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What Electric Scooters Are Best For Commuting?

Nely Hayes
13 November 2021
Nely Hayes
13 November 2021

It’s Monday morning. Your alarm has just rudely woken you up, and you’re in dire need of coffee. After a cup (or three) of strong caffeine, you’re ready to face what looms ahead…the commute to the office.


Your choices are to either be stuck in traffic for an extra hour or brave the bus. Or you could choose an electric scooter for commuting.

An electric scooter seems like an odd choice, but it does offer several significant benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Scooters For Commuting?


Flexibility And Speed

Electric scooters offer you the flexibility to leave and arrive at your destination at whatever time best suits you. You can arrive on time or even earlier than you expected, and do so at an impressive speed.

Commuter scooters can reach higher speeds than other electric scooters, with some reaching a top speed of up to 34 miles (55km) on one charge.

This speed can be beneficial if your route often has congestion or includes hills, as this speed can help you crest a hill and beat traffic. Some of the best electric scooters also have all-wheel-drive options, making them ideal for rougher terrain and climbing hills on your commute.


An electric scooter takes up considerably less space than a car or motorbike, making them ideal for those whose office buildings might only have on-street parking or very little parking space.

There are foldable electric scooter models that can easily fit into a bag or the corner of a room. You can charge the battery power while it is folded, so when you need to tootle off again, you can simply unfold a fully charged scooter!

Another aspect of this portability is that you are also safe from possible theft, as your mode of transportation can simply be slotted into your backpack for safekeeping.

Environmentally Friendly

Choosing to commute with an electric scooter means that you have a positive impact on the environment. Longer battery life also means less charging and lower reliance on electricity.

Electric scooters are powered by a rechargeable battery pack, which lowers their emissions into the atmosphere. With fewer parts to replace, the maintenance levels are lower, and there will be fewer parts disposed of, reducing pollution.


Using electric scooters for commuting is much more cost-effective than using a car or public transport. If you look at the costs involved in owning and maintaining a commuter scooter, you will soon see that an electric scooter is a sound investment.

Consider this: the average person can spend up to £158 ($217) per month on commuting costs if they use public transport (which translates to £1896 per year), and £1.22 per litre of petrol for an average-sized car. A daily bus ticket can cost around £2.80 a time – that is £28 a week if you haven’t bought a bus pass.

Now consider this: One commuter scooter will cost you between £500 £1 500 ($600 to $2 064) once off. All you need to factor in is maintenance and battery charging, and you can get to and from your destination at a fraction of the cost.

Which Electric Scooters Are Best Suited To Commuting?


The best electric scooter for commuting is somewhat subject, based on the type of terrain you will be riding across on a daily basis, the weather, and how fast you need to go to arrive at your destination on time.

A commuter scooter is also quite different from an off-road or leisure electric scooter – they have been designed with heavier and more regular use in mind. So, let’s take a look at the best electric scooters for your commute.

Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro

The Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro electric scooter is packed with features, foldable, and has a powerful motor with a maximum speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h), with an impressive range of up to 27 miles (43 km).

Perfect commuter scooters, the Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro range has 8.5-inch air-filled pneumatic tyres that make for a comfortable ride, even when going at maximum speed. The extended deck also means you can move your feet with ease while zipping around town.


The dual braking system and simple thumb throttle make the Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro one of the best electric scooter options on the market for commuting.

The Motor

The motor power is 300W and can deliver a top speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h). It can climb hills with gradients of up to 20%. This is ample power for supercharging your daily commute and helping you get from A to B with ease.

The Battery

Your commuter scooters should have decent battery life and also offer enough range for your needs. Xiaomi has improved on this model’s battery pack, kitting it out with a 36V 12800mAh lithium-ion battery that has a maximum range of up to 27 miles (43 km) in one charge.

The Brakes

Having safe, reliable brakes on your electric scooter is vital, and this nifty number has a rear mechanical disc brake and front regenerative braking. Combined with the 8.5-inch air-filled tyres, you can stop and start seamlessly.

The Lights

Lights are vital parts of any commuter scooter, especially if you are arriving home during the dark. This model has front and rear lights, namely 1.1W headlights and a bright rear brake light. You can easily light your way home and arrive safely.

Glion Dolly

The Glion Dolly is one of the best electric scooters for commuting in small cities or short distances. It offers decent acceleration at 15 mph and a quiet 250 Watt brushless hub motor paired with a long-lasting lithium-ion battery.

It is foldable and can be stored and carried like hand luggage, with a maximum weight of only 115 kg (225 lbs). This affordable electric scooter also has 8-inch solid rubber wheels with a honeycomb interior to improve shock absorption.

With good battery life and a charging time of 2 hours to 75% and 3.5 hours to 100%, this is the best electric scooter for zipping to and from the office. It’s a great little entry-level electric scooter!

glion dolly

The Motor

The motor power is lower than other scooters, at 250-watt (600-watt peak). The DC hub motor is in the rear wheel, and this little number can reach a max speed of 15 mph (25 km/h). It can tackle hills with a 15-degree angle – any steeper, and you might have a problem.

The Battery

Glion’s Dolly has an LG Li-Ion 36V, 7.8Ah battery, reaching up to 15 miles or 25 km per hour. While this top speed is somewhat average for an e-scooter, it has been designed for shorter, smaller commutes. Ensure to charge the battery when not in use, as it is not a removable battery that can be replaced with a fully charged one.

The Brakes

This compact e-scooter features two braking systems: electronic anti-lock brakes and a rear fender foot-activated press brake. You can activate them using the grip on the left handle, which changes the voltage going to the motor and slows the scooter down, or you can press on the rear press brake.

The Lights

Light your way home with ease. The Dolly has a headlight placed above the front wheel and a red taillight on the rear fender. The headlight is incredibly bright and focused and can be adjusted vertically, helping you be seen by motorists, no matter the road conditions.

Pure Air Pro

The Pure Air Pro is a great electric scooter that provides all-round performance. It has a beefy motor that offers a top speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h) and a range of up to 22.4 miles (36 km). With a 350W motor and 36V battery, you will get excellent torque in seconds.

If you’re commuting on a rainy day, the water-resistant IP65-rated Pure Air Pro will glide through the wet roads with ease, providing a smooth ride and safe arrival.

The electrically assisted front brake (KERS) and rear drum brake, combined with sturdy 10-inch front and rear air-filled pneumatic tyres, with pre-installed puncture prevention fluid (no flat tires!), make this electric scooter ideal for long distances and commutes.

Pure Air electric scooter standing upright

The Motor

The 350W front-wheel motor packs a punch, accelerating with ease to its full speed of 25km/h. Use the push-button throttle to power up your ride as you climb the hill with a 15-degree angle in minutes. The Pure Air Pro motor really guns it on flat roads, so you will zip along quickly where you need to go!

The Battery

The battery is a 36V 345wh that provides a range of 22.4-mile (36 km). This range can be affected by rider weight and road conditions, but the Pure Air Pro is a hardy number, weighing 16.5kg (36lbs), so it can handle a heavier weight. And with a charging time of only 5.5 hours, this e-scooter can be ready for its next journey in no time.

The Brakes

The braking system is safe and maintains a smooth ride, with the air-filled tyres improving the overall journey. There is a front regenerative brake and a rear mechanical brake, both of which are operated by a single lever on the left handlebar. It is an intelligent system, which slows to a stop with no danger of sliding, even in wet weather.

The Lights

Electric scooters should be as visible and possible, and Pure Air has ensured this by adding multiple lighting sources to their Pro model. You will find an adjustable front LED, rear LED lights, and side reflectors to help your electric scooter commute be as safe as possible.

Ninebot Segway Zing E10

It’s not only office workers who need to commute; teens need a quick and easy way to get to and from school – plus, they love having that feeling of being (somewhat) independent of their parents and public transport!

The Ninebot Segway Zing E10 is one of the most popular e-scooters with teenagers due to its edgy look, but parents can rest assured that it has safety at the forefront. It has a 150 W with a max speed of 10 mph (16km/h), making it the best scooter for zipping to and from school.

Main article image of the Nanrobot Segway Zing E10 electric scooter

The Motor

The motor is a 150 W rear-mounted model that puts out plenty of power for teens on the go. It can reach a top speed of 10 mph (16km/h) and offers a smooth ride compared to other scooters in the same class. Unlike the motor power of an adult electric scooter, it cannot tackle steep hills but can climb a 7% hill grade with the right rider weight.

The Battery

This e-scooter is pulled along by a 55.08 Wh or 2550 mAh Lithium-ion Battery. This innovative battery pack integrates a battery, controller, and intelligent battery control system into one, making it more compact than other scooters with an external battery pack. With a charge time of just 4 hours, this affordable scooter will see your teen zipping around in no time.

The Brakes

Segway’s scooter is extremely safe by combining a front brake controlled by a mechanical lever, an electric Braking System, and an added rear foot-operated fender brake with 7-inch tubeless synthetic rubber tyres. These e-scooters are a comfortable ride with the right amount of speed and security.

The Lights

These electric scooters have built-in headlights and taillights. There is also a 3M reflective sticker on its rear fender to warn oncoming cars about the scooter, ensuring that your teenager arrives safely wherever they go.

Dualtron X2 Electric Scooter

The Dualtron X2 is a pure tank of an electric scooter. This large-wheeled scooter offers the pinnacle of motor power by having two brushless DC HUB (Direct Drive) 4150W motors and a super-sized 72V 42AH Li-ion main battery built from high-quality LG cells.

The top speed is 68 mph (109km/h), but, unfortunately, in the bike lane, you cannot feel the true unfettered power of this e-scooter.

With a 19-step adjustable hydraulic suspension at the front and back, to say this is a comfortable ride is playing it safe. Compared to other scooters on the higher end of the budget, this powerhouse scooter is ideal for long, difficult commutes.

Image of the Dualtron X2 electric shooter

The Motor

The motors in the Dualtron X2 are both brushless, direct-drive 4150W hub motors that combine to produce a motor power of a whopping 8300W at the wheel. It supports a dual-motor mode to compensate for the heavyweight of the e-scooter, and this beast can reach a max speed of up to 68 mph (109km/h), unaffected by maximum rider weight.

The Battery

The 72V 42Ah main battery can reach a much longer range of up to an estimated 80-90 miles in a single charge. There are two modes to choose from, the Eco Mode and the Fast Mode, and these will affect the range you can achieve. The charging time and battery life is about 8 hours, and you will need to charge the batteries simultaneously.

The Brakes

This electric scooter did not skimp on any features, and the brakes are no exception. With front and rear hydraulic brakes, you will achieve maximum stopping power. It is the best scooter for longer-range journeys, but it is essential to remember that the braking is progressive, meaning that the more power you apply at the lever, the more stopping power is applied to the wheels.

The Lights

The Dualtron X2 comes equipped with powerful lights – dual LED headlights that provide the rider with a clear view of the road and cars. They can be adjusted with a simple controller menu, and there are LEDs on the stem, tube, deck, under the deck, and on the rims.

So, What Is The Best Electric Scooter For Commuting?

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The best e-scooter for your commute does depend on several things, one of which is the maximum rider weight of the scooter. One that cannot take a heavier rider might not be ideal for someone who is weighed down by a laptop or bookbag on their daily commute.

It would help if you also considered the distance to and from your destination: a short zip to the bus stop or your office is perfect for the Glion Dolly or Segway Zing, but longer trips will need the power of the Xiaomi or even the Dualtron. Long journeys need the power of the Pure Air Pro or the Dualtron to ensure the journey is safe and speedy.

Final verdict? The best e-scooter for commuting is primarily up to your taste, ability, and needs – choose wisely, and you’ll never go back to the bus line again!

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