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Best Electric Scooter Accessories For Christmas

Nely Hayes
12 November 2021
Nely Hayes
12 November 2021


In this post, we’ll reveal some of the top electric scooter accessories for Christmas. From budget-friendly buys to premium gifts, you’re spoilt for choice with these finds.


Well, we’re fast approaching that time of year when we look forward to waking up to a snowy backdrop and shops playing the same festive songs on repeat. Christmas is the time of year to eat, drink, be merry and share gifts with your loved ones – but what to buy?

With electric scooters continuing to grow in popularity, it seems that in the very near future, people will be able to cruise to work on their private scooter, so if someone in your life loves scooting along, then why not get them something special this Christmas?

Safety Accessories

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It’s no secret that the e-scooter is one of the more convenient and sustainable ways to travel around, but there are some safety issues to consider, just as with riding a bike or rollerblading, protecting yourself is central to enjoying the experience.

These accessories will keep any rider safe, and better still – they won’t create a massive dent in your Christmas gift budget.

Electric Scooter Helmets

Technically, helmets aren’t accessories because they’re essential for safety. But it can still make a great gift, and if you’re buying for younger people, you’ll get peace of mind that they’ll be safe.

Luckily, there are some fantastic helmets available that anyone would want to wear because they have a modern design.

Ruroc Lite Helmet

When it comes to combining modern style with functionality, Ruroc certainly delivers on all levels. Not only are their helmets great to look at, but they also have rotational impact technology and an injection moulded ABS shell.

The lightweight helmet is sure to please with a Fidlock magnetic chin buckle and a functional Bluetooth in-helmet audio system. Better still, it comes in a range of sizes for both children and adults.

ruroc lite helmet

Bell Qualifier



The Bell Qualifier Helmet comes in various colours, including yellow, red, or simple black and grey. It also has contoured cheek pads for a more comfortable ride and anti-fog, anti-scratch and a UV shield, making it the perfect all-weather solution.

With three sizes available, the helmet is suitable for younger people and adults. It’s primarily a motorcycle helmet, which is good because it will offer complete protection for electric scooters.

bell qualifier helmet

Fluorescent Turn Signal Vest

At this time, it’s illegal to ride a privately owned e-scooter on public roads, but with other countries embracing the benefits of electric scooters, it’s only a matter of time before people can use theirs to get to work and school in the UK.

Bike riders at night often wear fluorescent vests to make other road users aware of them, but a relatively new – and much cooler accessory – is the luminous turn signal vest.

Shenkey has a cost-effective LED signal vest that fits on your back or over a backpack and is incredibly lightweight to wear.

It’s also USB powered and has a remote control indicator, which is perfect for scooter riders as it allows them to concentrate on the road.


shenkey led turn signal vest

Elbow and Knee Pads


OK, so elbow and knee pads aren’t exactly exciting, but they are a necessity- especially when you think about the increasing speed capability of e-scooters. Most electric scooters available for purchase have a max speed of 25 mph, but some are much faster.

Elbow and knee pads are especially beneficial for new riders, as they offer protection in an accident. Let’s face it; nobody wants to buy themselves a practical gift so that you could make someones day with these resilient pads.

Pro-Tech Street Combo Set

Skaters regularly get themselves into all sorts of accidents, so you can guarantee that any pads you buy from a skate shop will stand the test of time. We particularly love these sturdy pads because they offer skid protection and have foam suction cups for added support.



G-Form Knee and Elbow Pads



These pads don’t just look effortlessly cool; they’re also packed with safety features. While they’re soft in design and feel, the pads harden on impact, which offers a lot of protection.

Front and Rear Lights

While most electric scooters come with safety lights, they often lack the necessary brightness to offer complete visibility for road users. Luckily, there are some cost-effective lights around, and they provide a safer experience for riders.

With so many lights available, it isn’t easy to know where to start. We wrote a post dedicated to the best lights for e-scooters, so please feel free to check it out here.

Safety Jacket/Armour

Safety jackets aren’t essential for e-scooter riders – especially if they don’t exceed speeds of 12mph, but they can protect riders from injuries to the arms, back and torso. Buying motorcycle equipment is your best bet because the armour is designed to protect the body even at high speeds.

Scooter-Wear Bowtex Elastane Shirt

Bowtex provides heavy-duty protective clothing for motorcyclists, but the companies lightweight shirt is perfect for scooter riders. With a mixture of elastane and polyester, it’s not enough to weigh someone down but will still offer protection from accidents and falls.

bowtex protective shirt

Herobiker – Full Body Armour

If you’re going for full-on protection, this body armour from Herobiker resembles something out of The Terminator! However, it does provide complete protection from accidents and has an elastic waist belt.




Security Gifts to Keep Electric Scooters Safe

Electric scooters are incredibly cheap – especially when you think about the cost of a car. Whether it’s a budget scooter or the best scooter on the market, it’s essential to keep it safe and secure.

Any theft can be costly, especially if you don’t have a warranty that covers theft in place. So, to avoid scooter theft, there are some great Christmas gifts available.

Locks For E-Scooters

It’s so easy to steal an electric scooter if it isn’t secured correctly, and the best way to do this is with a lock. While it can be tempting to buy a budget lock, thieves can easily break into them, so we recommend you go for a high-quality model instead.

Tredz Kryptonite Keeper Chain Lock



Ideal as a second lock to back up the existing system, this chain style model from Tredz will offer added protection in urban areas. With four lock heads, an intricate system and a nylon cover to protect your scooter from scratches, this lock won’t let you down.

GOZAR Electric Scooter Lock



If you have an expensive e-scooter, it’s only natural that you want to protect it. The lock from GOZAR is brilliant and definitely won’t let the average Joe outsmart it.

With advanced numerical technology, you can rest assured that this electric scooter lock will keep any model safe, and it’s also great as a gift if you’re on a budget.

Scooter Alarm

Some premium e-scooters have built-in anti-theft alarms, but they’re not very common in budget brands. There are plenty of alarms to choose from, but most manufacturers have a specific device, so it’s best to do your research to make sure the alarm is compatible with the scooter.

Practical Accessories

Depositphotos 364758210 l 2015

Practical accessories aren’t essential for electric scooters, but they can make a difference to the performance. When people are finally allowed to use their e-scooters on public roads, these accessories will make the journey easier and more enjoyable.

Let’s look at some practical scooter accessories that amplify the functionality of both budget ad premium models.

Scooter Baskets & Hooks

The primary purpose of a basket or hook is to hold and store your items safely – which is essential for e-scooter riders. Not only is using your handlebars as a hook for your bag dangerous, but it can also cause uneven weight distribution, which can cause more accidents.

LuukUp Electric Scooter Basket

If you live in the UK, you’ll know all too well that our unforgiving climate loves to greet us with rain at the worst time! That’s why we particularly love this basket from LuukUp because it has a waterproof case, which is perfect for all weather conditions.

This premium basket goes a step further, though, with a locking system and anti-theft functions, so you can store your phone safely away and not have to worry about losing it.

It’s designed for e-bikes but should suit most e-scooter models, and as far as great deals go, the basket is very affordable.

Electric Avenue Shop Scooter Hook

Carrying bags while riding an electric scooter isn’t easy, and most people would advise against hanging them on the handlebars because it could be a safety issue. Scooter hooks are cheap to buy and ideal for distributing the weight of shopping bags evenly.

Electric Avenue has a great hook, which is easy to install and is suitable for most scooter types.





Carry Strap

Scooter carry handles are fine for short distances, but the strap offers more functionality and makes moving an e-scooter around a lot easier. Better still, they’re so cheap but will be a very welcome gift. Most manufacturers sell branded straps, so it’s worth checking on the companies website.

Waterproof Scooter Bag/Cover

Many scooters will already come with a bag or cover, but they might not be completely waterproof. Bags are more practical because it means the scooter can be stored indoors or in areas where there might not be enough space for a cover.

There are plenty available, but the bag you choose must match the size of the scooter.

Water Resistant Scooter Carry Bag

Scoot-a-Boot offers a highly capable bag with some winning features. It’s water-resistant and has 1680D Oxford cloth, meaning the bag is durable and tear-resistant. Overall, this bag is excellent for carrying a scooter, and the handles are a convenient bonus.






Gloves aren’t necessary, but they’re a practical solution for scooters because they provide extra grip. In colder weather, the hands can freeze up, which will make it more difficult to break and use the scooter turn signals properly.

There are some great riding gloves around, but here are two of our favourites.

Tredz Brisker Gloves

Tredz always delivers quality and the companies cold weather gloves certainly are worthy of the brand’s name. Coming in various sizes and colours, these gloves are perfect for younger people and adults; they’re also integrated with a tech thread to keep your phone connected.

Altura Nightvision Fleece Gloves 

Best for scooter riders who want to keep warm and not feel restricted, the microfleece glove is soft on the skin but offers plenty of grip quality. There’s also reflective detailing to improve visibility and promote safety.



Overall, if you’re looking for a good pair of gloves but don’t want to spend a lot of money, these will undoubtedly deliver.


Fun Accessories For Electric Scooters

Christmas is the time to be jolly, and a novelty gift will impress your recipient. These fun accessories aren’t a necessity; they’re more of a novelty – but you can be sure they’ll put a smile on anyone’s face.

LED Strips

When it comes to choosing fun e-scooter accessories, LED strips are timelessly cool. They’re also great for riding at night because they improve visibility and are impossible not to notice. You can find them on Amazon, and they’re usually a few pounds, so ideal if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Whether it’s pink, purple, orange (or pretty much any colour you can think of), these LED strips add some much-needed lighting to the sides and deck of a scooter, and there’s no assembly required.


Stickers are a fantastic way to personalise a scooter, and the options are endless. Whether it’s flags of the world or limited edition logos, you can find the perfect sticker gifts for any electric scooter.

RedBubble has some great sticker collections, all of which are suitable for e-scooters – and very cheap! Whether you choose to buy a pre-made set or put your own together, stickers are excellent gifts for young people.

The Wrap Up

electric scooter wheel

Well, hopefully, this post gives you some ideas for your Christmas shopping, and you can access some great deals by purchasing items online. With so many scooters getting ready to hit the public roads in the future, the accessories on our list are perfect for promoting safety and style.

If you’re feeling generous, why not treat someone you care about to a new electric scooter? Our write up on which electric scooter should I buy my child for Christmas? may come in handy here. Not only are they practical, but they’re also much cheaper to run than cars and use electric power, which makes them highly environmentally friendly.

We regularly review the latest e-scooters on the market, so whether you’re looking for a budget or premium model, our in-house team personally test each scooter.

Check out the best electric scooters under £500/$700 here.


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