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Best Electric Scooter Accessories

Nely Hayes
12 November 2021
Nely Hayes
12 November 2021

Hop on your electric scooter and get ready for a ride like no other because we’re about to deck you out with some seriously cool e scooter accessories!

Hop on your electric scooter and get ready for a ride like no other because we’re about to deck you out with some seriously cool e scooter accessories! Whether you’re all about safety gear, storage solutions, comfy upgrades, or adding a splash of style, the right gadgets can make your rides safer and more enjoyable. And guess what? You don’t have to break the bank to get them.

In this guide, we’re spilling the beans on our absolute favourite electric scooter accessories, handpicked to make your rides safer, comfier, and more fun than ever before. So, strap on your helmet and get ready to hit the streets in style.

Safety accessories

Electric scooters are convenient and eco-friendly ways to get around. But like biking or rollerblading, safety is key to enjoying the ride.

Check out our top picks for safety accessories that’ll take your electric scooter experience to the next level while keeping you safe and sound below. 

Electric scooter helmets

EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter

When it comes to enjoying electric scooter rides, safety should always be the top priority. That’s why investing in a high-quality helmet isn’t just smart; it could save your life! 

When selecting a helmet, choose a well-known brand that matches your riding style. Consider factors like fit, ventilation, and additional features such as built-in lights or reflective elements for enhanced visibility. Making the right choice here can greatly affect how safe and enjoyable your electric scooter adventures are. 

Luckily, a wide range of fantastic helmets are available, from sleek and modern designs to bold and colourful options, offering both safety and style.

1. Best Overall Pick- The Giro Camden MIPS

Our top pick for navigating city streets is the Giro Camden MIPS helmet. Its sleek design looks stylish and provides extra coverage, essential for protecting the head in case of accidents. The antimicrobial padding keeps you fresh and clean, even during long rides. 

What sets this helmet apart is its integrated rear light, which boosts visibility on the road, especially in dim lighting. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) adds an extra layer of safety, as it helps redirect energy to minimise the risk of head injuries.

Certified to meet the Speed E-Bike standard NTA 8776, this helmet goes the extra mile to ensure your safety, even at higher speeds. So, if you want a stylish and safe helmet for your electric scooter adventures, the Giro Camden MIPS is definitely worth checking out.

2. Best Budget E-Bike Helmet— Specialized Mode

The Specialized Mode helmet is a fantastic budget-friendly option for those who love electric biking. Despite its affordable price, it doesn’t skimp on quality or style.

The helmet features a sleek design and hidden vents for optimal airflow, striking the perfect balance between safety and comfort. Plus, with its personalised sizing option, you can bid farewell to uncomfortable helmets for good.

Equipped with reflective decals and Stix Light compatibility, the Specialized Mode helmet is perfect for both daytime and nighttime rides, prioritising safety in any condition. And with its certification to the Dutch e-bike Standard NTA8776, you can ride assured, knowing it meets rigorous safety standards.

3. Best Full Face Helmet— Smith Mainline MIPS

The Smith Mainline MIPS is the perfect choice for speed demons. Designed with input from professional enduro racers, this helmet is tailor-made for fast riders who demand top-notch protection.

Every aspect of the Smith Mainline MIPS enhances your safety and comfort. The outer shell ensures durability and protection against impacts, which is crucial for preventing head injuries. The inner shell, featuring MIPS technology, Koroyd technology, and EPS foam, absorbs impact energy and reduces rotational forces on the brain, lowering the risk of brain injury. 

Moreover, this helmet offers a snug, cosy fit. Removable padding, X-Static material, and antibacterial properties ensure a personalised, hygienic fit that feels like it was made just for you.

Fluorescent turn signal vest 

NIU KQi2 Pro electric scooter

Currently, it’s against the law to ride a privately owned e-scooter on public roads. However, many other countries are seeing the advantages of electric scooters, so it’s likely that soon, people will be able to use them to travel to work and school in the UK.

For those who ride at night, ensuring maximum visibility is essential for your safety. While fluorescent vests are a common choice among cyclists, a luminous turn signal vest offers an even higher level of safety. These vests are very lightweight and can be worn on your back or over a backpack.

Our favourite pick is the Lixada LED Turn Signal Vest. While traditional fluorescent vests offer visibility, this vest takes it up a notch with reflective strips and LED signal lights, making it a practical yet unique electric scooter accessory.

The Lixada vest makes you visible and keeps you safe with its wireless control over four signals: Left, Right, Forward, and Stop. This means you can communicate your intentions clearly to other road users, promoting a safer riding experience. Plus, with its USB rechargeable feature, you can say goodbye to constantly buying batteries, saving time and money.

Moreover, this vest features adjustable straps that ensure a comfortable fit for riders of all shapes and sizes. So why settle for a basic fluorescent vest when you can upgrade to the advanced Lixada LED Turn Signal Vest?

Elbow and knee pads

NIU KQi2 Pro electric scooter

Elbow and knee pads are essential accessories for riders. They offer top-notch protection without sacrificing style or comfort. With these protective pads, you can enjoy your scooting adventures to the max, knowing you’re protected from unexpected tumbles or bumps.

If you’re considering investing in elbow and knee pads, here are some of our top picks.

First up, the Leatt Elbow Guard 3DF 6.0. These bad boys have one of the highest safety ratings out there. They’re CE-approved and feature a soft layer with a tough outer shell of hard plastic composite. They also come in cool colours like white, blue, and black.

Next, we have the Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads, which feature a set of 2 made from durable EVA foam and a snug nylon/spandex blend. They’re super breathable and lightweight, so they won’t make you sweat during your rides. Additionally, the slim design makes them easy to slip on under or over clothes, and the anti-slip grip keeps them securely in place. Overall, these pads are great for any activity requiring extra knee protection, whether in sports, work, or everyday use.

And last but not least, we’ve got the BODYPROX Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards Set. 

This is the ultimate gear set for electric scooter enthusiasts. Made with a tough plastic outer shell and comfy EVA padding inside, these pads offer top-notch protection and comfort.

Moreover,  wrist guards feature a sturdy splint to protect against scrapes and slides, while the flexible sleeve lets you move freely.

With easy-to-adjust straps, this set perfectly fits riders of all sizes, making it a stress-free accessory choice.

Front and rear lights

NIU KQi2 Pro electric scooter

Front and rear lights are must-have accessories for electric scooter enthusiasts, especially those who ride at night. Many electric scooters don’t come with bright enough headlights, making it difficult to see in the dark and be seen by other road users.

A proper headlight improves visibility for the rider and enhances safety by making others on the road more visible. Similarly, a taillight is crucial for preventing accidents from behind, especially when riding in low-light conditions.

Luckily, affordable options are available that provide a safer riding experience for electric scooter enthusiasts. One excellent option is the KTEBO Rechargeable Bike Lights Front and Back. These LED lights offer impressive brightness with multiple modes, including high and low brightness settings and a flashing mode for added visibility. The quick-release design makes installation a breeze, and the lights can be easily detached for quick charging.

For more information on the best lights for electric scooters, check out our dedicated post. 

Safety jacket/armour 

NIU KQi2 Pro electric scooter

Safety jackets or armour are another great safety accessory. While you might typically associate them with motorcycle riders, electric scooter lovers can benefit just as much. It could be pretty serious when you’re cruising at 30 mph on your scooter and take a tumble at that speed. Just like you wouldn’t hop out of a car without protection, wearing an armoured jacket can make a world of difference in case of accidents.

These jackets provide complete protection for the wearer, covering the front, back, shoulders, and arms, depending on your style. They’re engineered to absorb impact and reduce injuries, ensuring a safer riding experience for scooter fans. So, if you’re hunting for the ultimate safety accessory for fast riders, a high-quality safety jacket or armour is definitely a top choice.

1. Shot Protector Jacket

The Shot Protector jacket caught our eye right away with its versatility. It has everything you need for scooting adventures and the added bonus of comfort for long rides on the road.

The jacket’s super-soft nylon mesh fabric allows cool airflow, keeping riders ventilated and comfortable. Plus, the adjustable fit ensures it feels just right on every individual’s body.

While the jacket is short, the detachable backplate extends the protection further, providing extra security. The kidney belt adds to the snug fit, ensuring the whole torso is covered for maximum safety.

With its unique design, the Shot Protector jacket offers flexibility and convenience. Its adjustable straps on the shoulders, biceps, and forearms let you fine-tune the fit to your liking. And don’t forget the Lycra thumb loops on the sleeves for added comfort.

2. Forcefield Pro Shirt

Forcefield Pro Shirt is a top choice among protective gear for scooter enthusiasts. Known for its quality armour, Forcefield is trusted by many professional road racers.

The shirt is made from BeCool fibre, a snug fabric that keeps the armour in place while allowing heat and moisture to escape. It’s breathable and comfortable to wear, even during long rides. The sleeves have thumb loops to keep the cuffs in place and keep the elbow pads secure.

All the pads in the Pro Shirt meet the latest CE safety standards, including those for the shoulders, elbows, back, and chest. The Repeat Performance Technology means the pads maintain their protection level even after multiple impacts.

The pads are easy to remove for washing, and the shirt fits perfectly, moulding to the wearer’s body shape. It’s so comfortable that when worn under a regular jacket without the armour, you hardly notice it’s there.

Security gifts to keep your electric scooter safe

Protecting your electric scooter is vital, and what better way than security accessories to ensure its safety? 

You put your heart into your scooter, so safeguarding it should be a top priority. Here are our top picks for the best security accessories guaranteed to keep your cherished rides safe and sound.

Locks for e-scooters 

NIU KQi2 Pro electric scooter

When it comes to keeping your electric scooter secure, having the right lock is critical. Whether you’re zipping around town or just stopping for a quick break, having a lock is crucial to keep your scooter safe from theft. With options like disc locks, U-locks, and safety cables, you can find the perfect security accessory that ensures your scooter stays safe and protected wherever you go.

1. Via Velo U Lock 

The Via Velo U Lock is a must-have for anyone into electric scooters! This lock, certified by UK Sold Secure, is highly secure and weatherproof, keeping your scooter safe from thieves and bad weather.

Made of strong 14mm hardened steel, the Via Velo U Lock is tough as nails, giving you peace of mind wherever you go. It also makes locking up your scooter easy with its simple design. Plus, it comes with a cable to secure your wheels, too!

You get two keys with the Via Velo U Lock, so no worries if you misplace one. Storage is a breeze with the handy mounting bracket – just pop it on your bike tube, and you’re good to go!

2. Kryptonite U Lock

With its sturdy 12mm hardened steel shackle, the Kryptonite U lock is the perfect accessory for protecting electric scooters. Its double deadbolt design and anti-rotation feature make it practically impenetrable, so riders can confidently park their scooters.

But wait, there’s more! The Kryptonite U-lock comes with two stainless steel keys designed to be super comfortable. Unlocking your scooter will no longer be difficult—these keys make it a breeze. Plus, they’re built to last, making them perfect for gifting. 

Another feature we love about this lock is the side mount snap-in bracket, which allows riders to take it wherever they go. It’s easy to attach to scooters, so you’ll always have it on hand when needed.

3. Opaza Bike Lock 

The Opaza Bike Lock features an advanced 5-digit number combination that provides top-tier protection. So, you can rest assured your scooter is safe regardless of where it’s parked. 

Moreover, this bike lock offers unparalleled convenience. Equipped with a mounting bracket and self-curling cable, it is a breeze to carry around. Plus, its durable construction ensures it can withstand even the toughest of conditions, making it the perfect companion for any adventure.

And let’s not forget about style—with a range of vibrant colour options, it not only keeps your ride safe but also adds a pop of personality.

Scooter alarm

NIU KQi2 Pro electric scooter

Adding a scooter alarm is a great way to boost your ride’s security. While fancy e-scooters might already have anti-theft alarms, cheaper ones often don’t. 

Fortunately, there are many scooter alarm choices out there, and we’ve mentioned our favourite ones below. 

1. OBEST Anti-Theft Bike Alarm

The OBEST Anti-Theft Bike Alarm is one of our favourite anti-theft alarm systems. Its 113 dB ringtone provides powerful protection for your beloved scooter and doubles as a handy horn to keep you safe on the road. With a built-in rechargeable battery and easy installation, it’s a convenient and reliable way to ensure your scooter stays safe wherever you go.

But what makes this alarm system truly special is its versatility. Whether you’re riding your scooter, driving a car, or cruising on a motorcycle, this alarm has you covered. Plus, with the added scooter hunting button feature, you can quickly locate their vehicle within a certain distance, making it a must-have accessory for any scooter lover.

2. Cadinacy Disc Brake Lock with Anti-Theft Alarm

The Cadinacy Disc Brake Lock with Anti-Theft Alarm is a fantastic versatile option that’s both a lock and an alarm. It offers top-notch security for electric scooters. With a loud alarm reaching up to 110dB, it scares off thieves with ease. Plus, its motion sensors detect vibrations and activate the alarm, making it a challenging target for any would-be thief. Made of solid materials like hard alloy steel and stainless steel, it’s built to last. And don’t worry about the weather—it’s waterproof too!

Practical accessories

Practical accessories can really enhance the joy of riding electric scooters, making them wonderful additions that can take your scooting experience to the next level. 

From scooter baskets that add convenience to carry straps for easy transport and waterproof bags that protect from the elements, these accessories improve every part of the ride. They make riding easier and maximise your safety and pleasure. With so many options available, there’s a perfect accessory for every rider! 

Below are our top picks for the best practical accessories for electric scooter lovers. 

Scooter baskets

NIU KQi2 Pro electric scooter

Scooter baskets are fantastic electric scooter accessories. They add convenience and usefulness to scooter rides, providing a handy way to carry items like bags or groceries while cruising around. Plus, they’re easy to install and built to last, making them practical gifts that enhance the scooter experience.

One excellent option is the MOVKZACV Folding Bike Basket. Made of durable canvas material with a protective inner coating, it’s built to withstand the rigours of daily use. Plus, it features a built-in certificate pocket for storing valuables and can be used as a carrying bag when the steel frame is removed. Lastly, the basket also maximises night-time riding safety with its reflective strips.

Carry strap

NIU KQi2 Pro electric scooter

Carry straps are the best way to transport your electric scooter. They’re super handy and make transportation a breeze. And guess what? They won’t break the bank, making them the ideal budget-friendly accessories. 

Our top pick is the Ainiv Shoulder Strap. It’s like a Swiss army knife for carrying stuff—beach chairs, e-scooters, foldable bikes, you name it! Plus, it’s adjustable from 43″ to 63″ and can handle up to 50 kg. Talk about versatility!

Waterproof scooter bag

NIU KQi2 Pro electric scooter

Looking to upgrade your electric scooter setup? How about treating yourself to a waterproof scooter bag? While some scooters might come with covers, they don’t always offer full protection from the elements. That’s where a bag is handy, especially for indoor storage or tight spaces.

With countless options available, selecting one that fits your scooter perfectly is essential. So, be sure to check your scooter model for compatibility before making a purchase. 

A top-notch choice that works with most electric scooters is the Ainiv scooter carrying bag. It’s made of high-density canvas with a PP dustproof and waterproof inner lining, so it’s tough and tear-resistant. Plus, it comes with two binding straps for easy storage and carrying.


NIU KQi2 Pro electric scooter

A good pair of gloves can significantly enhance your scooter riding experience. During colder months, they’ll keep your hands warm, while in case of a fall or crash, especially at higher speeds, they provide essential protection for your skin.

When selecting gloves, matching the glove type with your preferred riding speed is important. Most gloves with some thickness will suffice for speeds between 5 and 10 mph. However, thick mountain biking or motorcycle gloves are recommended for higher speeds.

1. SLB Gloves

The SLB gloves are made from top-notch materials and use the latest waterproof and windproof technology. They’re built to handle rainy or extreme conditions, ensuring they last long and protect you.

One of the best things about these gloves is their anti-skid design. The palm has a unique non-slip silicone that helps you grip the handlebars firmly, even on bumpy roads. This feature boosts safety and stability while you ride, making them a must-have for electric scooter fans.

Plus, the adjustable size feature with a handy zipper on the back means you can customise the fit for maximum comfort. The little details make all the difference, ensuring your hands stay snug and cosy throughout your scooter adventures.

2. Evo New Pure Leather Motorcycle Gloves

These gloves are perfect for electric scooter enthusiasts who love riding at high speeds. They’re made of genuine leather, providing warmth in winter and waterproof protection in the rain. They offer excellent safety and flexibility with additional leather knuckle protection and stretchable panels. Plus, they have air vents for better airflow, making them suitable for summer and winter rides. 

Overall, these gloves are an excellent choice for riders who enjoy the thrill of high-speed adventures.

Phone mount

NIU KQi2 Pro electric scooter

For electric scooter riders, investing in a phone mount is a game-changer. It’s all about safety – no more risky business of holding onto your phone while cruising. 

The Lamicall bike phone holder stands out as one of the top picks. It features an upgraded quick-release fixed clamp and offers a wide handlebar adapting a range of 15-40mm, suitable for various devices like motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, and more. With thick EVA resin silicone on the corners and surface, it provides comprehensive protection against scratches and sliding for your phone. Even during emergency braking or on bumpy roads, the mount remains securely connected to the handlebars, ensuring a safe ride every time.

Fun accessories for electric scooters

Why not amp up your ride with some cool, fun accessories for your electric scooter? These add-ons enhance its appearance and bring a smile to your face every time you ride. Whether you’re into funky lights or personalised stickers, there’s something to match your style. Treating yourself to these accessories will elevate your scooter experience and let your personality shine as you ride.

LED strips

NIU KQi2 Pro electric scooter

LED strips are a timeless choice. They boost visibility for nighttime rides and add a cool factor that’s hard to miss. Moreover, they’re easy to find on Amazon and budget-friendly too! 

An excellent option is the SUNJULY Electric Scooter Foldable LED Strip Lights. These lights support multiple flashing modes and colour switching, providing high coverage of the surrounding area for enhanced safety. Easy to install and remove, they’re perfect for electric scooters and skateboards.


NIU KQi2 Pro electric scooter

Stickers are fantastic for personalising your electric scooter and showcasing your individual style. With endless possibilities, whether it’s flags, logos, or quirky designs, you can truly make it your own.

RedBubble offers a variety of sticker collections perfect for e-scooters, and they’re super affordable. Whether you choose a premade set or design your own, stickers are a great addition for scooter enthusiasts looking to add a personal touch to their ride.

Wrapping up 

As we wrap up our search for top-notch electric scooter accessories, it’s crystal clear these gadgets don’t just add practicality; they sprinkle some serious fun into the ride! From essential gear like helmets and locks to nifty extras like funky lights and snazzy phone mounts, there’s something here for every scooter lover. 

Whether you’re boosting safety, convenience, or style, these accessories have you covered. So, let’s kick our scooter adventures into high gear with these fantastic finds!