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The Halfords Carrera range won’t be new to seasoned bikers in the UK. For 25 years Carrera has released incredibly popular builds of bikes, with their Vengeance model proudly holding the official title of  ‘the UK’s Favourite Mountain Bike’. In fact, this writer owns one!

The brand has branched out into e-bikes in the past, so it was only a matter of time before they threw their hat into the e-scooter ring. This is an exciting advancement for e scooter fans in the UK, as it shows an increased mainstream interest which might (fingers crossed) help to reduce the rigid road usage laws currently in place.

As they’re competing against the well-reviewed third-party scooters Halfords already offer in stores, it’s important to stand out, and this Carrera e-scooter is certainly up to the task.

What Carrera has achieved with the Impel Is1 Electric Scooter is an e-scooter that features exciting elements from pricier scooters, built into a solid and secure package at a very competitive price point.


Max Speed15.5mph (25 km/h) (top speed is dependent on the weight of the rider)
Max Range18.6miles (30km)
MotorMax 600w Peak Output, Continuous Power 350w
Scooter Weight37 lbs. (17kg)
Battery36v 7.8Ah (7800mAh, 281Wh)
Charge Time3.5-4 hours
Size (L x W x H, cm)Folded Dimensions (L x W x H): 109 x 47 x 48 cm

Unfolded Dimensions (L x W x H): 110 x 47 x 120 cm
Braking SystemFront & rear disc brakes
LightingLED head, tail and brake lights
HornNo horn
Max Load220 lbs. (100kg)
Product MaterialForged aluminium
Folding HandlebarScrew thread
Folding Steering TubeStandard folding mechanism
SecurityElectronic pin lock immobiliser & combination cable lock
Water Resistance IPX5


Carrera Impel Is-1 Video


Check out the promo video of the Carrera Impel Is-1 Scooter. IPX5 rated, and a durable all round great commuter scooter with decent range and a rock solid design.

Impel Is-1 Pros

tickicon Quick start

tickicon Easy to manoeuvre

tickicon Different performance modes

tickicon Replaceable brake pads

tickicon Responsive & easy to control

tickicon Quick fold mechanism

tickicon Very reliable

tickicon IPX5 splash & puddle proof rating

Impel Is-1 Cons


red  No cruise control

red  Fairly heavy

red  Headlamp peters out at around 4 meters

red  Handlebar can vibrate if traversing difficult roads

red  Very Strong winds may affect performance



Performance Overview

A steal at just £399, The Carrera Impel Is-1 is a nimble but sturdy electric scooter. Using the collected riding data from building high-quality mountain bikes over 25 years, the Halfords Carrera brand was always going to provide definite competition for rival e-scooters in the market.

At the heart of the Carrera Impel Is-1 lies a 350w motor, to facilitate a speedy riding experience and offers four speed levels to accommodate a wide range of road conditions. You’ll be able to achieve a swift top speed of 15.5mph at full throttle.

The Carrera Impel Is-1 also features a dedicated walking mode, which is a handy addition. By simply holding down the ‘minus’ button on the handlebar, your scooter keeps pace with the average walking stride, allowing you to follow alongside a friend if necessary.

If you’re slowing down from full power it can be a little jarring, but nonetheless, it’s a unique feature that will appeal to a lot of casual customers.

carrera impel is1 escooter 01


Speed & Acceleration


The acceleration of the Impel Is-1 electric scooter is a real high point. With the motor providing a very reasonable amount of power, the acceleration time is much quicker than you might expect from an e-scooter at this price.

Whilst this might concern some more nervous riders, you can rest assured that the ascent to the top speed of 15.5mph is still very reasonable, giving you an enjoyable experience without the hair-raising lurch you might have experienced before.

The acceleration lends itself to an acceptable hill climbing ability to boot, but you can expect to slow down significantly on steeper inclines or, interestingly, during high winds.

Top Speed

Boasting an impressive top speed of 15.5mph the Carrera Impel Is-1 provides stiff competition for other e-scooters.

Average performance speed in tests concluded that this is an accurate claim and can be maintained over a long period of time by using the top performance mode. Whilst you may be tempted to do this all the time, because it is undoubtedly FUN, it will significantly drain your battery.


Battery & Range


The real-world range of the Carrera e scooter hits a nice 18.6 miles. This slightly edges the model in front of two of the fiercest competitors (the Xiaomi Mi 1s and the Pure Air electric scooters).

With all the modulations that can be made to the performance of the e-scooter, you may find that you cut the range, especially if you’re consistently taking advantage of the top power mode, or attempting an incredibly hilly terrain.

The range and battery charge really lend themself to short trips and can last across multiple days until it needs another full charge. This is a huge plus if you plan to commute short distances throughout the week, but reduce versatility if you were hoping to scoot off-road or for very long journeys. That said, we found it only took around 4 hours to charge to full, so you won’t find yourself off the road for long.


Brake System


The braking system in place on the Carrera Impel Is-1 has clearly been influenced by Halfords encyclopaedic expertise of all things bike. 

It features a dual braking system linked to both the front and rear wheel, with independent controls on the handlebars. This similarity to the brakes on a bike will be intuitive to cyclists and they remain nicely balanced without the need for additional brake adjustments.

The sizeable cable disc brakes help you control your braking distance easily, and they perform well even in difficult weather.



carrera impel is1 escooter back wheel

Ride Quality


Riding the Carrera impel Is-1 couldn’t be simpler. Just a gentle kick-off to get the scooter coasting and then an intuitive press on the throttle to increase the pace. The electric motor kicks in at around 3mph and soon has you speeding along at up to 15.5mph.

The push-button throttle is easily manipulated, with just enough resistance that you don’t immediately slip to full power without meaning to. The Carrera impel Is-1 scooter has certainly been built with effortless riding in mind. The air-filled pneumatic tyres perfectly absorb the surface of the roads, increasing comfort, and creating a steadier ride. 

It’s a quick little e scooter with great manoeuvrability, making corners and tight spaces a breeze.




The Carrera Impel Is-1 has been designed by Halfords to provide the perfect everyday travel companion. They’re hoping to appeal to commuters with the ease of the quick folding mechanisms that stay in place meaning you can carry your scooter by the bars. And whilst it’s certainly true that these functionalities have been well thought out, it’s’ not light and the weight of the scooter may prove slightly too much for some people.

carrera impel is1 escooter folded



You’ll find a bright, central LED display mounted onto the ergonomic grip handlebars between the two brake levers. The display provides rudimentary data such as battery life, mode, and current speed and is where you are able to control your security details.

In comparison to other brands, some of which provide apps to track more advanced stats as you scoot, you may be disappointed that the Carrera Impel Is-1 doesn’t provide the same service. Whilst the display does have its limitations, it functions perfectly within its capacity.


carrera impel is1 escooter cockpit



The Carrera e scooter comes with a sizeable ‘always on’ headlight flanked by two reflectors and an effective rear light that functions as a brake light.

Both front and rear lights ensure a decent level of visibility in the darkness of around 4m, but you may want to purchase a stronger headlamp if you plan to use the roads at night.


Build Quality & Durability


The construction of the Carrera Impel Is-1 has many similarities with competing electric scooters. Halfords have designed a pleasing build with wide fold-down handlebars that lock into the rear fender and a foldable stem. Using blue and grey design elements is a nice touch, but in general, its looks don’t ultimately set it apart.

Many punters will be pleased to see Halfords unique integrated lock that consists of a wire that loops from the handlebars into a combination barrel lock. Halfords themselves have stated that this lock doesn’t have the strength of a regular bike lock – but it’s a clever addition that should keep your scooter from being lifted when you go to the shops. 




The split rims on the Impel Is-1 electric scooter are reasonably slim at 8.5” and light which helps maintain the zippy pace, but the real selling point here is the fact that these are pneumatic air-filled tyres. 

Air filled tyres have a little more give than the trendy ‘solid’ tyres and help cushion you against bumps in the road, contributing to a nice even ride that maintains stability on different terrain. 




The Carrera Impel Is-1 electric scooter has a sizeable grippy standing deck that measures 17cm wide and 44cm long, accommodating a wider range of shoe sizes than most e-scooters. Halfords have also made sure to adapt the handlebar stem, which is longer than the average scooter.

Pleasingly, this means that if you’re on the tall side you should still be able to comfortably adapt to riding the Impel Is-1. Please note however, to remain aware of the maximum rider weight (100kg). 


Water Resistance


Rain and e-scooters are commonly not a sensible idea, most people will hop on public transport to avoid getting their scooter wet. However, the Carrera e scooter is an exception. With an IPX5 splash and puddle-proof rating you can rest assured that the Impel Is-1 electric will hold up to the elements – within reason.

We found that the scooter still performed well in light rain, and didn’t become slippy under the wheel. Do proceed with caution in wet weather, and always use your best judgement when choosing to ride.


carrera impel is1 escooter conclusion


Warranty & Customer Support


Carrera products are built to be durable and the impel benefits from a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee on the frame, plus a one-year limited guarantee across the remainder of the scooter.

If you find yourself needing a repair, or have a question about your new Carrera Impel, please take your scooter into any Halfords store with proof of purchase or get in touch with our customer support team.

When it comes to getting your impel serviced, Halfords stock original Carrera spare parts and is the go-to place for all your servicing needs.


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Featuring unique security-focused additions to deter potential thieves, rain resistance, and a decent range with a breezy top speed, you’ll find Halfords have packed a huge amount into their debut e-scooter offering.


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