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The Best Knee Pads For Electric Scooter Riders

Nely Hayes
14 November 2021
Nely Hayes
14 November 2021


Putting on safety gear to protect yourself should be second nature. Even that quick trip to the corner shop on a quick errand could be hazardous.


Electric Scooters are fun and an easy way to get from A to B; however, if you have ever fallen off one, you know it can really hurt your elbows and knees, and no one likes getting unnecessary injuries. That’s why it’s so essential to have knee and elbow pads to protect yourself and to absorb shocks.

Knee pads are vital to save your joints from the brutal impact of falling on hard ground; that’s why they are considered a necessity when riding a scooter. Although scooters are not as dangerous as electric bikes, we still advise you to wear a helmet and the best scooter knee pads on the market to protect your knees from injuries. Most accidents happen when protective gear is not used. We have done some research to verify the best knee pads for safe electric scooter riding in this article.


Finding good quality scooter knee pads could prove challenging given the vast array of products available on the market. And, while we cannot choose the item that will perfectly match your requirements, we did come up with a list of pads that we think are suitable for you.

Our Comparison Chart

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Best for all-round protection

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

  • High-density foam
  • It comes in 2 sizes
  • Lightweight and comfortable


Best for hard impact

Triple Eight Saver Series

  • Complete protection for knees, elbows and wrists
  • High-quality, durable fabrics
  • High Impact-resistant

Best for comfort and flexibility

NoCry Professional Knee pads

  • Adjustable straps for comfort
  • Foam padding
  • High-quality materials for durability


Best value for money

JBM Adult BMX Bike Knee Pads

  • Affordable
  • Made with comfy and breathable materials
  • Convenient one-size-fits-all design

Best for kids

7 Protection Transition knee Pads 

  • Lightweight and breathable 
  • Best fit
  • Good overall protection


How Do Knee Pads Protect You?


The prime function of knee pads is to act as a shield against abrasion and joint injuries. However, many of the knee pads available in the market are terrible in quality and provide insufficient protection. Some important features are:

Strong outer shell

The outer shell fits into the shape of your knee to cover it from all aspects. This shell forms the first shield against injury, primarily by protecting you from hard and rough surfaces. Polymers like polyurethane provide a flexible yet rigid framework to the outer shell. 

Soft inner padding

Knee pads usually feature a soft, pliable inner lining, often a foam or spongy material that best absorbs shocks and minimises the impact of force on the knee. EVA padded material is a favourable material for soft padding. Having flexibility in knee pads is important to wear them for long hours without discomfort.


Riding a scooter on hot days demands flexible and breathable properties. Elastic or Velcro straps of breathable material fasten the knee pads in place and allow free mobility. Freedom of movement makes knee pads adequate for scootering to enable the rider to perform at their potential. 

Moreover, most of the knee pads are built to be lightweight and comfortable, which makes them best for scootering. Look for reinforced webbed elastic straps.


The knee pads you choose should allow you to move freely and comfortably. You don’t want to restrict your range of motion when riding your scooter. Choose knee pads that will enable you to mobilise quickly, change direction, and maintain complete control when riding your scooter.


A gel cushioning or exterior padded material is another essential feature to look for when choosing knee pads. The more cushion you have to land on, the more it minimises the impact on your joints and knees. And the less likely you are to suffer an injury when riding.


The straps should be comfortable to fasten and tighten, and you should feel high levels of support when wearing your knee pads. You don’t want to feel strain or tension when making sudden turns or movements. Choose knee pads that have adjustable straps and provide you with a high range of mobility for movement.

Multipurpose use

Some of the best knee pads allow you to wear them for multiple activities. Riding your scooter, skateboarding, or BMX riding. Regardless of where you plan to use them, look for a pair of knee pads that is multifaceted and durable in construction.

What Size Knee Pads Do I Need?

Choosing the right size of knee pads will ensure a secure grip on the knee joint and avoid restricting your knee motions. You should be able to move freely on a scooter, and knee pads that are too tight or too loose are a waste of money. Hence, size is something to be aware of before making a purchase. 

How Do I Choose Knee Pads For Scootering?

While a knee pad must fulfil the purpose of protection, you need to consider a few other aspects to make your purchase a worthy one. Knee and elbow pads should be reliable enough to stop knee cracking and joint damage.

Interior cushioning

Many knee pads use foam, such as nylon, neoprene, or polyurethane to provide a cushioning effect in case of trauma or blow. The softer and flexible padding material allows the knee pad to mould into your knee shape for improved comfort and resistance against impact. Knee injuries usually take a lot of time to heal, so you must choose a padded and protective surface.


Keeping in mind your age, weight, and height, it is important to order a knee pad that adheres to your knee size. Tight knee pads impede blood circulation and restrict movements, whereas loose ones slide off frequently, which becomes a major hurdle in scootering. 

A secure fit of the knee pad should allow you to move freely and quickly and make sudden movements as well. The elastic straps should be fastened firmly but not too tight to cause strain on the joint. 

Cooling and sweat liners

It is crucial that whatever you choose is practical for usage in all sorts of weather conditions. Since riding a scooter exercises your legs, you surely don’t want to overheat your knees with the extra padding in humid weather. 

The material should be light and breathable to minimise sweat on hot days. Sweat liners absorb extra sweat to prevent it from seeping into your clothes. At the same time, during cold days, the internal lining should provide sufficient heat to keep your joints warm.

Design and versatility

It is crucial to keep in mind a stylistic and sleek design while buying a knee pad because they are visible to everyone. A wide range of colours and designs are available.

Versatility is a key factor because one can benefit in many ways from a single purchase. Knee pads should not only be used for scootering but for other exercises, sports, and activities to safeguard your body.

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Our Selection Of The Best E-Scooter Knee Pads

Best for all-round protection

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

The item is made of high-density strengthened foam and lightweight fabric that allows your skin to breathe properly without making it sweat. The pads have a unisex design, so they are suitable for both men and women. They also come in two sizes, so you need to check the manufacturer’s sizing guide to make sure you picked the right one for you.

These knee protectors are ideal for outdoor sports and will keep you away from injuries while cycling or riding your e-scooter. Since they are lightweight, they will perfectly mould on your knees like a second skin, ensuring maximum flexibility and freedom of movement.

Best for hard impact

Triple Eight Saver Series

The set provides complete protection to your knees, elbows, and wrists. It contains one pair of knee pads, a pair of elbow pads, and wrist saver wrist guards you can use when practising a wide array of sports or outdoor activities, including riding your e-scooter.

The knee pads and the elbow pads are made of high-quality and durable fabrics and feature EVA foam padding for extra comfort and protection.

The caps provide full coverage and are made of polycarbonate that won’t break or chip when hit. All items are very comfortable to wear and soft to the skin so that they won’t cause blisters, calluses or irritations.

The fabrics allow your skin to breathe properly and stay dry throughout the day, no matter the temperatures outside. The set is available in three adult sizes and one junior size, perfect for younger children.

Best for comfort and flexibility

NoCry Professional Knee pads

The NoCry Professional products are well-built, long-lasting, and functional products that live up to expectations. They stay fit on the knees without any adjustment issues, and the quick clasp mechanism makes them a lot easier to wear and remove.

With the outer surface and padded inner foam, you’re sure to be in safe hands. Being solid yet lightweight makes them a great tool to absorb the shock. They are super reliable and comfortable, with maximum padding.

Best value for money

JBM Adult BMX Bike Knee Pads

The set is available in two colours and includes a wrist guard, one pair of knee pads, and one pair of elbow pads so you can protect the critical areas of your body while performing your favourite outdoor activities or riding your e-scooter.

The items are made of high-quality and durable PE and PP materials and feature breathable polyester sleeves that won’t get you to sweat when training or riding. They ensure maximum flexibility and freedom of movement while also protecting your knees, elbows, and wrists from accidents.

The set is only available in one size, but each item comes with straps that can flex to meet the requirements of various sizes of elbows and wrists.

Best for kids

Depositphotos 164101988 L min

7 Protection Transition knee Pads 

As a brand focused on protective gear for mountain biking, 7 Protection guards are incredibly durable and well made. The Transition pads extend higher and lower than standard kids’ knee pads for extra protection needed while scooter riding or mountain biking and feature a breathable sleeve for less sweat and added comfort.

The protective core uses body heat to mould to your little rider’s knees, making them surprisingly comfortable and allowing kids to maintain the same level of agility and manoeuvrability as riding without pads.

Because these pads feature a sleeve rather than a velcro system, they are harder than other pads to get on and off but stay in place really well. They are also offered as elbow pads.

Most Common Injuries

To avoid injuries, it’s crucial to have the right protective gear such as scooter body armour, helmets and knee pads. The most common injuries among e-scooter riders, cyclists and skaters, are:

  • Head Injuries: These are the most severe injuries in scooter riding. Injuries to the head could involve hospital admission, surgery, concussion, temporary – or permanent – impairment or even death in extreme cases. They typically happen when the scooter meets an unexpected obstruction; a rock or pothole can send a rider flying head-first into the hard tarmac
  • Abrasions and bruises: Falling onto hard pavement can cause painful scrapes and contusions.
  • Injuries to the Joint: Typically involving the wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees and, sometimes, hips. These typically occur when a rider loses balance and falls while trying to recover.


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Having suitable knee pads and elbow pads can really save you from accidents and injuries. In the case of scootering, many kids and adults face riding hazards every day as they trip over on pavements or cannot maintain a balance going downhill. This is where knee pads save the day by protecting your knees. 

All the products in our list are an excellent option for scooter riders, but it all comes down to your budget, requirements, and comfort. We hope our review gives you a better outlook on knee pads and everything you need to know before buying them.

Community Questions

Here we answer some of the most commonly asked questions in the Scooter Guide community. Feel free to join in and leave any questions or feedback that you may have!

How do I know if my knee pads fit correctly?

Your knee pads must fit snugly on your knees. Use the straps to loop around your knee so that they don’t slip or fall off; they must fit over your knee cap and stay in place even if you fall. Remember that the front bulge should face forward. This part provides defence on rough and rugged grounds. Hold the knee pad on your knee in such a way that the padding should cover the knee zone completely.

How do I know if they are too tight?

Your knee pads must fit well and be secure (a snug fit) but should not be too tight so that they cut off blood circulation and are uncomfortable. You should be able to bend your knees and move comfortably in them without restriction.

Can I wash my knee pads?

Because you use them for sports and outdoor activities, knee pads tend to get stinky and sweaty within a few weeks. Sweat gives them an unpleasant odour and often leads to bacterial growth. Hence, you must wash them regularly every 1-2 weeks. 

A good wash will remove the dirt, dust, and smelly odour. Check the product care label to see if they’re washable in a washing machine. Most knee pads are machine washable or at least hand washable. Use cold water, a light detergent and always air dry them.

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