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The internets BIGGEST escooter review resource. Here we discuss EVERYTHING electric scooter from the latest scooter models through to scooter accessories, driving, law & useful maintenance guides.

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Scooter Brands

Find the perfect electric scooter by browsing through our indepth reviews. See the pros and cons of each scooter brand make and model.

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Maintenance Guides

Keep your scooter in perfect working order with our maintenance guides. Learn how to look after your scooter battery, tyres, frame & more.

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Chat with the community, introduce yourself, share tips, advice and information in one of the most vibrant scooter forums on the web.

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What’s Hot. The Scooter Hub

Stay up to date with the latest eScooter releases. We’re hot on the trail with the latest electric scooters to launch into the UK, USA and Middle Eastern marketplaces.

WEPED FF - Acceleration like no other scooter.

12,000W of peak power through 2 BLDC hub motors on a light scooter. How does WEPED manage it? well, it limits power output when pulling off before unleashing all 12kw of power – the result? wheel spins at 30+ mph. Check it out! 

Bronco 11 Xtreme - A Zero 11x Killer?

72V and over 8400w power – is the Bronco an ZERO 11X killer? what’s it like? how fast can it go and what’s the build quality like? Here we take a closer look.

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The Latest Scooter Reviews

Here are the latest electric scooter reviews posted by members of the team. Every day we post new content around the latest scooter releases. Keep up to speed with our full electric

New to eScooters?  Not sure where to start?

With over 200 different brands of electric scooters & with over 1000 different models out there – it can be an absolute minefield when choosing the right scooter to start out on.

Fear not! we have plenty of electric scooter.guides for newbies. Most new riders will start at the bottom end of the power range with electric scooters running around 250w-350w motors.


Dualtron Ultra 6


Electric Scooters of 2023

Fastest Electric Scooters of 2023

Are you looking for speed? love adrenaline? we’ve compiled a list of some of the fastest electric scooters you can buy in 2021. We’re talking 5kw – 20kw scooters capable of anywhere from 50mph to 80mph +.

The Most Powerful Scooters of 2021

For some the humble electric scooter is a toy, for some it’s a form of transport, and for others, it’s a chance at getting some hard hitting adrenaline.

Electric Scooters in this category fall into hyper scooters – scooters that can exceed 60mph – which, for something with tiny wheels can be a real challenge to wield.

Scooters such as the ZERO11X, Dualtron X2, Weped SS, RION RE60 & RE90 all fall into the hyperscooter category.

With power output ranging from 6600w up to an incredible 19,000w.

Check out our most powerful scooters of 2021 guide.


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On a tight budget? looking for a cheap electric scooter?

If you are looking for a cheap, budget electric look no further. We have a full list of budget scooters that are great for all round use from commuting too and from work through to simple rides to the shop, park or for casual trips.

Editors Pick: Ultra Fast Electric Scooters

This week we take a look at some of the fastest production electric scooters that you can buy relatively easily. Yes we know the RION and a few WEPED models are missing – that’s primarily because it’s extremely hard to get hold of them.

Weped FS Review

Weped FS Review

The Weped SST is one of the fastest scooters in the marketplace. Whilst rare and difficult to get hold of – they are still a mainstream scooter capable of up to 80mph.

read more
Bronco 11 Extreme Review

Bronco 11 Extreme Review

The Bronco 11 Xtreme is a scooter that lives up to its name, it’s extreme with a top speed of 70mph, you’ll be holding on!

read more
Dualtron Thunder 2 Review

Dualtron Thunder 2 Review

The Dualtron Thunder 2 is set to offer over 10KW of power whilst improving on the original thunder design, new features, bigger battery, the thunder is back, better than ever!

read more

Best Electric Scooters – A Subjective Topic

One of the key things we wanted to do here at is give a completely unbiased view of electric scooters. What might be the best electric scooter to us might not be to you – the rider.

The best escooters are entirely based on preference, from speed to rider weight, comfort and performance features, battery capacity for range as well as charging times.

We live and breathe electric scooters and we’re always happy to give guidance and recommendations on the best scooter for you depending on what it is you want to use it for.


Private Electric Scooters Reviewed

Here at we aim to review 3-4 different electric scooters per week, we’re reviewing both privately owned electric scooters as well as rental scooters supplied by VOI, LIME, BIRD and various other participants in the UK scooter trials.

Our reviews are comprehensive as well look at everything from motor power through to battery life, scooter construction and durability, ride quality, lighting and cockpit features & much more.

You won’t find an independent scooter review website as comprehensive as


Latest Videos from the Channel

This week we take a look at the ZERO 11X and the Dualtron Thunder, both iconic scooters.

Crazy Power, Crazy Speed


We’ve got our hands on the Bronco 11 Xtreme and we have to say its one of our favourite electric scooters out there. It combines sheer power, fantastic build quality, incredible suspension and pure sinewave controllers – all for the same price as a Dualtron Thunder.

It is hands down, as of 2021, one of the best electric scooters money can buy.

Check out the video.


Scooter of the month.

The scooter of the month award goes to the Dualtron X2. One of the most powerful scooters out alongside other hyperscooters including the Weped & RION range.

The Dualtron X2 is the latest in the Dualtron line up boasting an incredible 8300w BLDC dual hub motors and a monstrous battery rated at 72v 42ah.

With a top speed of 68 mph, this is one of the fastest mainstream scooters that’s usable and not stripped back.


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