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Apollo City Review

Daniel Foley
29 January 2024


A lightweight, commuter scooter that has a top speed of around 28 mph and a range of around 15-17 miles

Light and basic – the Apollo City is named this way because it’s designed for day to day commuting. It’s a no frills jump on jump off scooter that can be folded up and carried around. Whilst it’s still a fairly hefty weight at 18kgs, it’s still portable enough to carry up stairs or on undergrounds / subways. 

Apollo has really thought about the commuter by keeping the scooter simple, robust and capable with good carrying ergonomics.

The offering, price point and exceptional customer service + warranty offered by Apollo make this a serious contender for daily commutes from home to the shops, office or for a city cruise.


Apollo City Electric Scooter The Lowdown…


Whether you’re travelling to work or out and about on the go, the Apollo City is a brilliant scooter for zipping round the city. A powerful motor and tons of features deliver the speed, performance and smooth ride you need on urban terrain.

Meanwhile, fast charging, a lightweight frame and energy efficiency make the Apollo City a great, practical buy from a leading brand you can trust.

Let’s explore the Apollo City’s qualities in more detail to get a full picture of the reasons why this electric scooter is a top buy. Where better to start than with the key specs.


Apollo City Specifications


MotorContinuous 600W, Max 800W BLDC Single-Hub Motor
Battery48v, 13.2ah Dynavolt Lithium Ion Battery
Charge Time6-8h Standard Charger
Single-Charge MileageClaimed 28 miles peak, Real world range of 15-18 Miles depending on autonomy
Max Speed28mph or 45km/h
Climbing Range10-15% depending on rider weight
Braking SystemRear Drumb Brake with Regenerative Breaking from Motor, Front Disc Brakes (Cable Driven)
LightingFront Stem Dual LED Lighting, Deck and Under Deck Lighting, Read LED Brake Lights with Alert
HornBuilt-in Bell, No Horn
Max Load120kg
Scooter Weight18kg
Product MaterialForged Aluminium Frame
Folding HandlebarForged Aluminium
Folding Steering TubeForged Aluminium
SuspensionFront Single Shock Lever Suspension

Rear Dual Shock Suspension
Size (L x W x H, cm)Folded Dimensions 41.3" x 7.7" x 13.9"
Water ResistanceIP54 Limited Water Resistance

Apollo City Review Video


Check out the final production sample video from Apollo with the unboxing, spec and scooter overview.

A 24 month warranty and exceptional customer service make this a great choice of scooter.


Apollo City Pros


tickicon Very good quality at the price point

tickicon Very smooth and comfortable ride

tickicon IP54 Water Resistance

tickicon Avg 18 mile range is more than enough for most

tickicon Sturdy Steering Stem and Column

tickicon Portable although at the limit of comfortable weight

tickicon Nice design

tickicon Very Reliable

tickicon Exceptional 2 Year Warranty



Apollo City Cons


red  Mechanical Brakes aren’t as efficient as hydraulic

red  Handlebar mechanism can loosen

red  Slow charging for rating

red  Basic LCD Odometer – not the greatest quality

red  Front lights aren’t great at night

Apollo City Summary


Apollo are a leading brand for electric scooters and the Apollo City doesn’t disappoint. For a really reasonable price, you’ll get a fast, light scooter with all the qualities you need to travel to work in comfort and safety.

Strong dual mechanical brakes, dual suspension and Dynavolt battery power mean you can journey comfortably on all types of urban terrain, tackling hills, potholes and bumps with ease.

When you want to fold it down for storage or travel, the 3-second folding mechanism and collapsible stem are invaluable. With the Apollo City able to fold down fully, it’s really easy to carry during transit or stow away quickly at work.

With a top speed of around 45km/h and the capacity to get to 5mph within 4.1 seconds, you’ll be able to outrun traffic and reach the office in no time.

If you opt for the fast charger, 4 hours charging on the scooter’s durable 48V 13.2aH battery, will provide you with enough power to do around 28 miles in eco mode or 22 miles on a standard setting.

If you choose the standard charger, you’ll still get a quick 8-hour charging time, meaning it is easy to recharge the battery overnight for use the next day.

Waterproof and simple to use with a slick black design, you won’t feel out of place scooting along in your work attire. LED lights at both back and front support safe travel at night whilst the optional seat means you can rest your feet after a long day.

Pairing slimline design with high-quality manufacturing and expert knowledge of their users’ needs, at 18kg Apollo have produced one of the best lightweight electric scooters on the market.

Delivering excellent value for money, the Apollo City is a robust build that will stand up to the wear and tear of your daily commute. With riding stats, plenty of customisable features and a two-year warranty, the Apollo City is a brilliant, top quality urban electric scooter you won’t want to put down.

In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better electric scooter for commuting or fun at this price.


Performance Overview


The City’s battery performance doesn’t disappoint either. Delivering enough power to last for 28 miles in eco mode and 22 miles at full speed, it’s easy to makes all the stops you want without worrying about how much power you have left.

A super efficient 48V, 634 Wh lithium-ion Dynavolt battery provides long lasting power for 13.2aH. This level of strength gives all the energy you need to tackle 15 degree inclines, choppy city streets and the stop-start nature of heavy traffic.

The Apollo City is designed for a cityscape so it’s not an off-roader and doesn’t profess to be one. Pneumatic tyres at front and back provide the strong level of grip you’ll need to ride on different surfaces safely in a range of weathers whilst the deck is thoughtfully designed with a base high enough to avoid getting stuck on curbs, lumps or bumps.

So for the odd light dirt path and many bumps you’ll may pass over during your daily commute – the Apollo City electric scooter will be more than suitable.
The Apollo City’s standard charger provides a good, full charge within 8 hours or a fast charge within 4 so whichever you choose its easy to charge the battery overnight or during working hours.

apollo city scooter 1400x1400 1



Speed & Acceleration


The Apollo City is a fast, powerful ride with a top speed of around 45km/h that makes it perfect for skipping ahead of all those cars left stuck in traffic. This is much faster than the average city electric scooter so when you hop on, rapid acceleration takes you to 15mph in 4.1 seconds – exactly what you need when you’re in a rush to get to the station on time.

Powered by an energy efficient, brushless 600W motor with a peak output of 800W and a top speed of 25mph, this electric scooter is a fantastic find with so much throttle you can tackle hardy hills as well as pavement bumps with ease.



    Top Speed


    The top speed of the Apollo City is of course variable depending on rider weight, terrain, battery SOC and more. In general the AVERAGE recorded top speed is 45-46kmh (28.5 mph). Downhill runs can produce top speeds of around 31-32mph although it’s not recommended for any extended periods of time.


      Hill Climbing


      The Apollo City can climb gradients up to 15% but again this will vary heavily depending on rider weight. We were able to complete a 330ft 14% hill gradient with a 64kg rider although the scooter had slowed considerably.


      Battery & Range


      The Apollo range of scooters use Dynavolt batteries which are branded and are generally of much higher quality over traditional chinese / unbranded battery packs. The Apollo City uses a 634 watt hour lithium ION Dynavolt battery that is rated at 13.2ah at 48v. The cell quality is higher which improves battery reliability as well as range.

      The Apollo City range is entirely dependent on the riders weight, terrain, ambient temperature and battery state. The average ranges are:

      Intense Riding (high speed runs)

      11 Miles or 18-20 Km 

      Average Riding (average speed / short high speed runs)

      16 Miles or 25 Km 

      Eco Riding (low speed / no high speed runs)

      18 Miles or 28 Km 



      Motor Configuration


      The Apollo City features a single 600 watt brushless electric motor with a peak 800 watt output. The Apollo features a high efficiency brushless motor that has a cited 86% energy conversion rate (meaning less energy lost to heat).  The scooters weight and usability mean that a single motor configuration works just fine.

      The main downside to single motor configurations like this is the hill climbing capabilities are generally lower than dual motor scooters. 

        apoloo city scooter command centre

        Construction & Quality


        The Apollo City is based on a forged aluminium frame that is of high quality. The developers of the scooter were adament on robust design and good quality materials – which means with this scooter, you won’t be worrying about failing components as you would on other cheaper scooters, Chinese cloned scooters or unbranded models.

        The construction makes the Apollo City robust and capable of dealing with day to day commutes. The minimisation of frame components and use of less complex braking systems & a simple frame folding mechanism mean there is less to go wrong. As a commuter scooter it needs to be up to the job of a lot of stops and starts, suspension loading, braking and folding – so the development team over at Apollo took this all into consideration.

        The sturdy yet simple design mean the city is capable of taking a maximum load weight of 120kg or 265 lbs, which, for a single motor scooter is a tall feat.

        Apollo clearly have confidence in their scooters thanks to the 2 year warranty, which, we haven’t seen in any other scooter brand.

        We’d be confident in the Apollo City lasting years with regular use and lots of battery cycles thanks to the higher quality cells.



        apoloo city scooter zoomed deck

        Suspension & Comfort


        Effective spring suspension at the front of the Apollo City is supported by dual suspension in the rear, ensuring you can travel over bumps and holes without any problem. The suspension configuration is a front single spring mounted between the fork and yolk of the frame, the rear suspension is a dual spring configuration.

        With the added cushioning that comes from the robust, shock-absorbing 8.5 inch air-filled pneumatic front and rear tyres, you’ll get a smooth, stable ride quality across uneven pavements and roads.

        Manufactured to be water resistant to an IP54 standard with rear mudguards thrown in too, you’ll get a high level of protection from pesky splashes, debris and drips.

        The Apollo City’s 48 by 43 cm deck is much more roomy than most of its competitors, with plenty of grip and a stylish geometric design that suggests it costs more than it really does.

        Up top, the adjustable handle bar length plus rubber grips ensure you can keep your back and fingers comfortable whilst you travel.

        All in all, the City is a really comfortable electric scooter to use on busy urban streets. Better still, after a long day, the optional seat attachment means you can choose to put your feet up and let the scooter do all the work.



        Ride Quality


        The Apollo City ride quality was exceptional. We found the scooter very smooth and whisper quiet. The throttle is super responsive and acceleration is nippy. The overall ride quality is very good thanks to good quality suspension, a good size deck and a rigid frame.

        The only let down was the trigger throttle which can be tiring on the finger after long journeys.

        apoloo city scooter top



        The braking capabilities of the City are good, but, not as good as we’ve found on scooters with Hydraulic braking. The City does employ a triple braking system with redundancies making it fail safe. The scooter uses traditional cable driven callipers with disc brakes alongside regenerative braking which helps to slow the scooter down.

        The rear brake is a drum brake which is fine but nowhere near as efficient as disc brakes – however the longevity of the drum brake is a lot longer.

        apoloo city scooter rear wheel 02



        When you need to pack your scooter away for storage or carrying, the Apollo City is able to fold right down so the stem is facing the deck which is a real benefit for an urban electric scooter.

        In addition to the 3-second folding system, the City’s stem and handles are also collapsible so the scooter can be carried or stowed away with ease.

        The Apollo City is really easy to travel with. Its compact folded size of 109cm by 56cm is perfectly complimented by its light 18kg mass. So there’s no need to worry about heaving a heavy, cumbersome scooter up stairs and onto packed transport.

        With the quick 3-second folding system you can avoid the embarrassment of toggling with multiple sections in the midst of a busy street.

        To fold, the stem can be dropped down and over so its height is greatly reduced. The two-way fold leaves the stem in line with the deck and the handlebars tucked in, creating a streamline folded shape with nothing left sticking out to catch on unsuspecting members of the public or make storage difficult. 

        apoloo city scooter folded dimentions



        The Apollo City comes with front dual white LED lights that are mounted just over the mudguard giving them a low centre point on the scooter. We found the lights were OK at best, the proximity to the ground meant that beam visibility wasn’t all that great. We’d recommend a larger, brighter, higher mounted set of LED lights to make night time riding easier and safer.

        The rear uses a dual red LED light with braking alert to show clearly when the brakes have been applied.

        The stem features a very nice set of blue LED lights integrated in – making the scooter look super modern.

        The deck also features underside BLUE LED lighting which is a nice touch – and looks superb at night time, illuminating the ground, making sure others can see the Apollo when on the move. 



        The Apollo City comes with 2 pneumatic air filled tyres. Both front and back tyres are air filled and are 8.2 inches in size. The standard tyres that come with the scooter are good quality and will last for many months (even with high use). We do recommend using Armadillo or Green Slime to help prevent punctures.

        Daily commuters will no doubt encounter a puncture from time to time.

        Removing the wheels to change the tyre is also relatively easy on the Apollo.




        The Deck is very large for this class of scooter (smaller end scooters / lower performance). The Apollo features a long and wide deck at over 80cm in length – its perfect for commuters who want a bit of space to move around or to find a comfortable footing. The deck is long enough for users to keep one foot forward and one back without constantly using the mudguard for support.

        The deck is thick and rigid (due in part to the larger battery). 

        The deck grip tape and style is very aesthetically pleasing and one of the best looking we’ve seen.

        The deck is high quality and has been well thought out.


        apollo city electric scooter

        Build Quality


        Build quality on the Apollo City is very good. We’ve seen no recalls or complaints anywhere of any issues. The attention to detail and quality materials have lead to the development of a high quality scooter with no compromise. The build quality is backed up by the 2 year warranty.




        We’ve done 750 miles on the Apollo City and in that time we haven’t had a single issue. The entire scooter has worked flawlessly and has remained 100% reliable. There are no forum posts or Facebook groups where we could see any complaints to do with the Cities reliability.

        As far as we can tell, the Apollo City is likely to have a long life and is likely to remain reliable.

        How the scooter is treated will ultimately dictate how reliable it will be.




        Busy city streets make responsive, quiet braking essential for any urban scooter. The Apollo City lives up to expectations with a sturdy braking system comprised of a robust main brake in the rear that uses a tough drum braking system plus a strong front disc brake to guarantee sharp stops in congested traffic are no problem.

        Delivering an excellent braking distance of 3.08m, the scooter’s triple redundant braking mechanism makes it an extremely safe, durable and easy to maintain.

        With the electric regenerative brake activated to charge the battery and preserve the brakes as you slow down, the Apollo City brakes with the smoothness and speed you need for a safe, enjoyable experience whilst ensuring no energy goes to waste.

        There are a number of brake settings so you can choose the most suitable level of regeneration when you press the brake lever on the handle. Whilst a max load of 120kg and a roomy deck mean you can pop your shopping on your back and fit two feet on the deck without worrying about the extra weight.

        Apollo have chosen to use the more durable screw mechanism in the handlebars as oppose to a spring loaded one. A good choice to ensure the City’s handlebars remain firmly in place although it’s always worth tightening these handlebar fittings on occasion, on any scooter as they can loosen over time.

        Strong LED lighting at both back and front make safe riding in the evening and early morning a cinch. There’s even under-deck lighting to ensure you remain fully visible to other drivers in all weathers. You may even choose to add a light to the handlebars or stem to aid your own line of vision.


        Warranty & Customer Support


        The Apollo City has literally one of the best warranties we’ve ever seen at 2 years for all faults. We’ve seen the reviews for Apollo as a brand and they all scream the best support people have seen. The warranty and customer support are clear winners for the Apollo Brand.


        Other Features


        Turn your attention to the console and you’ll find plenty of stats to play with. From challenging your own ability to keeping on top of your scooter’s performance, data about speed, distance, battery charge and more, you can obtain all the information you need to stay in control.

        Alongside the console, you’ll also find an invaluable built-in alarm, immobiliser and cable lock to ensure any green-eyed citizens will merely admire your scooter from afar.

        For evenings when you are really tired, the City’s cruise control system and optional seat will be a welcome way to travel when your energy levels are low so you can leave the scooter to do the work for you.

        The City comes with numerous customisable features so you can personalise your scooter with various options for acceleration strength, ride mode, imperial or metric readings and more. Tweaks such as kick and go, instant acceleration and cruise control mean you can ensure each journey is operated in the most efficient mode for the type of journey you’ll be making.

        The console is slimline so it doesn’t spoil the sleek aesthetic and is easy to access when riding.
        Manufactured from long-lasting aluminum with a top quality finish, this is a robust
        scooter that’s built to last.

        Apollo electric scooters have long been a fan favourite with an excellent track record for customer service. Therefore, it’s no surprise the Apollo City comes with a comprehensive two year warranty plus access to customer support for your peace of mind.

        This type of warranty is not standard practice for scooter brands and Apollo’s warranty provides generous coverage, including faulty parts due to general usage over time.

        They’ll even ship replacement parts to you then school you on how to carry out the repair or you can send your scooter to one of their repair centres.

        However, it is a good idea to read through the details of the cover carefully because there are differing periods of protection for individual parts. Some parts aren’t covered for the full two-year period, with some protection only lasting a month or two for particular parts.

        In any case, it’s always worth reading the fine print and brushing up on how to keep your scooter in good shape so you can get the most out of your investment.


        Apollo City: Conclusion


        A fantastic, robust, rigid, reliable scooter perfect for commuters backed by a long warranty and excellent customer support. Highly recommended.


        Apollo City: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?


        In our opinion, YES, the Apollo City is worth buying.

        You’ll be hard pressed to find a better scooter for commuting and city living than the Apollo City. This is a top quality build, specifically designed for all the contrasting practical needs associated with travelling on busy urban roads, both day and night.

        Delivering the smooth, comfortable ride you want, free from shakes and stoppage, the Apollo City’s engineering ensures it is fit for purpose. Large, air-filled pneumatic tyres, responsive braking, good battery life and a resilient suspension system provide a top-notch experience you’d expect to find at a much higher price range.

        Whilst the fast speed, sleek design and customisable elements point to a model with a higher price range than the City’s, just how Apollo managed to pack so many great features into such a lightweight aluminum frame is anyone’s guess.

        It is truly a triumph. Being able to find a fast, sturdy, reliable scooter you can fold down fully and carry with ease is not easy – it’s one of the biggest draws of the Apollo City and quite rightly so.

        If you opt for the fast 4-hour charge you surely have it all, although the eight hour charge is still a good find. Even though the City’s not an off-roader, it’s still got enough pull to attack hills if you want to take it out and about for fun at weekends and it will hold its own amongst many off-road electric scooters.

        With the full range of extras including everything from fender protection to an optional seat attachment, high water-resistance, under deck lighting plus a slick, stylish design, it’s hard to find anything not to like about the Apollo City.

        In fact, we’re 100% sure you’ll love it – everyone does. Plus on top of all those excellent attributes, the Apollo City is on sale in the United Kingdom at a really affordable price accompanied by the reliable Apollo scooter name meaning you’re getting one of the best commuter scooters on the market at fantastic value – what’s not to love?


        Apollo City vs Other Apollo Scooters


        If you’ve been eyeing up other Apollo electric scooters and are not sure how the City compares, lets take the two closest lines in the range, the Apollo Light and the Apollo
        Explore, to see how these three Apollo scooters measure up.
        The Apollo City delivers a speed that is almost as fast as the Explore on a much, much lighter frame and at a fraction of the price.

        However the Explore will take you further for longer, although for city commutes, the extra power and speed is more than you need so the long range of the City is plenty for urban travel.

        In comparison to the Apollo Light, you get a much quicker ride and a far greater range with the City, at roughly the same weight for just a tiny bit more money.


        Buying Second Hand? What to look for

          • Condition of the scooter


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          • A Fantastic Urban Commuter & Very Portable
          • Up to a Decent 25 MPH Top Speed
          • Approximately 18-20 Miles on a Single Charge
          • Dual Spring Suspension
          • Very Smooth and Comfortable Ride
          • IP54 Water Resistance
          • Mechanical Brakes aren’t as Efficient as Hydraulic
          • Handlebar Mechanism Tends to Loosen
          • Not the Greatest LCD Odometer Quality
          • Front Lights aren’t Great at Night

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