerful and will send shivers down your spine at its top speed. Take it off-road, on grass, or on paved roads…it will go wherever you point it.

The big question is, are you brave and experienced enough to tame this monster?


Currus Panther: The Lowdown…

We can all agree that electric scooter names are weird and difficult to remember, and it is downright frustrating trying to tell your friends what scooter you ride. Not the Currus Panther, though; it’s catchy, easy to remember, and will earn you cool points with your friends. But that isn’t why the Currus Panther ranks among the top electric scooters in the world.

This formidable off-road beast runs on dual 5400W motors capable of pushing it to a terrifying max speed of 50 mph (80 kph). But it isn’t just about the speed. Its motor churns out an insane amount of torque, making child play of hill climbs.

To keep up with the energy demands of the powerful motors, the Currus Panther runs on a Samsung SDI 60V 2100Wh Li-ion battery. You will get a range of 75 miles or 121 km on a single charge with it.

Since it’s an off-road scooter, it comes packed with excellent comfort features. It has a dual suspension system, super thick off-road tyres, and the widest deck we’ve seen on a scooter.

Continue reading to know more about the Currus Panther e-scooter.


Currus Panther Specifications

MotorDual BDC 1200W Motors Peak Power 5400W
BatterySamsung SDI 60V 2100Wh Li-ion Battery
Charge Time21 Hrs
Single-Charge Mileage75 Miles or 120 Km
Max Speed50 Mph or 80 Kmph
Climbing Range25 Degrees
Braking SystemDual Disc Brakes with ABS
Tyre Type11-inch 3-inch wide pneumatic tyres
SuspensionFront and Rear Hydraulic Suspension
LightingFront LED Spotlight, Rear Brake Light, Side RGB Lights, and Deck Lights
Max Load330 Pounds or 150 Kgs
Scooter Weight105 Pounds or 48 Kgs
Product MaterialN/A
Size (L x W x H, cm)Fold Size: 128 x 68 x 52 (cm)
Unfold Size: 128 x 68 x 130 (cm)
HornElectric horn
Water ResistanceNo IP Rating

Currus Panther Review Video

Check out this video by ESG as the Currus Panther is tested for power, comfort, and range.

Currus Panther Pros

tickicon Powerful motor to effortlessly tackle hills

tickicon Dual suspension makes it very comfortable

tickicon Has a long-range

tickicon Very wide deck for increased stability

tickicon Excellent braking distance

tickicon Great lighting for visibility


Currus Panther Cons

red Very heavy

red Not suitable for beginner riders

red It has a tall folded height which compromises storage

red Long recharge time


Currus Panther Summary

The Currus Panther electric scooter is an impressive yet scary animal. It is almost untameable at full power. This review will let you in what this monster is made of.

Its performance highlights will feature its speed, range, and braking. It is among the fastest electric scooters globally, sharing the podium with Dualtron Thunder (80kmph) and Dualtron Storm (83kpmh).

Currus Motors did not let the obsession of creating a speed freak sway their minds from creating a practical e scooter. At 50 miles or 80 km range, it ranks among the top 10 longest-range e-scooters globally.

Currus Panther’s practicality trickles down to its comfort and built features. You would expect an off-road e-scooter to be firm, rugged, and jacked up, and that’s precisely what you have here.

Expect lots of glances when you set out on this monster. It runs on dual pneumatic knobby tyres that are suited to all kinds of terrain. The Currus Panther has front and back hydraulic suspension and a massive deck to boot for comfort and stability.

It’s a bit disappointing that the ride gets scarily uncomfortable at high speed despite all these features.

currus panther scooter

Performance Overview

The Currus Panther e-scooter is built for high performance on various surfaces. It comes with dual brushless 1200W motors peaking at 5400W, which is a lot for a two-wheeler.

These motors produce so much torque that the Currus Panther can effortlessly ride up a 25-degree hill at 30 kph or 18 mph. Besides being powerful, the Currus Panther electric scooter can also achieve a max speed of 80 kph or 50 mph.

With this kind of speed, you need a pair of good brakes to stop. The good news is that the Panther features two hydraulic brakes at either wheel with an ABS. The resulting stopping power from the combined braking systems is brutal in a nice way.

If your daily commute involves traversing different terrains for long distances, then the Currus Panther electric scooter is a perfect fit. It has a 60V 2100Wh Li-ion battery capable of running the scooter for 75 miles or 120km on a single charge. The only downside is that it will take close to a full day to recharge the battery fully. However, you can half that duration by using an extra charger.

Speaking of long commutes on different terrains, the 11-inch, 3-inch wide pneumatic tyres provide unrivalled comfort and grip. Throw in a pair of hydraulic suspensions, and the Currus Panther is at home on any terrain. In addition, it has the widest deck yet fitted to an electric to assist with stability.

Thanks to various light options, the Currus Panther is operable at night. The super-bright front LED spotlight perfectly illuminates the road ahead while the side, deck, and rear lights make it visible.


Speed & Acceleration

The official top speed of the Currus Panther is 50 mph or 80 kph. This is the same speed as the Dualtron Thunder, the 10th fastest electric scooter in the world. At a peak power of 5400W, we’d expect nothing less of the Currus Panther electric scooter.

Several tests have proven that the Currus Panther does achieve its official speed rating. However, several users have complained of reduced stability and control as you approach the max speed; if you are less experienced, ride at a manageable speed.

The Currus Panther is brutal off the line. It easily gets up to 31 mph (50 kph) in less than 6 seconds. The torque generated by the motors will instantly send the front wheel spinning out of control if you aren’t careful. You will need lots of practice to master the smooth acceleration.

Check out this video as the Currus Panther’s top speed is put to the test:

    Hill Climbing

    There is no hill steep enough to stop the Currus Panther. It has a 25-degree hill climb rating, but we believe it can do better based on tests. The 5400W peak power output and wide pneumatic knobby tyres are some of the features behind its impressive hill-climbing ability.

    We would be understating the Panther’s hill-climbing abilities if we didn’t mention how effortless it is. Several tests on different gradients returned the same verdict – this is a certified hill eater!

    Battery & Range

    The dual motors and the various lights need a formidable power source to match. The Currus Panther electric scooter packs a power 60V 2100Wh Li-ion battery made by Samsung. We had to mention Samsung because their batteries are known for durability.

    The only downside to having such a massive battery is that it will take longer (21 hrs) to charge. However, since the scooter has two charging ports, you can reduce the charging time by using two chargers.

    The official maximum range on a single charge is 75 miles or 121 km. However, this is possible with the correct riding conditions. The rider’s weight and average speed will determine the possible range.


    currus panther

    Motor Configuration

    The Currus Panther features two 1200W brushless DC motors fitted to each wheel. The combined motor power output peaks at 5400W, thanks to two 54 Amp Minimotor’s controllers. This kit is the reason behind the ludicrous top speed rating of the Currus Panther.

    One really impressive feature is the cruise mode setting which allows you to ride without pressing the throttle. The cruise mode is automatically engaged when the acceleration speed is maintained at the same state for 7 seconds and disengaged when you brake.


      Construction & Quality

      The Currus Panther is made of bolted aluminium parts and high-quality components. The construction is sturdy and feels premium. The frame can support a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs or 150 kgs.

      The only drawback to bolting the aluminium parts is that they loosen with time. Welding would have been the best way to join the parts.

      The cabling has been done neatly, eliminating any possibility of tearing or scrapping from moving parts. Certain parts do not fit in the overall image of the scooter, such as the footpeg. However, the good news is that you can easily get better after-market replacements for this.

      currus panther scooter

      Suspension & Comfort

      Like any top off-road electric scooter, the Currus Panther features two hydraulic suspensions fitted to the front and rear wheels. The rear suspension can be adjusted depending on the rider’s weight and desired ride quality. Be careful when adjusting the suspension, as making it extremely loose may damage the connecting parts.


      Ride Quality

      The Currus Panther rides exceptionally well on different terrains. The super-wide deck, extra wide tubeless tyres, and dual hydraulic suspension make this scooter a very comfortable ride. This is particularly the case when you cruise on eco mode.

      It’s a whole different world when you engage the Turbo mode. The Panther sought of lets out the energy of its wild counterpart. It turns into an uncontrollable animal; you have to be really adept to get it around corners.


      There is no shortage of fanfare in the lights department. At the front, the Currus Panther features a well-positioned ultra-bright LED spotlight. This is good enough to light the road ahead at night.

      The scooter also has RGB light on the sides of the deck and deck LED lights fitted to the front and back of the deck. There is a brake light fitted on the rear fender.

      Apart from the spotlight, other lights are fitted low, compromising visibility, especially in the dark. It is advisable to have additional reflector material if you have to ride after the sun is down.



      There are two hydraulic disc brakes fitted to each wheel. Two levers connected by cables operate them. The braking force is determined by the pressure applied to the levers.

      Together with a built-in ABS, the hydraulic brakes have impressive stopping power, keeping in mind the raw power of the Currus Panther.

      currus panther


      We don’t think the Currus Panther was made to be portable; after all, it is an off-road beast capable of riding on any ground. Anyway, at 105 pounds (48Kgs), it’s very heavy even for a muscular person.

      It has a pin-secured folding mechanism and a partially collapsible handlebar. However, its folded position makes little difference in its size. This machine will fit in the boot of a mid-sized car, but the general verdict is it is not a portable-friendly scooter.


      The Currus Panther has 11-inch, 3-inch wide pneumatic knobby tyres well suited for off-roading. The off-road tyres will still perform on paved roads but will produce a whirring sound. It’s not the annoying kind of sound; you will hardly notice it.

      Besides the noise produced when ridden on paved roads, it also performs poorly in terms of grip when compared to road tyres. You can get after-market road tyres if you commute more on paved roads.



      Measuring 40.6cm by 31.8cm by 13.3cm, this is probably the widest deck fitted to an electric scooter today. You will appreciate the extra space when going off-road as it increases comfort at stability.

      The deck is covered in a grip tape to keep the rider rooted on the scooter. In addition, there is an elevated rear footrest that doubles up as the rear fender, which provides extra stability at high speeds.


      currus panther

      Controls & Display

      The controls are neatly fitted to the handlebar, so it is easy to figure out where everything is positioned in a matter of seconds. The horn and light button and the button for Eco mode and Turbo mode are fitted on the left side of the handlebar. You will find the ignition, voltmeter, and EY3 LCD trigger throttle on the right side.

      The EY3 LCD shows the current speed, gear, battery level, and driving time. It also has a power button, function button, mode button, and accelerator.

      Water Resistance

      The Currus Panther does not have an IP rating. The manufacturer cautions against riding in the rain, snowy, or freezing conditions and spraying with water when cleaning as the warranty does not cover water damage.

      Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

      Based on the construction quality and high-quality components and the manufacturer’s previous products, we believe the Currus Panther is durable. However, this will depend on the user’s maintenance practices.

      The Currus Panther comes with a 1-year warranty for chassis damage, six months for core parts, and three months for general parts. The warranty does not cover water damage.

      At the time of this writing, the manufacturer’s website was still under construction, so we have no information about their customer support service.


      Known Issues

      The Currus Panther has a solid reputation apart from the wobbly ride quality at high speeds. It is advisable to ride at a manageable speed and avoid performing stunts when riding.


      As is the case with electric scooters, the Currus Panther should be stored away from direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions. Hold the scooter’s body with one hand and the stem with the other hand when lifting to avoid personal injury and deforming the scooter.

      Since the Currus is not rated for water resistance, avoid using it in wet conditions or splashing water on it. Finally, regularly check and tighten bolted parts and monitor brake fluid levels.


        Currus Panther: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

        The Currus Panther does not come cheap. At $3600 without factoring in the shipping costs, it sits pretty with a few high-end electric scooters.

        If you are a speed freak looking for something challenging, the Currus Panther electric scooter fits your bill. But if you are looking for a less wild electric scooter as good as the Currus Panther and at a similar price range, there are better options. 


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        Nely Hayes


        Nely is an adrenaline junkie and one of her life goals is to skydive, but until that day she gets her kicks from testing fast electric scooters. Part-time scooter fanatic & part-time SEO analyst. Nely’s favourite scooter is the Dualtron X.

        • Powerful motor to effortlessly tackle hills
        • Dual suspension
        • Has a long-range
        • Very wide deck for increased stability
        • Great lighting for visibility
        • Excellent braking distance
        • Very heavy
        • Not suitable for beginner riders
        • It has a tall folded height which compromises storage
        • Long recharge time

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