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The Best Body Armour For Electric Scooter Riders

Nely Hayes
22 November 2021
Nely Hayes
22 November 2021


We’ll reveal why body armour is essential for e-scooter users, the things you should consider and our top picks to keep you safe and bruise-free.

Electric scooters continue to gain popularity because they’re so convenient! All you need to do is hop on and ride, so, understandably, they’re fast becoming the chosen PEV. People use e-scooters because of their compact design, which makes storage more manageable, and let’s not forget the fun factor.

With countries worldwide legalising e-scooters, it’s only a matter of time before the UK follows suit. So, with that in mind, it’s time to reveal the top body armour for electric scooter riders.

Why Is Protective Gear For Electric Scooters Important?

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When most people think of body armour, the first thing that comes to mind is a bulletproof vest. But for PEV users, body armour is essential to prevent serious injuries from happening. Most people know that electric scooter helmets are a must-have, but body armour has some ambiguity.

Body armour includes tops, jackets, elbow and knee pads, and wrist guards. Depending on the body armour you choose, you might find an all-in-one solution or use separate pads to protect yourself. Let’s take a look at why body armour should be non-negotiable.

They Prevent Serious Injuries From Happening

There’s no doubt that electric scooters and safer than electric skateboards and electric unicycles, but accidents can – and do – happen. Something as simple as a bump in the road or turning your e-scooter too quickly can lead to falls, so you must have the proper armour to decrease any potential damage.

Our first instinct is to put our hands out when we fall, so wrist guards and riding gloves can provide extra padding. Your joints are also susceptible to damage, and if you’ve ever banged your elbow, you’ll know the pain is immense – so of course, you want to protect yourself.

Any padding prevents breaking bones and can save you a trip to A&E, but some forms of body armour, like spine protection, can save your life. An initial investment into a body protection system is a wise decision that could save you years of rehabilitation and physiotherapy in the future.

It Keeps You Warm

Body armour might look thin, but it has innovative material that protects your body – and also keeps you warm. In those cold winter months, your joints will feel the pressure, and it’s common for the elbows and knees to freeze up.

By wearing body armour, you can keep your body warm, making for a more comfortable riding experience.

It Boosts Your Confidence

When you ride an e-scooter, you need to feel confident and relaxed – especially if you’re using it on a public road. While at present only rental scooters are allowed on public roads, things are set to change.

Reflective vests and front and rear lights are essential to ensure other road users can see you, but body armour can help you feel more safe and confident.

If you know you’re protected, you’re more likely to enjoy a safer riding experience because your mind is on the road and not on yourself.

Things to Consider When Buying Electric Scooter Protective Gear

There are many things to consider when buying good body armour, and with e-scooters being relatively new, most armour is specifically designed for e-bikes or motorcycles.

However, while motorbikes naturally come with higher risks, you can still use a range of protective accessories to protect you on your scooter.

Here’s everything you should consider when buying electric scooter body armour.

The Types of Body Armour Available

There are many types of body armour available, and the products generally fall into two categories.


Knee, shin, and elbow pads that fit under your clothes and have layers of material to protect your joints should you fall. Each has its benefits and offers various levels of support, so you can choose which best suits your needs for electric scooter use.

Back Protector Inserts: Protect your spine from injuries and usually come as a separate insert or part of a body armour top.

Elbow Guards: You’ll find elbow guards as part of a long-sleeved armour top, as inserts or with straps. Some also have a sleeve design, which offers more comfort than the traditional straps.

Knee Guards: Traditional biker trousers might be too heavy-duty for e-scooter users, but you can find a range of inserts for your jeans/trousers or choose between a strap or sleeve design.

Shin Pads: Using an e-scooter can result in other road users bumping into you – especially if you don’t have a rear light or effective reflective vest. Shin pads aren’t essential, but they can be helpful.

There are plenty of other support accessories, including neck, hip and kidney pads – but these are more suited to motorbike users.

Standalone Armour

Also known as the safety vest, top, hoodie or jacket (depending on your preference). Standalone armour offers more protection to your body in general. It is easier to use – but traditional motorcycle jackets might weigh you down and can be uncomfortable for e-scooter use.

Vests: If you want some level of protection for your back and check, a vest can be useful. However, you’ll need to buy separate elbow pads.

Shirts: Shirts are similar to vests but offer extra support for your shoulders.

Hoodies: Hoodies are ideal for e-scooter users because they offer good protection and resemble everyday clothing. Hoodies also combine chest, back elbow and wrist protection, so if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, they won’t let you down.

Trousers: Trousers are more suited to motorcycle users, but they can be helpful if you want to protect yourself. We’d recommend choosing leggings or long Johns for your body armour needs because they’re lightweight, and you can easily wear jeans over the top.

The Material

Body armour continues to evolve, and there’s something for everyone. The armour you choose should suit your skill level and budget. However, buying the cheapest armour you can find isn’t the best idea, so we recommend you find a happy medium between cost and quality.

Ultra Budget Armour

Imagine those knee pads you used to wear while rollerblading, and you’ll know what we mean by ultra-budget armour. It’s often made of plastic or cheap foam and can be incredibly bulky, which is why many people avoid it.

Budget armour is fine for kids learning to ride a bike or playing in the street, but it won’t do much for e-scooter users.

Mid-Range Armour

Mid-range armour is a step up from budget products because it offers added protection. Made from lightweight plastics and blended rubber, you’ll enjoy a less restrictive experience while still benefitting from impact reducing materials.

Premium Armour

The best body armour offers maximum protection and an ultra-lightweight design. Popular computer designed materials include Nitrex, SAS-TEC and the infamous D30 (which many of the products on this list use).

Ultimately, the material you choose should protect you against all weather conditions and terrains, but if you’re on a tight budget, then it’s best to either invest in premium armour or opt for mid-range armour so you can stay safe.

Body Armour Protective Jackets/Tops

For most riders, a total body armour solution means they don’t need to worry about elbow pads because hoodies and jackets are essentially an all in one solution. There are plenty of options to choose between, so let’s take a look at our team’s favourites.

Lazyrolling Armoured Hoodie – Best For Comfort Seekers

For riders that want to be safe on the road but still protect themselves, this hoodie from Lazyrolling offers a comfortable alternative to full body armour. While the hoodie might look and feel lightweight, it’s full of protective features.

The inner lining is made from 100% DuPont Kevlar, and five different padded areas offer protection for the elbows and back should you fall off of your electric scooter.

You can also benefit from added functionality, with waterproof pockets that act as a key, cash and phone holder.

Overall, we love this hoodie because it’s a low-profile design that anyone would mistake for a standard hoodie. The real magic happens beneath the outer layer, so you get massive levels of protection and don’t look like you’re an extra in The Terminator franchise!

The cost might put some people off, but this body armour will go the distance and come in various sizes. You can also choose between a black or grey design, and we’d recommend you go for the pad add-ons because they offer more protection.

Bluegrass Body Armour – Best For Lightweight Armour

Bluegrass offers two types of body armour, both of which are superbly designed. The armour light is a vest, which protects your back and torso, while the B&S (back and shoulder) armour offers higher levels of protection.

Both are sleek and stylish in design and offer certified D30 protection for the back and shoulders (depending on whether you buy the vest or jacket). One of the top benefits of this body armour is its lightweight design, which still offers added comfort and gives you the flexibility to move around.

There are also three pockets to the rear of the vest, which is perfect for storing your keys, money and phone.

Overall, Bluegrass offer lightweight, protective gear so people can enjoy their electric scooters without risking severe injuries.

Rukka RPS Protector Jacket – Best For Maximum Protection

Rukka is a motocross company, but their products are ideal for e-scooter users. The jacket comes with a CP1 chest protector and LP1 elbow and shoulder protectors, which will protect you from any falls.

You’ll also benefit from full-back protection with certified D30 material, so as far as safety gear goes, this jacket guarantees you’ll be safe when riding an electric scooter.

There’s also a fleece lining on the sleeves and stretch Cordura shell fabric. In general, this is perfect for riders that travel at higher speeds because it prevents any severe injuries from occurring, but the cost is one disadvantage.

As the Rukka RPS jacket is for motocross riders, you might find it’s a bit too intense for everyday scooter use. If you want to find cheaper alternatives that offer the correct levels of protection for your needs, this will be too advanced for most scooters.

Enduro Full Body Armour Protective Jacket – Best For Customisation

The Enduro Protective Jacket is made for e-bike and electric unicycle users, but it’s also perfect for e-scooters. The first thing you’ll notice with this body armour is the sheer style it offers, and it’s sleek and effortlessly cool without being too flashy.

Of course, style isn’t everything, but it does help! So what about when it comes to preventing serious injuries? Well, Enduro has packed this jacket with useful features, including back and arm protectors, shoulder cups, elbow cups and a high impact chest plate.

You can also benefit from chest foam and spinal protection, with mesh vents that increase ventilation and open-air channels so you can enjoy a comfortable ride.

The best thing about the full armour jacket is the customisation it offers. There’s a central zipper, which makes it easy to remove the jacket, and adjustable straps for the shoulders and arms. You can also remove the spinal support foam, which is beneficial if you’re not planning to ride at high speeds.

SixSixOne 661 Evo Compression Long Sleeve Jacket – Best All-Rounder

SixSixOne is a heavy hitter in the e-bike industry, but their products are ideal for e-scooter riders too. If you’re looking for a long-sleeved jacket that offers excellent protection, you can’t go wrong with the 661 Evo jacket.

The jacket uses innovative D30 technology, a soft, flexible material that immediately hardens when you hit the floor. However, the company doesn’t just stop at D30 protection – you’ll also benefit from the unique padlock system.

Each pad is secured with a padlock connection system, so they stay in the right place on your body so that you can ride safely and comfortably at all times. There’s also a pouch to hold your hydration pack, as well as mesh material to improve ventilation.

Overall, there’s nothing negative about this jacket, and it certainly holds its own when it comes to electric scooter protective gear. If style, functionality and protection are at the top of your priority list, you can’t go wrong with the 661 Evo Compression Jacket.

Apollo Pro electric scooter

Knee Guards

Whether you’re riding an electric scooter or push scooter, knee and elbow pads are essential for your safety. As body armour usually includes elbow padding, it’s important to think about the level of protection your legs require.

Motorcycle trousers might be too heavy-duty for most e-scooter riders, so if you’re looking for added flexibility, you might want to consider

TLD Speed Knee Sleeve – Best For Flexibility

At first sight, the knee sleeve might not seem very impressive, but Troy Lee Designs offer a great deal of flexibility with this sleeve without compromising on safety features. The lightweight design slips over your knee, and there’s no need for straps to hold it in place.

This knee sleeve stands out because of its use of D30 material, which is flexible in design but hardens as soon as it impacts the ground. This means you get extra protection but can move around freely without feeling too restricted.

Overall, this is a high-end knee sleeve, but if you plan on using your e-scooter regularly, you’ll benefit from the added protection it provides.

Bodyprox Knee Pads – Best For Comfort

The Bodyprox knee pads are designed to fit over the knee without straps, which means they’re more comfortable for users. With a generous layer of padding, these pads will do a good job protecting you from any falls, but they don’t feel restrictive.

You can easily fit your clothes over the top of each knee pad, and once they’re on, you won’t notice you’re wearing knee guards.

Overall, these are great pads for everyday use because their lightweight design offers adequate protection. However, if you plan on riding at high speeds, you might be better off with knee pads that have an outer shell, which will protect you in the event of a fall.

Triple 8 Saver Series – Best Budget Buy

If value for money is top of your priority list, you’ll love the saver pack from Triple 8. It’s a cost-effective solution that offers knee and elbow pads for added protection. The saver pack also includes wrist protection pads with shock-absorbing EVA foam.

The knee and elbow pads have the same EVA material as the wrist guards and offer extra ventilation. This is a budget option with elastic straps to secure the pads but still provides adequate protection so you can enjoy your electric scooter.

However, if you’re planning on using your scooter off-road and at high speeds, we’d recommend you go for something with a little bit more protection.

Choosing the Right Gear For Your Needs

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When choosing the right armour accessories for your personal needs, you should consider what matters most to you. For example, budget body armour might seem like the best option, but will it provide the safety features you need to prevent severe injuries?

In the UK, it’s pretty much a given that you’ll sometimes ride in wet conditions, and while a helmet will keep you safe and gloves will keep your hands warm, accidents can happen. By investing in safety gear that will offer your body the best impact reducing protection, you can limit the possibilities of severe accidents.

Community Questions

Do I Need Full Body Armour?

At this time, you can only ride a government-approved rental e-scooter on public roads, and many people are unsure about which body armour and safety accessories they need. When it comes to motorcycle gloves, you can use them to stabilise your steering in bad weather conditions should you lose control.

If you aren’t travelling more than 20mph on your electric scooter, then you can opt for a standard bike helmet instead of a full-face helmet, but the option is there if you want peace of mind.

How Do I Know Which Body Armour Top is Right For me?

When it comes to choosing which body armour top will keep you safe when using your electric scooter, you should think about your experience, where you’ll be riding it, and the comfort levels you require. An armoured hoodie is perfect for winter because it will keep you warm and your body safe.

If you’d prefer a vest or shirt, it’s essential to purchase some elbow pads. They’re an essential feature that nobody should ignore because injuring your elbow isn’t a pleasant experience at all!

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