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Best Electric Scooter Helmets For 2024

5 March 2024
5 March 2024


It’s one thing knowing that you should wear an electric scooter helmet, but it can be challenging to determine the best helmet for your scooting needs.


Regardless of where you live and whether your local laws require helmet-wearing, you should always protect your head when riding an electric scooter. Helmets sound like a no-brainer, but with conflicting legislation surrounding helmet usage and protective gear, many scooter riders are confused about whether they should wear one. 

Still, it’s better to protect yourself and get the best-certified helmet at the end of the day.

Not every helmet can provide appropriate levels of protection. Some are best for light riding, while others suit off-road usage. So, we’ve made choosing the right helmet for your needs a simple process, with our comprehensive guide.

You’ll learn:

  • What to consider when looking for a helmet
  • How to choose the best helmet for your needs
  • The difference between selecting the right helmet and the wrong one
  • 10 electric scooter helmets that won’t let you down

So, let’s get straight to it.

What do I need to consider when looking for a helmet?

Depositphotos 272641768 XL 

First things first, make sure you pick a helmet that fits you. Poorly fitting helmets can be as dangerous as not wearing one at all. Measure the circumference of your head and look for electric scooter helmets within that sizing category.

Another way you can avoid putting yourself at risk is by only buying a certified electric scooter helmet that complies with recognised safety standards. 

However, approved bike helmets don’t prevent all concussions or other brain injuries, especially during slower crashes or crashes at oblique angles. 

The construction of an MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) uses two layers that rotate against each other, similar to the rotation of the brain’s cerebrospinal fluid, which is the body’s natural defence against oblique impacts. 

It’s also essential to ensure your bicycle helmet isn’t damaged. Even a minor crash or dropping it on a hard surface could cause damage, so buy a new one to be safe.

What is the best type of helmet for me?

Depositphotos 191699920 XL

When choosing an electric scooter helmet, you need to consider both your speed and environment. There is no unifying body providing information about this, but it is generally accepted that bicycle helmets are acceptable for low-speed rides, while a helmet offering full facial protection is best for higher speeds.

Choosing the right type of helmet is crucial to getting maximum protection.

The Right Helmet


tickicon  BSS, DOT, ECE 22.05 & Snell Standards

tickicon   Tight and secure fit

tickicon   Adequate ventilation

tickicon   Full face

tickicon   Purchased from a genuine retailler 


The Wrong Helmet


red   Loose-fitting

red   No recognised standards

red   Not purchased from a bonafide/trusted retailer

red   Push bike helmet

red   Insufficient ventillation or padding


Consider your speed

Depositphotos 101640652 xl 2015small

Are you planning to go off-road with your electric scooter? Reckon you will be riding at greater speeds than 20 mph (32 km/h)? Then an e-bike or motorcycle helmet will do the job.

Although much larger and heavier than the other types, full-face helmets are ideal for maximum protection on high-speed electric scooters or during journeys at higher speeds and in higher-risk environments. You should keep in mind that motorcycle helmets reduce some of your peripheral vision due to the more protective style.

Being full-faced also means your face is protected from the elements — but of course, if you plan to ride your scooter in the suburbs or for long trips, you will probably not want the weight of a hefty helmet putting strain on your head, neck and shoulders.

Wearing a helmet is recommended. Even an impact at 15mph can cause significant brain injury.

How to choose the best electric scooter helmet?

arai helmet black

 Safety or rating is the first and most crucial element to consider when looking for an electric scooter helmet. Specifically, keep an eye out for helmets that meet or exceed United States’ FMVSS218 helmet safety standards. This one assesses various factors and elements of the helmet, including retention system qualities, the field of vision, shock absorption, and construction. What’s more, it even assesses the quality of the chin strap to ensure that it provides support in the event of a collision.

Choosing the right safety rating.

 When it comes to any decent helmet, ventilation and ventilation holes are vital. After all, you don’t want to be riding about with a sweaty head. The idea is that the ventilation holes allow the moisture, sweat, and heat to escape from the back of the lid. At the same time, it funnels cool air via the front. The design can vary from helmet to helmet, ranging from larger rectangular openings to small circular holes. Also, helmets with more air vents are usually cooler and lighter, but that might impact their protection levels. So, try to find a balance between being protected and keeping the head cool.

Ensuring the helmet has adequate ventilation

 An excellent electric scooter helmet should fit comfortably and snugly onto your head and provide the best possible coverage god forbid there is a collision. Thus, you must take the time to correctly measure the circumference of your head and find the correct and suitable size. A bike helmet that’s too small or too larger won’t actually protect your head since a small one will be uncomfortable, and a large one will keep shifting around.

Getting the right fit is very important for safety & comfort

Finally, a key element to the helmet’s overall comfort is the padding on the inner side of the lid. This is what helps keep the helmet snug on your head without causing any irritation or sores over long periods of use. What’s more, it even wicks sweat and keeps you feeling fresh by keeping your head cool, sweat-free and dry. In some helmets, the padding is removable too, and some even provide extra padding in the box.

Padding gives that extra layer of comfort, especially on tight fits

Should I wear a full-face helmet for an electric scooter?

half face helmet

While it’s not necessary to wear a full-face helmet while riding an electric scooter, it will offer more protection in case of an accident or a collision. Suppose you are primarily riding your scooter in an urban area. In that case, we recommend that you opt for full-face helmets because they’ll provide more protection in the crazed, traffic-ridden environment. However, if you live in a suburban area where the streets are usually devoid of vehicles, there’s no need to go for full-face helmets or motorcycle helmets. That said, always choose a helmet that you’re comfortable wearing 100% of the time.

Full face helmets offer the most protection in the event you come off or crash your scooter.

E-scooter and bike helmets are the same

mx helmets

There are currently no helmets explicitly made for electric scooters, so e-scooter and bike helmets are the same. Not all helmets are created equal, so not every bicycle, mountain bike helmet or skateboard helmet will be suitable for your needs — but there will be one out there that is just right for you.

However, a regular bike helmet or those rated for bicycle safety standards will only protect you when riding your electric scooter below 20 mph and in low-risk conditions.

If you need a helmet to protect you at high speeds and in high-risk conditions, you should opt for a motorcycle helmet.

Our favourite e-scooter helmets (in no particular order)

E-Scooter Helmet Colours Sizes Material Buy Now
XNITO LED Helmet Urbanite, blue and white Large Polycarbonate
LIVALL Smart Helmet Yellow Large Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Wesst Scooter Helmet Grey Medium and Large Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Flybar Kids Helmet Blue One size – adjustable Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Razor V17 Youth Multisport Helmet Black, blue and red options available One size – adjustable Plastic
Lumos Kickstart Smart Helmet Charcoal or warm black Medium to large Polycarbonate
Outdoor Master Black, fuschia, blue, red or white Large (Kids) Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Harsh Protection Black Small Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet Charcoal Medium to large Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
AWETech LED Helmet Graphite Large Polycarbonate




If you’re looking for a stylish solution for your riding needs, the XNITO LED helmet won’t let you down. Made with polycarbonate material, it’s able to offer protection during accidents, withstanding impacts of up to 28 miles per hour. 

What makes the helmet stand out is its built-in LED lights, which will maintain safety at night. The colour options are also ideal for commuters who want a sleek riding accessory. 

There is a ventilation system, but many riders find it lacks some core features when compared to other models. However, for the price, you’re getting a helmet that will protect you while cruising around on your e-scooter. 

Unless you’re planning on off-road riding, we’d recommend the XNITO LED helmet as a worthy competitor.



tickicon  If you’re looking for safety, the XNITO LED helmet won’t let you down. It’s fully compliant with CPSC safety standards.

tickicon  LED lights maintain visibility and promote safety in varied conditions.

tickicon  Choose from a range of colours.




red   While not as expensive as some other helmets, the XNITO LED is still a pretty sizable purchase.

red   With its lack of sufficient ventilation, some people might find the helmet isn’t ideal for hot days.

red   The helmet doesn’t have rotational impact protection, which might compromise your safety when riding at speed.


LIVALL Smart Helmet

LIVALL Smart Helmet



If you’re looking for a reliable commuting helmet, LIVALL won’t let you down. Aligning with CPSC, NTA-8776 and CE standards, safety is guaranteed, with the helmet withstanding impacts of up to 28 miles per hour. 

Aside from the safety features, you can also benefit from a colourful design that seamlessly merges modern and retro styles. An IPX4 rating also means you can ride in the rain and enjoy vents that keep you cool on hot days. 

Perhaps one of the most impressive features is the unique SOS alarm, available with the LIVALL riding app. If the sensors notice you’re inactive for 30 minutes after a fall, they’ll send your location to emergency contacts. 

A removable visor provides more flexibility and the built-in rear light maintains visibility.



tickicon   Designed to high specifications, aligning with numerous safety standards

tickicon   The helmet promotes comfort, with adjustable straps and a thick chin pad

tickicon   Automatic brake lights allow riders to focus on the road

tickicon   The helmet can withstand impacts of up to 28 mph

tickicon   High visibility when riding




red   The large size might still be too small for some people

red  The helmet doesn’t come with a microphone or speakers


Westt Scooter Helmet

Westt Scooter Helmet



Style, substance and durability are just three words that describe the Westt helmet. While originally designed for motorbikes, we think it’s a great choice for electric scooters. 

You’ll notice the helmet’s unique design immediately, with retro writing that looks effortlessly stylish—but looks aren’t everything. Fully compliant with EU safety regulations, the helmet is made from durable ABS materials and weighs just 2.31 lbs. 

The material also ensures adequate crash protection, and scooter riders can be confident on the road, with a helmet that prevents head injuries when riding at higher speeds. 

Despite all of its benefits, the Westt helmet lacks smart features and focuses more on style and substance than connectivity.



tickicon   You won’t be shy to ride around in this helmet – it oozes style.

tickicon   Compliance with EU safety regulations makes the helmet a good choice for riding on roads.

tickicon   With a weight of 2.31 lbs, the helmet won’t weigh you down.

tickicon   The anti-scratch visor maintains visibility.




red    Other helmets might lack more features.

red    While light, scooter raiders often look for something less intrusive.


Flybar Kids Helmet

Flybar Kids Helmet



Kids love e-scooters, but every parent’s main priority is to keep their children safe. The Flybar Kids Helmet is dual certified, to CPSC standards and has a streamlined design. It’s available in multiple colours, which will make any child happy. 

With a weight of just 1 lb and an expanded polystyrene inner lining, it’s comfortable to use and vents stop the head from getting too hot. Adjustable straps mean you won’t have to replace the helmet for a long time. 

The removable pads also make it easy to wash the helmet, which is great for busy parents. So, are there any drawbacks? 

Well, as a kid’s helmet, this option from Flybar is more about combining comfort with security, instead of tech features. However, for the price, you’re getting a great helmet that will keep your kids safe when they’re scooting around.



tickicon   Safety comes first with this dual-certified helmet

tickicon   Kids will love the selection of colours

tickicon  Adjustable straps promote comfort

tickicon   It’s one of the more cost-effective helmets out there




red   The helmet lacks smart features and it’s pretty basic


Razor V17 Youth Multi sport Helmet

Razor V17 Youth Multi-sport Helmet

This electric scooter helmet is just brilliant and is an all-time favourite. It’s great for electric scooter riders, but it is also suitable for going skating, biking, or just about any other sport involving wearing protective headgear. 

It’s lightweight, and thanks to the high-impact, carbon fibre design, the helmet is reliable and durable, with excellent head protection.

The ergonomically designed helmet also ensures almost no wind resistance when you’re riding on your scooter. The Razor V17 provides a comfortable fit with its generous padding.

That means your head feels ideally suited for the helmet, and the padding forms itself around the shape of your head. 

In addition, extra adjustable cheek pads are included for the sake of fitment. The helmet also comes with adjustable straps and a secure buckle to ensure the helmet does not come off when you are on the move.

The helmet features 17 top and side vents to keep your head cool on hot days. There is also a wide selection of fun colours.



tickicon   Stylish and comes in many colours and sizes

tickicon   Adjustable strap with side release buckles

tickicon   Lightweight and durable

tickicon   Ergonomically designed padding, plus additional sizing pad set

tickicon   17 vents

tickicon   Head sizes it fits: 22 to 23.5 inches; appropriate for ages 8 to 14

tickicon   CPSC certified helmet




red    None from our point of view


Lumos Kickstart Smart Helmet

Lumos Kickstart Smart Helmet

These LED electric scooter helmets have improved rider visibility in poor conditions and at night by integrating LEDs on both the front and back of the helmets. 

Featuring integrated brake and turn signal lights, the KICKSTART bike helmet will help you be visible from all angles. 

Turn signals are activated by a wireless remote, while brake lights are activated automatically thanks to the built-in accelerometer, which senses when you’re braking. 

The Lumos Original has bright red lights in the back and white ones in the front, which will guarantee a safer ride. Furthermore, it has built-in accelerometers so that you have functioning brake lights. 

With a dedicated app to help you tailor the lights to your riding needs, the Lumos KICKSTART helmet offers a great deal of functionality.



tickicon   360 visibility even in poor riding conditions

tickicon   Bright red lights ensure that other road users can see you, making braking safer

tickicon   Integrated turn signals operate wirelessly, giving you more control

tickicon   The helmet isn’t heavy to wear

tickicon   Two hours of charging gives you ten hours of usage




red    While the helmet has an app, its low rating is due to functionality issues.

red    Some people find the helmet feels a bit narrow on their heads.


Outdoor Master

Outdoor Master

Another option for children and younger people is Outdoor Master, a provider of helmets that look as good as they perform. It’s impossible to ignore the unique colour combinations – especially the fuschia teal, which will be an instant favourite for females. 

Don’t think these helmets are just about looks though, because they also offer a range of features, including an ABS shell and high-density foam that has shock absorbing qualities. Certified to CPSC standards, the helmet will also keep riders safe. 

With 12 vents to keep the head cool while riding, the helmet is also washing machine compatible, and the adjustable straps are easy for children to use. 

Whether you’re a child, teenager or adult, Outdoor Master helmets consistently perform well.



tickicon   Removable lining for riding on hot days

tickicon   Meets CPSC safety standards

tickicon   Comes in a range of sizes for kids, teens and adults

tickicon   Built for comfort, with adjustable straps and vents




red    The sizes can be inconsistent with some people finding their helmets don’t fit

red    Suitable for recreational use, but might not offer enough protection for public roads


Harsh Protection

Harsh Protection

If you’re looking for a simple helmet that will give you some extra protection while on the road, Harsh Protection won’t disappoint. It’s not the flashiest helmet by any means, nor does it have awe-inspiring features – but it’s cost-effective and light enough for commuters. 

With ABS forming the outer shell and expanded polystyrene creating a comfortable inner layer, this helmet is all about simplified safety. It’s also certified to global standards, including ASTM and CPSC. 

Overall, Harsh Protection’s helmet won’t take your breath away with its design, but at under £22.00, it’s ideal when you’re on a budget.



tickicon   It’s an affordable helmet that won’t break the bank

tickicon   Adheres to global safety standards

tickicon   Constructed with an ABS outer layer

tickicon   The helmet is a lightweight option




red    There’s nothing that makes the helmet stand out

red    People with larger heads might find the helmet feels a bit tight


Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet

Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet

Merging technology with safety is the Matrix Smart Helmet from Lumos. If you’re looking for a standout helmet that delivers numerous functions, you’ll love the features available. 

First thing’s first; the design. 

Well, as you’d expect with any helmet that costs over £100, the Matrix doesn’t shy away from the limelight, presenting a sleek, urban design that looks effortlessly stylish. But it’s not all about looks. 

So, what else can you expect from this helmet? A fully customisable LED panel lets you take advantage of 360° visibility, and effortless turning with the built-in signals. Automatic brake lights from the helmet also notify other road users of your presence. 

Overall, this is a great helmet that offers impressive features. Sure, it costs more – but if you’re riding at night, you want the Lumos Matric Smart helmet on your side.



tickicon   It looks amazing

tickicon   Maximum visibility and built-in turn signals

tickicon   A dedicated app with further personalisation options

tickicon   Customisable LED lights




red    At over £100, the helmet might be inaccessible to some people.


AWETech LED Helmet

AWETech LED Helmet

If you love the idea of a tech-friendly helmet but not the price tag, the AWETech LED helmet is a worthy compromise. With its unique colour and built-in LED lights, you won’t have to worry about riding at night. 

The helmet also boasts 360° MEGAVisibility™ and a five year crash guarantee, highlighting the manufacturer’s confidence that it will offer superior protection. It’s also recommended for electric scooter riders and has a polycarbonate shell. 

With adjustable straps and a unique locking system that keeps the helmet stable, it’s also one of the more convenient options. Better still, the AWETech LED helmet is more affordable than many others. 

The downside? Well, it doesn’t have the aesthetic appeal of the Lumos Matrix, but that’s pretty much it.



tickicon   Superior visibility with a trademarked design

tickicon   Take advantage of a five year crash guarantee

tickicon   The helmet has built-in LEDs for convenience

tickicon   It’s one of the more affordable options




red    It lacks a sleek, streamlined design

red    Some people might find the features a bit basic


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