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Apollo Light Scooter Review

Daniel Foley
29 January 2024


Apollo Light electric scooter stand out from its competitors

In this in-depth review, we’ll cover what makes the Apollo Light electric scooter stand out from its competitors. It is fast, durable, and comes with a range of positives at a very agreeable price point. The Apollo Light can be a great choice for people new to electric scooters that are looking to get the most bang for their buck.



MotorMax 600w Peak Output, Continuous Power 350w
Battery48v 10.2ah
Charge Time6 Hours
Single-Charge Mileage22 miles (35km)(depending on road conditions and the weight of the rider)
Max Speed22 mph (35km/h) (top speed is dependent on the weight of the rider)
Climbing Range10 degrees (varies depending charge state and weight of the rider)
Braking SystemRear Drum Brake with Motor Re-Generative Braking
LightingFront and rear LED lights - for visibility not night time use
HornNo horn
Max Load220 lbs. (100kg)
Scooter Weight37 lbs. (17kg)
Product MaterialForged aluminium
Folding HandlebarScrew thread
Folding Steering TubeStandard folding mechanism
SuspensionFront dual fork,
Rear dual spring
Size (L x W x H, cm)Folded: 99cm X 17.5cm X 40cm

Water ResistanceIP54


Apollo Light Review Video


Check out the video review of the Apollo Light Scooter. A lightweight, durable, all round great commuter scooter with great range and a very modern design.

Apollo Light Pros

tickicon Good Range

tickicon Great Acceleration

tickicon Dynavolt Cells – Higher Quality

tickicon Sturdy Construction

tickicon Great Handling

tickicon Sturdy Steering Column

tickicon Very reliable

tickicon 143 Point Safety Check

Apollo Light Cons


red  Solid Rear Tyre Can Impact Ride Quality

red  Not suitable for heavier riders

red  Limited hill climb capability

red  Scooter Display Lower Quality



Performance Overview


The Apollo Light, much like its name implies, is a lightweight electric scooter weighing 17 kg (37 lb). Similar to the esteemed Apollo City electric scooter in many aspects, it is less expensive and is almost identical in range. The Apollo Light comes with a rear dual-spring suspension that does a great job in turning a bumpy paved sidewalk into a smooth ride. It can reach a top speed of 37 km/h (23 mph) on a flat road and has intuitive easy-to-use speed controls.

The Apollo Light is a suitable option for city dwellers looking to skip the commute and get to work without breaking a sweat. With a full battery range of 35 km (22 miles), it can cover most two-way trips in the city without having to stop and charge midway. It can also be folded to fit compactly in a car trunk or under your restaurant table.

A major advantage in purchasing an Apollo scooter is the company’s unmatched warranty and customer support. Apollo is taking the lead in the world of electric scooters by offering a 2-year warranty on its main scooter components. Their customer support is well-praised, reliable and can be contacted both by phone or email.


apollo sct 2 light

Speed & Acceleration


The Apollo Light’s max speed will leave most commuting bikers lagging behind but it is by no means a racing scooter. Its acceleration time is impressive and faster than most electric scooters in this price range.

The Light comes with 3 adjustable speed modes. Modes 1, 2, and 3 have approximate max speeds of 15 km/h (9.3 mph), 25 km/h (15.5 mph) and 35 km/h (22 mph) respectively. The tested acceleration time from 0 to 25 km/h was 5 s and from 0 to 35 km/h it was 10 s.

On a 5-degree angle decline, tested speeds were just able to touch 40 km/h (25 mph).

With a fresh charge, the Light can reach speeds of 37-38 km/h (24 mph). Understandably however, at half battery and lower the speed maxes at 33-34 km/h (21 mph), overall averaging at 35 km/h (22 mph).

According to Apollo – the riding modes offer the following speeds:

  • Gear 1: 8 MPH max. speed (15 KM/H)
  • Gear 2: 15 MPH max. speed (25 KM/H)
  • Gear 3: 22 MPH max. speed (35 KM/H)



Hill Climbing


Apollo states that the Light has the ability to climb 10-degree inclines. With a 75 kg (165 lb) person riding, the Apollo Light was easily able to overcome a 13-degree incline with results exceeding those stated by Apollo. During testing the Light was able to reach a max speed of 38 km/h (24 mph) on the incline as opposed to 35 km/h (22 mph) stated by Apollo, which was a pleasant surprise.

It is safe to say the Apollo Light can take on most moderate inclines however steeper inclines may pose more of a challenge. If you weigh more on the heavier side and are attempting a steep hill, expect the Light to drag up a little.



Battery & Range


The Apollo Light is equipped with a 48V 10.2aH Dynavolt battery. Apollo found Dynavolt batteries to be better for overall performance and longevity in contrast with other common battery brands. It’s worth noting that Dynavolt is a world-class manufacturer of motorcycle batteries known for their reliability.

The range on a full charge is 35 km (22 miles), which was confirmed through several test trips in the city. The Light performs very well in keeping performance drop-off to a minimum. As previously mentioned, speeds decrease slightly as the battery empties, but the Apollo Light was still able to uphold a reported max speed of 29 km/h (18 mph) at around 20% capacity.

To fully charge the battery takes approximately 6 hours but that can be reduced to 3 hours if you have a fast charger. The charger itself is rather large and can be a hassle to carry around with you everywhere but thanks to the Light’s range, we found it was enough to keep it at home and charge overnight.


Brake System


The Light uses both a rear drum brake and an electric regenerative motor brake. This dual braking system allows for quick and responsive braking and provides an average braking distance of 4.2 meters (14 ft). At first, it can feel a little too responsive when trying to slightly slow down but overall works as it should.

While it would be nice to have a braking system that includes both wheels for added safety, it is common for scooters in this price range to have a single rear wheel braking system. In contrast, the Apollo City comes with brakes on both wheels.



apollo light back brake

Ride Quality


The Light comes with two suspension systems, a dual fork suspension on the front wheel and a dual spring suspension for the rear one. While the front tire is a regular air-filled tire (pneumatic) the rear tire is solid, meaning you don’t have to worry about any rear flats.

The suspension systems dampen most bumpy and uneven paths very well, and the front air-filled tire adds additional cushioning. All combined, The Light offers a smooth ride on nearly all surfaces in the city and can comfortably take on level dirt roads or grassy terrain.




Two major factors to consider when choosing an electric scooter are weight and portability. The Apollo Light is relatively lightweight compared to its competitors, weighing 17 kg (37 lb). It is manageable to carry up a few flights of stairs but it’s not something you want to haul up to the 5th floor.

When it comes to portability, the Light has a triple fold mechanism that makes it compact and easy to fit in most places. Fully folded, the Light’s dimensions are just 99 x 17.5 x 40 cm (39 x 6.9 x 15.7 inches). The Light can be safely tucked under a table while you have dinner, a luxury most electric vehicles aren’t capable of.

The folding mechanisms are easy to manage and lock into place. The stem can be retracted with a latch and the handlebars fold to the sides. The base of the stem can further be folded over the deck to make the Light compact and easy to carry around. However, if you plan on carrying your scooter for long periods of time, it’s worth noting there are lighter alternatives available.



folded scooter 21



The Light has a simple and straightforward cockpit. The brake on the left handlebar controls the rear drum brake and also activates the regenerative motor brake. On the right handle are the throttle and an LED display for key information.

The LED display shows riding statistics, namely speed, distance and battery charge. There are also several configurable settings such as instant acceleration, cruise control for longer rides, and switching between imperial and metric systems.


apollo light cockpit



The Apollo Light comes with bright front and rear LED lights. Mounted above the front wheel is a dual-white LED light and in the rear are two dual-red LED lights on either side of the deck. The rear lights come with an integrated braking alert meaning they blink when you brake, which is a nice safety bonus.

The front-mounted light is sufficiently bright to see from a distance but does not extend enough to brighten the road when riding fast in the dark. If you ride frequently at night, it’s worth considering getting a stronger headlight as well as extra handlebar lights to ensure you are visible to traffic and pedestrians at all times.


Build Quality & Durability


The Light has a strong solid build. Apollo uses forged aluminum in their line of scooters, adding an element of strength and durability not often found in many scooter brands. The Light can support a max weight of 100 kg (220 lb) and has a spacious deck that is 46 x 15 cm (18 x 6 inches), offering plenty of room to stand on.

Thankfully, the Light does not suffer from any wobble we could notice. The retractable stem is firm once clamped in and the foldable handlebars snap in tightly. There have been reports of them loosening slightly with long rides but that is not something we noticed and can be remedied by tightening the bolts.

If you like riding in the rain, that may also be possible. Apollo states that the Light has a water resistance rating of IP54, meaning it is approved for light rain and riding on wet surfaces.

Apollo has a rigorous quality control system that includes additional pre-inspection and calibration of each scooter before shipping, making it ready to pick up and ride right out of the box.


Warranty & Customer Support


Apollo easily takes the lead when it comes to its warranty policy and customer support. The main components are covered for 24-months while more replaceable parts are covered for 12-months. This is a stark contrast to the 6-month warranties offered by most scooter companies. You can see in detail what is covered by Apollo’s warranty here.

Being satisfied with a product can heavily depend on customer care after purchase. Apollo customer support is unparalleled in its responsiveness and they have kept many customers happily satisfied. They can be reached by email any day of the week and offer live phone support during Montreal business hours.



Apollo Light Scooter Review: Conclusion


Overall, the Apollo Light is an excellent choice if you’re looking to get into the world of scooters with a quality scooter at a reasonable price. Whether you would like to save money on gas or skip taking the morning bus or just want to enjoy cruising around town, the Apollo Light can be a fun and efficient alternative for city dwellers and e-scooter enthusiasts alike.

Be sure to check out the Apollo Light here for price and availability.

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Daniel Foley


Daniel is the ultimate adrenaline junkie when it comes to performance scooters. Daniel's favourite scooter is the Bronco 11 Xtreme. With a land speed record of 72 mph on electric scooters - Daniel lives for everything e Scooter.

  • Very Good Build Quality
  • Exceptional Customer Service by Apollo
  • Extended Warranty (2 years)
  • Fantastic All Round Commuter
  • Higher Quality Dynavolt Battery Cells
  • Fantastic Range
  • Solid Rear Tyre Can Impact Ride Quality
  • Not Suitable for Heavier Riders (100kg+)
  • Some Users Report Mudguard Issues

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