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AER 557 Electric Scooter Review

Nely Hayes
26 January 2024

A premium luxury electric scooter with a top speed of around 27 mph and a range of up to 20 miles.


The AER 557 Electric Scooter is a scooter from the future. It is a crossbreed between an e-scooter and an e-bike that promises comfort, speed, and the ultimate road trip experience. The “Rolls-Royce” on two wheels redefines luxury scooters with its unique, elegant design and state-of-the-art features. It blends form and function to deliver an e-scooter design we weren’t aware we needed. 

AER Electric is a UK-based scooter brand on a mission to transform urban mobility. Their first entrant in mobility solutions is the ultra-luxurious 557 scooter – a modern-age adult scooter that’s a cut above the rest. 

AER 557: The Lowdown…

AER blends innovative UK design with ingenious German engineering, and the result is an exquisite scooter based on the most advanced design concepts in the e-scooter market currently. This hybrid device combines the best of e-bike standards with the best-in-class e-scooter features to deliver this award-winning electric scooter.

The AER is a sure name-dropper. Each of the components has been uniquely selected to complement the elegance of this scooter. The wheels are Schwalbe big apple tyres, while the brakes are the popular Magura hydraulic disc brakes. The power is sourced from a Panasonic cell, 557 Wh battery, which gives the scooter its clever name- AER 557. Again, the lights are sourced from lighting geniuses Busch & Muller for the front and Supernova for the rear. It doesn’t end there. SQ Labs specially design the handgrips to deliver unprecedented ergonomics.

A first of its kind, the scooter features a bamboo, anti-slip deck. The scooter stem also morphs into two forks like those of e-bikes. The tyres are the largest on any e-scooter in the market. The battery is embedded on the downtube and is locked in place with a key. The detachable display houses an inbuilt GPS tracker and an immobiliser as powerful anti-theft features. The direct-drive motor is also silent in operation, in line with the luxurious stance taken by the AER 557.

Overall, the AER 557 is no other electric scooter on two wheels. It is a premium modern e-scooter that appeals to even the most discerning riders. But is it worth £2,165.83 / $2,911.96? Let’s find out

AER 557 Specifications

Motor500W direct drive motor
BatteryRemovable Panasonic cell 557 Wh battery
Charge Time5 hours
Single-Charge Mileage20 miles (32km)
Max Speed27 mph (43kph)
Climbing RangeN/A
Braking SystemFront and rear Magura dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes
Tyre Type20 inches Schwalbe big apple tyres
SuspensionLacks scooter suspension
Lighting70 lumens front headlights (Busch & Muller), Supernova rear beam
Max Load265 lbs (120 kg)
Scooter Weight50 lbs (23 kg)
Product MaterialAluminium
Size (L x W x H, cm)Fold Size: 89.6 x 73.3 cm
Unfold Size: 115.8 x 99.5 cm
Horn TypeNo Horn
Water ResistanceNo IP Rating

AER 557 Review Video

Watch this detailed video review of the AER 557 E-Scooter. The AER 557 is the Rolls Royce of scooters designed for urban commuting and speed on smooth roads.

AER 557 Pros

tickicon Solidly built aluminium frame

tickicon Ergonomic design that delivers superior comfort levels

tickicon Large tyres that handle bumps and potholes with ease

tickicon Detachable LED display

tickicon It has a built-in GPS

tickicon It features the Magura hydraulic brakes

tickicon The interchangeable Panasonic battery is long-lasting

tickicon Its deck is made of anti-slip bamboo

tickicon Powerful Muller front headlights and rear lights

tickicon Impressive maximum speed

tickicon It is aesthetically pleasing

AER 557 Cons

red It comes at a hefty price tag

red It is slightly heavy and bulky

red It doesn’t have a smartphone app/Bluetooth connection

red It lacks a suspension system

red It has a low ground clearance



AER 557 Summary

AER Electric has spent £1 million in design and development to create a new category in the world of electric scooters. The result is an all-in-one package that serves people looking for a modern, stylish and environmentally-friendly way to commute. With these efforts, it is no surprise that it won an award at the Eurobike Awards in 2019 and featured in WIRED magazine and T3 Magazine. If this is not a statement for its class and quality, then we don’t know what is. 

The AER 557 features a design that is clean and elegant. The 557 rides smoothly and quietly thanks to the integrated silent, powerful 500W direct drive motor that does not compromise speed or performance. The scooter rides on a high capacity removable battery system that allows you to replace or charge anywhere, anytime conveniently. On a single charge, the scooter can travel up to 20 miles. And, you won’t worry about stopping since you have the power of the front and rear Magura dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes.

The scooter features a unique bamboo foot platform stretched along the entire length of the e-scooter. The anti-slip deck ensures a firm grip regardless of the riding conditions. The deck is more expansive than other models on the market, giving great comfort and balance when riding. The scooter features high-quality Schwalbe Big Apple tyres that glide effortlessly on most riding terrain to ensure that your ride is smooth. And, in the absence of a suspension system, the bamboo deck and aluminium hydroformed frame flex to absorb vibrations from obstacles on the riding track.

The stylish handlebars are wide enough to accommodate any hand size. They also feature a detachable high quality LED display that tracks battery life and speed. It also has an intelligent drive system with GPS, four drive modes and a built-in immobiliser. The front and rear lights ensure that you are visible to vehicles, pedestrians and other cyclists. Also, the scooter has a double legged kickstand for easy parking. Combine these features with its easy folding mechanism, exceptional ride quality and top-of-the-class build quality, and you have yourself an Oscar-worthy PEV.

The 557 is available in 8 colours, while the bamboo deck comes in two styles.

AER 557 scooter

Performance Overview

The AER 557 is an electric scooter built to change the way people see and use e-scooters. It is powered by a 500W hub motor that generates over 50 Nm of torque. The high torque enables it to attain an impressive maximum speed of 27 mph (43kph) and effortlessly haul a max load of 265 lbs (120 kg). 

The high-performance e scooter comes with four different speed modes to allow you to drive according to your preference. Additionally, it is fitted with a 557 Wh removable Panasonic cell battery to enable you to cover a distance of up to 20 miles on a single charge. The scooter also features two Magura hydraulic disc brakes for excellent stopping power.

Speed & Acceleration

The AER 557 is a powerful electric scooter with an impressive top speed of 27 mph (43kph) which is more than enough for any rider. The scooter’s lightweight design allows it to accelerate fast, making it easier to manoeuvre quickly when needed.

The scooter comes with four different riding modes that enable riders to adjust the top speed according to their preference. You can select your preferred speed mode using the display on the handlebars. 

    Hill Climbing

    While AER hasn’t given an official gradient for the 557’s hill-climbing ability, the motor size and the torque produced, plus the tyre size, guarantee that this scooter will conquer hills of about 15% or slightly more.

    Battery & Range

    The AER 557 Electric Scooter is powered by an advanced battery system that features a removable Panasonic cell. The battery’s power capacity is impressive at 557Wh, which gives it high-performance capabilities. Panasonic batteries are known for their quality and reliability, which means that the scooter runs efficiently for a long time. 

    The scooter can ride a maximum distance of 20 miles per charge which is more than enough to cover most commutes within a city. The removable battery system ensures that you can carry spare batteries to ride the scooter far beyond 20 miles on a single charge. All you need to do is buy an extra battery pack, and it is ready for use. A keyed lock mechanism secures the battery as an added safety feature.

    The battery also has an impressive charging time of 4-5 hours which is relatively quick if you consider its power capacity.


    Motor Configuration

    The 557 is propelled by a 500W silent direct-drive electric motor located in the rear hub. The motor delivers an impressive torque of 50 Nm. The motor’s high torque allows it to achieve top speeds effortlessly. Direct drive motors are known for their efficiency and reliability due to gears’ absence, which saves space, enhances durability, and reduces noise. 

      aer 557 electric scooter

      Construction & Quality

      The scooter features an ultra-modern design that has been intricately detailed to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. It redefines modern scooter design. The scooter is made from high-quality materials, making the overall frame construction durable and reliable for long-term use. 

      Its hydroformed aluminium frame is durable and lightweight enough to allow you to carry it. Aluminium alloy frames are also rust-resistant, making maintenance easy and reducing the possibility of corrosion over time. The scooter also has plenty of exposed wiring, which does not make for a neat presentation. 

      The scooter features a hydraulic front fork that ensures that your ride remains smooth while reducing vibrations at high speeds. It is also equipped with award-winning customised ergonomic handlebars that provide a comfortable and optimum riding position. The handlebars feature SQ grips which are incredibly comfortable to use.

      The scooter’s futuristic look is further enhanced by its use of a non-slip bamboo deck to ensure that you have a firm grip while riding the scooter. The deck is sturdy and can support up to 265lbs of weight, more than enough for any rider. The dual legs kickstand fitted under the deck is also designed to ensure that your scooter remains stable when parked. Finally, the tyres both feature prominent mudguards.

      Suspension & Comfort

      The 557 lacks a suspension system but rides differently than other scooters lacking shock absorbers. The 20-inch tyres absorb vibrations and make riding the scooter comfortably. Also, the bamboo deck and hydroformed aluminium frame are designed to flex and absorb vibrations when riding the scooter.

      Ride Quality

      The 557 electric scooter looks and rides like a scooter from the future. The scooter has a high-quality feel to it, from the structural integrity of the components to the ride quality. The wide ergonomic handlebars provide a comfortable position for an exhilarating and effortless ride. The handlebars are fitted with ergonomic grips designed by SQ labs to ensure optimum comfort during long rides. The grips are made of soft, elastic silicone, making them very comfortable to hold and reducing hand fatigue over time. 

      The stem folds and is height adjustable to allow users of different heights to ride the scooter. The big 20-inch large wheels are fitted with quality Schwalbe tyres that absorb vibrations and make riding the scooter exhilarating and effortless to ride. The advantages of the large tyres include; easier rolling over obstacles, better balance, improved grip and improved speed. 

      The scooter features an expansive foot deck crafted from bamboo. The deck is also non-slip, which boosts rider control over the scooter. In addition, the direct-drive motor is silent, ensuring that you ride in stealth. The scooter is also fitted with a lighting system on both the front and rear, making lighting at night or during poor weather conditions effortless. 

      AER 557 electric scooter


      The scooter is fitted with an efficient lighting system comprising a front headlight and rear beam light that allows the rider to be visible at night or under poor conditions. The front headlight is 70 lumens from Busch & Muller, while the rear light is from Supernova. The lights are powerful enough to light the way at night and ensure that you remain visible to road users. 


      The AER 557 has one of the best braking systems around that comprises front and rear Magura dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes. The braking system delivers quick and reliable stopping power. The Magura brakes are known for their durability and optimum performance. The brakes are controlled by levers located on the handlebars for a quick call-to-action.


      With a weight of 50 lbs (23 kg), the AER 557 is not the lightest electric scooter in its category. However, the scooter has a folding mechanism that facilitates easy space-saving storage while allowing you to transport easily. The scooter has a hinge system that will enable it to fold in half. With the quick folding mechanism on the stem and hinge system on the deck, you will fold the scooter in the blink of an eye and can conveniently store it in almost any car trunk. 

      What’s more, the front wheel is detachable for enhanced portability. And, to further reduce the weight, you can also remove the battery.


      The 557 scooter rolls on 20-inch big apple tyres. The tyres from the German tyre manufacturer Schwalbe are used on bikes worldwide. The tyres are durable and elastic, ensuring a smooth ride even at high speeds while absorbing off-road vibrations.

      The big tyre size delivers a smoother riding experience while making the steering easy. You’ll also note that the wheels are spoked, which has a few advantages: reduced cost, easier to repair, and more durable in rugged tracks.


      The AER 557 Electric Scooter has a unique deck crafted from bamboo to provide a comfortable grip. The deck is non-slip and sturdy, which provides a firm footing while riding the scooter. The bamboo deck is a first for electric scooters. 

      The deck is spacious enough to accommodate most feet sizes, ensuring that you have a comfortable ride. The deck also flexes to absorb vibrations at high speeds making your ride smooth and silent. The AER also features a carbon fibre shin guard at the rear end of the deck that slightly curves to accommodate the wheel.

      Controls & Display

      The AER 557 spots a detachable LED display at the centre of the handlebars. The display shows speed, trip distance, time and other functions. The LED display also incorporates an intelligent drive system with GPS functionality, a built-in immobiliser and 4-speed modes.

      In addition, detaching the display immobilises the electric scooter, thus harbouring it from theft. There are two brake levers on either side of the handlebars that are easily accessible to the rider. The left handlebar has a thumb paddle for controlling the throttle.

      Water Resistance

      The AER 557 scooter has no water-resistant rating. This means that you should avoid riding in wet conditions to prevent the scooter from getting damaged. 


      The AER 557 is ingeniously crafted to deliver excellent performance and convenience. The scooter is fitted with a high-performance 500-watt direct-drive motor. The motor delivers power to the rear wheel, allowing you to reach speeds of up to 27 mph (40 km/h). 

      The scooter has a range of 20 miles (32 km) on a single charge, perfect for daily commutes. The AER 557 can be fully recharged in just 5 hours using standard 110-240 volts outlets. This means that you can quickly recharge your scooter at work. 

      The 557 is fitted with a unique handlebar designed to counterbalance your body weight, thus reducing hand fatigue over time. Its unique bamboo foot deck is non-slip and provides maximum comfort to the rider. The scooter is fitted with wide 20-inch Schwalbe tires to absorb vibrations and provide a smooth ride.

      The scooter is designed to withstand daily commuting and the rigours of frequent riding. Available in 8 colours, this electric scooter will give you years of service as long as it is properly maintained and serviced as required.


      The scooter is backed by a 2-year warranty covering the scooter frame and a 1-year warranty covering the other major scooter components. The manufacturer provides these warranties to give consumers peace of mind when buying their product

      AER has partnered with several outlets with fully-equipped service centres for the 557. These service centres are conveniently located near several cities in the UK. The outlets offer a pick-up and drop-off service that enables you to get your scooter fixed while the warranty still covers it. AER also has customer care representatives that can be reached through social media.


      The 557 electric scooter is designed for daily commuting, which means that you will be using it extensively. As such, it must be adequately maintained to ensure efficient working conditions. Most of the components on the scooter are user-serviceable and can be serviced in a couple of hours. 

      The scooter has bicycle components and can be serviced by mechanics with the necessary experience. The tires, brake levers and handles are all user-serviceable. If you are unsure how to service your 557 e-scooter, you can always contact the manufacturer or check out the user manual for instructions.

      You will need to do the following as part of your maintenance routine:

      • Charge your batteries now and then.
      • Check the brakes for wear and tear.
      • Keep your tyres inflated at the correct pressure
      • Clean it regularly.


      Known Issues

      The 557 is relatively new in the market, and as such, no issue has been reported by users yet. Keep an eye out on our blog for updates as we continue to test the scooter and await feedback from the rest of the riding community.

      AER 557: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

      The 557 is a premium e-scooter with many innovative components that add to its beauty and overall performance. It has been carefully designed to offer an unparalleled riding experience with impressive functionalities. At upwards of £2,165.83 / $2,911.96, the 557 is relatively expensive compared to other e-scooters offered by competing brands in the market.

      But, despite this high price, the AER is a game-changer. As an e-bike and e-scooter crossbreed, you get the best of both worlds. Most impressive are the comfortable 20-inch tyres, the detachable display with a built-in GPS and immobiliser, and the ergonomic bamboo deck and hydroformed aluminium frame designed to flex and absorb vibrations. 

      So, the AER 557 is not just beautiful to look at; it has the performance and value-for-money to boot. And if you’re still in doubt, the 2-year warranty on frames and 1-year on parts should reinforce the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. The 557 is truly the best e scooter we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in a while.

      • It has an ergonomic design
      • It has large tyres
      • It has a detachable LED display
      • It has a built-in GPS
      • Magura hydraulic brakes
      • Interchangeable Panasonic battery
      • It comes at a hefty price tag
      • It is slightly heavy and bulky
      • It doesn’t have a smartphone app/Bluetooth connection
      • It lacks a suspension system
      • It has a low ground clearance

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